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Uninstall Rimworld (No Walls)
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Aug 13 @ 11:29am
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Uninstall Rimworld (No Walls)

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Uninstall Rimworld (No Walls) Version 1.0

With this mod, you can uninstall nearly every type of building in Rimworld to freely move them about. This is a version of the mod that does not allow walls or doors to be uninstalled so that raiders are unable to steal them.

Cool! What buildings can I move now?
Well, it would probably be easier to list off what buildings you can't uninstall.

Okay... so, what are those buildings, then?
I'm glad you asked.

Just tell us already!
Okay, fine, fine. I was getting to it anyways...

The buildings you still cannot move are:

- Walls and Doors
Because otherwise raiders will steal these. If you don't care about that, then use the main version of Uninstall Rimworld, which will let you uninstall them.

- Spots and Zones
Because when you can place and remove them without any resource cost or work done, why would you want an option to have a colonist strip it off the floor and move it somewhere else?

- Graves
It's literally a hole in the ground. How do you pick that up and move it? Besides, graves have no resource cost, so there's basically no difference between expending work to deconstruct and reconstruct it and expending work to uninstall and reinstall it. Note that sarcophagi can be uninstalled.

- Natural Buildings (trees, rocks, geysers, etc.)
Since these building types are never meant to be placed by the player, they lack several of the key attributes that make doing so possible, and I'm just a bit too dumb to know how to add those in. Besides, how reasonable is it really to pick up a mountain or a steam geyser and move it somewhere else?

- Exotic Buildings (ship chucks, poison and psychic ships)
Basically has the same problems as the natural buildings. Besides, letting you uninstall crashed ships would be, like, really cheaty.

- Unsellectable Structures (floors, bridges, and roofs)
You need to select a building before you can uninstall it, so obviously doing so with these types of buildings just isn't an option. Someone smarter than me could probably find a way to do it, but not me.

- Stuff From Mods
Obviously, I can't make things uninstallable when I don't know what they are or if they'll be in your game. At least not without automating the process, but that comes with its own problems and also I don't know how to do that.

What about...
Hold up just a minute, there. Steam only offers so much room for workshop item descriptions, so I can't put it all here. For the description, check out the main mod file, and for an even more complete description, download the mod and read its description in game. Rimworld does not have any such description size limit.

But what about compatabilty?
Oh, well, this is an alternate form of Uninstall Rimworld, so you aren't intented to use it and the main mod at the same time. That being said, doing so likely won't break anything, it'll just make walls uninstallable again, which kinda defeats the purpose of this version. Other than that, same compatability as the main mod file.
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AmUnRA Aug 22 @ 11:35am 
there is already a fully customizable mod who does the same: Minify Everything
lilwhitemouse Aug 17 @ 3:23pm 
Thank you. Also, thank you for rambling. It's good.