Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

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Wafflurgy Artisanal Utopian Spread (WAUS)
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Aug 15, 2019 @ 4:05am
Dec 9, 2021 @ 6:00am
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Wafflurgy Artisanal Utopian Spread (WAUS)

This is the reboot of my first mod and I am working to expand it.

I can be reached on discord:

This mod has now become a collection of homage and cosmetic items. As it grows, I hope to add hairs, heads, more armors, and other things.

Current Armors:

Xena Warrior Princess Wardrobe("Warrior princess" armor) - The armor mod that started it all. Including Xena's medium armor and Callisto's light armor.

Clandestine Armor- female-only armor Commissioned by Clown. This armor sports high heels with the precursor system that inspired Whiskey's high heels mod.

Apollyon's armor (Challenger's armor)from For Honor for males and females Commissioned by Clown

New Gladiator Helmets inspired by For Honor with multidye plume and plume-less options; Males and Females Commissioned by (Nomad)

Dragon's Vanguard original armor for males and females Commissioned by Gobha of the Deadlands Server

Materla Armor - Inspired by the wych cults of warhammer 40k, commissioned by Glenox
How To Obtain The Armors

Players can learn These armor feats at lv 60 with 0 cost and craft the armors provided they can craft the prerequisites.

Please note

Armor pushes the limits of Nvidia PhsyX. Dressing myriad thralls in these armors is not recommended.

Known/Possible Issues:
Armors may contain minor bugs and graphical issues. Alot goes into making them; please bear with me as I develop them.

There nay be some physics clipping in some areas, I'll need time to revisit those areas and adjust collisions.

There's a bug in Conan that characters that are taller than the default will experience physics loss. (Cloth and hair will not simulate on tall characters).

Heads may have seams at the neck, I am working on this.

Heads in this pack have a high likelihood of not working with accessory mods. There is currently no known fix for this, and I would not ask accessory modders to waste time and space to refit jewelry for each head I create. But perhaps there may be a way to manipulate jewelry positions at runtime similar to other games.

This mods data tables currently occupy all numbers in the range 946000-947XXX
This mod does not change any vanilla files or blueprints. I'll work to keep this discipline for all of my mods.

Want to support me?

Proceeds help me create more high quality add-ons and allow you to vote on new ones!

Special Thanks

To Mal and Ephraim from the discord modding community for helping me sort out the mod-kit logistics.
Another special thanks to Ephraim for troubleshooting assistance during texturing :)

This mod features commissions from TheDarkKnight, (Nomad), Glenox, and Gobha of Deadlands.
Special thanks to my supporters and commissioners for making this possible and allowing me to create quality content for the community.