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The GREAT and POWERFUL Machete
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Sep 30, 2013 @ 5:21pm
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The GREAT and POWERFUL Machete

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This is the machete of your GREAT AND POWERFUL RULER, TRIXIEEEEEE. She was very displeased with the lowly deceit and trickery of those terrible ponies in ponyville, and she magically created the MOST GREAT AND POWERFUL MACHETE KNOWN TO PONYKIND so she could use it to MURDER THEM. Unfortunately, her spell went wrong and it somehow ended up in Left 4 Dead 2. It was very strange, but it should IN NO WAY show that THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE is not the best unicorn and ALL it shows is that the SPELL was defecitve, not THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE's casting thereof.

Okay, now that that's out of my system...
Uhm. Yeah, it's a Trixie machete. The cutie mark sits a good bit higher than on my other machete's to show how GREAT and POWERFUL she is and that she rises HIGHER than all the other ponies.

Okay, NOW it's out of my system.
Instead of her mane, I used her hat/cape from Boast Busters to fill in the handle. Be honest, you don't remember what color her mane is without looking it up either, do you? If you're going to comment on this item, make the first word of it the color you thought it was *before* looking it up.
Uhm. I'm sure I'll end up doing some other Trixie stuff. Probably some Trixie/Twilight double stuff because, well, even though Trixie is the HIGHEST LEVEL UNICORN (Okay, so it wasn't out of my system)... Twilight is best pony.

Requested by someone named Cheerilee.
for search: mlp, my little pony, colored horses
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Prince Polaris Jan 7, 2017 @ 12:28am 
Would it be too much to ask for a machete of my OC? It would be a simple one, black handle, blue blade, and his CM on the blade (I dunno how mods work tho so maybe it's not so easy... also if you reply I sure hope steam notifies me!
Attack titan878 Aug 15, 2015 @ 5:32pm 
Trixie is love Trixie is life
i date lesbians Jun 15, 2015 @ 9:34pm 
Mfw i cringe harder than i have ever cringed in my life.
Turnoverman  [author] Oct 27, 2014 @ 9:48am 
I wish. I can't do modeling, so I can't make a pony model (or even, like, change the witch's hair and stuff to go for equestria girls trixie).
Matoot Oct 26, 2014 @ 1:15pm 
Can you make the witch look like trixie. ;3
Turnoverman  [author] Feb 15, 2014 @ 1:52pm 
Ever after High? Oh, yeah, that fairy tale thing.
Uhm, well. I can't do character models, since I can't do models (:crate:don't own/don't know how to use any 3D modeling softwares:crate:). You'd be better off finding someone who actually knows who Apple White is, too. Sorry :crate:
SensuaLynn Feb 15, 2014 @ 8:49am 
Can you make a mod of Apple white (for Rochelle) from Ever after High? :D! <3
Ukara Jan 15, 2014 @ 6:04am 
I search Dead Rising 3, and i see this!? :fmad:
REEEEEEEETARDED Oct 1, 2013 @ 10:15pm 
:o trixe stuffz :D
Cheerylixilis Oct 1, 2013 @ 3:05am 
Yus. So yus.

My good sir, you are a wonderful person.