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Dragon Bridge
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Jul 21, 2019 @ 12:26am
Jun 17, 2022 @ 9:56pm
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Dragon Bridge

DRAGON BRIDGE is a fantastically magical bridge which joins two of the world's most fantastically magical islands together. Once per year, it is possible to cross the bridge, gain a fantastically magical item, and escape. However, you must do this quickly, for a fantastically magical Dragon is circling the bridge, one who is known to frequently eat wizards whole.

The prospect is further complicated by the fact that once an item is secured, the bridge's fantastic magic shuts down for a whole year. So you'll have to be sure that you're one to do it, before someone else does.

DRAGON BRIDGE is a quick, competitive 2-player card game. Players each control a wizard, moving up and down an 18x1 grid, casting spells, gaining magic items and luring the dragon to one side or another. Players win either by knocking the other player into the Dragon, or by escaping the Dragon with at least 1 item.

This game was originally designed for the #18CardStrategyJam and then expanded upon. It is the first game in Keith Burgun's "Gem Wizards" universe.

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