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Hands on Modding - Steam Workshop
By Raven
Congratulations, you just finished your mod and now want to share it with the rest of our Community. That's awesome and that's the spirit ;) Also now that 0234+ Builds supports the Steam Workshop, is also really easy. Let's see how!
How do you install/uninstall Steam Workshop mods?
Mod Manager & Steam Workshop

The Mod Manager won't install or uninstall Steam Workshop mods, neither they'll display in that list. Only Mods installed in your Mods Folder can be managed there. However it will tell you how many active Workshop Subscriptions you have (if any).

To manage your Steam Workshop Subscriptions use the Steam Workshop page. (There is a new button in the Mod Manager to take you there.)

Install & Uninstall Mods through the Steam Workshop

To get started visit the Steam Workshop page of Erannorth Reborn

There you can find any available mods you like and click on the + button to Subscribe to them. Items you have Subscribed are installed and will be activated in Erannorth Reborn automatically whenever you start the game.

You can click the same button to Unsubscribe from a Workshop item. That will deactivate it automatically next time you start the game.

If Erannorth Reborn is running, after subscribing/unsubscribing to and from any Mod, always restart the Mod Manager. Restarting the Mod Manager will activate any Steam Workshop mods you are Subscribed, and deactivate any mods you are Unsubscribed.
How do I upload a Mod to Steam Workshop
There is a new button in the Mod Modmanager, that you can use to access the Steam Workshop Uploader. There you can fill in the simple form and upload your Mod to Steam Workshop.

Your Mod name

i.e Rs Remove Gender Restrictions 1.2

Your Mod description

i.e This mod removes gender restrictions from the classes & races that have them

A comma-separated tag list

You need at least two tags i.e

i.e Character Customization,Classes


ie. Gameplay, Game Modes


A path pointing to the folder with your mod files

i.e E:\Documents\Mods\Rs Remove Gender Restrictions

A path pointing to a 256x256 or 512x512 preview image including the filename and extension

i.e E:\Documents\Mods\Rs Gender Restrictions Preview\preview.jpg

That's it.

Pro Tip: Have these info available in a text file to copy-paste them in the form, and otherwise have them easily accessible in case something goes wrong. It will save you a lot of time ;)

Uploading your Mod

Click the Upload button, and your mod will start uploading in the Steam Workshop. Depending your connection upload speed and your mod size this will take some time. So don't close the game or the mod manager.

And grab a coffee... The game isn't frozen... Is it? Hmm... uploads take time... uploads take time right?... The game isn't frozen... I need to have faith...

And wait patiently till you see that the "Processing Request" Message, has become "Your Item was uploaded to Steam Workshop" to indicate that your Mod was uploaded successfully.

But since there isn't much error handling at this stage, if it takes unreasonably long, something might be of with the form.

You can also just alt+tab and check your Steam Workshop profile items, to see if your new item is there. If this is your first upload, you may have to accept the steam subscriber agreement (if you haven't already) in order for steam to let you use the Workshop for uploading and consuming content.

Once your mod is live you can further edit the description, and other details of your Mod from its new Steam Workshop page. But not the tags, so make sure to tag it properly ;)

Please don't abuse the Workshop, I would really hate it, if I have to play the police and ban people for abusing it ;)
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Raven  [author] Aug 1 @ 5:56am 
From what I read re-uploading a file with the same name should update it automatically. When uploading an item the update method is called too. But since our mods consists of more than one files, I am not sure if this method will work for us or if having the same mod name is enough.

You can try to upload the update first, using the same mod name, and then delete the old version if it doesn't update.
Professional Aug 1 @ 5:48am 
Since I'm new to modding. Is there any other way to update your mods in the workshop than deleting the old mod and uploading a new version?