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Shanis Stuff
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Jul 26, 2019 @ 2:23am
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Shanis Stuff

A light-weight collection of different items, assets and RP-friendlier game systems.

You can scale the size of the decoration items to your own liking. Some items are conveniently dyeable too.

Tiny Workbenches
Included are several different workbenches - all much smaller than their vanilla counterparts. Most of them include T3 bonuses (speed and material reduction). Taught through an admin-spawned recipe book (Shanis Stuff: Learn Workbenches).

  • Legendary Blacksmith Hammer: serves as an Armorer's Bench, Blacksmith's Bench, Saddler's Worktable, Tinker's Bench, Casting Table & Torturer's Table
  • Magical Star Chunk: serves as a Furnace & Improved Kiln
  • Resin-Bleeding Saw of Onethousandandone Wood Shavings: serves as a Carpenter's Bench and a standard Artisan Table (Funcom doesn't allow modded DLC stuff)
  • Gluttonous Prince's Soup Plate: serves as a Stove
  • Witch Queen's Mystical Cauldron: serves as a Firebowl Cauldron, Alchemist's Bench & Dyer's Bench
  • Bear Burut's Ancient Fur : serves as a Tannery
  • Ritual Skinning Dagger: serves as a Tanner's Table
  • Black Serpents Slaver Sling: serves as a Wheel of Pain
  • Laleh's Bowl: serves as an Animal Pen & Stables
  • Iron Cornucopia: instantly fills your hunger and thirst meter
  • Handsome Worker's Hard Wood: serves as a Dryer
  • Ancient Grindstone: serves as a Grinder
  • Tight Bag: serves as a Fluid Press
  • Dismantling Barrel of the Endless Abyss: serves as a Dismantling Bench

There's also a tiny version (with increased capacity) of a chest and the fridge.

Individual paintings
It's as simple as entering a valid URL to an existing picture (i.e.

Deco Items
There's hundreds of new deco items. Placeable pets come in different sizes and with different animations (i.e. standing & eating). Taught through admin-spawned recipe books (Shanis Stuff: Learn Animal Taming, Shanis Stuff: Learn Landscaping & Shanis Stuff: Learn Decorations).
  • Ritual daggers, torture chair, altars, cuffs, chains, skeletons, skulls, candles
  • Tents, palisades, walkways, stairs, bridges
  • Paintings, banners, tents, hanging cloths, lamps, statues
  • Landscaping items: sandstone rocks, shale rocks, trees
  • Placeable pets: Bears, boars, camels, cobras, crocodiles, elephants, horses, hyenas, lions, mammoths, panthers, pigs, rabbits, rhinos, sabertooth's, scorpions, spiders, tigers, vultures and wolves
  • And much, much more

Improved Weather System
RP-friendlier weather system. Rain & storms now occur way less frequent. But if it rains, the duration is increased to several hours. That way, it's actually feasible to include something like rain in your RP. Instead of it ending after half a dozen emotes.

Time Synchronization
The ability to sync ingame-time and RL-time (UTC based). No longer will whole days pass by during your RP-sessions. An offset is provided too, if, for example, you wish to push the night a few hours back - as 20:00 is probably primetime on most servers. Can be activated (as an admin) via the ingame console: DataCmd ShaniAdm

Cozier Collision
The size of the collision boxes on the male and female player models has been decreased. Players are able to get far closer to each other. Be it during fights or romantic moments.

New, craftable warpaints. Including mud, dirt, stripes and spots.

Admin Tools
  • Landclaim sign: Claims land in a large radius. Useful for servers with otherwise low landclaim settings.
  • Self-digging shovel: Claims land in a large radius and removes vegetation. Useful for servers with otherwise low landclaim settings.
  • THE BOMB!: Blows up every building piece and placeable inside its radius. Useful to destroy foundations below the map and other unreachable stuff.
  • Placeable mapmarkers: Global icons on everyones worldmap

Server Side Settings
Accessible via the ingame-console as an admin: DataCmd ShaniAdm

Thanks & credits
  • Lin, for some warpaints
  • DMT, for the mapmarker blueprint
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Aisling Jul 31 @ 10:32am 
It's packed with so many goodies yet only 185 MB large? That sounds almost too good, what's the catch? :D
Shani  [author] Jul 29 @ 10:47pm 
Not yet. Thinking about opening one :)
Johanna Jul 27 @ 6:39pm 
do you have a discord?
Erdbeermilch Jul 6 @ 11:10am 
ParaSevo May 2 @ 6:03am 
Sehr coole Mod. Ich liebe sie <3
Freg May 1 @ 11:34pm 
Nice Mod :steamthumbsup:
Niva Apr 28 @ 11:11am 
Lovely mod, with the best quest item! :3