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MarineVerse Cup

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Gameplay basics
By Greg
Basic facts about MarineVerse Cup
Account setup
Account Setup
You can create MarineVerse account here:

Once you create a MarineVerse account - you can use your e-mail address to login to MarineVerse Cup.

Optional Patreon Membership
MarineVerse Patreon membership:
Please sign up for MarineVerse Cup membership here.[]
How to sail
Please refer to

In general, VR Regatta is recommended as a "introduction to sailing" game. MarineVerse Cup assumes basic sailing knowledge.

Game modes:
  • Daily Race Practice
  • Daily Race Replay
  • Race for guests
  • Leagues
  • Instant Multiplayer
  • Scheduled Multiplayer Race

Daily Race Practice

Race practice starts every 24h. Within 24h window you can race and submit your score. The race results are announced once a day via e-mail. ( You can also check them on the website )

Scoring - Your race score is calculated in the following way:

Score = ( number of sailors racing - your race ranking position + 1 ).

For example, if there are 10 people racing and your are #2, your score will be = 10-2+1= 9

Handicap - Experienced/best players are awarded "handicap"- with handicap ( expressed in seconds ), you start "handicap" seconds after the race started. This means, that "experienced" players have to chase new sailors on the course, often only being able to catch up with newbies towards the race finish line. Having handicap system means that races are competitive and exciting both for new and veteran sailors.

Sunday race is held without the handicap ( everyone starts together ).

Attempts You get up to 3 attempts in Daily Race Practice. The last attempt is your result ( not the best attempt! )

You can see boats of other players, who sailed before you on a specific day, as "ghosts". "Ghosts" add to excitement during practice and can be used for a reference. Being "ghosts", you can sail through them ( collisions with ghosts are not enabled )

Weekly Race Series

Example series:

  • Weekly Race series start on Sunday and finishes on Saturday.
  • To qualify into a series, you need to race in at least 50% of races that are part of the series.
  • Score: ( sum of your race points ) / ( sum of max points for each race you participated in ) * 100

We also have "Monthly" and "seasonal" series ( Summer, Autumn, etc. ).

Players rating

Profile picture and country flag
At the moment, your profile picture is taken from your Steam profile picture. To enable that, you need to link your Steam account with MarineVerse account. This can be done here:

You can also choose the country you want to represent. Please provide your timezone information, as we use that to improve your experience.

Race for guests

You can use "Race for guests" to show MarineVerse Cup to your friends. They can race, and will be asked at the end to provide their e-mail address - this way, the result belongs to their account ( which they can create during this process ) and not to your account. This mode can also be used for "events" and public demos.


Currently we have "Standard", "Pro" and "Dinghy" league. You can only sail in a league you are part of. You can be part of many leagues. When you register for MarineVerse Cup, you start in the "Standard" league. You can progress to "Pro" league, by winning a Daily Race Practice in "Standard" league.

Each league has a boat assigned. Currently "Standard" and "Pro" are racing on a yacht. "Dinghy" is sailing in a small sailboat - dinghy. We are hoping to bring more boat types and more leagues ( including regional / country / sailing club leagues ).

We can create a custom "league" for you - this way you can control the boat type and who sails with you. ( Currently this feature requires reaching out to us on )

Instant Multiplayer

When you select a league, and then pick a "Instant multiplayer" option - you connect instantly to a multiplayer session. If there is one in progress, you can join the race. If you are the first person, you are "the host"- you can wait for others and then decide when to start the race.

Scheduled Multiplayer Race

We have scheduled races - you can see a list of upcoming races and sign up for one here:

Discuss this guide on Discord:
MarineVerse Cup t-shirt[]
Spectator mode ( PC Only )
Changing camera on desktop
0 - VR Camera ( first person )
1,2,3,4,5 - Switch to external camera ( if available )
U,H,J,K - keys - moves camera
Left+alt + mouse left button to rotate camera

Example video recorded in spectator mode:
Game controls
Position and view control
  • To teleport, point at teleport location, and press and hold trigger button.
  • To "snap turn", push left joystick left or right.

  • You can use laser pointer to adjust wheels or
  • You can grab wheels with grip button and rotate to adjust or
  • Right joystick left/right to steer
  • A,D keys ( PC only )

Sail control
  • You can use laser pointer to adjust sails or
  • You can grab winch handles with grip button and rotate to adjust or
  • Left joystick forward/backward to control mainsail ( right joystick for jib )
  • Spinnaker - sail directly downwind for 4s to launch it.
  • W,S, R, F keys ( PC only )
Does applying a lot of helm increase the drag and slow the boat?