Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

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Leon's Collection
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Freaky Frames
Created by Tuna Melt
Misc slot ghoulish glasses for all classes. Spook your fellow mercs with these googly-eyed gawkers!

-Jigglebones (check video)
-Glow-in-the-dark eyes

Happy halloween!!!...
Pint-Sized Supplier
Created by ksd
Holds all those goodies you'd never give to your team

My first Misc for tf2!

Please, give me feed back! I Always enjoy a way to make things better.

Now with jiggle bones and glow in dark textures!

3 lods for optimization

Created by Hawf 
I'm not sure if it helps your depth perception at all, infact it just might make it worse!...
Foul Cowl
Created by Hideous
What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets. But enough talk... Have at you!

Now with Fangs(tm)!...
Komainu Mask
Created by Psyke
Why not take the lead role at your local Nogaku Theatre?

Failing that, Why not enjoy scaring your friends with these awesome Oni Masks?

Misc/Hat compatable!
Comes with Lods/Team colours!

Model by Ronin
Concept/Texture by...
Lil' Chompy
Created by Sky
Mk. I Pyrodrone "Chompy"
- Initial tests were a success. May need to improve pathfinding AI to stop it running directly at targets and blocking incoming projectiles with it's face.

- Glowing + Paintable Eyes! (default colours similar to team...
The Devil's Attorney
Created by JPRAS
An all class bowler hat with horns coming from inside and a monocle!


-All Class;
-LOD 0 (1000 Tris) and LOD 1 (684 Tris)....