Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Jul 18, 2019 @ 5:56am
Jul 30, 2019 @ 11:08am
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Our 4 heroes find themselves trapped in an old English mining town, what secrets have Group 935 been hiding here
will this be their Atonement......

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AtonemenT credits

Mapping Credits
Myself - main mapping structure and areas
Nuceda - Banana Colada building and adjacent building
Hoodedsniper - Speed Cola Building
Jon Ford - Base layout of Tele Room

Planet - Main EE and many fixes of other scripts
lil Rifa - spawn rush rewards system and lua
QuentinFTL - lua inventory
Abnormal - Spawn rush and Fire fuel soda perk
Harrybo21 - Wonder weapon/ perks
Symbo - script bundle help and fixes
Will Smith - Custom soul chest , Teleporting Pap, Auto mine cart system
Ardivee - custom boss rounds and boss fight
Kaizokuroof - Custom teleporter script
Redspace - Jump pad
Forges - weapon swap table
Raptroes - Perk trigger descriptions

Divinefury - starting weapon, fire fuel soda machine, mystery box , boss round model rigging, plus many enviroment assets
Zeroy - porting many ww2 models
Rob - rail cart machine
Daan Hesterman - Wonderweapon, extractor machines and coin machines
Erthrock - Buried Zombie models
Apex - soe ,rev zombie model

Custom Animations
Divinefury - Enemy boss full anims, Wonder weapon, Mystery Box

Glitch - loading screen & numerous graphic designs
Complx - thumbnail, map select screen, poster
Robit - Spawn Rush popups
Divinefury - Retextured wonder weapon

skyeslord - ww2 weapons
Blak - Hyde ww2 weapon

Additional help
Scob/porter - wraith / greyhound extraction program
Scob - Hydra
Z1620 - reward images
Zeroy - countless hours of help
Seth Norris - countless hours of help
Verko - Lighting assistance and bug finding
Xela - Bug fixing on lights

Testers - Xela, robit ,xpicious , kunjora, scorpolio

A massive thanks to all the people who have helped on this map , if I have forgot anyone please drop me a line and I?ll add you to it
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Apr 11 @ 1:35pm
how to kill the dog ?
Poulet Free
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SrHache May 31 @ 7:52pm 
U R GAY May 22 @ 7:36am 
one of the best custom maps, almost perfect !
JuicyJames022 Apr 11 @ 10:27pm 
Boss fight kinda ruined it. Running around for 5 mins waiting for it to charge just to get 1 shotted by nades, excellent.
Watchful Wolf Apr 3 @ 6:43pm 
Amazing map! Loved the difficulty the panzerhund brings during the rounds, especially the earlier rounds. Cool map layout and great easter egg. The boss fight has too many raps. Played 3 player and we just couldn't bare all those raps without using crazy gobblegums at least. Here is out first impressions and map completion:
x7produceruk Mar 28 @ 4:32pm 
ma gustao
IcyFISHERMAN2 Feb 23 @ 9:35am 
Honestly surviving the first dog wave is harder than the boss fight, good map!
NemoXD Jan 16 @ 11:23pm 
does anyone know the name of the secret song in this map?
The_Mace_93 Dec 27, 2020 @ 4:57pm 
sick map, the dog isn't a problem atall...its the tight spaces with zombies,have to pray that nothing will spawn infront of you (at times), but lovely map
✪ Wesley ♔ Dec 19, 2020 @ 9:48pm 
Play this map if you dont like good fps!
𝕱𝕱 Dec 19, 2020 @ 6:09am 
I know that i am being too rough on a coustom map and i know that most of the coustom maps dont even come close to this one,the only reason i am writing this is because the map has great potential and also you can do even better than this,you just need to consider the fact that despite looking great the map has to be built in a way that its playable and fun.As i played the map i got very froustrated and anxious most of the time(also a little triggered xD),and i consider my self a veteran at zombies since i played most games and completed most of the EEs,and i came to the conclusion that the ee is not meant to do solo and the map is not targeted towards new players. part 2