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[1.0] RimCuisine 2 Meals and Munchies Expansion
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[1.0] RimCuisine 2 Meals and Munchies Expansion

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RimCuisine 2: Meals and Munchies Expansion for 1.0

Welcome to RimCuisine 2: Meals and Munchies! This expansion mod is focused on expanding your colony’s repertoire of snacks, foods, and meals for your pawns to gorge themselves on!


New Snacks: New snacks including crisps (chips), cupcakes, and icecream for your pawns to delight themselves on!

New Meals: Make primitive nutrient paste in the form of Rubaboo or revel in gluttonous excess with the Extravagant Meal!

New Food Preservation: Make ingredients last basically forever by canning them! Canned meat, canned vegetables, canned fruit, and canned meals can be made at a cannery! Canneries require electricity and use steel as a fuel source. Canned goods are not only a great way to preserve and store food (being 5x as compact as raw ingredients and last forever), but also are a good trading commodity! Everyone loves canned goods!

The Rim-Co Cook-o-Matic 9,000,000,000 XXXL: This high-tech piece of machinery, made from spacer components, plasteel, and a lot of love is your colony’s solution to.. Well, anything food related. Despite being a power hog at 800 W, this machine lets you produce just about any food en masse. Mass produced meals, ingredients, snacks, and drinks! Requires less skill to make stuff than a regular stove, plus saves time! The Cook-o-Matic requires both Advanced Cooking and the Fabrication techs to make, plus plasteel and spacer components (subject to balancing in time).


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To-do List:

Work on balance!
Minor art tweaks and fixes.
Bugfixes (hopefully there aren’t any!)
Compatibility patches!
More snacks?!?! We’ll see!



Same compatibilities as RimCuisine 2! Go read my rant over there! ;)
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whisperkicker 3 hours ago 
I reset my XXL settings and then loaded the game up again and it seems to have fixed the issue. Not sure if it'll happen again or not for a new colony, we'll see.
Crustypeanut  [author] 10 hours ago 
Oh hah. Apparently that was a left-over relic I missed from me having them make 25 per recipe instead of 10. I'll fix it, thanks!
[56e] Adda 17 hours ago 
Hey, I was working on a compatibility patch for your mod to work with one of my mods and run into kinda a strange issue – in Cook-o-Matic, there are recipes for bulk cooking simple and fine meals. If you look closely on the nutrition amount needed for these meals, 10 simple meals require simply 10times more nutrition than 1 meal = 5 nutrition. That is OK but may I ask why for 10 fine meals you need 6.25 meat and 6.25 veg? That is 12.5 it total = something about 200 "food items". Is that really meant to be that high? Didn't you want to do it 6.25 in total = 3.125 for meat and 3.125 for veg? Cause this is a bit too much for 10 fine meals that should have 2.5 for meat and 2.5 for veg if you just multiply one fine meal... Am I right or was this meant to be like that?
NECEROS 22 hours ago 
No sweat, crusty.
Crustypeanut  [author] 22 hours ago 
@whisperkicker It works for me on a new game.. o.O I use StackXXL alot myself.
Crustypeanut  [author] 22 hours ago 
@Neceros I might do a stand-alone Cook-o-matic for Rimcuisine 2 here in the future. Its not a high priority item though since I'm trying to fix the plethora of bugs and incompatibilities I seem to have people reporting.
whisperkicker Aug 23 @ 8:34am 
Are the foods in your mods supposed to work with stack mods such as Stack XXL? I have this weird interaction where meals, snacks, and beverages worked with stack xxl when I initially downloaded the stack mod mid-game, but now have them not interact with the stack mod with a brand new colony.
NECEROS Aug 23 @ 2:28am 
LOVE your mods. LOVE rimcuisine 2. Mainstay mod.

Problem is I'm not a fan of this mod in particular, the snacks edition. I just don't need all that stuff, just my personal style. However, I do want the cookomatic. Or, really, what I want is the ability to make bulk materials in my normal stove.

But either of those will be great, so long as I don't have to have the canned stuff, etc. Love you
Hagamablabla Aug 22 @ 8:20pm 
Ah, that makes sense. Thank you.
Crustypeanut  [author] Aug 22 @ 7:11pm 
It does not no. It acts as a fermenting barrel. Curdle cheese at a cook stove first, then put it into the cheese press.