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Vanilla Sails Rework V2
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Jul 27 @ 3:13am
Jul 28 @ 3:20am
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Vanilla Sails Rework V2

Tired of the boring vanilla sails system? You would like to use different configuration? You want your ship going a bit faster? You want to use your small and medium sail blueprint and not drop them because they don't have any utility?

This mod is made for you.

Large Sails:
2.9 units
Same force as before

Medium Sails:
1.45 units
2 medium = 1 large + 8 % wind force

Small Sails:
0.725 units
4 small sail = 1 large + 12% wind force

Basic Ship Configuration:
Schooner : 2 medium + 1 small = 3.625 unit
Brigantine: 2 large, 1 medium, 1 small = 7.975 unit
5 large + 1 medium = 15.95 unit

Smaller sail are more efficient but you will need to have enough space for placing them. They have less HP than large so easier to destroy. And of course, more sail = more crew. Time to think about the best configuration :)

Speed Sail:

Speed: 100% => 120%
Ship turning: 100% => 80%
Sail Acceleration


Speed: 82.5% => 100%
Ship turning: 135% => 140%
Sail Angle
Sail Turning effectiveness

Weight Sail:

Speed: 66% => 100%
Ship turning: 60% => 70%
Sail Max Movement Weight

Addionnal weight:
Small: 1000kg
medium: 2000kg
large: 4000kg

Subscribe and add it to your server or in singleplayer and you can play it

Doesn't give any additionnal Sail or BP, it's change the vanilla Sails
Doesn't work if you spawn a ship with admin command

You want to test for been sure it\'s work?
cheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_Sail_large 1 50 0
It's should give you a mythical speed sail with Sail acceleration

If you think some stats should be change, write a small comment!


If you want to speak about my mod or give some idea or support us:

You are looking for a mod team and you would be part in our?
I'm looking for people who can help for any kind of skill (dev, design, graphic, 3D, texture ...)
Join me on discord.

And if you want to donate
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Jul 28 @ 4:28am
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Cobalt Oct 12 @ 3:33pm 
For me it was necessary to respec my char and to build a new loom. Then i could build the new Sails ;)
Glenn Oct 9 @ 8:53am 
Where do I make the vanilla sails from please??
[*TGC*] Amris Sep 10 @ 10:23pm 
Thank you for the clarification! :)
Hansensk  [author] Sep 10 @ 2:09pm 
@[*TGC*] Amris When you add this mod, the old skill and sail are remplaced. That's why you can produce anymore your previous blueprint because this is considerer as a new skill. If you still manage to craft your old blueprint after adding the mod, you will receive vanilla sail without any change of speed etc...
This mod is design for been use on the beginning of your save / server because you can have problem like this (old blueprint and sail with new ) :)
[*TGC*] Amris Sep 10 @ 10:25am 
After adding the mod we can still produce sails from our old (pre-mod) sail blueprints as long as we do not respec our chars and do not learn the sail-building skills new. However as long as we don't respec our chars and relearn the sail-building we can NOT produce any sails from new sail blueprints that we found after adding the mod.

The opposite is also true: Once we add the mod and respec our chars, re-learning the sail-building skills we can NOT use our OLD sail blueprints anymore.

1) what happens to the existing ships when the mod is added? Do the existing sails that were already on the ships pre-mod get changed to the new stats or do we have to replace the old sails with sails that have been built after the mod was added?

2) do sails that I produce from 'old' blueprints (blueprints that I aquired before we added the mod) produce sails with the new modded stats (higher speed etc)?

Thank you!

DeltaDan69 Aug 4 @ 10:15am 
Can u add a ini file so we can adjust it please
gpcstargate Aug 3 @ 8:29am 
Just a heads up .. on my schooner _ I just built .. I put 1 Large handler sail and 1 Medium speed sail .. Boy is she fast .. will post screenshot later.
gpcstargate Aug 2 @ 1:04pm 
Thank you :steamhappy:
Hansensk  [author] Aug 2 @ 11:50am 
It should be 1816627747
gpcstargate Aug 2 @ 8:43am 
Could you Post the Mod ID# .. Thank you
Have Fun and Enjoy :steamhappy: