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Garry's Mod

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KawaiiNetwork Deathrun Content
This is the addon collection for KawaiiNetwork AU deathrun server

Our server connection:
KawaiiNetwork :
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KawaiiNetwork Server Content
Created by NotSkyler
KawaiiNetwork Sound Content
Created by NotSkyler
Minerva (GmodStore)
Created by NotSkyler
Created by NotSkyler
The Legend of Zelda Link Playermodel
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Link, Wielder of the Master Sword, Hero of The Kingdom of Hyrule.

This Model Features:

• Playermodel
• Ragdoll
• Viewmodel Hands

Bodygroups (weaponle...
Dark Link Playermodel
Created by Quinap
This is a playermodel that someone else made but then took it down (Can't find their name). Thanks to MonKitteh for giving me the files to upload. If anyone has any issues with the model just comment below....
Blake Belladonna Playermodel, NPC, and Ragdoll (RWBY)
Created by JazzMcNade
Finally a second member of team RWBY has entered Gmod!

-NPC (listed under RWBY)
-Jiggle bones for her hair, cape tail, and cat ears
-Firstperson arms
-Bodygroup for cat ears / bow

NOTE: T...
SSBB Toon Link Playermodel(BETA)
Created by ogniK

Currently in beta, since we joined the little proportion experiment CaptainBigButt was doing. The method we were trying to do to rescale wasn't working but then we saw CBB's proportion method and decided to try it out for ourselves(Thanks to Cap...
SSBB Mario Playermodel(BETA)
Created by Sinful Mario
"Lets-a go!!"

Currently in beta, since we joined the little proportion experiment CaptainBigButt was doing. The method we were trying to do to rescale wasn't working but then we saw CBB's proportion method and decided to try it out for ourselves(Thanks ...
SSBB Luigi Playermodel(BETA)
Created by Sinful Mario
“I'm-a Luigi, number one!”

Currently in beta, since we joined the little proportion experiment CaptainBigButt was doing. The method we were trying to do to rescale wasn't working but then we saw CBB's proportion method and decided to try it out for ours...
Tda Hatsune Miku Append (v2)
Created by CaptainBigButt
Tda Hatsune Miku Append - Version 2

Revision 2
December 23, 2014

  • Tda: Original model
  • CaptainBigButt: Porting, rigging, editing
  • Sculp:
Morgan Freeman Playermodel
Created by Rottweiler
Morgan Freeman playermodel. Complete model with hands and everything. This could be considered my first working playermodel.

This goes perfect with the Morgan...
Predator Player Model
Created by Zombie
Just a ported predator player model from gm12. I take no credit just reuploading....
Resident Evil - Vector Playermodel
Created by Vipes
Vector Playermodel as requested, supports viewmodel arms and playercolor.

Original Ragdoll addon can be found here:

You may NOT sell/profit from this content on your sever! It is n...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Playermodels
Created by Voikanaa
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

TMNT Playermodels
  • Player Model
  • Colorable


Models and textures: Ubisoft Quebec
Porting, rigging and compiling: Voikanaa

Kirito Player Model from Sword Art Online
Created by bennyd87708
This is a player model from the well know anime Sword Art Online! ALL CREDIT FOR THE MODEL GOES TO ChelyzMarx FROM DEVIANART AT THIS LINK:
Marked Incompatible ]  Deadpool Playermodel
Created by Vipes
Deadpool Playermodel

Supports Playercolor and Viewmodel Arms...
Crash Twinsanity Player Model
Created by Dopey
Finally here in the workshop! It's been a while since I saw some Twinsanity related items, so I decided to add some with the help of some others I will add in the credits.

Ever wanted to play as your childhood, spin-kicking hero? Fear no more, for Crash...
Toothless Playermodel
Created by 2XMM2
the name is a misnomer

• Playermodel
• Viewmodel hands
• Ragdoll
• NPC: citizen/combine
• A few face poses (and a joke flex)
• Hitboxes (you can headshot)
• Jigglebones for wings, tail, jaw & ear flap things
• Lots of weapon cl...
CorruptedNinja's Custom Playermodel
Created by Vengeance
I'm no longer working on models.

This is a custom playermodel for one of our Ethereal members known as CorruptedNinja. These are mainly for when we play gmod with each other recording it so we won't always have diffrent models and stick to a cu...
Afterfall Teddy Bear P.M. & NPC
Created by dewobedil
Teddy Bear from Afterfall: Insanity

Features :
- Playermodel / NPC / Ragdoll
- Firstperson view arms
- Hitboxes for TTT purpose
- Proportions

Credits :
Model & Texture: Intoxicate Studios
Model rigged: b...
KH: Sora P.M. and Ragdoll
Created by Lenoax
Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2 is here!!! in the workshop in player model version, exist a one more player model, but... is a little weird, so here is, the player model (new) version.



Illusion IA (Playermodel)
Created by BOOSTIO!
Hey guys it's been months since I released a new model! I apologize for that I had quite a few projects that failed and I had to start fresh with something new again. Hopefully you guys like her and I know her dress isn't the best but I tried everything to...
Insane Black Rock Shooter (Digitrevx) Playermodel and NPC
Created by JazzMcNade
From the Black Rock Shooter Series, The Insane Black Rock Shooter!

-npc and and playermodel
-Jigglebones for her hair, bikini string, and sash
-Optional eyeflame bodygroup
-Firstperson arms
-eye posing via faceposing
Created by TrueBobert
New game
Freya from SMITE
The Norse Goddess of lust and war and stuff
also my main, i decimate with her

-Too many bodygroups (like, WAY too many)


If you like this or an...
Zelda Aeralfos Playermodel
Created by Dinamosaur
I descovered this character by complete accident, and what a descovery it was! I've never seen a creature that manages to look completely badass, totally goofy and absolutely adorable, all at once! Therefore I HAD to make a player model out of this guy.
Princess Ariel Playermodel & NPC
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Princess Ariel from The Disney movie, The Little Mermaid!

This Model Features:

• Playermodel
• NPC (in "Humans + Resistance")
• Viewmodel Hands
• Ragdoll
• Finger ...
Playermodel - SSB4 - Ashley
Ashley's Assist Trophy model from Super Smash Bros for Wii U.
Model is auto-scaled and has 2 skins...
Yuki's Furry Anthro Playermodel/Ragdoll
Created by Yuki
Fan Artwork
OC Belongs Myself (Yuki)

  • Eye Posing
  • Tail
  • c_arms VIewmodel arms

Credit to Reoxur

Dodo Abomination Playermodel
Created by 2XMM2
sometimes it's better to stop before things go too far

• 400% more dodo
• jigglebones!
• ragdoll & playermodel
• NPCs: citizen/combine
• viewmodel
• TTT-compatible hitboxes

• console command?
Goat (simulator) Playermodel
Created by 2XMM2
this took less than 2 hours to make, and is really just a hacked version of doge

goat features
• glitchy jigglebone tongue
• unfitting animations ported from [url=http...
Ikaros Playermodel
Created by Beneath The Sink
This is a playermodel of Ikaros from Heaven's Lost Property (Sora No Otoshimono)


- Jigglebones in hair and breasts (。-‿ ◕。)
- 8 Bodygroups !!! - 2 eye colors (green and red), armor, ch...
Octodad Playermodel & NPC [BETA]
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Octodad from Octodad: Dadliest Catch!

This Model Features:
• Playermodel
• Ragdoll
• Viewmodel hands
• Face Posing

• Hand tentacles
• ...
[GTA V] Pogo Playermodel
Created by WinningRook
Pogo is a charcter from GTA V known for his television series and arcade game.
I have always wanted him on Gmod and so I decided to bring him over.
Yes I know he has some bugs but its my first playermodel.

"WinningRook": Expor...
Top KEK ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Playermodel)
Created by x1ra
Just a shit playermodel for one server ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)...
Deadpool Playermodel
Created by o u t l a w
So, after hours of working, i've finally made it, meet the Deadpool player model!

Thanks to VLSN for his help on Unmasked Deadpool

Finnaly, i fixed arms and Viewmodels, hope you enjoy it.

Model has:

  • Viewmodel arms;

  • Bodygroupable kata
Big Smoke Playermodel
Created by Staffie
Here's something I've had in the making for quite a while. The rather more better playermodel than the one I've released long time ago.

The big ol' chum had returned to take another order and here it is.

The models itself with the better hands had be...
Gnome Chompski
Created by Splinks
Chompski is a strong independent gnome that don't need no lackey to carry him.
Chompski don't need yo pity, fool!

- Player Model
- Friendly and Hostile NPCs
- Face Flexes
- Finger Posing

MKX Erron Black Npc/playermodel
Created by TrueBobert
Troy Baker from Mortal Kombat X
I mean Erron Black
Dont forget to thumbs up and follow me

-Many Bodygroups:
--Rifle and Sword
--that Bottle thing
--Am i Missing anything?
Iron Man [Playermodel/NPC]
Created by Dusty
Iron Man's Mark 7 armor, used as his primary suit in The Avengers. The Iron Patriot's armor, as seen in Iron Man 3.

What's in it:

- Two NPCs for each set of armor, good and bad. Sorry, they just use the standard rebel and combine base - no flying, la...
Compa Playermodel & NPC
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Compa from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series!

This Model Features:

• Playermodel
• Ragdoll
• Viewmodel hands
• Bodygroups
• Eye Skingroups

MKX Kenshi Npc/playermodel
Created by TrueBobert
Kenshi form Mortal Kombat X
Dem eyes
Dont forget to thumbs up and follow me
Hats, yeah

-Some more bodygroups
--Blue Sword
--the sword
-Smore glowing blue eyes

If you like this or any...
Hanne Lichthammer
Created by I'm gonna rage
boss model from Clive Barker's Jericho
made by s-low
fingerposing only...
Mad Moxxi Playermodel & NPC
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Mad Moxxi from The Borderlands series!

This Model Features:

• Playermodel
• Ragdoll
• Viewmodel Hands

[Jiggle bones]
• Hair
• Tail coat
• ...
Jesus Playermodel
Jesus from Heaven

Player Model


Models and textures: Marc "Pharaoh" Nuar
Porting, rigging and compiling: Rokay "Rambo"
Obese Male Playermodel
Created by Rottweiler
[img=]Model has some flaws, no hands model at the momentTags: fat, overweight, obese, obesity, thick, wide, short, mlp, memes, lots, and, ...
[Vindictus] Succubus Playermodel
Created by Mailer
/// NOTE: For some reason, the feet on this model would break and stretch from the rest of the model upon ragdoll. However, as a fix, the feet will detach from the ragdoll upon death, while the rest will function as supposed to. I am sorry that I could not...
GMod Tower: Accessories Pack
Created by MacDGuy
Models/Textures: samm5506, MacDGuy, Mr. Sunabouzu, CaptainBigButt, Vipes, and Dustpup

For more information on the developers, make sure to visit:

***Make sure to give credit to the authors i...
Accessories Pack for Ninjabu Gaming
Created by RichM
This pack was not made by me, and has been modified to be used exclusively as server content for Ninjabu Gaming. THIS IS NOT INTENDED FOR THE THE PUBLIC, but has been marked as public so people that want to play on our servers can subscribe to it and use t...
Modern Trails for Pointshop
Created by SithLee
This is a trails pack for Garrys Mod.
I selected the most modern images.

Disclamer: I do not take credit for the images, I only made the trails.

Pointshop Trail Locations

Custom Pointshop Trails #5
Created by Niandra
Mini Halloween themed pack! This contains six trails, which can all be seen here. I was supposed to get this up, like, two weeks ago but I've been super busy lately....
Custom Trails Pack #4
Created by Niandra
This pack contains 12 trails that will be automatically added to your Pointshop upon downloading.

Here we have:
1. American Flag
2. B1 Steam Face
3. Blood Trail
4. Canadian Flag
5. French Flag
6. German Flag
7. Scrolling HAHA Trail
8. Money Tra...
CS:GO Knives SWEPs
Created by xDShot
Gamma Skin Pack is available! Grab it here:

Now you can use the knives from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as weapons in Garry's Mod!

  • [i
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