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White Hat: Capture the Flag
Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4, 4+
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White Hat: Capture the Flag



White Hat: Capture the Flag is an action selection style game where each player leads a team of hackers trying to patch vulnerabilities on their computer before their opponents do the same.

White hats are hackers that aren’t malicious in their hacking. If they find vulnerabilities in someone’s code, they report it, often doing so for monetary rewards, rather than exploiting it to do damage. Black hats, by comparison, exploit vulnerabilities maliciously and use them for personal gain. The term comes from old wild west movies where the heroes wear white hats, and the villains wear black.

Capture the Flag is an event at many computer security and programming conferences and conventions. There are two types of Capture the Flag events. The most common is a Jeopardy style game where you get points for finding and patching vulnerabilities based on short clues. White Hat: Capture the Flag is based on a versus style event where each team of hackers is working against each other more directly.

White Hat: Capture the Flag also has a bit of cryptocurrency as a mechanic. Cryptocurrencies are generated by finding a hash that matches the next coin to be found. The game uses a simplistic version of this to simulate mining cryptocurrency and using that to purchase upgrades for a player's computer as well as additional hackers.


Be the first player to patch all 4 vulnerabilities. In the case of a tie, cryptocurrency, code blocks, and application resources are used to determine the victor.