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Transport Fever

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L&MR 0-2-2 Set
Vehicle: Locomotive
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L&MR 0-2-2 Set

This small pack of engines includes 4 different models from 1830. These are all the different types 0-2-2 engines, or 'Rocket' engines, with cylinders at the firebox end and two large driving wheels.

In the screenshots, all locomotives are pictured with wagons from my Early wagon Set.

Details about the models and mod:
The models all share the same tender mesh
The models all share the same texture (apart from The Rocket)
Each model has a custom soundset (whistle and running sounds)
No assets will be made of the models due to how the animations are constructed
At stations the coupling rods and pistons reset to their default position for a little while. I only found this out while trying to make the assets. Due to the short lifespan of TpF now that TpF2 is on the way, I will not be re-working this mod to include assets.

Pack includes -
The Rocket :: Updated version of Rocket from my earlier mod, this pack will replace that Rocket with the new texture and tender model.

'Rocket' Type :: There were a few production models of the same design as the Rocket produced for the opening of the LMR.

Rocket (Rebuilt) :: This depicts Rocket in its rebuilt state that you can see it in now in the Science Museum (or NRM).

Northumbrian :: The last development of the 0-2-2 class, these are quick, small and light engines. (some sources say these locos could do 45-50mph in the last years of their lives, hauling the short express Liverpool Mail trains).

I won't be listing the stats here because
1. I find other mods change them
2. They are mostly identical
3. They really cannot pull much of the vanilla wagons anyway
4. I am actually really lazy
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olaf.reininga Aug 10 @ 3:16am 
Of course, there are enough English engines left, and I´d also love to see a Trevitick run the rails again, but maybe this can give you an idea on how steam locomotive development on the European mainland took place.
olaf.reininga Aug 10 @ 3:14am 
If you are gonna keep going with the early and experimental locomotives, is it possible that you will also make some early loco´s from outside England?
A couple of suggestions:
France: Marc Seguin, first succesfull locomotive build in said country, named after its creator. Rather interesting considering it used gigantic fans build on the sides of the tender to blow the steam.
Germany: Saxonia/Phoenix, first engine build completly in Germany by J.A. Schubert, and its later sister engine, practicly identical.
Beuth, first engine produced by the famed Borsig locomotive works. A 2-2-2 wheel arrangement, although it has a coupling rod between the drive wheel and the rear wheel.
olaf.reininga Aug 10 @ 3:14am 
Austria: Ajax, claimed to be the oldest locomotive preserved on the European mainland.
Sudbahn class 23 (old), a class of 0-6-0 goods engines build between 1860 and 1872, totalling 205 engines, 4 of which are preserved. One of these engines is the current GKB 671, the longest serving steam engine in the world.
Belgium: Pays de Waes/Land van Waas, an old 2-2-2 preserved in Belgium, and the oldest locomotive from that country still in existance.
Switserland: Genf, (it´s a crime this one isn´t in the game yet) the oldest running steam locomotive of the Swiss, build in 1858. Build to the Engerth principle.
Cibaris Aug 7 @ 4:05am 
Albrat your link is TPF1 and dated 2017. However it does have a TPF 2.
Cibaris Aug 7 @ 3:48am 
Steve, If you at look at videos of TPF2 you'll see TPF1 items. 3d modelling will be identical. There may be some software changes; possible dds changes. Porting from TF to TPF was just a matter of changing the 'info' folder to 'mod'. There were few other tweaks. It was much simpler than some made it out to be. One can hope DDS files will be the right way round for instance. One can hope for more than a very basic audio system with deceleration instead of the current acceleration in reverse which doesn't work well.
power man Aug 3 @ 3:05am 
from what i found out, it seems his mods are actually being prepared for TPF2
power man Aug 3 @ 1:53am 
or at least planned for TPF2
power man Aug 3 @ 1:52am 
not sure you have to ask him for tips, but i found out from reading description of his mods
but he is definitely changing his mods for TPF2
SteveM4  [author] Aug 3 @ 1:08am 
How is he doing that without a copy of the game?