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Complete Berserker Overhaul (v.471)
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Sep 23, 2013 @ 2:48pm
Oct 4, 2013 @ 1:00pm
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Complete Berserker Overhaul (v.471)

The build part of the mod is done. All major changes have been added. Any additional changes will be balancing based (of which I'd like to get significant feedback). The goal of this mod isn't to make the game easier, but to make it play different, drawing synergy between trees with use of auras.


*Mods Included*
Tiered Passives (only berserker)
Skills use LMB (well, I actually recreated it)
EEC (only berserker)

Here's the main four premises:
1. Each tree (3 in all for the berserker) will have a toggleable aura that will impact the effectiveness of each skill in the tree.
2. Some skills will have a sustainable effect. A permanent cost to mana until the skill is toggled off.
3. Charge bars are going to be altered and made more inclusive in the game, rather than either an add on, or a "goal" to fill up as fast as possible
4. One additional toggleable spells will be added to each tree to give a "min/max" feel

In more detail:
I have created auras in the berserker tree called Hunter's Aura, Tundra Aura and Shadow Aura. They will be given at level 1 and can be toggleable at any time. They have a sustained mana cost to offset the benefit that they do. Each skill in the Hunter tree will have a toggle between the base ability, and the aura optimized ability.

Charge Change:
Berserker now only gets 50% crit on a full bar (still working on the bonus) and gets 50% crit damage. The goal is to have berserkers actually need dexterity to some extent.

Skill Changes:
Hunter Tree-
Eviscerate: Aura removes the charge penalty and allows extra damage per attack
Howl: Each point in the skill adds .5 to the duration instead of the .25 when not in the aura
Raze: Weapon damage is more when the aura is up
Wolfstrike: More damage and the stun is only available when in the Hunter's Aura
Battle Rage: This is now a sustained aura. Hunter's aura reduces the amount of sustained mana needed.
Rupture: Aura significantly increases the damage
Ravage: Reduced initial debuff. Aura increases debuff at a higher rate and causes more damage. Ends higher than the original
Life Leech: Reduced initial heal to 3% passive tiers 1%, 2%, 3% over 3 seconds. Normal increase is .25 per point, aura is .5 and 1%, 2% and 3% over 5 seconds for the tiers.
Executioner: Reduced charge rate initially, aura provides more and tier bonuses are higher
Rampage: Lower bonuses initially, aura gives better bonuses and better tiers
*NEW*Hunter's Focus- Increases bonus damage by .5 per level and reduces dodge .5 per level (fumble damage reduction on tiers). Hunter's Aura doubles the bonus damage to max of 15% and -7.5% dodge.

Cold Steel Mastery: Now gets half value normally, and full value under Tundra Aura. (may tweak the numbers) Also added block bonus
Frost Breath: Aura adds another second (now 5) and also causes more damage
StormClaw: Stormclaw is a toggleable spell now. It's proc chance starts at 20 and increases by 10 per teir maxing at 50%. Tundra Aura hits one more target from the beginning and starts with a 30% proc and 15% more per tier maxing at 75%
Storm Hatchet: Hunter's Aura recharges mana over 3 seconds (improves per level)
Ice Shield: Toggleable sustained spell. All values have been reduced for balancing purposes. Initial refect and damage have been reduced to cause 100% each at level 15. Your charge chance has been reduced and now returns a random value between 1-5 charge percent. Tundra Aura increases the chance and makes it 1-10 charge percent
Permafrost: Overall spell radius reduced and duration increased. Tundra Aura increases radius to normal and causes more damage and reduces duration
Glacial Shatter: Interrupt chance reduced on normal, but Tundra Aura increases Interrupt and knockback each skill point. Blindness and chance now scale
Shatter Storm: Tundra Aura increases the damage durration and the debuff
Rage Retailiation: Tundra Aura increases damage to 150%
*NEW*Frozen Armor: Increases armor percentage and ice armor per skill point while decreasing execution chance. Tiers give passive heal recharge.

Shadow Burst: Lowered healing by 2% across the board. Shadow Aura does more damage per skill point.
Wolf Shade: Lowered healing and damage. Shadow Aura gives more healing and damage per level and longer duration on tiers. Wolf unsommoned on aura change.
Shadowbind: Lowered damage across the board. Shadow Aura increases damage per point and at a higher rate (ends higher than vanilla)
Savage Rush: Movement speed bonus was reduced to 6%, but +1% per level. Damage debuff was cut in half for normal. Aura gives double the speed bonus, normal debuff and increased damage per skill point
Chain Snare: Stun chance dropped, but now escalates with points. Shield shattered altered as well. Aura increases stun chance and shield break chance
Shadow Sense: Sustained spell that increases attack and cast speed, but reduces critical damage. Also costs sustained mana. Get a bonus to damage reflection every tier. Aura increases the benefits.
Battle Standard: Normal version has significantly reduced benefits and a smaller radius. Shadow Aura version brings it back to vanilla stats and a larger radius.
Wolfpack: Damage reduced for normal and increased for aura (more than vanilla)
Frenzy Mastery: Now gives +3 crit damage per point when Berserked (only in aura)
Shred Armor: Normal armor bonus is reduced (+2 per point after +10 for first). Aura gives +3
Red Wolf: Damage increased under Aura.
*NEW*Shadow Sense: +.5 to attack and cast speed, -.5% fumble chance. Aura makes it +1 to each. +1 dam relfect per tier (doubled for aura). You can hit faster, but at a greater chance to completely muff the attack.

Auras: (now have a visable effect under your character)
Hunter's Aura- New skill to give passive bonuses to all Hunter Skills (toggle removes all active auras)
Tundra Aura- New Skill to give passive bonuses to all Tundra Skills (toggle removes all active auras)
Shadow Aura- New Skill to give passive bonuses to all Shadow Skills (toggle removes all active auras)

The auras are in place and working nicely (and with a glowing colored seal beneath you). When the aura skill is executed, all active auras are killed (active auras being the ones I created with sustained mana) as well as anything else with a duration (summons) and the new aura is put in place. This is to keep people from activating under one aura and then switching to a new one.

How this will work. Each class will have 3 auras. If you choose skills from multiple trees, you can only have 1 aura working at a time. You have to choose which aura is most effective at that time. It makes picking skills in the same tree more beneficial without making it necessary. However, since all auras are available, even if you pick from another tree, you can still get full benefit by switching the auras around.

*NOTE*: Any sustainable skill will persist through respeccing. This will be fixed at the end of the 4 class builds. If you are looking to cheat, then why bother downloading mods. Please remember to toggle off an aura (which will toggle off all active auras). Also, only the Hunter and Tundra trees are done,Shadow Aura will work as designed, but will give no benefits. The new skill Shadow Sense is just a place holders.

There is no way to have the stats for the Aura show up nicely on each skill. Either it shows always (looks like it duplicates what is there, or it is not there at all. I prefer the latter).

Any and all feedback would be excellent. Even if you think this stinks and why bother...
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Mar 6 @ 5:45am
Permission to include in a merge?
Kaptain Cnuckles
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jkaplow21  [author] Oct 9, 2013 @ 10:22am 
What sort of problem are you having? Is it crashing? Is it just not loading at all (ie, is it just the normal berserker skills)? Have you tried loading JUST thist mod, starting a fresh game to see if it works all by itself?
Dust Oct 8, 2013 @ 11:48am 
I have attempted to use this mod today with no luck. I have moved it to the top of the priority list, removed all other mods and started multiple new characters during each attempt.
Is there a trick to get this one to work?
jkaplow21  [author] Oct 4, 2013 @ 12:55pm 
Mod is in "completed" state. Completed meaning, all major changes are in, only balancing is left.
jkaplow21  [author] Oct 3, 2013 @ 4:49pm 
Think I hit the limit of text allowed.
jkaplow21  [author] Oct 1, 2013 @ 7:26pm 
Tundra tree is done, Shadow is up next. Updated entire text to cover as much as I could.
jkaplow21  [author] Sep 27, 2013 @ 6:30pm 
I want to point out that the plan is for good balance and this mid may make things harder, but also change how you play the class. The old method of picking skills from any tree makes having trees useless.
jkaplow21  [author] Sep 25, 2013 @ 12:26pm 
For those following, I will try to put a brief description of any changes in the main page and a little more detail in the change notes.