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All Problem Mods and Assets
These are mods and assets I have found to work, but present problems.

Note: ALWAYS check the Mods Compatibility List in General Discussions ** Click Here **

Also: This list was created based on my experiences and knowledge gathered on the workshop. This list should not be considered gospel.

Terminology: "Mods" effect how the game works. "Assets" are items placeable/playable in the game.

Enhanced Mouse Light
- As stated by @Chamëleon in the BOB description:
While a good idea, unfortunately Enhanced Mouse Light has been poorly implemented, and breaks several UI game UI features (most notably text scaling). This breakage affects multiple mods, but in particular breaks the BOB info panel, resulting in a game hang when clicking on an item with the BOB tool.
- Suggested alternative is EYM: Enlighten Your Mouse

Demand Master
There have been reports of this mod taking all 3 demands, residential (r), industrial (i) and commercial (c) to zero and this has caused some to believe the dynamic demand is broken. That thought ended up landing the mod on the broken list of the mod compatibility spreadsheet (which I disagree with). From personal experience, this mod works as intended, but players get ahead of themselves and over zone, causing these demands to drop to zero.
There are only 2 ways to use this mod.
1) The way I use this mod successfully:
- Always subscribed and enabled.
- Always left to run with default settings so you can watch realtime demand as the game intended and NEVER fix values.
- I only adjust the settings when needed, by opening the UI, slide the RCI I want to a higher demand (I do NOT fix the value in place), and let it fall back to normal demand on its own.
If you fix the values, zone like crazy, the demand will be thrown out of balance so when you unfix the values it will take ages for it to catch up.
2) Always on, always fixed, no exceptions.
Anything other than the two options above, you'll be confused by what's happening with the demand because of what you did and not an issue with the mod.
- In good conscience, I'm providing two alternatives:
- - - Super Demand - All demands set to max, period, no options.
- - - Infinite Demand - All demands set to max, but can be switched on/off in-game.

Ambient Sounds Tuner 2.0
- Seems to work without issue if the player isn't subscribed to too many buildings.
- Otherwise, there are reported performance issues (noticeable drop in fps).
- Script loading error and trial loop if too many buildings uses one sound, even if only using custom vehicle sounds.
- Possible substitute is CSLSirenChanger
--- Additional work would be required for CSLSirenChanger, as it does not include plug & play sound options.
--- CSLSirenChanger will need new wav (sound) files, however, if you want sounds other than Japanese sirens.
----- You could convert the OGG files from other sound mods to wav files and put them in the CSLSirenChanger folder.

BETA Quay Upgrade Tool
In beta testing. It's working, but causes a noticeable drop in fps when the road menu is open and a zoned road is selected. I have reported this to the author and awaiting an update.

Tree Snapping
Wide spread issues reported. Most notably, flying or disappearing trees when game is loaded.
UPDATE: The issue was with older versions of the Unlimited Trees mods. The latest version is Tree Anarchy and it includes all the features of Unlimited Trees, Tree Snapping and a few other mods.

Building Theme: UK Terraced Housing
Building level-up issues using just this building theme. The issues may possibly be overcome using Ploppable RICO Revisited, but I cannot confirm that. That's just my theory.

This asset has issues with the Vehicle Effects mod and triggers the following error:
- Error while parsing vehicle effect definition file(s). Assets will work but may have effects missing.
- Contact the author of the asset(s).
- List of errors: 758987846 - expected ';' (3B) but found '"' (22) Line 4, position 58.
You can either ignore the error (it just won't show the custom effects for it) or ask the author to fix it.

American Sign Replacer
- Conflicts with Network Skins 2 combined with Traffic Lights Replacer
- The conflict removes the Network Skins 2 feature to change street lights.

US container trucks - Pack 1
- Bad asset in this pack is: Container truck US - CIM.crp
US container trucks - Pack 2
- Bad asset in this pack is: Container truck US - ATYS.crp
US container trucks - Pack 3
- Bad assets in this pack are:
- - Container truck US - SL.crp
- - Container truck US - MIYAGI.crp
These vehicle assets were creating 'ghost' vehicles that would get stuck and not despawn.
You can use this pack (as I do), but I suggest using it locally so you can remove the bad assets it contains.

There seems to be an open question as to whether the below listed mods still work. I don't want to categorize it as broken until I know for sure:
- American RoadSigns v2.2.0
- Disable Zone Check

Many of the assets in this list were added because they appear on the Broken & Bloated Assets List.

If you have any information regarding any of the listed items, please leave a comment.

You can see my full list of collections by Clicking Here
Items (23)
Tree Snapping
Created by BloodyPenguin
Allows to snap trees to buildings and elevated roads - just like in asset editor!

This mod does the same job as Prop Snapping, but for trees.

This mod won't break you...
Disable Zone Check
Created by AJ3D
This simple mod disables the zone checking logic for all growable buildings. This is the logic that auto demolishes any buildings that are not placed on zoned land.

Hopefully this mod will remove the need to convert growables to Ploppable RICO asset...
Two Lane One-Way Car and Bus Road
Created by Cgameworld
A two-lane one-way road with one regular travel lane and one decicated bus lane

For use as a connecting road

If you like this road be sure to leave a vote! Thanks
Six-Lane Road with Bike and Bus Lanes, Decorative Grass
Created by ifriqiya
A large avenue, decorated with grass, with reserved lanes for bikes and buses on its sides.

Decorations lower noise pollution and increase the land value.

  • Available in Large Road and Bus tabs, after
Sagrada Familia (2026), Barcelona, CATALUNYA - Left side (1/2)
Created by rhvjay
Realistic model on scale (1:1) of the famous monument in its finished form.

IMPORTANT: due to number of polygons, the building is divided in two assets. SUBSCRIBE ALSO THE RIGHT SIDE!
Cemetery Block 8x8 02
Created by JRSly
With Cemetery Blocks you can create the massive, beautifully landscaped cemetery of your dreams, fill a tiny, oddly shaped space next to a church in the middle of your city or even create a small family graveyard in the woods behind a residential home.

6 lane lower highway exit
Created by DLB
6 lane lower highway exite Birdy...
Building Theme: UK Terraced Housing
Created by boformer
Adds a British row houses building theme. You will find it in the 'Themes' policy tab.

This theme only contains low-density residential and commercial buildings. Nothing will grow in industrial/office/high-density zones with this theme enabled!

Created by RonSatoyan
Currently ( September 2016 ) , is an electric locomotive and container wagons that are operated by the main trunk line .
It was created in the last minute of the organization the number of container wagons 8 cars that can be departure from the freight sta...
American RoadSigns v2.2.0
Created by Judazzz
About this mod
American RoadSigns is a both stripped-down and enhanced version of hyperdrive_engaged's original American Roads, which is no longer supported, and un
Hot Air Balloon Park
Created by Leo Mystic Magic
Hot Air Balloon Park

Big Beautiful Balloon for your viewing enjoyment!
More Colors/Patterns to Come!
Be sure to follow! :)

Total Tris for Main Model = 1,804
1024x1024 Maps

Lod Tris = 228
128x128 Maps

Rainbow Hot Air Balloon (Re-Released)
Created by Leo Mystic Magic
Re-Released my Rainbow Hot Air Balloon because I only had around 800 Subscribers on the other one and people are missing out! Also be sure to check out my other Hot Air Balloon Park I just updated for After Dark!
Plane Stand(In the simplest form)
Created by Zoki
Sometimes the most simple stuff is the best,placeble anywhere this simple plane stand works great with terminals and other airport building on the workshop,ofc you have to connect em with the airport roads mod to make them accesible to planes.And yes plane...
Plane Stand x3
Created by Zoki
Simple plane stand for those smaller planes.
(Works with planes ofc)

Connect it with the airport roads has to be placed roadside for now

Update 25.02.2016

All 3 stands are gona be used (thanks to the serializer/deserializer mod)
removed props co...
Plane stand x1
Created by Zoki
A Small stand for just one plane...
Modular Taxiway Plane Stand
Created by BaskB
Modular Taxiway Plane Stand by BaskB

Fits on side of Taxiway Modules

Part of my Modular Taxiway Series to hopefully help others -

-B means no bushes

- Has ingame icon for easier fin...
[RICO] 150 North Riverside 1:1 version
Created by Milgram
150 North Riverside
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150 North Riverside Plaza
150-North-Riverside Aerial-lr egqcYFF max-1600x1200.jpg
150 North Riverside Plaza
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
General information
Advanced Toolbar
Created by CWMlolzlz
Advanced Toolbar introduces new functionality to the toolbar including an expandable asset panel and auto icon centre.

Too many icons on your bar? Center them all by enabling Auto Centre in the options. This will shift them so they are easier to access....
Demand Master
Created by Kagami
RCI Demand View / Controller

2017/03/05 Update
1. Multi language support.
It will change the display language depending your gameplay setting in optional panel.

2. Stored demand value.
The values be stored everytime when playing the game...
American Sign Replacer
Created by ol' rdtg
Use the Loading Screen Mod to reduce memory usage as they all use the same texture set

Make sure you turn on the option "Share textures" and "Share ...
Ambient Sounds Tuner 2.0
Created by BloodyPenguin
Tune your ambient sounds volumes individually

This mod is a fixed version of original Ambient Sounds Tuner mod. Read description there. In particular, you may be interested...
Enhanced Mouse Light
Created by Pedro Takeshi
Enables custom mouse light intensity, range and color.
There's a toggle button on the bottom right corner(near the camera buttons) by default, but you can drag it to place it anywhere on the screen....
US container trucks - Pack 1
Created by Avanya
All screenshots taken with Daylight Classic on

A pack of 5 vehicles - all are generic industry and have twice the capacity as the default lorry. The trucks have color variations for added variation.

A special thank you
To Pasi for th...
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