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GMod stuffs [Deprecated]
This is cool addons for Garry's mod so that loading times for GMod with friends are low
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Official Prop Hunt - Wolvin's S.T.A.R Spacecraft Ship (ph_starship)
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
I. Information & Update

II. Map Usage Rule (IMPORTANT)
Since this was due to unauthorised copy was mad...
Created by Lord Trilobite
Ph Firefly

A faithful recreation of the spaceship Serenity from the series Firefly. Werever possible I based the shape and details on the ship from the series. However, here and there were some inconsistancies. So ...
Official Prop Hunt - Wolvin's Office & Parking Lot (ph_parkinglot)
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
If you want to port to other games or want to modify my map, please consider to ask me first.

A simple map, a (small) Office with the parking lot.
Just a quick map progress that was renovated from HL2: Episode 1's "Evacua...
Created by Zaratusa
A medium sized map based around an large passenger aircraft for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

A large passenger aircraft is seized Mid-Pacific by a highly trained, heavily armed terrorist cell. Unfortunately for them, intense training and large weapo...
Official Prop Hunt - Wolvin's Island House (ph_islandhouse)
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
I. Information & Update
None Provided.

II. Map Usage Rule (IMPORTANT)
Since this was due to unauthorised copy was made, there are several rules to use this map design (with or without contents):
  • You are allowed t
Wolvin's Official Prop Hunt - UnderWATAAA 2020 [ ph_underwataaa_2020 ]
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
This map provides a custom map helper script in order to make some map functions to works, e.g: Underwater Weapons and such. Please Read more info about this here:
Created by Mythikos
Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that we have released our paid version to the public. I hope you all enjoy. It is, as far as we know, 100% bug proof. I recommend you go and check it out! -
Created by Lovedream
fm_cubeflood is a map for the Flood mod. It was originally created for The Cube Server.

This map features:
• Large public building area.
• Nine team building rooms.
• Lockable doors....
Created by chesiren
A simple octogonal map for flood gamemode, doors are working and reset themselfs every round if the place isn't used by someone.

You need css content to make it work properly...
Created by Henry
Not Made By Me, Only Uploaded Because It Was Not Already Here...
Created by Skotty
FM_Bastion is made for Flood gamemode. It is very big and detailed. While being in the night, it still has enough light to construct.
It features 6 lockable rooms for team building and the big main room for everyone else. To prevent breaking in other's ro...
Prophunt Warehouse
Created by Max Power
Here is a map i made specifically for use with the gmod prop hunt gamemode, this map is medium size but is littered with props in almost every location.

Requires Counter strike: source to function fully.

The map is called ph_warehousev2, it's under p...
Created by Mechanical Mind
A gamemode of deception and murder, based off of Murder in the Dark.
One person is a murderer with a knife, who is trying to secretly kill off the other players.
The other players must use their wits to find out who it is and kill them first. Unfortunate...
Prop Hunt Classic Map Pack
Created by eelikay
For the people who want the classic prop hunt maps but not the unofficial Prop Hunt gamemode.
NOTE: This map pack requires Counter Strike: Source for textures and models.

ph_ratrun_sewers AND Ratrun Material...
Official Prop Hunt - ph_restaurant - Wolvin's Restaurant 2020
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
**Update patch 2020 IMPORTANT Notice**

I. Information & Update
House With Garden v2
Created by Orfkip
An updated version of My Old House 1992. I decided to upload it as separate file because people seem to like the old version of this map as it is.

Bigger version:

Complete version:
Created by DerpliciousDerpy
No credit to me i just uploaded all credit to (=CG=) Finniesp. A Trouble In Terrorist Town MC beta map. If the owner wants it off the workshop he can just leave a comment.
1. Realistic minecraft blocks
2. Nether dimension portal
3. Small m...
Stop it, Slender!
Created by Necrossin
Current workshop version: 03.12.2016
Also, read the 'Maps' section before downloading!

A joke gamemode that was done in under a week.
Features coop/versus mode.

For dedicated serv...
Created by Dooglz
A Trouble in Terrorist Town map based in a swimming pool complex.
Small/Medium map (5/10 players)
Treacherous Traps for the Traitor to torment Terrorists with.
The 2 large waterslides are traitor detectors, a light at the top lights either red or green ...
PropHunt (Hide'n'Seek) - Original
Created by Kowalski7cc
Contribute at GitHub:
Your answer could be there ;)

PropHunt plays much like a Hide and Seek. Players on the RED team,...
Air-to-surface Missile
Created by Xegor
Blow up your enemies from the sky with a controllable missile!

Left click to launch a air-to-surface missile from the sky above the aimed position.
When launched, use the mouse or the movement keys to direct it, left cl...
Pirate Ship Wars 2 Content
Created by Captainshaun
Pirate Ship Wars 2 Content

Requires Gamemode Which Can Be Downloaded Here:
Pirate Ship Wars 2 Gamemode
Created by Captainshaun
Pirate Ship Wars 2 Gamemode
Requires Workshop Content:

Here what's new:
• Cannons are no longer made in Valve's Mapping Hammer but Lua
• Muskets shoot ball bearing bull...
Grappling Hook
Created by Farquwad
Its a Grappling hook! NOTE: I DIDN'T MAKE THIS IT WAS ORIGNALY MADE BY Hxrmn REMADE BY HOLOGRAPHICpizz ! I'm uploading it for some people that dont know how to change the folder into the proper file so there. ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD:
Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival is a massive gamemode where humans are pit against a zombie horde. Once a human dies, they become a zombie. The game ends when all the humans are (un)dead or the humans survive a certain amount of time or complete o...
Created by Comrade Stinger
ttt_mc_skyIslands is a medium/large Gmod Trouble in Terrorist town map.

The goal of the map from the very start was to make it look as similar to minecraft as possible. We have seen several Garry's mod maps attempting to copy the style of miencraft bu...
Created by SBDT
This is not made by me, but by Robert Briscoe. A scenic dense forest map perfect for all your woodland needs.

This map requires Counter Strike Source, but nothing else.
I would like to make this perfectly clear, THERE IS NO SLENDERMAN ON THIS MAP. If y...
[GC] TTT Vanilla Maps
Created by SpaceBass
Maps Included:
Created by dieFaust92
Reupload from Hollistupid ( )

Original map by Eikester, edited and rearmed for TTT by Hollistupid.
The Bulk Cannon[TTT]
Created by JLopez755
-Read this!-
Babel Industries and TS Industries are proud to present to you the Bulk Cannon, the world's first Break-Action Revolving Automatic Shotgun. Baras sounds lame, though. It's an ORIGINAL MODEL, not from Metro or that one game series with the gu...
TTT Ray Gun
Created by Haven King
This is a traitor weapon for the gamemode TTT. It fires a pulse of energy and has infinite ammo, high fire rate, a small cone but low damage. Secondary attack plays a loud squeak instead of the default sound.

Model and textures from http://css.gamebanan...
TTT - Coloured Smoke Grenades
Created by Giorgio
Contains 6 coloured smoke grenades for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT)


Hitmarkers for Gmod!
Created by Exho
This + Doritos playermodels + Intervention SWEP = MLG PRO

*** Info:
I saw that there was a lack of free, updated and good hitmarker addons on the Workshop so I decided to try creating my own! This addon works in BOTH singleplayer and multiplay...
TTT Jihad Bomb
Created by Danta96
This Jihad Bomb will work with a Garry's Mod TTT server that uses the Steam Workshop.
Simply add this to your collection and it should work.

This is a bomb that you have to buy from the shop, and can be dropped....
TTT Shotgun Pack
Created by Lykrast
Requires CS:Source (for the hands).

Includes 3 new weapons for the TTT gamemode, all 3 using shotgun ammo. All spawn along with other weapons if the current map has random weapon spawns.

Fast firing but low damage shotgun. Nothing really ...
TTT Assault Pack 2
Created by Lykrast
Requires CS:Source (for the hands).

Includes 3 new weapons for the TTT gamemode, all 3 using SMG ammo. All spawn along with other weapons if the current map has random weapon spawns.

High damage and low rate of fire with very little recoil, w...
Updated Version:
I just uploaded it for the workshop the actual creator is f@nk[51rus]
Created by Flebsy
A Trouble in Terrorist Town map based off a real life college campus. Has a library, classrooms, toilets, and many other large and small areas. Includes a traitor trap and a traitor room.

Medium sized map, for around 5 to 15 players, but the map support...
B4 is out!
Now with rain, downloading this: addon is highly recommended because it's ment to be played with this one.

A Minecraft themed Troub...
Slender Forest
Created by MontE
The Steam workshop download (This one) has just the night version, but the Gamebanana link has both the night version and the day version.

- Slender Forest (Regular map)

- Slender Forest Day (Suggested by Kanda Sorata)

Created by Hamhock
A trouble in terrorist town map made of Lego. No need for Counter Strike textures! Please leave suggestions of what to add or change in the map.

UPDATE: Works for multiplayer dedicated servers, no broken textures.

Models from the 2001 game Lego Islan...
Created by derIMMIGRANT
A cool map with many traitor traps for a big server version 9
I only uploaded the map in order that everyone can play the map without much work to do, BUT I am not the owner of this peace of art.

Credits to Jackal Warwick
Created by Chicken
A new map for the gamemode Toruble In Terrorist Town!
Based on the hit game "Minecraft"!

Built by Chicken

All custom textures and models are included in the .bsp so you don't have to download any extra files!

Have fun! :)

Thanks to Zeldamas...
TTT Huge Map Pack #1
This Map Pack Includes:


Huge Map Pack #1 -
Huge Ma
Created by Colek
Introducing TTT_Casino ported from the source engine mod Goldeneye Source. I take absolutely zero credit for any textures, models or brushwork within this map.

This map currently supports the following:
- 32 players (Generally only 16 is needed howeve...
prophunt map ph_storage248
Created by LazyZoli
Now it has hidden rooms, hidden hula dolls , teleport(can be used as a prop and by the hunter.also teleports items you picked up),jump spots, lot of props etc...
I designed it to play it with your friends....
Created by JudgeJamesC
Of all the random concepts for a map this is probably the strangest one I'll ever come up with.

Welcome to ph_saltfactory. It's exactly what it sounds like. It's a factory. There are machines inside that refine salt crystals. There are props that need t...
Created by Mathearny
This is my first map upload, so please don't be too harsh...
ttt_mc_mineshaft is a minecraft themed map for the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode and is completely based underground. It may be pretty small and simple, but it makes for a fun and e...
Prop Hunt
Created by EP45
I won't reply any more comments. If you want help, subscribe this one instead. Sorry :(

==========PROP HUNT===========
Where did you find this? - [url=http://steamcommu...
Created by V-Rico.315.黑.ulow


I only uploaded it into Workshop, so it will be easier to download for everyone.
I agree to remove this item from Workshop if original author or Valve decides.

Created by Baty
Hello friends, I'm bringing another deathtrun map for you, and this time with the wonderful Retro Wave theme!

The map has three different endings of everything you've ever seen! (however an end is under maintenance and will not be delayed t...
Created by GameSpy
Reupload from a popular TF2 map that you can now use in GMod. This is a map made for deathrun but please note that spawns are not set yet you will have to do that yourself.

//Attention requires content tf2//...
Created by Red

I did not make this map, I modifed parts of the map to prevent exploits on my server and have changed the name of this map for use in my deathrun server so uses do not get missing map due to missmatch of version when joining....
Created by ERROR
SPAS-12 for tratior


Damege: 15x8
Recoil: 6.5
Delay: 0.7
Clip Size: 8
Used Ammunition: Shotgun Ammo
Slot: 6

Only Traitor can buy this weapon.

Works only on TTT....
Created by ERROR
MP7 from Half-Life 2


Damege: 12
Recoil: 0.5
Delay: 0.7
Clip Size: 30
Used Ammunition: 9mm Ammo
Slot: 2

Works only on TTT....
TTT Assault Pack
Created by Lykrast
Requires CS:Source (for the hands).

Includes 3 new weapons for the TTT gamemode, all 3 using SMG ammo. Honey Badger and PP19 spawn along with other weapons if the current map has random weapon spawns, while the Gold Dragon is a traitor weapon buyable fo...
TTT - Jetpack
Created by Lykrast
This device can be bought by both traitors and detectives for 1 credit. Simply hold your jump button while holding it in your hand and watch yourself fly upward !
Just be careful, as getting up is easy, but going down or changing direction mid air is a re...
Team Fortress 2 Unlockable SWEPs
Created by pyro
These are weapons that I've waited forever for them to get fixed for Garry's Mod 13. Then, I had realized it was time for me to step up to the plate and give it a try. This pack has a total of 67 Team Fortress 2 unlockable weapons in this pack.

Created by Nyrb
TTT weapon that spawns 5 manhacks. Throw or attach and in 30 seconds 5 manhacks will spawn.

Does not need to be armed and can only be disarmed by hitting with the crowbar
Nyan Gun
Created by Rubat
The Nyan Gun, the weapon of mass destruction and annoyance, updated!

Now it plays the WHOLE song and you can shoot nyan cat bombs!

To shoot Nyan Cat Bombs press RELOAD key.

Do NOT reupload any modifications of this gun.

The map on...
Garry's mod 10 Counter-Strike: Source Weapons
Created by _TailS_
Garry's mod 10 Counter-Strike: Source Weapons
The list of weapons:
M249 Para
Ingram MAC10
Steyr TMP
Pump Shotgun
Desert Eagle
Glock 18

Also, these weapons can be issued NPC

This Addon doesn't require content: C...
Created by Vizzys
ttt_fastfood is a medium sized trouble in terrorist map fun for around 10-20 players.

The map takes place around a fast food place that is inexplicably unnamed (yet)

This is version a6.
(May 21st, 2013)

Probably final version

Created by Stefe144
This is my first map. ttt_Killville is a small outside map with many secrets. Can you get on top of every roof or find the chamber of the demonic babydolls?

You can play TTT, Murder (no loot) and even prophunt or many other smaller gamemodes. Even thou...
[TTT/2] M4 SLAM (Tripmine + Remote C4)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" and "Trouble in Terrorist Town 2" - Gamemodes. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode. It's already included by default under "Half-Life 2" Category.

The M...
TTT Round End Slowmotion
Created by TheTrueLor
Briefly slows down the time on the last kill of a round. A simple aesthetic addon for TTT servers.

cvars (These may need a map change to take effect):
ttt_slowmo_draw (def. 1)
ttt_slowmo_time (def. 0.5) -Note, this doesn't directly translate into seco...
Created by rafuet
Author and credits
Map originally created by digitalstimulus. You can view this map in GameBanana by clicking here[]


This map is designed to work
TTT Pistol Pack
Created by Lykrast
Requires CS:Source (for the hands).

Includes 2 new weapons for the TTT gamemode, all 2 using deagle ammo. All spawn along with other weapons if the current map has random weapon spawns.

Fires faster but deals less damage than your traditio...
TTT Rifle Pack
Created by Lykrast
Requires CS:Source (for the hands).

Includes 2 new weapons for the TTT gamemode, both using rifle ammo. All spawn along with other weapons if the current map has random weapon spawns.

Pocket Rifle
A rifle on the secondary weapon slot. Deals sightly ...
Created by MrSirKingLord
ttt_forest_final by Shifty Pete


- Improved visuals
- Fixed minor bugs and glitches
- Completely remade the spectator course
- Tweaked the skybox
- Optimization (Higher FPS)

Overall, everything is fixed and finished, there are no pro...
Created by LMM
All credits to Duke of Welling from

MapVote - Fretta-like Map Voting
Created by MiRe
MapVote is a Fretta-like map voting system for Garry's Mod 13, with a few added features. It was originally created by Willox and released in the facepunch thread here.[]

I have received permission...
Created by Maniac

Left Mouse Button = Middle Finger

Right Mouse Button = Thumbs Up

Reload button = Cross your arms

Originally made by: TechedRonan...
Enhanced PlayerModel Selector
Created by LibertyForce
It's the playermodel selector from Sandbox... but better! And available everywhere!

Like your playermodel? Want to easily use it in all gamemodes? Annoyed that nowadays even maps overwrite it and block the spawnmenu? Then stop reading, you're in the rig...
Playermodel Selector at Start [For EPMS]
Created by Woflje
This addon will make the playermodel selector from "Enhanced PlayerModel Selector" pop up at the start of the session.

It will also bind 't' to open the selector.

It will of course require "Enhanced PlayerModel Selector" to work!

This addon was ...
Rainbow Six Siege - Dokkaebi [PM, Ragdoll]
Created by auditor

- Full posing set: flexes(facs), eyes, fingers
- A lil' bit of additional bones to pose
- Bodygrouped stuff
- PM and FP hands included

- Ubisoft for the game and it's assets
- Luxox_18 for extracting the model from...
Halo 3: ODST NPS
4 NPCs from Halo 3: ODST
Halo 3 ODST: Customizable ODST
Created by Valkyries733
Now you don’t need 500 different ODST OCs on the workshop!

Halo 3 ODST Customizable ODST
There were no good Halo 3 ODST ODST models on the workshop. So I made this, it is customizable, colorable, and supports custom emblems.

Picolas Cage playermodel
Created by aap15
Do you like pickles? Is nicolas cage your favorite actor?
then this is your lucky day mister.
you are now able to play as PICOLAS CAGE. And the only thing you have to do is to click the subscribe button.
don't hesitate.
Just do it, don't let your drea...
Terrortrain 2018
Visit Terrortrain 2019 NOW!

An updated version of the loved map "Terrortrain" featuring:

● Real World Textures (+Water) by TopHattWaffle
● AI Nodes for NPCs (Ground, A...
Waluigi Playermodel
Created by Maygik
It really isn't much, but it is honest work...
Gmod Legs 3
Created by Valkyrie
Gmod Legs
Works with most custom playermodels
Actively maintained since 2012

Like this addon?
Award it!

This will allow you to see your legs in first person, just l...
WW2 Weapons

Weapons from DOD:S and the WW2 era for the player and NPCs.
This is the first pack, the second pack can be found here:
WW2 Weapons II

Weapons from DOD:S and the WW2 era for the player and NPCs.
This is the second pack, the first pack can be found here:
Created by RisingThumb
  1. The TELETESTER, A traitor tester, that uses charges and teleports the tested person around the map. Makes for exciting resource management gameplay, and the capability for a traitor to test
TTT Defibrillator [Traitor and Detective]
Created by Mangonaut
  • Item can bring back to life dead people
  • Has a nice model (no ugly C4 Defibrilator)

Addons I used:

TTT Defibrillator D...
TTT - (Traitor) Harpoon
Created by Altamas
TTT Startup Script Loader
Created by Zik
Loads lua scripts at TTT startup. To use, add lua files to "lua/ttt_startup_scripts".

For example, "lua/ttt_startup_scripts/say_hi.lua":

if SERVER then print("Hi server!") else print("Hi client!") end

The scripts are r...
Minecraft Floating Fort v2.1 - Murder Edition!
Created by Zero-PAiN
Just added an objective that once 9 blocks have been collected and turned into a Diamond Block (Similar to ttt_minecraft_v4) you can change the Diamond Block for a Minecraft Sword - This will then turn you into another murderer (having been fed up with the...
Calm Time (Murder)
Created by Kammorne
A map based on a small indie game I found on gamejolt.

You can download Calm Time by clicking Here[]. You should try it out, It's a great small game.

This map requires [url=http://store.ste...
[TTT] MP40
Adds the MP40 to TTT.

- AutoDL
- C_hands
- Working w_model
- Auto Spawns
- Balanced
- Custom Icon
- Style...
TTT - CS:S Traitor AWP
Created by Giorgio
The CS:S AWP for Traitors in Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

Includes .vmt and .vtf weapon icon.

You will need Counter Strike: Source to be able to see the weapon!

How to install:

1 • Download GMAD Extrator:
Created by Giorgio
The CS:S MP5 for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

Includes .vmt and .vtf weapon icon.

You will need Counter Strike: Source to be able to see the weapon!...
Created by youmenow1
Placeholder trailer re-upload:

TTT_rooftops_2016 has arrived, bringing with it an immense number of additions, enhancements and changes to both the visual and mechanical.

After years of develo...
Star Wars Playermodels(some retextured)
Created by [SS]HardRedemption
package contains:
Captain rex(Phase 2)
Fleet security
612TH Commander
Commander trauma(retextured for CTP)
CTP EXO playermodel

all playermodels
If used please credit the rightful people.

Credits for retexture: me
Credits for the models: Doctor...
Star Wars Battledroid Playermodel
Created by Church
A battle droid was any droid designed for combat.

There were numerous types of battle droids. They predated the Galactic Republic by thousands of years, with the earliest known being Rakatan guardian droids and the war-robots used by Xim the Despot.
Created by Lord Trilobite
TTT Stardestroyer version 1
map file name: ttt_stardestroyer_v1

A Trouble in Terrorist Town version of my Star Destroyer map.

  • 2 traitor traps
  • Traitor room

General Grievous PlayerModel
Created by [2P-01] Tyler John
The requested General Grievous PlayerModel!!

PlayerModel coding and adding animations By: Tyler(me)

Model made by: MajorDump


The Map is here
Created by Colek

Just uploading another map I like and it's not on Workshop. Here's MW2 Terminal, from Call of Duty MW2.

thegregster101 - original creator of map (
Deathclaw Playermodel v2
Created by 2XMM2
become друг itself, now with proportional versions
Get the ragdoll here

Features, regular version
• друг
• Claws
• Ragdoll & playermodel
• NPCs! - Citizen and combi...
Fallout 3 Chinese Soldier [PM/NPC]
Created by KuMa
Chinese Soldier, from Fallout 3
Pictures taken in ttt_arctic_complex_b3

This upload includes
  • Playermodel
  • NPCx2 (Friendly & Hostile)
  • Viewmodel hands

Features of the model
Created by Kabanos
Welcome to Grove Street , most popular place in Los Santos.

Houses of : Ryder , OG LOC , CJ and Sweet are enterable

Map features :

-Few Traitor Traps

-Working radio with radio stations

-Traitor Tester

-Traitor room

-32 spawns

Write ...
Created by Pufulet
My very own minecraft map for trouble in terrorist town!

The map was originally created using World Painter, then worked on in creative mode in minecraft, ported over as a vmf and a lot of work to fix it up.

There is a traitor tester which needs to b...
Created by Bender180
Hey check out the festive reskin of this map i made for the holidays here:

So this is one of my oldest maps its th...
[TTT/2] Dual Elites (CS:S)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" and "Trouble in Terrorist Town 2" - Gamemodes. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

This Weapon spawns random on the map.
Also have a look on my [url=h...
Created by AFE_Foreman you'd like to support my work, please donate using this button!

Created by Brick
A map for Trouble in Terrorist Town that I have created.

Hope you enjoy it!

Big shoutouts for helping with the mapdevelopment:
- Toni M.
- SteVe
- Bandit

PS: if you find any bugs, feel free to report them!...
[TTT] Bulk Cannon for Detectives and Traitors
Created by tehbasshunter
Bulk Cannon shotgun that can be purchased by Detectives and Traitors.

This was previously on the workshop. It however was removed and as I can't find the makers profile I am unable to properly credit the original maker.

As I do not fully understand L...
TTT M1A0 Cat Gun
Created by DarkIce
-Added to Traitor/Detective Shop
-Increased Damage

[Gamemode: TTT] Traitor Portal Gun
Created by TheBourbonK1d
This is a PortalGun buyable by the Traitor. This is just a reupload, since the original version can only be baught by the Detective.

All Credits go to:
Created by Zaratusa
A small map which takes place on the three upper floors of a skyscraper for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

  • 8-24 Players are recommended
  • good C4 spots
  • many rooms
  • only close and medium ra
TTT - Grapple Hook
Created by KappaDev
This is a simple grappling hook that may be added to your server. You will probably need your own icon, everything can be edited via the shared.lua file.
This does NOT belong to me (I didnt make it) this is just a simple re-upload since I have not seen a ...
Molotov Cocktail for TTT
Created by Maul Pax
Left click throws it and right click drops it, it then explodes after 4 seconds. The secondary attack causes a bit more damage as it is more difficult to place the molotov unseen.

If you want to change the damage yourself:
-The addon folder contains a ...
[TTT] Star Wars - The Force
Created by LeBroomer
This is an addon for the mode "Trouble in Terrorists Town". Pls don't report errors or leave negative comments if you tried it in another mode.

[TTT/2] Traitor AWP (Unsilenced)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" and "Trouble in Terrorist Town 2" - Gamemodes. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

This AWP does not one-shot on every part of the body (125 damage). ...
TTT - Minifier
Created by Lykrast
WARNING : it's buggy for reasons I don't know, it will requires multiple clics to (de)activate and will print scripts errors in the user's console. Other than that it works fine.

A real tool to annoy those pesky innocents, for 1 credit any traitor can a...
TTT Teleport Gun for Detective
Created by PixL
Change your position with the player you aim at!
Buyable in the equipment menu of the detective.Only for trouble in terrorist town
Could create errors,but it should work...
Created by DerInder
++presented by: ++


This is my first TTT map.

It was a vary hard way to get it in the workshop..

But never mind, this map is based on the Counter-Strike m...
TTT Randomat
Created by Gamefreak
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"- Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

The Randomat is an Item for the Detective which will, after it was used, do something random.
I will try t...
TTT Space and Time-Manipulator
Created by Gamefreak
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

The Space and Time-Manipulator (short SATM) can change many things.
Rightclick to change mode.
Leftclick t...
TTT - Medkit (Traitor)
Created by Roy301
Medkit for TTT
Left-Click: Heal people!
Right-Click: Heal yourself!
It's for the traitor!
Made by Roy301...
Created by Scarala
My first map for TTT and first mapping after 15 years (made maps for CS 1.6).
Worked on this Map for about 80 hours, including watching and reading various tutorials.

Map is playable for about 16 players.
There are various traitor traps around the map...
Created by Gushiavo_N2
A Trouble in Terrorist Town map I made
the form says map credit proved was it seems all the same to download it please guys that life map gamemodes
reuploading map the simpsons map of 3d gmod without power

Credit recrutazero ...
Created by D4KiR
Map name

Other Versions

Super Discombobulator (TTT)
Created by Ikkou@:)
Works exactly like a normal discombobulator, but on a much much bigger scale.

Throw it and watch people fly.

(Warning: No Cape included.)...
STAR WARS Han Solo and Chewbacca Playermodels
Created by Voikanaa

Han Solo was a Human smuggler from the manufacturing planet Corellia who achieved galactic fame as a member of the...
Created by SovietZombie™
*Please Rate my map if you have enjoyed it, thanks for 45,000 downloads*

What is Clue 2018?

Clue 2018 is an unofficial update to the classic and much loved TTT map Clue, it's aim was to not alter the layout or gameplay of the map at all, but to overh...
Narancia Ghirga | Playermodel {JoJo's Bizarre Adventure}
Created by Otis gah
Narancia Ghirga is a major ally featured in Vento Aureo. An under-educated and crass yet loyal individual, Narancia is a member of Team Bucciarati and, by extension, Passione. He follows Giorno and Bucciarati in their mission to protect Trish Una due to sh...
Monkey Playermodel Chimp
Created by Leboooo
The chimp named Manobo is now available as a player model in gmod ;)

The wrists are a bit buggy, but this is something I can't fix due to the 3D model arms being bigger than the valve skeleton.

Other models to check out:
Monster Hunter Rathalos Armor playermodel (reupload)
Created by RuneGalin
this is a reupload of the monster hunter rathalos playermodel that was removed for reasons i dont know but i liked this playermodel alot so i decided to reupload it and if the owner of this mod wants me to take it down i will

i do not take credit of the...
Sans the skeleton (Playermodel+Ragdoll)
Created by Estefanoida™
Yet another Sans from another Undertale fan! Me XDXD!!

(Named: Sans by Estefanoida in the addons folder....)

I've seen some Sans models here BUT I feel like I needed to make my own version of him, and here it finally is ^^

This undertale Sans mode...
Created by [ULX] Megiddo
The official ULib. Please see our website at for information and discussion.

Please do not comment here -- use our forums (you can even login using Steam!) or join our Discord --
[TTT] ttt_pacman_v1
Created by Fatisko
- - - - - - - - - - - Welcome to PacMan! - - - - - - - - - - -

● 4 Traitor Traps!
~ Release Blinky - [Red Ghost]
~ Release Pinky - [Pink Ghost]
~ Release Inky - [Blue Ghost]
~ Release Clyde - [Orange Ghost]
~> Open the Traitordoor and jump in to t...
[TTT] ttt_mc_treehouse
Created by CynCeyd
This is a little map we've created in Minecraft and ported it to Garry's Mod.

Please understand that this map is still in beta and there might occur some issues with it. Feel free to report any bugs or suggest ideas to implement. I'll take a look on it ...
[TTT] Icevault
Created by Mx. Eyeliner
This map for the TTT gamemode takes place in an arctic research station inside an iceberg.

Feel free to point out bugs or just tell me what you think about the map. If you like it, do me a favour and give it a positive rating.

The map has a fully wor...
[TTT] Demonic Possession
Created by LeBroomer
If you have ideas on how to improve the item or run into technical issues, feel free to post here to let me know about it. I will try to improve and fix it to the best of my abilities.

This is an addon for the gamemodes "Trouble in Terrorists Town". P...
Winter - Deathmatch, TTT
Created by Danny Judas
WARNING A: If you don't have counter-strke: source, you won't be able to see any of the props and most of the textures. Make sure you have counter-strike: source installed and mounted before you subscribe to this map.

WARNING B: This is optional. If you...
Created by Mr EA King <YT>
Duncan from the Yogscasts Tekkit Series Castle. Not an exact replica but pretty accurate some changes to make it a more interesting TTT, Murder and Prop hunt map. Map is set up for all modes. Please Share, Comment and Enjoy!...
Created by Flyin' Cruz

-FLYING HELI!! Prefab by Aurora
-This is a TTT version of my de_vessel_beta1 map, except with improved stuff.
-Optimized as much as possible (20-30 more fps compared to de_vessel_beta1)
-TTT Version
Created by BocciardoLight
Create a spawnscript using the following addon: TTT Weapon Placer Tool

You need to add the spawnscript to the following folder of your server:
Created by Cuba Pete

Hello vault dwellers! We at Vault-Tec hope you are enjoying your stay here, and wish you the very best. We have finished constructing a new vault for you all to occupy...
Created by danielsoda

My Youtube Channel:

Huh??Fortnite in Garrys Mod? YES! Search for weapons, destroy walls and find the secret letters!
Activate the battle bus as a traitor and summon the s...
Created by Oploz
A darker than usual map with some clever T teleportation pipes.

Please consider rating, it helps me out! :)

The map includes:

A tester
T activated pipe teleporters
Spark trap
Explosion trap
Plenty of player and weapon spawns

100% custom tex...
Created by Scandisk7
Map based on the abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine, which was completely evacuated after the Chernobyl NPP accident in 1986.

-THIS IS NOT MY MAP, i just downloaded and edited for the ttt gamemode.

Created by Bad Wolf
A small TTT map on an oil rig

-> CSS is needed

Version: 1.1

Played by Dhalucard (12.07.2018)
Played by Yogscast (25.07.2018)...
Created by Shepsky
Welcome to Neptunia, an abandoned underwater city where the innocents have to survive.

I consider this map finished, anyway, message me if there's some problem.

This map contains:
- Traitor tester (Detective has to buy it with 1 credit)
- 4 traitor...
Created by zerf
I did not create this map.
I found it lying around in a folder I had. I'm assuming it was originally uploaded to the now-dead If the original author is reading this, I'd love to get your name on this.

ttt_leetwood is a medium sized wes...
Created by Von_Funk
Have you ever wondered what game boy graphics would look like in 3D?
Probably not, but here you go anyway.

-radical retro graphics.
-3 brutal traitor traps.
-bangin' 64 player spawns.
-dank random weapon spawns....
Created by N8
Trouble in Terrorist Town map based off the village from Fez. I made it from a Minecraft map made by inthelittlewood on Minecraft Forum. I used Sourceforge to bring it over. Textures by Edgepixel.

-Supports 16 people
-No CS:S needed

Please alert me ...
Created by Cipher
A map inspired by the Classic DOOM. This map uses the original textures from Doom.


This addon comes with 2 maps; ttt_doom_generv2 AND gm_doom_gener. gm_doom_gener has been edited to work better in Sandbox mode,
TTT Weeping Angel SWEP
Created by DatLycan
Spawns a Weeping Angel that follows the target you shot.

Credit for this addon goes to for creating:
TTT TeamChanger
Created by Blumpkin The Bloody
This is a Traitor weapon that when used on a dead body, will change their team to Traitor, the idea being that a Traitor can kill an Innocent, then use this item on the body to trick the other players

It has one use, so use it wisely!

Many many...
TTT Rollermine Traitor Weapon
Created by Badger
This is a TTT traitor weapon, useful for discouraging players from staying in parts of the map.

The rollermines will attack fellow traitors, so make sure to warn your teammates!
They will give the appearance of trying to kill the player...
TTT Randomat 2.0
Created by Dem
As Seen in the Yogscast TTT Videos!

This is an edit of the Randomat. All credit for coding the original weapon goes to the original creator Hagen.
Join [url=
Created by [SG] I-401
If you want to support me or have suggestions join my discord! :)

The MG42 from DoI ported.
This model has working iron sights, reload sounds etc.

Basic stats:
autospawn = Yes
Damage = 15
Rate of Fire = 1200
TTT Controllable Manhack
Created by Dem
I did not make the original SWEP, I just edited it to be compatible with TTT

Can be bought by Detectives, Traitors and Survivalists (assuming Town of Terror is installed)

Jiggly Crowbar
Created by ellie
Adds jigglebones to the crowbar

- Replaces the default crowbar viewmodel and worldmodel
- Compatible with any crowbar reskins!
- Viewmodel arms compatible as well!

This will sometimes break completely and the top will glitch out, this i...
MGSV Fulton Recovery System
Created by kipper
Have you always wanted to send random garbage to Mother Base? Now you can!
With this SWEP you're able to fulton extract anything physical, including NPCs!

This addon will DEFINITELY work in Sandbox and TTT, as those are the two it was tweaked for.

Pingu - Player Model
Created by MystFro
"Noot Noot"

― Pingu

28 May 1986 – 3 March 2006

Pingu is a clay penguin who is very mischievous and playful. He lives in the Antarctic where he plays with his family and his friend the seal.

Enjoy :)...
Star Wars Weapons

A pack of Star Wars weapons with both first person and third person models.

This pack contains the following weapons:
Space Marine Playermodel (Dawn of War)
Created by Vipes
The Space Marines from the Warhammer 40k game, Dawn of War, as playermodels.

Includes two skins, one with the Blood Raven chapter insignia, one without. Supports Playercolor. And unlike most Mark VII playermodels, it has a Power Pack.

Want the Space ...
Trouble in Terrorist Town ULX Commands
Created by Bender180
This addon requires that you have ULX and ULIB installed on your client/server. You can get them here[]

This addon is a joint effort from Bender180 and [url=http://steamc...
Created by [ULX] Megiddo
The official latest release version of ULX admin mod (the same you'd get from our website). Please see our website at for information and discussion. Only servers need to use this, not your individual joining players.

[TTT/2] Zombie Perk Bottles
Created by Gamefreak
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

The normal version is this one:
I just fixed it.

[TTT/2] Famas (CS:S)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" and "Trouble in Terrorist Town 2" - Gamemodes. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

This Weapon spawns random on the map.

Type: Rifle
[TTT/2] MP5 (CS:S)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" and "Trouble in Terrorist Town 2" - Gamemodes. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

This Weapon spawns random on the map.

Type: Rifle
[TTT/2] Traitor Silenced M4A1 (CS:S)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" and "Trouble in Terrorist Town 2" - Gamemodes. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

This Weapon is once buyable per Traitor.

Type: Equip 1
TTT - The Briefcase
Created by Exho
The Briefcase is a Traitor/Detective weapon that is designed to supply you and anyone around you, with needed ammunition to either save the Innocents or murder them!

***How it works:
When you buy the item, you wont be able to see it until you scroll to...
Town Of Terror - More roles for TTT (The Original Custom Roles mod for TTT)
Created by Jenssons
This Mod was requested by Ben from the Yogscast!!

This mod adds new roles to ttt.

(Thanks to Bodysnatch Thunderpants for the [TTT] Better Equipment Menu as i have added to this mod by default as we both change the "cl_equip.lua" file)
please give al...
Stormtrooper Player Model
Created by deck
"Grenade! Get down!" -Stormtrooper

Stormtrooper from Star Wars Battlefront 2. Perfect for roleplaying servers or just plain fun!

Comes with player model, arms and ragdoll.
Weapons not included.

To check out more models from Battlefront 2, mak...
KOGG/ASG - Warhammer 40k Space Wolf Playermodel
Created by Tar
This is a Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolf playermodel and NPC made for the KOGG (Kings Of Grey Gaming) and ASG (AfterShockGaming) communities.

I do not own, or claim to own the model that was used to create this player model, I merely took the model and ri...
FiresTTT - Detective Bruh Bunker
Created by fires
Try it out on FiresTTT

The Detective Bruh Bunker is a defensive passive perk. Upon receiving bullet damage the Bruh Bunker defense system with discombobulate nearby players and fling them away(reusing discombob code, oop) whil...
Apollo Justice Playermodel & NPC
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Apollo Justice from the Phoenix Wright video game series!

This Model Features:

• Playermodel
• Viewmodel Hands
• Ragdoll
• Face posing
• Finger Posing
• N...
Created by danielsoda

Vault 111 is a vault-series fallout shelter developed by Vault-Tec. It is located overlooking Sanctuary Hills, Massachusetts. And now its in GARRY'S ...
Minecraft - Cave Sound !
Created by Xenikay
This is a simple mod that add minecraft cave sound to Garry's mod !
Launch random cave sound every X times to one player on the server while he's in the dark ! ( depend on settings )
Made for fun in one ...
TTT Barnacle
Created by Dimerson
I ripped it from here
and he just reuploaded it from a pack that he randomly found... nice


Obvoiusly this adds the item "Barnacle".
Barnacles can be...
Smoke cigarettes in TTT. Why? Because we got to introduce the idea of getting lung cancer to kids while they are still young.

Comes with autodownload, just add the .gma to your server.
Everyone spawns with it.

Hold MOUSE1 to smoke, release to exhale...
TTT Shurikens
Created by BocciardoLight
3 Sharp ninja star blades for the Traitors

Left-Click: Throw

CREATED BY Phoenixf129
Edited by BocciardoLight

Tags: TTT, Traitor, Shurikens, Item, Shuriken,...
Claymore for TTT
Created by KäseT0T
Very OP.
For Traitors!
I did not make this!...
TTT - Parasite
Created by twilight
Let your victim move of the map or something..

I'm not updating or fixing these addons any time soon...
Created by Dimerson

I have cut off some features from the original for the balance sake.

Allow Detectives to buy this item:
ttt_bt_detective ...
Created by Marc1944
This is the Brain Parasite Gun for the gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town


- If a Player was hit by the shoot from the Brain Parasite he can not stop shooting until the infection killed him.
- The Weapon has only ammo for on...
Shrek Grenade [TTT]
Created by SPIRITED
This is a shrek grenade for TTT. You throw it and it spawns 6 shreks and plays all star. Have fun!

**Please be aware that this addon was made 2 years ago and now has reports of textures not working correctly for some people (they used to work fine so id...
TTT_DankCavern 2015
Created by Raggle

Set in an underground mine, players are required to swim around the map and take refuge on what land is available.

Thomas Gun
Created by GIGACHAD
Shoot Thomas the Tank Engine with the Thomas Gun! Also includes SUPER LOUD BASS-BOOSTED THOMAS THEME SONG! Thanks to Nebby for the TTTE model....
TTT Captain America Shield
Created by Jenssons
I made this to replace LeBoomers boomerang cause i disliked his newest update

join me on discord if you want updates on mods or be apart of our awesome community!

our patreon page
Bonzi Buddy Model Pack
Created by sopebockz
Well! Hello there!
I don't believe we've been properly introduced.
I'm Bonzi!
What is your name?


-Bonzi Buddy radoll and Playermodel
-Bonzi's Globe
-Bonzi's Surfboard
-Bonzi's Book

[OW] Wrecking Ball P.M.
Created by Senranx
Quite adorable... He's a hamster, after all.

Wrecking Ball, or Hammond, from Overwatch, now as a playermodel!

Described as "witty and conniving," Hammond is capable of speech, just not in any human language. His mech (named "Wrecki...
TTT Better Karma
Created by Mangonaut
  • When an inno shoots another inno the shooter can be killed without loosing karma

Addons I used:

TTT Improved Karma

Created by Sagittarius A*

Current gamemode version: 11.02.2019
Current stable map version: 18.01.2019 (Diffrent map versions can break the gamemode)
SCP Site 19 (Sandbox)
Created by Kammorne
- At this point you may as well just play the game, it's more optimized.

The SCP Foundation from SCP: Containment Breach, Recreated to a certain extent in the Source Engine.

SCP Site 19 (Sounds)
Created by Kammorne
You will require this to have any custom sounds for the map "SCP Site 19 (Sandbox)"

If You're feeling generous, and want to contribute some cash towards me and my work, feel free to donate! Just click the image below.
Viper's Operators Playermodels 'Remastered'
Created by maJor
Funny marketing title to advertise the "remastered" version of the addon.

Hey. I've been contacted by someone with a request to basically revive the whole addon and completely fix it. I've had no backups and no tools for years, so I had to start from sc...
SCP Staff
Created by KERRY

24 Feb: Fix texture...
SCP Foundation Models
Created by Kanade
Models not made by me...
Merryweather Security
Created by KERRY


Global update :)
Added NPCs models.
The modified model.
Textures fixed.
PAYDAY 2: Medic (player/npc)
Created by Shadow Bonnie (RUS)
Medic from PAYDAY 2.

-Friendly medic can heal you and other friendly npcs.
-Medical bag as bodygroup.
-NPCs (rebel and combine).
-firstperson model.

Blue SWAT (+li...
SCP Guard & N.T.F PM [RE-SKIN]
Created by Marki
Этот аддон это ре-скин оригинальных css моделей(sas и gign)
Вы можете использовать эти модели в любых целях(кроме кражи)
Ссылка к моделям которые я использовал для ре-скина:
The Walrider
Created by Β L Λ Ζ Ξ
  • The The Walrider[] also known as The Swarm, is the main antagonist in Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower. It is the source of the madness that se
Breach 1.5 Content
Created by Kanade
Breach 1.5's Content
- Sounds
- Materials
- Models

These were taken from SCP Containment Breach made by Undertow Games....
TTT_Peachs_Castle (Super Mario 64)
Created by Gushiavo_N2
ttt_peach_castle (Super Mario 64)

ttt_Playing_with_Portals revamped
Created by Oploz
Please consider rating, it helps me out! :)

Requires CSS textures for Dust2 obviously

A small to medium sized map with a teleportation theme

The map includes:

5 Main areas of different theme, Minecraft, CSS, Paperworld, Styli...
Created by Linukar
This is my first map and I hope you will like it. It is inspired by the laketown "Esgaroth" from the books and movies "The Hobbit", but it is no exact recreation of any scene in the movies.

You need the CS:S Files to see all models and textures.

You ...
TTT Lego Treasure Island
Created by DreS0X
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Please be so nice and

This is what Zirconium created for Gamebanana"s Trouble in Paradise mapping contest (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).

This Lego map ...
Futurama Zoidberg
Created by Flagg
Player model & NPC

Model and textures: Flagg
Compiling: Flagg

Arkham Origins Batman NPC/playermodel
Created by True
Arkham Origins Batman Npc/playermodel
Sorry for the lack of models recently, i have been pretty sick
but im back, and give you Arkham Origins Batman, first Batman ive done, honestly, ive been advoiding him

Created by GRANTastic
This is a new version of AmericanPropHouse, updated with suggestions from the community, and given a Christmas theme.

In this map, you explore a standard American Rancher Home decorated for Christmas time, loaded with entities and props.

Some props c...
Created by GRANTastic
A Christmas Themed version of Nostagia House, Look out for T Exploding gifts!...
Created by Bender180
So i made a Reskin of my Community Bowling map specifically for the holiday season!

Not going to lie i cranked this out in about 3 days but In that time I think I've made some d...
Created by Bender180
This was taken down by valve for violating tos, I've removed the content that was called offensive and reuploaded just intime for the holidays, enjoy.

I've decided to release a Christmas re-skin of a map that is was extremely po...
Created by Rangasoup
A Christmas edit of the map ttt_island_2013 (Which in itself is an edit of dm_island17 by Nick Alger).

EDIT: SeaNanners has played it! I'm can't believe it! -

*Christmas lights!
*Snow and snowfall!
*Christmas s...
Created by Scandisk7
Christmas version of my map ttt_the_room_v3

-You need Css textures

-THANKS TO: Tophattwaffle for Real world textures
Created by Greyull
The two versions of xmas_nipperhouse on the workshop didn't have the audio playing - that was one of my favorite bits about it.

So here's a repack. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the weapon spawn txt since txt files aren't whitelisted by gmad....
xmas apehouse
Created by Denz
By The Mafia Boss (i'm just uploader)

Xmas style house. Big map of houses. Enjoy!...
Created by rom
This version of this classic map is simply edited to have the [ttt] prefix. Therefore, it can be seen on mapvotes on TTT servers. You'll need to place the weapons yourself, using the Weapon Placer Tool. Once again, this is not my map. The real version of t...
TTT Minecraft Christmas!
Created by Mix3rz
Christmas is always a lovely time of year, but now and then you want to play with some terrorists & also be playing Minecraft at the same time. Well why not play the map that everyone loves but with a Christmas twist!

This map is a Christmas themed map ...
Christmas Lodge for reuse
Created by LastShadow
Reupload with TTT_ in the name. I don't own the map...
Yogscast Xmas Map
Created by Mr EA King <YT>
A TTT map designed around the bases of the new Yogscast Christmas Series....
25th Christmas Battalion Playermodels
Created by Gonzo
The 25th Merriment Battalion arrive on the scene, ready to distribute festive firepower upon the grinchy droid armies!

This pack was made for Christmas.

Thank you for your time, and have a very Merry Christmas!
25th Christmas Battalion Auxiliaries Playermodels
Created by Gonzo
The 25th Christmas Battalion are back, with new auxiliaries to support their duty to deliver merriment to all corners of the Republic!

25th Christmas Battalion "Partridge": With green-tinted armour that blends in to dark environments, a star that functi...
25th Christmas Battalion Clone Troopers Playermodels
Created by Gonzo
25th Christmas Battalion Clone Troopers.

Ho ho ho! The 25th Christmas Battalion returns, with new additions and armour to maintain festive cheer against the grinchy Separatist Alliance!

Within this merry battalion are the following crimbo clones:

Santa Claus Playermodel and NPC
Created by Voikanaa
HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!
  • Playermodel
  • NPC
  • Viewmodel arms
  • TTT Compatible Hitboxes
How to download? Just press Subscribe button and it'll start downloading.
Rate, comment and have fun!

Star Wars Christmas Pack Of Playermodels v 1.1
Created by ТЮЛЕНЬ

Want to buy a custom Gmod model?
Add me in steam and we can talk about your model.

This Addon Contains:

R2D2 Christmas Playermodel
(Hat bodygroup)

C3PO Christmas Playermodel
(Hat bodygroup)

Santa-Jedi Playermodel
(4 Head models and ...
Halo Reach Spartan Playermodels
Created by ObanTR_SAO
Includes Customizable Male/Female Halo Reach Spartan Playermodels.

I didn't made the playermodels.
All Credits goes to Bungie/Microsoft Game Studios currently 343
Models ported by korro (old uploader).
I reuploaded the models.

Similar Addon:
King (Tekken 7) Playermodel & NPC
Created by KuMa
Type of addon: playermodel & NPCs
playermodel hull convar: km_hull_pm_t7king (default 1)
NPCs hull convar: km_hull_npc_t7king (default 1)
If I am right this is the original playermodel scale from UE4 games to Source.
TTT Christmas Music At Roundend
Created by Randal
A modified version of TTT roundend music to play Christmas music. Each sound plays for 20 seconds.

All I Want for Christmas is You
It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas
Carol of the Bells
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Feliz Navidad
Keith's Custom Mandalorians
Created by Garith
Made for Keith

I take no credit in the creation of any of these models.All credit goes to Smitty and [url= https://steamcommunity....
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