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Hoxton (Nick)
Created by Salad
"Yeah, I've got a bullet right here with your name on it, sunshine!"

Replaces Nick with (Old) Hoxton from PAYDAY 2. Includes first person arms and HUD icons, including a high-res incap icon.

Thanks to Splinks for rigging the first person arms.

Jiro (Bill)
Created by Salad
"[yelling in Japanese]"

Replaces Bill with Jiro from PAYDAY 2. Includes first person arms and HUD icons.



Before yo...
Chains (Coach)
Created by Salad
"Chains! Bringin' the reality check!"

Replaces Coach with Chains from PAYDAY 2. Uses Bill's animations, with fixes. Includes HUD icons and first person arms.


Houston (Louis)
Created by Salad

Replaces Louis with Houston from PAYDAY 2. Includes HUD icons and first person arms.

Q: "His name is Hoxton, not Houston!"

A: When Payday 2 first came out, this guy - Dallas' younger brother - was using Hoxton's mask and name bec...
Wolf (Ellis)
Created by Salad
"[Yelling in Swedish]"

Replaces Ellis with Wolf from PAYDAY 2. Includes HUD icons and first person arms.



Before yo...
Jimmy (Francis)
Created by Salad
Replaces Francis with PAYDAY 2's rendition of Jimmy from the film Hardcore Henry. Includes first person arms, HUD icons and "light" model.


Bonnie (Rochelle)
Created by Salad
"I love the sound of shootin'!"

Replaces Rochelle with Bonnie from PAYDAY 2. Includes first person arms and HUD icons. Uses modified Bill animation set.


Sydney (Zoey)
Created by Salad
Replaces Zoey with Sydney from PAYDAY 2. Includes HUD icons, first person arms and "light" model. Shouldn't require heister support....
PAYDAY 2 Medic Bag
Created by Salad

Replaces the first aid kit with a medic bag from PAYDAY 2. Uses MaxG3D's animations.

FYI, it appears on the heisters' sides in the screenshots because the heisters have a custom medkit attachment poin...
PAYDAY 2 Heister Support
Created by Salad
This add-on contains all of the shared textures and animation sets used by my PAYDAY 2 character mods.

If everybody is sliding around and they have checkers all over them, get this.

I will not make a video for this package. It contains nothing that n...
PAYDAY 2 - Survival Tomahawk
Created by Zdann
It cuts things. Replaces the Crowbar.

Model, Texture - Overkill Software
Porting, Compiling - Zdann

Special thanks to Splinks for his wonderful tutorial on custom melee weapons....
Payday Ammobag
Created by мяFunreal
This is the original ammobag from Payday: The Heist, it replaces the pile of ammo you'd usually have.
I ripped the model and reskinned it all by myself
this is a must for every payday fan

This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, excep...
Payday 2 Cars
Created by Ellie
I wanted to try to make a L4D2 mod that would replace the cars by new ones, to understand how the mechanics of this work. It's a bit more complicated that basic addons because the way the cars are made in that game is a bit strange and does not give much r...
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