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(DX11) Blast Door
Created by Eikester
Large Blast/Hangar Door

12x7x1 Total size
10x5x1 opening

Construction Models


Have Fun :)

(DX11) Boarding Ramp
Created by Eikester
Boarding Ramp

Small and Large Grid
1x1x3 (Large)
5x1x15 (Small)

DX9 & 11
No Construction Model (will be added soon)

Advanced Door

(DX11) Kolt - Command Console Pack
Created by Eikester
Fully working remake of Kolts Command Console Pack

This is a Replacement for the original Ko
(DX11) Shutter
Created by Eikester

Protect your Windows with this decorative Shutters!

Modified Hangar Door
Made out of Steelplates (and other Components) to give that little extra protection!
Available for Large & Small Grid
(DX11) Signs
Created by Eikester
This Mod adds a selection of useful Signs to guide you trough your Base/Ships:

-Medical Station
-Stairs Up
-Stairs Down
-Arrow Le...
(DX11) Solarpanels
Created by Eikester
This Mod adds 3 new sizes of the Solar Panel:

Large Ship/Station:

Tiny (1x1x1) - Max Power Output: 0,015 MW
Small (2x1x1) - Max Power Output: 0,03 MW
Medium (4x1x1) - Max Power Output: 0,06 MW
(DX11)Letters Mod
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: 41 blocks of letters for you to write signs and names on hulls of the ships

DISCLAMER: I cannot be held responsible for words people write through this mod.

Check my thread[]

(THYA) Shield HUD Graphics Pack 1%
Created by Perdurable
Finally a 0-100% LCD Shield HUD Display with 1% intervals. What exactly is this? This is a 303 images shield bar that will be displayed on a LCD by our ingame script for programming blocks to show you the % of your ships remaining energy shields along wit...
(THYA) Shield HUD Script
Created by Perdurable
<<Current Script Version 1.7.3>>
This script displays your ships shields as a % and/or visual bar to an LCD display. It works with both DarkStar's Defense Shield Mod and Cython's Energy Shields. It is VERY easy to edit/customize and will soon have an upda...
Advanced Doors Mod Pack~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder4™
Advanced Doors Mod Pack
~From the developers that brought you the Small Ship Mod Pack, Reworked Armor Panels...
Atmospheric Power Thrusters (updated)
Created by Gelunox
The original Atmospheric Thrusters were too weak in my opinion so I've made a simple mod that adds (not replaces) a new set and makes them a little cheaper and a lot more powerful:

- Bit less motors required
- 3x thrust power

this is the updated v...
Automatic LCDs 2
Created by MMaster
Now with cockpit panels support! Everything you will ever need to know about your ship and station displayed in real time on LCD panels in any vanilla games. modded games and servers!

v:2.0173 [latest game version 1.193 compatible, new Inventory ...
Azimuth Power Mod Pack~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder4™
Azimuth Industries is now proud to present the DX-9 and DX-11 Compatible Azimuth Batteries and Reactors.

Fusion Reactor (Various sizes): Large and Small ship
Batteries: Large and Small ship
V8 style reactor: Small ship

Battle Cannons and Turrets
Created by DrNiggle
Rider has fixed the original mod. The only things different about this mod are now that:
  • The accuracy on the Little David and Big Bertha are back to normal, with a deviation of 0.1 instead of 0.5
  • The 300mm and 900mm guns still have AP amm
Cold Fusion Reactor
Created by april_seventh_1997
This mod adds cold fusion reactors that use a small amount of hydrogen gas to generate huge amounts of power.
The maximum output is 20 times that of vanilla reactors.
When the Large Cold Fusion Reactor for large grids is operated...
Defense Shields - v1.9(70)
Created by DarkStar
Version: DefenseShields - v1.9(70)

New Mod
Check out my new weapon/combat system which replaces keens:

If you appreciate DefenseShields and/or WeaponCore please
Enhanced Cockpit Concept Revival
Created by Kham
A fixed up version of the now abandoned Enhanced Cockpit Concept mod by HappySushi.

Since this will likely be asked, this mod does use the same subtypeIDs as t
Fix: AdvancedDoor opening/closing in construction stage
Created by Digi
A fix for advanced doors being able to be opened or closed when not fully built.

This script replaces the terminal control and actions for Open with one that checks if block is actually built and working.

Once the bug is fixed in the game I will dele...
Heavy BULL Decoy
Created by Aikagi
So you're a lone wolf trying to take on an armada huh. I know your type, the kind that likes to get up close and personal. Well I might have something to help. I got these Heavy BULL Decoys from a contact in the outer system. They're military grade so the...
Hydrogen BOOSTER
Created by Zunkey
For use on the Frigid Gaming PvEvP Server

Join my Workshop group Here
View my workshop, and my mods [u
Helicarrier Thruster
Created by Rider
Helicarrier Thruster with spin effect



Thrust: 2.5MN
Power: 7.0MW


Thrust: 15MN
Power: 20.36MW


Thrust: 90MN
Power: 150.36MW

Industrial Thruster - Dragon Industries Edition
Created by Reika
This is Sage's Industrial thruster, updated to the newest versions of SE, by rebalancing the values and adding missing data such as power priority.

All credit for the model goes to him:
Ladder (climbable + use tools/weapons/interactibles on it!)
Created by Digi
This mod adds some ladder blocks. Players can climb these ladders and can mostly hold onto them while the ship is flying.

v1.189+ NOTE:
Game added ladders (again) in v1.189, however they are less featured than this mod which means this mod i...
MWI - Weapon Collection 2 (8)
Created by Mexpex
-MWI - Weapon Collection 2-

Mexpex Warfare Industries is back with a new line up of weapons!
This time MWI will supply you and your enemies with energy weapons!

Energy weapons in this pack will draw energy from the grid while generating am...
Ore Detector+
Created by Ammax
This is just an improved version of the ore sensor

2x range
2x more resources needed to build it...
Proper Hydrogen Rebalance
Created by Axtel Sturnclaw
This mod rebalances the energy density of hydrogen fuel from ~0.0015 to ~0.0184, allowing small ships to actually use small hydrogen thrusters with only a H2/O2 generator - while still being semi-reasonably balanced in a survival world.

This also has th...
Relatively Chemically Realistic O2H2Generator
Created by april_seventh_1997
This mod adds "relatively chemically realistic O2/H2 Generator."
Since the vanilla O2/H2 generator produces the same amount of oxygen and hydrogen, it doubles the amount of hydrogen production to improve chemical reality.
This is available for both...
retractable landing gear
Created by Takeshi
First: please leave feedback, its frustrating to get nothing back (thumb up).

This Mod contains two retractable and one folding landing gear blocks for large and small grids. The Script for the animation is working only on the client, so there should no...
Slope LCD Panels Mod Pack(DX11)
Created by SEModder4™
LCD/Text Panels on Slope/ramp armors. For large and small ships. Dx11 friendly.

Hi there. Just first simple mod, I made it for my cockpits, maybe you'll find it useful too.
2 types: H - horizontal text for floor/ceiling-corners V - vertical text for wa...
SmartRotors: Solar
Created by AutoMcDonough
SmartRotors, rotors with built-in functionality for ease of use.
This is the solar variant, it automatically tracks the sun. Other variants to follow later, currently planned are VTOL and PMW.

Isn’t this the same effect as running a script on ...
Created by tugspacehall
My first Animated Block :)

Code from: Zader then modified by me.
Help from: Stollie

SteelPlate = 1200
Construction = 100
MetalGrid = 100
LargeTube = 400
Superconductor = 500
Reactor = 5000
Motor = 200
Computer = 500

Size x="3" y="6" z="3"...
Uranium On Planets Again
Created by StarDruid
Simple and straight forward, returns Uranium ore spawns to planets (and moons), like how they where in previous space engineers versions. For those that of us that don't like being forced into a no Uranium planets challenge. Changes nothing else but return...
[EEM] Exploration Enhancement Mod
Created by LeonserGT
A huge expansion for your survival gameplay experience, gameplay overhaul bringing you space simulator experience. Over 200 new ships, stations, wreckages and more!

Huge thanks to all workshop authors, contributed in this mod - your creations is what m...
[Retired] Catwalks
Created by Shaostoul
Shaostoul presents: Catwalks
Expanding your universe since May 2014!

Mod details:
-All blocks are in a "Shaostoul" tab.
Large grid only

Available blocks:
14 Catwalk variants
4 Catwalk stairs, 1 block long
4 Catwalk r...
[SEI] Cockpit Immersion Pack
Created by Tantalising Turnip
SEI is proud to present the initial version of the Cockpit Immersion Pack (DX11)

Currently: A cockpit that opens and closes with three differently moving canopies.

Works great with this mod:
Nanobot Drill and Fill System
Created by Dummy08
Nanobot drill and fill system
for small and large ships/stations (automatic drilling/collecting/filling system)

  • This system could drill, fill landscapes and collect ore (inside solid rocks) wi
Created by Takeshi
First: please leave feedback, its frustrating to get nothing back (thumb up).

This Mod contains hover engines for large and small grid. The behavior is the same for Planets and Moons (environment has to support atmo thrusters).

Two Military Blocks +...