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Shani's Stuff
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Jul 26, 2019 @ 2:23am
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Shani's Stuff

A versatile collection of various items, assets and RP-friendlier game systems.

You can scale the size of the decoration items to your own liking. Some items are conveniently dyeable too.

Individual items
It's as simple as entering a valid URL to an existing picture (i.e. Available on paintings, banners, books, letters, scrolls and more.

Over 1000 new placeables! Including statues, furniture, tools, workshop utilities, torture equipment, dungeon assets, food, tableware, tents, building items, paintings, containers, pets with different animations, rocks and plants. Taught through admin-spawned recipe books (Shanis Stuff: Learn xyz).

Tiny Workbenches
Included are several different workbenches - all much smaller than their vanilla counterparts. Most of them include T3 bonuses (speed and material reduction). Taught through an admin-spawned recipe book (Shanis Stuff: Learn Workbenches).

Server Side Settings
Toggle systems on or off. Accessible via the ingame-console as an admin: DataCmd ShaniAdm

Improved Weather System
RP-friendlier weather system. Rain & storms now occur way less frequent. But if it rains, the duration is increased to several hours. That way, it's actually feasible to include something like rain in your RP. Instead of it ending after half a dozen emotes.

Time Synchronization
The ability to sync ingame-time and RL-time (UTC based). No longer will whole days pass by during your RP-sessions. An offset is provided too, if, for example, you wish to push the night a few hours back - as 20:00 is probably primetime on most servers.

Cozier Collision
The size of the collision boxes on the male and female player models has been decreased. Players are able to get far closer to each other, be it during fights or romantic moments.

New, craftable warpaints. Including mud, dirt, stripes and spots.

Admin Tools
  • Landclaim sign: Claims land in a large radius. Useful for servers with otherwise low landclaim settings.
  • Self-digging shovel: Claims land in a large radius and removes vegetation. Useful for servers with otherwise low landclaim settings.
  • THE BOMB!: Blows up every building piece and placeable inside its radius. Useful to destroy foundations below the map and other unreachable stuff.
  • Placeable mapmarkers: Global icons on everyones worldmap
  • Quick build mode: Press F8, saves your searches

Tech Specs
  • Mod ID: 1815573406
  • Item, Feat & Recipe IDs: 6969xxyyy
  • No known incompatibilities so far. Other mods changing the weather system should be compatible too, whichever's lower down in the modlist gets priority.

Join our Discord
Get help & updates, discuss ideas, share your experiences and chat with us.

Thanks & credits
  • Lyzz, for some warpaints
  • DMT, for the mapmarker blueprint
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Sep 23 @ 6:06pm
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Deeidy Sep 30 @ 4:40pm 
Is there a way to disable the weather changes? I like all of the decoration stuff but don't want the changes to weather.
Mullvaden Sep 29 @ 8:28am 
I'm looking :demoneye: around for a mod that would add better wooden signs where text is more visible, maybe also with a color picker for the text. Does this come with some better signs with maybe a colorpicker aswell? if not maybe something that could be added in the future? :D
Also is this mod perhaps viable for soloplay?, I'm thinking maybe the commands to learn thing would only then be needed to turn yourself admin in your server settings to type the commands.

thanks in advance :steamthumbsup:
Zealxi Sep 29 @ 5:29am 
I was able to find the dirt warpaint but not the mud ones. Are these still available?
Allura "Sexy Vampire" Nergal Sep 28 @ 11:55am 
"Quick build mode: Press F8, saves your searches"


Do I have any possibility to change the F8 key top something else, please ?

=E= Affenrodeo Sep 26 @ 8:34am 
work this mod with actual patch?
Horse Sep 20 @ 7:14am 
easiest way for me to figure out the image sizes for the frames and stuff is to just paste the URL of the image it comes with into my browser and just look at it, you could save it from there, but I'm lazy and just open up an image I want over top, and use gyazo to take a screenshot of my image + the extra space the original images have, so I instantly have a url to paste back in.
m1dn1ck Sep 19 @ 12:17pm 
can you tell us the size for the images please they doesent fit fin my frames or i am to stupid to find that out
the stuff from this mod dosnt show up in the construction hammer
-"."-DnaICE-"."- Sep 18 @ 4:54am 
Somebody can tell me how should i use this or how can i unlock the items ?:2017stickydrink:
CaptainMorrigan Sep 17 @ 11:56pm 
OMG seggsy women!!!

All I can say is Chaise Longue (A dyeable) has really bad collision. Its so bad you can't sit in it.

You can sit in the version with cushions.