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Blackwood Workshop Mod Map Test
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Jul 29 @ 7:53pm
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Blackwood Workshop Mod Map Test

This is Blackwood, functioning as a Steam Workshop Mod Map. Same exact content as the DLC version, just here testing it working properly via Steam Workshop as an example of how to make custom single-server ATLAS maps.
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Ikarus-FFM Aug 22 @ 12:47pm 
map ID ?
BluJnBaby Aug 11 @ 2:27pm 
seems i am crashing when sextant buff is on for one of my two gaming pcs, but not the other. fatal error crtexe.c:618
BluJnBaby Aug 11 @ 4:57am 
other atlas maps crash for us for some players with lower end pcs, where excessive building has taken place
BluJnBaby Aug 11 @ 4:56am 
ours doesnt crash, but we def get the lag. running a host havoc server. rubber banding and sound cuts out
sscham4013 Aug 10 @ 10:42pm 
any one having issues with the Blackwood Map? It seems to have a memory leak going on, the lag is horrid and alot of servers are crashing
King Graverobber Aug 9 @ 2:48pm 
I can see the map in my SP game, but on my friend's server, it is completely invisible and the map is blacked out. Any ideas on how to fix this?
BluJnBaby Aug 9 @ 3:29am 
since the last update the gems and silver stopped spawning on leery island
BluJnBaby Aug 9 @ 3:28am 
i have found tons of tin nodes on the kings arena and the eastern tundra
Drodion Aug 7 @ 12:22pm 
were is the metal on this map? any one know?
BluJnBaby Aug 6 @ 3:32pm 
yep. fix came down the pike and you have to make new char. if you are admin savy you can get your stuff back with some admin commands.