MarineVerse Cup

MarineVerse Cup

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Gameplay basics
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Basic facts about MarineVerse Cup
How to sail
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In general, VR Regatta is recommended as a "introduction to sailing" game. MarineVerse Cup assumes basic sailing knowledge.

Game modes:
  • Daily Race Practice
  • Daily Race Replay

Daily Race Practice

Race starts every 24h. Within 24h window you can race and submit your score. The race results ( winner ) are announced once a day.

Scoring - Your race score is calculated in the following way:

Score = ( number of sailors racing - your race ranking position + 1 ).

For example, if there are 10 people racing and your are #2, your score will be = 10-2+1= 9

Handicap - Experienced/best players are awarded "handicap"- with handicap ( expressed in seconds ), you start "handicap" seconds after the race started. This means, that "experienced" players have to chase new sailors on the course, often only being able to catch up with newbies towards the race finish line. Having handicap system means that races are competitive and exciting both for new and veteran sailors.

Sunday race is held without the handicap ( everyone starts together ).

Attempts You get up to 2 attempts in Daily Race - however normally you are expected to race only once. The second attempt is a backup, in case there was a problem with the first attempt ( maybe your controllers lost tracking or someone interrupted your race )

Weekly Race Series

Example series:

  • Weekly Race series start on Sunday and finishes on Saturday.
  • To qualify into a series, you need to race in at least 50% of races that are part of the series.
  • Score: ( sum of your race points ) / ( sum of max points for each race you participated in ) * 100

We also have "Monthly" and "seasonal" series ( Summer, Autumn, etc. ).

Profile picture and country flag
At the moment, your profile picture is taken from your Steam profile picture. To enable that, you need to link your Steam account with MarineVerse account. This can be done here:
Once accounts are linked, you can also choose the country you want to represent.

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Spectator mode ( PC Only )
Changing camera on desktop
0 - VR Camera ( first person )
1,2,3,4,5 - Switch to external camera ( if available )
U,H,J,K - keys - moves camera
Left+alt + mouse left button to rotate camera

Example video recorded in spectator mode: