CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 It's a Night Magic

CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 It's a Night Magic

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COM3D2 AIO international Version
By SepticSpoon
All in one mod pack for the international version of COM3D2
Installing the R18 Patch!

First you'll need to apply the R18 patch which is sold off-site for $4.50. Only CC or their own "Point system" can be used at checkout. If you do not own a CC, I'm afraid I can not help you with that, but it is already out in the wild if you know where to look, which for legal reasons, I do not condone nor endorse you look for it.

If you're going to buy the patch, I'd suggest registering to make your life easier. I have a feeling lots of things are going to be sold through this site. Also, you get a made up in-game currency called CR which you can spend on items at the shop on their site (and in-game.)

Either login or register. Once you've done that, added the patch[] to your cart and bought it, you'll then get to download it (or them.)

Following the instructions will pretty much get you to exactly where you need to be. I'll sum it up here quickly though if it's confusing to some people.

1. You download all 5 files to your desktop or downloads folder. They all need to be together. There should be 4 .rar files and 1 .exe.

2. Run the .exe and accept the location it wants to extract by default as it'll make a new folder called "com3d2inm_adult_update_dlc" and extract everything into that folder. It'll take a while since it's almost 10 GB of stuff.

3. Once that has finished you can now run the update.exe inside the created folder. (com3d2inm_adult_update_dlc) This will try to patch your game and usually fails to find the correct path to said game, in which case it'll ask you to navigate your way to the games main directory. (This is the place your .exe's are stored for COM3D2) Usually it'll be "steamapps\common\CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 It's a Night Magic\com3d2inm"

If you still can't find it, right click the game in your library, properties, local files tab and then browse local files button. This will take you to your install. Now all you have to do is look at the bar at the top and try to find that place when/if it asks you for help.

Once that's all done, you're good to go. You can carry on with the guide or experiment/research yourself to try figure everything out. The world is your oyster!
Here it is, an all in one download for your ease of use. installation is very simple, just drag and drop everything from "SS_Steam COM3D2 AIO" folder to your main game .exe directory. Couldn't be easier! People seem to be having issues installing this AIO pack so I made a simple video:

After watching this video, please come back and read the rest of the guide. The things explained in the sections are important to getting everything working. Couldn't show images or in-game as Youtube would've flagged me.

Delete Old AIO[] -- Simple .bat file that when placed in the install directory (where your .exe's are, it'll delete the old files from AIO, but keep your mods and plug-ins. It only deletes what was/in the AIO pack, nothing more.)

You may get "windows protected your pc", just click more info and select "run anyway" or you can delete the files manually if you don't feel safe, but you can also open the .bat with notepad/++ and it's pretty easy to read/understand so you can tell exactly what it's doing.

Once you run the patch, you can now drag and drop the files as you would normally.

Password: steam

Version archive.[]

This is the bare minimum you need to get started.

So, what is included? Glad you asked!

BepInEx Sybaris AIO[]
ShapeAnimator plugin[] --Translated by me.
com script loader[]

I also translated a working copy of the SybarisArcEditor to English so here it is. Just pop it in your games main install directory and you're good to go. Please note; Most of the UI I could find is translated, but some still may not be.

Female body has been updated and now the mod pack includes two different bodies and a new body menu/tab so it's more organized. Be sure to go into the breast tab after you apply your new body so gravity will affect them[] (NSFW-ish).


The LoliBody is still there for people who liked it, but it's in a different menu so they will get an error if they used that body before, simple fix is going to the new menu and re-applying it. Body > Body LoliBodyMesh.

Then you can go ahead and apply your skin. This time, nothing will get deleted and all you have to do is toggle poses in the bottom left to fix it. Once you have your maid in her body, you can save and you shouldn't get the error anymore. (You'll have to do this for all maids who had the lolibody on them, sorry.)


This is probably my new body from now on and I highly suggest you use it instead of the Lolibody as for one, you have loads of shapekeys on this body using F4(shapeanimator) and it comes with tanned versions (which I believe you can also use on lolibody too.) It also comes with some very nice pubic hair. The last one looks really nice and bushy.

It also comes with its own nipple you have to apply in the nipple tab. This will keep them on your breasts if you decide to make them massive using F4 (shapeanimator)

To use the body it's pretty simple. You can select it in Body > Body > LO and your maid will go into the pose which you can correct with the method mentioned above and you'll still have your hair, clothes and accessories without having to do the full body/preset trick.

Once you've applied the mesh, you can go to skin and select the very first LO skin which is pretty much the normal one, or if you want a tanned version, you can select one of them instead. Make sure you keep an eye on those nipples as they like to disappear when you swap skins so you'll have to go into the nipple tab, switch nipples and then swap back for them to show up again.

Enjoy! Huge thank you and credit to Jzone for helping me out with things.
Male Uncensor/LoHighBodyTMP
When entering the male edit screen, you'll get a camera utility error in your log window/terminal. This error can be ignored as I'm assuming it's an error to tell you that first person isn't allowed in the male edit screen. I've had no issues with errors after exiting the male edit screen and camera utility plug-in works fine in Yotogi.


Once you downloaded and installed the AIO mod;

Inside "Mod\MaleUncensor" There is a readme file and two pictures. (You can delete these if you wish.) You have to pick one folder you want and delete the other. (That's why there are pictures included so you know what one you're getting.)

With your chosen member, you can go into studio edit mode to see it. (Will not show up in "edit male" mode)

The body you pick is important. You want the very last body as shown in the image below. With the male/player selected in the character list to the right, click the expressions button in the bottom left to bring up the male's expressions.

Any other body and the member will not show up for you. If you want a chunky guy you can use the thickness slider. If your member is still not showing up inside studio mode, you have to toggle the "selection display" checkbox. This will make your member show.


This is an optional mod that was part of the female LOHigh body mod in which it gives your male a p*enis in ghost mode (so the p*enis is ghosted too). This is especially cool if you want a nice view during Yotogi since you can just see through it. You can still use the method above if you'd prefer, but this one also turns the ghost into a ghost female with a p*enis when you use the thickness slider on it.

You select both the LO icons and job done. Use the thickness slider to get a female ghost and if the member isn't showing, you can toggle the "Selection display" checkbox
Shape Animator Plugin Use
This plugin allows you to "animate" your maid in a way by using shapekeys which you can make yourself using Blender or just find shapekey.txt files others have made. They would go inside your config folder "UnityInjector/Config". This guide will not go into how to make your own Blender custom shapekeys as I've personally not touched the subject myself yet, but if I do, I'll add it onto here. You could also research about it as I'm sure there are guides somewhere.

The plugin we are using is a Japanese version which I translated using the English version as reference. Why not just use the already available English version? Well, it didn't work with the international COM3D2 (F4 wouldn't pop up the plugin.)

The plugin is pretty simple to use and there is a highly detailed guide here []which goes into detail about using it. I suggest you take a look, but honestly, it's a pretty easy plugin to get the hang of if you mess around with it. F4 opens the plugin. (This works in edit maid screen, studio mode and h-scenes)

Have fun!
Yotogi Slider Plugin
This plugin is great and was brought to my attention by Laiden over on the discussion page.

Plugin is pretty simple, but looks amazing. It opens the holes on penetration automatically so all you have to do is sit back and watch. You can activate its menu with F5 during Yotogi.

This will allow you to control the different stats of the maid during Yotogi with the sliders sliders and pin them too. (cheat)

You must have a compatible body with shapekeys to use this, like the one/s in this AIO pack, for example. ;)

Camera Utility
"This plugin adds camera ehancements and maid positioning functions. Alternative keybinds are used to avoid conflicts when the game is running in VR mode."

Positioning Controls

Note: During yotogi mode, both the maid and the PC are moving.

Alt. Key
Left Arrow
Move left
Right Arrow
Move right
Up Arrow
Move forward
Down Arrow
Move back
Move up
Move down
Rotate left
Rotate right
Pitch left
Pitch right
Reset camera

Camera Controls

Note: Only affects the camera, the maid / PC are staying in place.

Pitch left
Pitch right
Reset pitch
Increase FoV
Decrease FoV
Reset FoV
Toggle first person mode

Misc controls

Toggle UI
Toggle "maid faces camera"
Change "maid faces camera" mode
Pictures taken in-game with AIO installed:

Very NSFW obviously, but it's "art"

Google docs massive mods archive
"International List of Custom Maid 3D 2 Modifications"[]

This is a google docs I stumbled upon which contains a bunch of mods for the CM3D2 version of the game. I haven't tested them all and can't guarantee they will all work, but if you're up for diving deep into modding your game, I don't see a better place to start.

To navigate around, you can use the tabs at the bottom of the page. I've mainly only been on the "public uploader" one as that seems to be where the majority of mods are.

You'll really only need to pay attention to a few columns;

Column C - Link to download
Column F - file type. (Depending on what it is, may require a different install)
Column I - Comment / Details so you know what it is.
Column K - Preview link so you can see what it looks like. (NSFW)

Once you've found an item you want, you can click the link in Column C to go to the download page which will more than likely be Japanese.

You'll want to click that button and eventually your item will pop up to download. (It'll be a zip file.)

Please note, not all of them will work and sadly, it's trail and error to see which ones do and don't as some of the .mod files will modify existing items in the game, but those items could be DLC which is not yet available to us causing the CMD to throw an error. You'll want to pay attention to this. To add content, you want the "GD" files which stands for GameData and it adds new content to the game, you install them into your mods folder.

I personally just downloaded a file called "Real tights" which was a GD file;

Opened the zip file, went into GameData folder, extracted the folder within that called "fetis" into my mods folder;

It is all Japanese and not sure if you can change it or not, but it works.

Just a little side note: You can rename your folders to make it look neater and better organized. For example, inside my mods folder, I now have a folder called "Skin" and "Real Tights"

Inside the real tights folder is obviously the real tights, but inside the skin folder is all those 4K skins I showed in previous pictures. Everything still works normally as you'd expect.

This essentially allows you to fully organize your mods into different categories.


Bare in mind, this could also mess up some things that require a specific file structure.

I'm getting a lot of reports that the majority of the mods linked in the google docs do not work. This is sadly common and all we can do is wait for people to transfer them to COM3D2.
Base Preset Archive
This site has over 26 pages worth of presets.

Install presets by placing the .preset file into your preset folder; (com3d2inm\Preset)

Downside is, most of them will come without clothes and some may not turn out exactly as they look in the picture since we do not have all the DLC and/or they used some clothing, hair etc.. mods and they are not sited. Still a good archive for a base preset though for you to build on, in my opinion.
All credit goes to the respective person below. I do not wish to take anything away from their hard work and dedication. If your name is here and you wish me to link to your page or somewhere, please let me know and I'll get onto it or if I have missed your name from this list and it should be on here, let me know and I'll fix it. Thanks.

Kiss - for the game
bbepis - BepInEx
denikson - BepInEx AIO, version.dll quick fix; BepInEx script loader + uncensor script.
Neerhom - Modloader
WrydaN+The WABBIT - LoliBodyv2
ShapeAnimator author(sorry, don't know your name.) -- ShapeAnimator plugin
Myself - Steam guide, shapeanimator plugin translation, COM3D2 AIO (Is that narcissistic??)
asyetriec - YotogiSlider
SakuraKoi - International List of Custom Maid 3D 2 Modifications
Q: Does this pack work with a non-Steam version of the game? (Nutaku, S-Court)
  • A: Yes, Enjoy!

Q: What does AIO mean?
  • A: AIO stands for "All In One" meaning you should only need to install this pack to get everything going, but you can also build on it if you feel confident enough.

Q: This doesn't work!
  • A: This pack has been tested by multiple people, multiple times all on fresh installs, if it doesn't work for you, you either did something wrong or you have other plug-ins that are causing the issue. AIO pack is designed to be installed as an AIO pack, not a combination of different AIO/install packs. If you're confident in your modding abilities, go for it, but I'm afraid I will not be able to help you if you run into issues.

Q: Why make this?
  • A: I like to help people and make their life easier instead of spending hours trying to get the perfect combination of mods together just for a base, I provide that base so they can focus on more important/fun things, like clothes and characters, etc..

Q: Where can I get help to my issue?
  • A: There are many places you can get help. If your issue is anything to do with the AIO pack, drop a comment below or PM me and I'll try to help you fix it, but I will need a save file and the steps to recreate your issue if it's a problem in-game. If you're having a different problem, like the patch will not install; please describe in as much detail as possible about your error. If all else fails, join the discord[] and ask for help, but I will try/do everything I can to help you fix your issue.

Q: Some/Most of the files in the google docs do not work?
  • A: As I've said, most or all of them will not work and sadly it's all trial and error if you want to explore it. I do believe most/some clothes work and some custom characters. Not characters that look for DLC to modify, I'm talking about character mods that are completely standalone. (In the google docs they are under file "GD") those are the standalone mods that add content to the game instead of .mod files which just modify already installed content, like DLC which we currently do not have for this game.

Q: How to find the R18 off-site patch?
  • A: It's linked in the "Installing R18 patch" section of this guide.

Q: Does this pack require the R18 off-site patch?
  • A: Yes.

Q: I don't own a CC! How do I get the game patch?
  • A: I'd suggest getting the whole game from Nutaku then if you do not have a CC since the game comes with the patch already applied and they support Paypal payments.

Q: Is the R18 patch available for free?
  • A: It is, but that'd be illegal and for that reason I do not condone, nor endorse you go looking for it.

Q: How to install mods?
  • A: You install mods by extracting the rar/zip file into your mods folder. This can come with a few caveats though. For example, some mods will come inside a GameData folder as that's what was used before so it's best to make a folder inside Mod and name it something describing what you are installing. (clothes, hair, etc)

    If I'm installing clothes, I'll make a clothes folder inside my mod folder, then inside my clothes folder I'll make another folder and name it what the clothes are (tentacle outfit, etc) I'll then extract all folders* (materials, textures, model, menu) into that tentacle outfit folder.

    You may get a preset folder too, the .preset file inside the preset folder goes inside your preset folder; com3d2inm\Preset

    Plug-ins usually install into your UnityInjector folder; com3d2inm\Sybaris\UnityInjector
    These are always .dll files, but the install location can be different depending on the mod and may require you to put it into Sybaris folder instead. (I believe this is only if the mod edits something major with the game, like adds a whole new menu to the edit area.)

    Not all mods will work with this version of the game and may require you to edit the actual .menu/.model file to get it working. The cause to this could be any reason, but I believe the main one is we currently lack the DLC. Make sure you checkout "DvirFederacia" Guide: input all stuffs from CM3D2 to COM3D2 discussion about getting everything from CM3D2 > COM3D2. Haven't personally tested this myself, but people seem to agree it's working for the most part in that topic.

This will be updated as I find more questions that I feel are common enough to put here.
Known Bugs/Issues
  • v01.09.2019 Updated the Yotogi slider so the autoAHE works correctly now and the eyes do not float away. Credit to VoxP for the find.

  • Using the LOHighPoly body will result in some pretty nasty clipping on some vanilla clothes (short pants and pantyhose.) Not sure why, but I am slowly and painfully fixing the base lohigh mesh so clipping isn't as big of an issue. Bare in mind, getting rid of 100% clipping, I'm not sure if it's possible. 90% fixed, some clipping still may show, but working on it slowly.

  • Bug found by Digital_Ronin in which certain fast and rapid actions which cause the maids excitement to go up fast will result in her eyes floating into orbit slowly. This can be fixed by opening the YotogiSlider with F5 and disabling autoAHE. Fixed with update 01.09.2019

  • When going into male edit mode, you'll get a camera utility error in your terminal. This can be ignored as I've seen nothing more come from it.

  • If upgrading from v08.08.2019 to a higher version and have a save that used lolibodyv2, you'll get a small error when going into edit mode since the menu has moved. To fix this all you need to do is find the new menu, select Lolibody/LOHighbody at Body > Body and pick your skin (Body > Skin) then re-save.
Change Notes (Updates)
  • Translated the ArcEditor to English so it works with the Int. Ver of the game. (Thank you to Shadow Esper for linking the newest version Japanese version of ArcEditor so I could translate it.)

  • v17.08.2019 90% fixed the LoHighPoly body mesh from clipping with some clothes like; "Simple Inner Panties" and "Sofia Maid Tights" slight clipping may still show around the ankles in extreme positions, but should be okay for now till I do another pass.

  • v11.08.2019 Changed the "uncensor_maid.cs" to make the d*ildo material look/work correctly. You can do this without download the whole AIO again. Just edit your com3d2inm\scripts\uncensor_maid.cs with notepad++ line 14 replace whatever is inside the shader.find parameters with "CM3D2/Lighted_Trans" So it should look like; Shader.Find("CM3D2/Lighted_Trans");

  • Made a "Remove Old AIO.bat" file for people who just want to automate the deleting of the old AIO. Will only delete what was in the AIO pack. Your own mods and plugins will be safe.

  • v09.08.2019 - Added a new, better body, body tab, moved lolibody to that tab and camera utility

  • Made a custom .menu/.tex for the lolibody giving you the ability for free colour over the skin! Enjoy. May have to edit the nipples to better match your new skin. It's the menu above/below the skin menu.

  • Added a base preset archive to the guide

  • Corrected an issue where clothes would stop showing on a maid. (With lolibodyv2 there were 2 menu files. One would cause a bug for all clothes to disappear and the other was to fix that. The one that causes the bug is active by default. I must've forgot to change it in a older version. It's down now and if you were having this issue, it should be fixed for you.)

  • Added video guides to help people install

  • Added BepInEx ScriptLoader + uncensor script which is more efficient + removed YASD+

  • Spelling mistakes/Grammar fixes.

  • Updated COM3D.BepInEx.AIO from build 190510 to 190801 Which now includes the version.dll file.

  • Added Yotogi Silder mod to allow for opening and closing holes automatically when penetrated.

  • Made AIO package for easy install.
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SepticSpoon  [author] Sep 15 @ 8:50am 
@Enoshima No, you can just put it in your Sybaris folder or your UnityInjector folder.

Sybaris folder are for .dll files which alter the game in a major way.

UnityInjector folder is for plugins (.dll) which alter the game, but in a minor way like adding a pop-up menu.

Mods folder is for your other stuff like clothes, hair, body, tattoos, objects, animations, etc..
Enoshima Sep 15 @ 8:42am 
Thanks. Also, concerning the 'put this in the Sybaris Game Data folder' alternative method when installing mods there isn't any sort of 'GameData' in my Sybaris folder.

Do I need to create one?
SepticSpoon  [author] Sep 15 @ 6:39am 
@Enoshima Haha. I feel your pain! Sadly, most "good" mods were developed by native Japanese people who do not speak English so we're left with either machine translation or someone who can understand both English and Japanese to translate it.

Typically if it's missing textures, it is an easy fix and all you need to do is open the .menu file and point it to the correct .tex file. (Not sure why these menus get messed up or don't point to the correct thing) You can fix pretty much any mod with the correct knowledge on how to do it.
Enoshima Sep 15 @ 6:33am 
Trying to mod this game is a nightmare because most, if not always whenever you get a mod to appear in-game it'll not work or the texture is missing.

I guess there's two methods of 'modding' the game? Why can't a good portion of these mods be in english.
SepticSpoon  [author] Sep 15 @ 2:14am 
@Shadow Esper Thank you. It's done and I've updated the link to the newer, translated version. The "parts" section on the presets didn't translate as I couldn't find them. (Or I did find and translate them, but the string must be somewhere else for those so it didn't stick.) It works though as I've tested it in-game.
Shadow Esper Sep 15 @ 12:26am 
Here's the current japanese one:
http://ww w.medi
SepticSpoon  [author] Sep 15 @ 12:13am 
@Shadow Esper Yeah, I know. The English version on Hongfire bugs out when you select a preset too. You could also download the newer version and translate it yourself if that works with presets. It's very easy to do and requires very little skill. I personally only used the arc editor for modding things in-game, not for editing presets. If you link the newest version of the arc editor which works with com presets, I'll quickly translate it later today for you and re-upload it.
Shadow Esper Sep 14 @ 2:19pm 
Just tested your arc editor, and you did not translate the newest version. It bugs out when you select some com presets.
SepticSpoon  [author] Sep 13 @ 5:01am 
@Unlucky God Yeah, sometimes that happens. Not sure what causes it to not pop-up sometimes. advancing to a different Yotogi stage fixes it most of the time. Apart from that, I have no idea why it doesn't recognize the key input sometimes.

Not sure as I've not played much recently, but you can change the facial expression(s) I'm pretty sure with the F5 menu when it works.
Unlucky God Sep 13 @ 4:52am 
I'm using 01.09.2019 version and noticed that sometimes, when I start Yotogi, pressing F5 won't open the slider.
Also, is it normal for maid to have tears when climax? Idk if this is caused by game itself or the AIO pack.