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Conan Exiles

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Jul 22, 2019 @ 7:55pm
Sep 15 @ 7:10am
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This MOD increase the level range to 350. You get 1 attribute per level and they always cost 1 which means that at level 350 you can max all attributes and you have 2624 feat points.

MOD ID : 1812564541
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󠂪 󠂪NagatoPain Oct 29 @ 10:10am 
Update of 2.1 please
Lordlucas Oct 29 @ 4:02am 
Hi. First of all thank you for this mod. Is very nice and this add a lot of fun in the game. Please lets us know when you can make a update because now my servers crash. Thank you for all
(OZB)KWK410 Oct 28 @ 12:04pm 
crash the game please update
rocker18 Sep 20 @ 5:14am 
Is it possible to make a balanced version
Priapus Morningstar Sep 16 @ 4:42pm 
Thanks. We will remove this mod from our server list and head to your new mod and add that one instead. Thank you for your great work!
Striker  [author] Sep 16 @ 4:02pm 
In the last couple of days I had enough work to update all my mods and since Funcom made a so big change in many area of the game I found out 3 of my mods were actually hiding new content so I decided to remake them all from scratch.


Now I want to urge peoples that uses the old mods like this one here to switch to the new mod. I will post a link to help you find the new mod at the end of this message. I removed the old mod from my editor because I like things to be in order and I don't see any reason why anyone would want to keep that mod since everyone gets the new content added in their game event if you don't pay for it. So I will not be able to update this mod anymore and eventually delete it.

Here is the link to the new mod :

Thank you!
Daddys Boy Sep 16 @ 3:51pm 
when will the isle of siptah bee up agin?
FailureToReport Sep 15 @ 7:17pm 
You're fine, just wanted to find out what was happening, pulling it from the workshop makes the client go "unknown mod" so then others weren't able to join the server :)
Striker  [author] Sep 15 @ 7:14pm 
It did not work properly I am redoing it... sorry for the inconvenient!
FailureToReport Sep 15 @ 7:08pm 
The lvl350 mod for Isle has been removed? Just added it to server now people aren't able to join because it's not showing up on steam anymore?