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Jul 20, 2019 @ 1:42am
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Invokation is an Invoker trainer map, focused on spell/item combos.


Although every student of the arcane mysteries understand the importance of practice, very few really do and of these, only a very small number do so well, and are gifted enough, as to amass the great powers of the True Arcanery. Among the wisest of those who are perpetually trying, there are some who say that this small number equals one. And they say his name is Carl.




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Jun 28 @ 10:17am 
the spells dont match the skills light up... for instance im supposed to snap tornado and its telling me to level exort.
licht Mar 19 @ 7:59pm 
ty <3:heart_eye:
DeChefski Jan 21 @ 2:36pm 
Thanks and no worries about being too late with patches. Just wanted you to know it was there :kbhappy:
neuromanc:r  [author] Jan 20 @ 9:06pm 
Should be fixed now. If not, please report here again
neuromanc:r  [author] Jan 20 @ 8:57am 
At the moment I'm a bit busy with work, I'll try to fix it in the weekend, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the patience
DeChefski Jan 16 @ 11:27am 
the side bar doesnt work at the moment :BL3Shrug:
Phased Jan 14 @ 12:18pm 
This worked roughly a week ago, now the menu on the left side has no functionality whatsoever. All you can do is level one level of exort and wander. If you're still updating this, it would be great!
Nootzz Jan 13 @ 4:10pm 
This game doesn't seem to work. Once joining a game there is literally nothing to do. No instructions whatsoever.
Hiragana Jun 26, 2022 @ 3:15am 
thanks cool mini game
Mang KANORGUE Nov 22, 2021 @ 7:59am 
I managed to play a solo game of this just now. It would be nice if this also trained us for timing the spells and items instead of just invoking the right ones and using the right items. Kind of like the "official" tutorials for disjointing spells or dodging Mirana arrows. Ths could be a minigame in itself with escalating difficulty from trench level enemy reaction times to maybe pro level reaction times. If only I knew how to make those kinds of custom maps, I'd happily contribute to this project.

Good work, author