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Jul 29, 2019 @ 6:33pm
Jan 31, 2022 @ 3:22pm
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Ear Plugs allow you to lower and toggle your sound effect volume so you can hear VOIP easier. Perfect for driving, or flying.

What does it do?
Ear Plugs allows you to lower your volume via a rebindable key to a custom set level which you can then toggle on and off. While EarPlugs is active there will be a small icon on the left side of the screen to let you know that your sound level is being modified. When changing the audio level up and down a new number showing the audio value (In percent) will be displayed before fading out - The default audio level reduces all sound effects by 80%.

Server Owner Instructions
As with most mods install instructions follow the same patten.
- Copy the mod from !Workshop to DayzServer root.
- Copy the CooltrainV3.bikey into your server keys folder.
- Add the @Ear-Plugs to your server launch parameter.

What version does it require?
Working on the latest 1.18 stable version

What are the keybindings?
The defualt keybindings are:

Toggle Earplugs - N Increase Mute Volume - Equals (=) Decrease Mute Volume - Minus (-)

You can rebind your keys ingame.

Is this compatible with Expansion?
Expansion has its own version of Earplugs you can use, though if you prefer this version - yes its compatible.

Can I repack this mod? Can I monetize earplugs?
Copyright 2022 Cooltrain | This mod is not allowed to be unpacked, repacked, or reuploaded in any other configuration. You are not allowed to monetized this mod unless your mod is an Approved Monetized Server[]. And access or use of this mod is not part of the monetization.

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Idaho 13 hours ago 
After the ear plugs are enabled, they start losing effectiveness for me. When I hit 'N' all sounds go down the way they are supposed to but then everything gradually gets louder and louder so I have to keep hitting - to make the sound drop again. But then even at level 1, the sounds all gradually get louder. They don't go all the way to normal, but sounds seem to level out at maybe 50% attenuation.
mayorche3 May 21 @ 6:24am 
Bro, please, give me allow to repack your mod
BlacsWolf May 20 @ 3:32am 
Could I use your awesome mod on my server?
Чи можу я використати ваш чудовий мод на своєму сервері?
Denis May 19 @ 2:55am 
Hello, can I use your mod on my server?
enoctis May 18 @ 9:32am 
I have a G-Portal server running DeerIsle that I'm trying to install this mod on. I copied the @Ear-Plugs folder to the root directory, copied the key file to the keys directory, enabled the mod (tried both clientMod and serverMod options), and it doesn't work. Any tips?
$AINT May 14 @ 12:04pm 
define does not work
aLone Mar 29 @ 9:23am 
Hi. Allow me to use it in my server mod?
NeZdAn4iK Mar 15 @ 2:45pm 
@Cooltrain Good evening. I would like to package your mod in my server pak. Is it possible to get permission?
мура Feb 24 @ 10:18am 
can i repack to my server mod? thanks!
Krivzer Feb 6 @ 2:54am 
Cool mod!
Allow me to use it in your mod pack?