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Better Shipment Box
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Better Shipment Box

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Pack boxes with weapons to sell while you're away.

(Please note that the video shows more than this addon does, as this was originally part of a much larger project.)

Better Shipment Box adds a...better...shipment box for gun dealers in DarkRP.

To use this shipment box, get yourself one from the F4 menu (hopefully your local server owner made it free) and use it. You will see a full list of shipments and weapons you can buy. Set a number of weapons to sell in the box and the price at which you want to sell it at, then confirm your purchase. That number of weapons at that price will be up for purchase in that box, and you will automatically get money whenever someone buys one.

This addon does NOT replace F4 menu shipments or weapons, in fact, it uses them to function, so do NOT remove them. This box is primarily so that you can sell things while you're not at your shop because you got killed and have to follow NLR, the worst rule in RP.

Features and Contents
Functionality in DarkRP (setup required).
No additional content required.
Simple to set up, simple to use.

I made this originally for my serious RP project to make it slightly more realistic, but since that's scrapped, I'm releasing everything related.


Me - All of the code