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S&DR 0-6-0 'Wilberforce'
Vehicle: Locomotive
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S&DR 0-6-0 'Wilberforce'

In 1833, Timothy Hackworth managed to expand on his already successful 'Royal George' type of locomotive, and created the 'Wilberforce' type. This model is great for slow, mineral haulage with a top-speed of 25mph.

This locomotive was enormous, and one of the largest ever created by Hackworth. Built at Soho in Shildon, this huge engine had a few notable features.

The downward facing cylinders were set far back near the driver, and drove a dummy axle before connecting to the wheels. This was to allow the locomotive to be sprung effectively without damaging the cyinders.

The boiler was the reverse-flue type, meaning that that the driver and fireman were at opposite ends of the locomotive. The fireman was at the 'front' shovelling coal into the fire. In later years this was replaced with a smokebox-firebox combo as can be seen on the 0-6-0 'Derwent'

This engine is unique because it has a 'bridge' on it. In between the end of the boiler and the pistons was a sizable gap that contained the safety valves, piston valves and valve gear. This was housed in a decorative ironwork resembling a viaduct, or a row of arches. There weren't many pictures of this part of the old loco so this is probably inaccurate on my model.

On that topic... Known inaccuracies:
The funnel is probably shorter on my model. The original engine is long gone, so I had to make some assumptions on height. When I made the funnel full height, it looked absurd in-game, so it was shortened by about a foot.

Livery - It is unknown how this loco was painted as all the source material is in black and white. A few coloured sketches show it in a metal/wood combo similar to my model. I have added slightly more brasswork to the locomotive.
However, it is also likely that the locomotive had red wheels, like the 'Royal George', but these too looked odd in-game.
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power man Aug 6 @ 1:06am 
thank you, apologies for upset
SteveM4  [author] Aug 5 @ 1:57pm 
There's a few things.
1. One of any one of my early mods could be affecting it as they were all made at the same time, so there could be cross-contamination (I never tested all combinations and load orders)
2. A 3d party mod that creates assests for you, if it exists, may be causing this
3. You're a wizard.

I literally do not know how you achieved this. If you want to fix it, go to the mod and find the Construction folder and delete it. If its anywhere, its there. I don't have that on my version but you might.
power man Aug 5 @ 11:22am 
thanks for the help, sorry to bother you but its mysterious how there is an asset type thing, even though you have not constructed one. should i be worried?
SteveM4  [author] Aug 5 @ 10:59am 
I have not constructed an asset for this model, so I don't know how you're seeing this. For the mean time, just avoid clicking on whatever keeps crashing your game. On my local versions, including the version from the workshop, there is no Wilberforce asset.
power man Aug 5 @ 3:35am 
to clarify: there is an asset i can see it, you find it under tracks where your early wagons are

hope i have helped you out
power man Aug 5 @ 3:33am 

cannot open res/models/model/asset/wilberforce_asset.mdl No such file or directory
power man Aug 5 @ 3:25am 
never mind, at least i can help fix it
power man Aug 5 @ 3:24am 
i am afraid steve there is an asset, it just crashed my game after hours of work:steamsad:
RolandBP Aug 4 @ 5:23pm 
While I am on here, is it possible to do models with all that overhead gear like is on Puffing Billy, etc? I guess it will be a lot more difficult to produce due to all the moving parts.
RolandBP Aug 4 @ 5:21pm 
I love these old locos, I am now using all this "Old Stuff" on a Huge Layout I created of all the main trackage available on the Trans-Pennine map of 1850's. I am swapping out all the previous trains to these really old ones. I'm having a blast. If anyone would like me to send them a zipped copy of my Save file/s I could add them to Drop-Box. or PM me if that's possible?