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How To Verify Integrity of Game Cache
By Wyk
A quick beginner picture guide that runs you through the process of verifying your game cache for Dota 2.
This picture guide will take you step-by-step through the processof verifying your game cache which basically is a system on Steam that runs a scan through your installation to find any errors or corrupted files and replace them. This normally fixes a majority of visual glitches or other tiny errors that pop up.

It is recommended that you verify your cache before going on to other looking for other solutions for your problems.
Verifying Your Game Cache
In order to verify your game cache, go to your 'Library' and find 'Dota 2'.

Once you find it, 'Right Click' and go to the 'Properties ' tab.

This will open up the properties tab. Go to the third sub-tab that says 'Local Files' where you will be presented with the following options.

  • Browse Local Files - Will take you to the directory where your Dota 2 is installed.
  • Backup Game Files - Creates a backup of your installation
  • Delete Local Game Content - Uninstalls the game
  • Verify Integrity of Game Cache - What this guide is about.
Click on the last option to begin the validation process. This might take a few minutes.

Once all the files are validated, if any corrupt instances are found, then Steam will redownload those particular files for you. If not you will be greeted with a box that says no errors.

Congrats. You have verified your game cache successfully.
Final Note
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tunneler Dec 12, 2018 @ 8:35pm 
where is dota 2
Castiel Oct 21, 2018 @ 2:09am 
Hi will this fix the steam datagram ticket is missing error, more than a month now that I'm still having the problem, tried filing a ticket but they weren't able to fix it either.
capybara Feb 3, 2018 @ 2:22pm 
No work
El Baco Jan 27, 2018 @ 7:35am 
can you cancel the scan?
ExpErt May 23, 2017 @ 12:36pm 
I tried this on unturned cause it's been crashing when I start the game but it does not work!!!
Muzzie Dec 22, 2016 @ 4:23pm 
Tried it didnt work! :steamsalty:
salty waifu~ Sep 26, 2016 @ 6:26am 
how much time does it take?
76561198108179709 Sep 25, 2015 @ 9:57pm 
all files successfully validated.. but i tried to re-open dota2.. boom! there is goes ! still the same problem -_-
XxDemonRiderxX Aug 28, 2015 @ 11:50pm 
Rainbow Six Aug 9, 2015 @ 3:25am 
it says " all files successfully validated " but i tried to re-open my games, the problem still resist lol