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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Civilization V Achievement guide
By Xalehander
This guide attempts to detail every achievement from the game and give some tricks for some of them, even though most of them are pretty self-explanatory. This guide is a Work in Progress with about 25+ scenario achievements still incomplete, and any feedback to make it more coherent is greatly welcome, not to mention that any tips or tricks for achievements are appreciated too. This guide is pretty much rushed and is full of spelling and grammar errors and I'm planning on fixing them at some point. All achievements outside of scenarios are done, while some of the scenario based achievements are incomplete.
0.0 Overview of sections
1.0 Civilization based achievements
Contains 88 achievements in total:
  • All civilization based achievements from the main game [36 in total in this section]

  • All civilization based achievements from DLC [10 in total in this section]

  • All civilization based achievements from Gods and Kings expansion [20 in total in this section]

  • All civilization based achievements from Brave New World expansion [22 in total in this section]

2.0 Victory based achievements
Contains 34 achievements in total:
  • 2.1 Basic victory type achievements with Dark Horse from BNW [6 in total, 5 from Vanilla and 1 from BNW]

  • 2.1.5 Ideology achievements, introduced in BNW [9 achievements in total, all from BNW]

  • 2.2 Difficulty achievements, all from Vanilla. Scenario specific difficulty achievements are located in their own section [8 in total, all from Vanilla]

  • 2.3 Map based achievements, all from Vanilla [11 in total, all from Vanilla]

3.0 Misc. achievements
Contains 81 achievements in total:
  • 3.1 Basic vanilla achievements, which will you most likely got on your own while playing the game [14 in total, all from Vanilla]

  • 3.2 Grinding achievements, which contains achievements requiring you do something usually 1000 times [12 achievements in total, 10 from Vanilla, 1 from DLC and 1 from G&K]

  • 3.3 Religion achievements from Gods & Kings expansion [7 in total, all G&K]

  • 3.4 Espionage achievements from Gods & Kings expansion [6 in total, all G&K]

  • 3.5 Policy achievements, which contains Social policy tree achievemenst [12 in total, 10 from Vanilla, 2 from BNW]

  • 3.6 Misc. achievements from Vanilla and DLC, containing all other achievements from Vanilla + DLC [15 in total, 14 from Vanilla and 1 from DLC]

  • 3.7 Trade achievements for Brave New World expansion [5 in total, all from BNW]

  • 3.8 Misc. achievements from expansions [10 in total, 1 from G&K and 9 from BNW]

  • 3.9 and 3.10 sections contains the list of units and wonder required for Model of a Modern Major-General and The Wonder Years

4.0 Scenario achievements
Contains 84 achievements in total:
  • 4.1 Mongol scenario achievements [6 in total][DLC]
  • One achievement has been moved to Section 1.19

  • 4.2 New World scenario achievements [10 in total][DLC]
  • Some achievements have been moved to Section 1.19, two were originally in Section 3.6, but were moved here due to space constraints.

  • 4.3 Polynesia scenario achievements [9 in total][DLC]
  • One achievement has been moved to Section 1.19

  • 4.4 Viking scenario achievements [8 in total][DLC]
  • Two achievement have been moved to Section 1.19 and one has been moved to Section 3.6

  • 4.5 Wonders of Ancient world scenario achievements [14 in total][DLC]
  • One achievement has been moved to Section 1, one has been moved to Section 3.2 and one was in section 3.6, but was moved back due to space constraints.

  • 4.6. Korea scenario achievements [9 in total][DLC]
  • Two achievement have been moved to Section 1.19

  • 4.7 Fall of Rome scenario achievements [6 in total][G&K]

  • 4.8 Into Renaissance scenario achievements [6 in total][G&K]

  • 4.9 Smoky skies scenario achievements [4 in total][G&K]

  • 4.10 Civil War scenario achievements [5 in total][BNW]

  • 4.11 Africa scenario achievements [7 in total][BNW]
1.0 Civilization based achievements
The first section of this guide contains all all civilization specific achievements. Achievements are arranged in a manner where "Beat the game with X civ" and the specific action you need to do with them are in the same section. Most of these achievements are really simple, but there are a few tricky ones. Most civs have then 2 achievements associated with them, but there are some exceptions:
  • America has three achievements, and one of them was added in Brave New World expansion. This achievement is Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  • England has three achievements, and one of them was added in Brave New World expansion. This achievement is British Invasion.

  • France has three achievements, and one of them was added in Brave New World expansion. This achievement is Pyramid Scheme.

  • Rome has three achievements, and one of them was added in Wonders of the ancient world DLC. This achievement is Zeupiter.

  • Russia has three achievements, and one of them was added in Gods and Kings expansion. This achievement is From Russia with Love.

  • Egypt has three achievements, all of them included since Vanilla. I included Tomb Raider in this section, since it requires you to have Egypt against you.

  • Siam has one achivement. There was originally supposed to be an achievement, where he needed to destroy an unique unit with his own unique unit, but this achievement was removed before the game was released.

  • Morocco has three achievements. I included Rock the Kasbah achievement here, because it would save space from section 3.7 and you need to have Morocco against you to get this.

  • Most of the DLC civs have only achievement from winning a game with them.
1.1 America
First in the Hearts of Your Countrymen
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Washington.

Unsurprisingly, Washington is a leader biased towards domination victory. Unique ability Manifest Destiny is not really useful as it only increases vision of land units by +1 and gives 50% discount on buying land tiles. Though their unique units are somewhat useful. Minuteman, which replaces Musketman in Reneissance era, is a good unit to spam because they have a free promotion, which ignores terrain costs and it carries over when upgrading to Rifleman. B-17 is an Atomic era unit and it is a bit stronger Bomber. In addition, B-17 carries two free promotions: Evasion 50 and 33% bonus against cities. These two units can be used to chase domination victory, but Washington can be used for any victory really, because his uniques are really bland and come in really late.

Flying Fortress
Bomb an enemy city with a B-17.

To get this achievement you must first research Radar technology in Atomic era, and then build a B-17 and use it to bomb an enemy city.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Have your American Archaeologist extract an Artifact from Egypt with a German Archaeologist within 2 tiles.

[Added in Brave New World expansion] This achievement is based on Archaeology and you need to have America, Germany and Egypt in the same game. First you must research the technology in question and then build an Archaeologist in a city with an University. Then you need to be lucky enough to find an Archaeological site with an Egyptian artifact and be lucky enough to have a German Archaeologist almost next to you. This is hard to happen naturally, so the easiest way to get this achievement is to play a "hotseat" game, in which you control all those three civilizations yourself. Then you can create a situation where all three civs have open borders between each other and then have America and Germany send Archaeologist in Egyptian soil, where American Archaeologist should construct an Archaeological dig with a German Archaeologist next to him. Remember to have Washington slotted as the first player or the achievement may not count if using this trick!

1.2 England
Video et Taceo
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Elizabeth.
England is a heavily domination focused civilization. Their unique ability Sun Never Sets gives +2 bonus to movement on sea, which affects both naval units AND embarked units. This makes English navy undoubtly one of the best due to fast seafaring and also gives them much easier time to have their land army attack over oceans. They also receive an additional spy in Reneissance era, which gives them edge in diplomacy, technology stealing and/or spy killing. Their unique units are also useful, at least one of them. Longbowman is a Medieval unit replacing Crossbowman, but with a +1 range compared to them and this promotion carries over when upgrading to Gatling Gun! Ship of the Line is a Reneissance era unit replacing Frigate with increased strength and vision. These three uniques combined make domination victory easy and even easier in maps with lots of ocean.

Ruler of the Seas
As Elizabeth, sink and destroy 357 enemy naval units, across any number of playthroughs.
Anchors aweigh! There's a grinding ahead! This achievement requires you to destroy 357 ships with Elizabeth and there is almost no tricks to make it any faster. The best way is to play on an achipelago map with raging barbarians on and just destroy any ships you can find. You can also use hotseat games to grind this a bit faster, but it will take a lot of time anyways.

British Invasion
Perform a Concert Tour with an English Great Musician in American territory.
[Added in Brave New World] You need to have America in the same game while playing with England to get this achievement. To get a Great Musician, you need to have Musicians' Guild wonder built and then just wait till you get one, to speed up this process, slot two citizens to this wonder in city management screen. Now you need to have Open Borders with America and send your Great Musician there to perform a concert, which will unlock this achievement and give you a tourism boost. You can get this faster by creating a Skirmish map with Duel size and then choosing to play with England against America. Select the game to start at least from Industrial era, but you should choose even later era. Now play the first turn by founding a city and start building something, set your units to explore. Now on second turn pick all policies from Liberty tree, which grants you a free Great Person of your choice, pick Great Musician. You should be able to know in which direction America spawned, so you can send your Great Musician there already incase your other units haven't found them yet. Once you meet America you should try to negotiate an Open Borders treaty and send your Musician there to perform a consert.

1.3 France
Vivre La Revolution
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Napoleon.
Napoleon is suited towards Cultural victories. His unique ability doubles theming bonuses from wonders and Museums, but only in capital. This might give a great boost to tourism, but if you lose any cultural wonders, you will be in trouble if going towards cultural victory. Chateau is a Medieval era unique building, which provides a small culture boost, which helps a bit with social policies. Musketeer is just a stronger Musketman, which is not very useful if you're going with a cultural victory.

Three Musketeers
Kill a unit with a French Musketeer when two other Musketeers are providing flanking bonuses. To get this achievement you need to have researched Gunpowder technology in Reneissance era. Then you need to built three Musketeers and have them next to each other, so they receive a flanking bonus, when killing an enemy unit. Barbarians are okay for this I think.

Pyramid Scheme
Playing as France, get the Louvre to the maximum theming bonus of 16.
[Added in Brave New World] To get this you need to have researched Archaeology technology in Industrial era, and then be the first to built the world wonder Louvre in the capital of France. To make sure you get this, you should focus on technology and cultural technologies and disregard most of the military techs at least early on. With Louvre in your pockets, you have to get maximum theming bonus and this can only be gotten by having two Great Works of Art and two Artifacts ALL from different civilizations and eras, so you need to do a lot of digging using Archaeologists, art/artifact trading using tourism window and creating Great Artists using Artists' guild.
Example setup for maximum theming bonus for Louvre:
  • American art from Medieval era
  • British art from Industrial era
  • Chinese artifact from Ancient era
  • German artifact from Classical era
1.4 Rome

Veni, Vidi, Vici
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Caesar.
Rome can be used for practically any victory, but there is a slight bias towards domination victory. Their unique ability The Glory of Rome makes building buildings, which already exist in the capital, 25% faster. With this you can tailor cities to your needs a bit faster. Ballista is a unique unit which is stronger replacement for Catapult and Legion is a stronger replacement for Swordsman. Legion can also built Roads and Forts. Ballista and building bonus makes early aggression easy and with the ability those captured cities can be made useful much faster. Legion is then another useful unit for a domination victory.

All Roads Lead to Rome
Build a road with a Roman Legion.
To get this achievement you must research Iron Working, which is a Classical era Technology. Now you must build a Legion unit, and have it build a Road.

As Rome, conquer a city with the Statue of Zeus
[Added in Wonders of Ancient World DLC] To get this achievement, you must let someone build the Statue of Zeus wonder and then declare war against them and conquer the city which built the wonder. The game informs you which civilization built the wonder if you have already met the civilization in question. If someone manages to build the wonder, but you haven't met them, you can check the diplomacy screen to see who built Statue of Zeus when you meet more civilizations. Once you know who did it, just prepare an invasion and invade all the cities or the city which built it, if you can locate it by checking the city surroundings.

1.5 Germany

Blood and Iron
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Bismarck.
Germany is best to be used for domination victory. Their ability allows them to recruit barbarian units to their army and land unit cost is also decreased by -25%. Panzer is a faster and stronger version of Tank, which makes it a formidable unit in late game and their new unique building Hanse gives Germany +5% production bonus for every trade route with a city state, so with any luck you can have +35%-45% production boost and this combined with other building bonuses make quickly churning out massive armies very easy.

Barbarian Warlord
As Bismarck, convert the Barbarians from 10 camps to your side.
To get this achievement you just need to kill enough barbarians so you have ten barbarian units in your army at the same time. Every time you kill a barbarian unit it has a 67% chance to join your army.

1.6 Russia

Star of the North
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Catherine.
Russia should aim for domination victory, because their unique ability Siberian Riches, which gives +1 production bonuses for strategic resources and also doubles the quantity of Horses, Iron and Uranium, which can be used to build larger army of specialized units, also Cossack is an unique unit replacing Cavalry, and which has a +25% combat bonus against wounded units so Russia only really has bias towards building armies. Russia's unique building Krepost, which replaces Barracks, makes cultural tile acquisition faster, which only helps Russia to expand slightly faster.

My Little Pony
As Catherine, research Horseback Riding before any other Civ.
To get this achievement you should beeline towards Horseback Riding immediately. So you should only research Animal Husbandry then the Wheel and Trapping, which enables you to research Horseback Riding. With any luck from Ancient Ruins, you might get some of those technologies for free making this achievement even easier.

From Russia with Love
As Russia, kill an English Spy.
[Added in Gods and Kings expansion] To get this achievement you must choose England to be in the same game when playing as Russia. To receive spies someone has to reach Reneissance era, which will then give everyone a spy, while England gets two. Now England must have a spy in the same city where you have your own spy doing counter-intelligence, and hope that your spy can capture the enemy spy. You might also want to level up your own spies, by either stealing technologies or killing enemy spies, to make well... capturing enemy spies even easier. Also building National intelligency agency levels up your spies. If this seems to be too hard to get naturally, you can use the hotseat trick to make a game with Russia vs. England and move a English spy to a Russian city and station a Russian spy there and hope your Russian spy manages to capture the English spy.

1.7 Greece

The Man Who Would Be King
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Alexander.
Greece is a civ biased towards diplomacy, due to their unique ability Hellenic league, which halves the city-state influence degration and doubles influence recovery. With this ability Greece can aim practically towards any victory with the bonuses they receive from city states, so investing in Patronage tree is pretty obligatory. Their unique units are pretty good, but obsolete early.

Conquest of the World
As Alexander, defeat every known player by 350 BC.
To get this achievement you must make an early Domination victory. This is easily gotten by making a duel sized skirmish map against someone with no bias towards domination victory and then making really early aggression using the early unique units Greece gets. Personally I got this from playing tutorial, but I'm not sure if that was just a glitch.

1.8 Egypt

Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Ramesses II.
With Egypt, you can basically go towards any victory type. Their unique ability Monument Builders gives a +20% bonus when building wonders. This should be used to focus on the wonders that benefit most the victory type you're going after. Egypt can also do some early aggression with their War Chariot, which is faster than the Chariot Archer it replaces, though it becomes obsolete pretty early. Burial Tomb is a nice Temple replacement, which also gives a bonus to happiness, which is great if you're trying to conquer cities. Also while playing with Egypt, you should try to aim for Bolt and Arrow achievement, which requires you to build Temple of Zeus and Temple of Artemis in the same city.

Riddle of the Sphinx
Rush a Wonder as Egypt with a Great Engineer.
To get this achievement you need to have Great engineer, which can be gotten by assigning specialist to Workshops, Windmills or Factories. They can also be received through some bonuses. After getting a Great Engineer you must move it to a city which is building a wonder and expend the Great Engineer to almost complete the wonder.

Tomb Raider
Pillage gold from an Egyptian city with a burial tomb in it.
To get this achievement you need to have Egypt in the same game as you and then declare a war against him and pillage Egypt's cities and hoping one of them has built the Burial Tomb.

1.9 Songhai

The African King
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Askia.
Songhai is another civilization specializing in domination victories. Their unique ability River Warlord triples gold received from clearing barbarian camps and pillaging cities, which can be then used to build more units. Embarked units also gain bonuses to defend them in water. Mandekalu Cavallary is an unique Knight replacement, which is the same as Knight, but without the penalty while attacking cities, so they can be used to quickly assault cities. Mud Mosque Pyramid is a no maintenance Temple replacement, which also generates two culture, which is always a nice bonus.

War Canoe Attack
As Askia, conquer a city on another continent.
To get this achievement, you must first be able to traverse oceans, which is available after researching Astronomy or in some lucky cases you just need to be able to cross shallow coasts, which only requires Optics technology. Another continent is defined as a place that is not connected by land to the land mass you started on, so when you can reach another continent with other players, you should immediately start a city there to prepare for an assault. You could also just have massive army invade a city straight from the sea, but it is better to have some footing against your opponents first.

1.10 Arabia

Arabian Knights
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Harun al-Rashid.
Harun al-Rashid is a leader biased towards trading and therefore diplomatic victory. Ships of the Desert unique ability extends the range of caravans by 50% and also doubles the religion pressure from trade routes. Lastly but not least, Rashid also gains double oil resources, which can be used for trading to gain more money, or to build a strong army for a domination victory. Bazaar replaces Market and is a classical era unique building, which doubles the resources you get and increases money yields which makes diplomatic victory even easier. Camel archers are a medieval era unique unit, which replaces knights. They are ranged units, with 4 movement points and can move after attacking, so they are great hit-and-run attackers if you want to go for a somewhat early domination victory. All in all Arabia is best for a diplomatic victory, but their advantages can be used for a domination or scientific victory too.

Arab Trader
Trade a luxury resource to another Civ that you earned through a city with a Bazaar.
Bazaar can be built after researching Currency. To unlock this achievement you need to have a built a Bazaar and then have a improved resource in the city radius, which will then grant you two copies of the resource in question and then you need to trade the second copy of it to another player.

1.11 Persia

Age of Empire
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Darius.
Persia is another civilization with no clear bias towards anything. Persia's strength is based on Golden Ages, which are 50% longer and give +10% combat strength and +1 movement to units because of the Achaemenid Legacy unique ability. You could use multiple of Golden Age enhancing policies and wonders, to make Golden Ages last insanely long and have stronger units to dominate enemies, or build a lot money for diplomatic victory, which is also made easier with money generating Satrap's Court, or go for a cultural/scientific victory. Their Immortal unit can be used to early dominate players if Golden Age is active.

From Archaemennid to Safavid
As Darius, start 5 Golden Ages in a single game.
To get this achievement, you must make sure your civilization stays happy to achieve multiple Golden Ages. This should happen pretty much naturally, if you're playing a regular game starting from Ancient Era. You can make this easier by choosing social policies that launch Golden age, or build wonders that do the same. Also expending Great Artists can start a Golden age.

1.12 India

Give Peace a Chance
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Gandhi.
India was suited toward cultural victory, but after Brave New World, they can be used for pretty much anything. Population Growth unique ability seems to be useful for building few cities with high population, but it's actually much more efficient to just build a lot of cities with high population by using Caravans to quickly grow cities. With populous cities you can crank out nice amount of science per turn.Mughal fort is a Culture and money generating Castle, and it can be used to go after cultural or diplomatic victory, and also defend against enemies. War Elephant is just a non-ranged Chariot Archer replacement, which is strong, but obsolete fast.

As Gandhi, win a cultural victory with 3 or fewer cities in your empire.
To get this you should build three cities, and try to snatch every tourism wonder available and have your massively populated cities crank out Great Artists, Musicians and Writers as much as they can, though remember you only can fill so many slots before they are obsolete. Missing even one of them makes cultural victory harder, because you're limited to three cities so you can't compensate with buildings.

1.13 Siam

Empire of the East
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Ramkhamhaeng.
Siam is another civilization based on city-states, this time they get +50% to Food, Culture and Faith bonuses from friendly or allied city states. With diplomacy, you can use these boosts to practically aim for any victory. With Food bonuses you can create tall cities which then can be used to gain a lot of science or crank out great persons, culture boost helps with social policies you need to win how you want and religion can be used the same way.

1.14 China
A Woman's Work
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Wu Zetian.
Another domination focused civilization. First of all the Art of War ability doubles the combat bonus of Great Generals and makes spawning them 50% faster. Then they have Paper Maker, which replaces Library. Paper Maker is free to maintain and instead gives 2 Gold per turn, which gives a huge edge on domination victory. China can gain technology faster and build stuff faster with the money saved by Paper Maker, which makes domination victory laughably easy combined with the increased bonus of Great Generals. To grab both of China achievements, you should go with Domination victory.

Sun Tzu's Art of War
As Wu Zetian, earn a Great General through battle.
To get this achievement you need to spawn a Great General through battle, not by getting social policies. This cannot be missed if going with a domination victory.

1.15 Japan
Rising Sun
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Oda.
Japan is purely based on domination victory, with some cultural support since the recent Fall patch. Bushido ability lets Japanese units fight with full strength, even wounded, which makes unit spamming somewhat efficient. Samurai is a great unit because its ability to spawn Great Generals faster to help with war efforts, but it becomes obsolete quickly.

Kamikaze Attack
Kill an enemy unit attacking with a Japanese unit with just 1 HP remaining.
This achievement was made a bit harder with expansions, because this achievement was designed when Civ V used to have HP range of 1-10. To get this achievement you need to attack with a really low health unit against another low health unit, if you manage to deal enough damage you will be left with one health (hopefully) while destroying the enemy unit and unlocking this achievement.

1.16 Iroquois

First of the Mohicans
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Hiawatha.
The Iroquois can be used for pretty much anything, but they tend to be best somewhat early on. Their unique ability The Great Warpath makes Forests and Jungles act as roads, and railroads later on, which is a free +20% production, compensating a bit for the lost bonus of Workshops. The main idea is to leave forests intact and only build Lumber Mills and Trading Outposts on them, and try to aim for some victory.

People of the Longhouse
Build a longhouse in a city with at least 4 unchopped forests in its radius.
Longhouse is a building replacing Workshop, and it's unlocked after researching Metal Casting in Medieval era. To get this achievement you need to build a Longhouse in a city with 4 forest tiles in its radius, which shouldn't be a problem, because of starting bias favouring forests.

1.17 Aztec

Montezuma's Revenge…
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Montezuma.
Aztecs are another civilization focused on domination victories, just like most of the vanilla civs seem to be. Their unique ability Sacrificial Captives gives them culture for every kill, which can make early policy acquisition faster. Their early unique unit Jaguar is great at killing people, because of their regeneration capabilities and their ability to run faster in forests and jungles. To make most out them, you should train/buy a lot of Jaguars and then upgrade to save their unique promotions. Aztecs also have Floating Garden building replacing Water Mill. Floating Gardens can give a sizable boost to city growth, which can be used to gain science faster, which can make your military strength even more formidable.

Gardens of Lake Texcoco
Build a Floating Garden in a city with a lake tile in its radius.
To get this achievement you need to build a city next to a lake. Then you must research The Wheel technology, which enables you to build Floating Gardens.

1.18 Ottoman

A Magnificent Victory
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Suleiman.
Ottomans are a domination centric civilization, but their only problem is that their useful units come in really late. Their unique ability Barbary Corsairs makes their navy strong, because of 33% maintenance cost for naval units and they can capture defeated units for your side. Ottomans' navy is strong, but their unique land units are where their strength lies. Janissary is Musketman replacement, which replaces all of its health everytime a Janissary kills an enemy, even better is that this promotion is preserved while upgrading to Rifleman. Sipahi is just a Lancer with extra vision and free pillaging, which is great way to heal and weaken cities you're trying to capture.

Barbary Pirate
As Suleiman, accumulate a navy with 10 Barbarian naval units.
This is a bit annoying achievement to get. You need to capture 10 barbarian units to your navy using your own ships, which is bit frustrating because those units needed just love to not spawn. If you get lucky to actually have them spawn properly then this achievement won't be a problem.

1.19 DLC civs
By the Waters of Babylon
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Nebuchadnezzar II.
Babylon is one heck of Science focused civ. Their uniques are focused on defending your cities from early aggressions. Walls of Babylon is a double strength Walls, while Bowman is a better version of Archers. But Nebuchadnezzar's unique ability is what makes this civ shine. Babylon can generate Great scientists 50% faster than normally, and they also get a free Great Scientist after you research Writing, so you can almost probably get another free technology or make some bad tiles somewhat worthwhile. You should focus only on science victory with Babylon, or maybe if you want some fun, try to pulverize everyone once you have upper hand on technology.

The Golden Horde
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan is focused on conquering city states, but Mongolia's unique units are excellent for straight domination. Keshiks are a hit and run ranged unit, which are available in Medieval era. You can spam these units to weaken cities immensely without putting your units at risk and then just sweep the city with a melee unit. Khan is a Great General replacement is insanely useful, as it will heal 15HP per turn to adjacent units every turn. You can easily rush everyone with these two useful tools at your disposal.

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Isabella.
Isabella is not suited towards a specific victory, but instead you should try to find Natural wonders and maybe even settle near them to gain nice bonuses, and then base your victory on these bonuses. Their units are combat specific, Tercio is a stronger Musketman combined with Pikeman's bonus against mounted units. This promotion doesn't carry over, so you can't make overpowered land units later in the game. Conquistador is a stronger Knight, but can also settle overseas, which makes it somewhat useful.

Nobody expects...
As Spain, use an Inquisitor to remove another Religion.
[Added in Gods & Kings expansion] Pretty simple one. You just need to have your own religion, which allows you to buy Inquisitor from cities with your own religion once you have enough faith. Once you buy an Inquisitor, just send it to your own city, which has some followers of other religions, and then use Remove religion option. I'm not sure if you can just use it on city with only your religion.

King of the Mountain
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Pachacuti.
I used Pachacuti for a science victory, and maybe you should try that out too. I spammed out Terrace Farms everywhere with mountains, because they get +1 food for every adjacent mountain, and got a lot of tall cities, which produced science really fast. Incan units ignore terrain costs of hills, which is pretty neat ability. Slinger is useless unit in the long run, because it's weaker than Archer which it replaces and its only good thing is that it can withdraw against melee attacks. Incas have the same problem with Spain, that they aren't clearly suited towards any victory type, but you can still use Terrace Farm for growing cities fast and then go for Science victory.

Law of the Splintered Paddle
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Kamehameha.
Polynesians have the ability to cross oceans right from the start, which is a great thing on Archipelago or Terra maps, because it let's you settle other islands/landmasses right from the start. Otherwise their only neat thing is Moai, which can be used to produce culture, and then later on tourism. So with this thing in mind, you might want to try out a Culture victory.

Hands Free to Victory!
Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Harald Bluetooth
Domination victory anyone? Danes can disembark without any cost, so you can do sudden attacks from ocean. Berserker is a nice replacement for Longswordsman, because Berserkers can move quicker. Norwegian ski infantry is a really situational unit. It is really strong in hills, tundra and snow, but outside of those tiles it's just another Rifleman, but with extra cost. Domination victory is the best for Harald.

Where's the Biathlon?
Enter a snow tile with the Norwegian ski infantry
Pretty straightforward. Just build or get a Norwegian Ski Infantry, and move it to a snow tile. While this seems to be unique for Danish, it's not and it can be gotten with any civ, you just need to find a city-state who gifts you these units once you are their Friend or Ally.

The Choson One
Win as Korea
Korea is basically like Babylon, but with different science bonuses. Its units are suited toward defence, with Turtle Ship being 80% more stronger than Caravel, which it replaces, but it cannot enter deep ocean tiles outside of your borders. Hwach'a is a stronger Trebuchet, but it doesn't do any extra damage against cities, so it's best to use it as a defensive unit. Korea gets a science boost every time any science producing building or wonder is built in the capital, and only in the capital, and they also get a science bonus for every slotted specialist and for Great Person improvements. So in short, aim for science victory with Korea.

Turtle Power
Sink an Ironclad with a Turtle Boat
I'm not sure about this achievement, but it's nasty to get this one. I tried to get this in a hot seat game, where I wouldn't get it even though I did what they asked, so either this cannot be gotten there or I did something wrong. In normal games the computer isn't fond of creating Ironclads in my opinion, so it's hard to even take one down because there isn't any. You should just try your luck by building Turtle Ships and declare war against any close coastal civ and hope they attack you with Ironclads at some point.

Easy way to get this achievement: Start an archipelago map on Settler difficulty and play with Korea, start on Industrial era. I chose Tiny as the map size. After founding your first city, build few Turtle Ships and meanwhile try to settle other cities and try to research Steam Power to unlock Ironclads. After unlocking and building an Ironclad, gift it to your nearest city-state by moving the unit to their lands and gift it by using the unit menu. After that immediately start a war and destroy the Ironclad using your Turtle Ships with easy because of the difficulty. Thanks to 'ultrasu' for this, I feel so stupid for not realising this.
1.20 Austria
Austrian Succession
Beat the game on any difficulty as Maria Theresa
Oh boy Austria has some nice things going for it. Austria can buy out allied city-states that have been your allies for at least 5 turns. You get to keep their units and all. They also have access to great scouting unit Hussar, which replaces Cavalry, but is faster and can see further. Not to mention +50% Flanking bonus it receives. But Coffee House is their best part. It replaces Windmill, but is slightly weaker, as it only provides +5% to buildings, while Windmill provides +10%, but instead Coffee Houses can be built anywhere and they grant +25% to Great Person production. This building allows you to practically choose what victory you want because of your quicker produced Great Persons.

As Austria, acquire a City-State with 15 or more units through Diplomatic Marriage.
This is a tough cookie as city-states don't like having many units as you may have seen. The only way to get them to have more units is to play on a harder difficulty, and to gift them your units right before you use your Diplomatic Marriage to buy the city-state. This unit gifting should be done by moving your units to their lands, and then using gift unit action from unit menu, instead of gifting them through Diplomacy menu.
1.21 Byzantium
Dancer, Actress, Empress, Victor
Beat the game on any difficulty as Empress Theodora.
I think Byzantium is one of the worst civs in this game. Their unique ability gives them one additional belief for their religion, which could be a waste of ability due to bad luck with founding a religion or the map starting in Industrial era. At least the bonus belief can be anything excluding Reformation beliefs. This religion buff gives them a slight edge for every victory type there is, so you should pick your belief based on what you want to do. Their unique units are early game ones, so you can try to have a quick Domination victory. Cataphract is a Classic Era unit replacing Horseman. It is +25% stronger, but -25% slower version of the unit it replaces. Dromon is pretty useful unit, but only on maps where there is a lot of water. Dromon is Trireme replacement that is also a ranged unit so it can also be used to destroy land units and it's the only ranged naval unit in Ancient Era. There is no clear direction with Byzantium, though religion can be customized to give them an edge on certain victory types, and also their early units can be used to wreak havoc early on.

Greek Fire
As Byzantines, sink 10 Greek ships with a dromon.
This is really tricky to get legitimately. At first you need to make sure that Greece is on the same game as you, and also make sure that they start near water, so Archipelago map is the best pick for this in a duel map. I'm not sure if embarked land units count for this, but in a duel game against Greece you should declare war immediately once you find them, and hope they build Triremes to be destroyed by your stronger Dromon. Easiest way to get this achievement is to start a Duel sized Archipelago map on a Hotseat game, while controlling both players. This way you can easily destroy Greek ships with ease. I'm not sure if this has to be done with a single Dromon.
1.22 Carthage
No White Flag Here
Beat the game on any difficulty as Dido.
Carthage should be used for a Domination victory. They get a free Harbor for every city, which gives you a city connection overseas, and also +2 gold for trade routes. Also Carthaginian units can cross mountains once you've earned you first Great General, though units on mountains lose 50HP per turn they end there. Carthage's two unique units come in play early, and are damn useful. Quinquereme is a 30% stronger Trireme and African Forest Elephant is a stronger Horseman replacement, that also spawns Great Generals a lot faster. For a domination victory you should use these fully.

Hannibal's Crossing
As Carthage, Attack a Roman Unit with an African Forest Elephant from a mountain tile.
This requires a proper setup, and it is really hard to get legitimately. First of all I seriously suggest getting this in a Hotseat game, or at least setup your game so that you can focus purely on this. Set your map to Duel Skirmish size, and choose whatever that favors mountains. After that pick Rome to play against you. Now to actually get your units to mountains, you need spawn a Great General first, after this you need to build an African Forest Elephant and have it on a mountain ready to attack a Roman unit, that is situated next to the mountain in question. Great generals can be spawned by using your African Forest Elephants and their increased Great General spawns, or you can spawn one immediately by choosing that one Honor tree policy or by filling out Liberty tree.
1.23 Celts
Celtic Thunder
Beat the game on any difficulty as Boudicca.
Celts are a heavily religion based civ. They get +1 Faith for every unimproved forest in their cities, which increases to +2 if there is at least 3 adjacent forests. With this Celts can have a pantheon belief in few turns, due to their starting bias favoring forests. With this in mind, you should develop your religion to support your choice of victory type, because Celts aren't clearly suited towards anything. Pictish Warrior are a Spearman replacement, which generates Faith for every kill they make. You could utilize this by picking Holy Warriors follower belief, to buy Pictish Warriors with the faith you gain by killing units with your Pictish Warriors, if you wish to go for a Domination victory.

Longest. Name. Ever.
Have the city of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll in your empire.
This is not a fun one. To get this, you need to build 33 cities with Celts, while having all of them up at the same time. Only tip I can give is to play a Huge Skirmish map, with only two players and no city-states, and the second player being Venice, so you have all the space you need for this. Just spam Settlers whenever you can and build cities almost next to each other. You should play on Settler difficulty, so you have much more Happiness, and also set your cities to Avoid Growth, so your population won't destroy your happiness.
1.24 Ethiopia
Colonize This!
Beat the game on any difficulty as Haile Selassie.
Ethiopia is another religion focused civ, and also one really defensive civilization. You should do like other religion civs, and create a religion that focuses on certain victory type and then chase it. On defensive side they have their unique ability, which gives all your units +20% combat strength whenever you have less cities than your opponent, and they also have access to Rifleman replacement Mehal Sefari, which gains combat bonus based on its distance from capital, the closer you are the more stronger Mehal Sefari is. Finally instead of Monument they have Stele which gives you a faith bonus in addition to culture bonus, which gives you an early access to faith and so in turn an early access to religion.

Rastafari Messiah
As Ethiopia, earn 5 great prophets.
You can earn Great Prophets in anyway you want for this achievements, you just need to earn 5 of them in one game. Ways to gain Great Prophets:
  • Automatically once you have enough faith pre-Industrial era
  • Filling out Liberty policy tree and picking Great Prophet
  • Filling out Piety policy tree
  • Constructing Hagia Sophia
  • Constructing Leaning Tower of Pisa and choosing Great Prophet
  • Buying them with Faith from Industrial era on
1.25 Huns
Scourge of Everyone
Beat the game on any difficulty as Attila.
Attila is Early game aggressor the civ, so you should try to win with a Domination victory. Battering ram is a Spearman replacement, which does whopping +300% damage against cities and this is in early Ancient era. Horse archer replaces Chariot Archers, but doesn't require any Horses and is stronger than Chariot Archers. Attila's unique ability gives you free Animal Husbandry right of the bat, +1 one production per pasture, and double city razing speed, so unhappiness from city razing won't bother you much. It also gives random city names from other civs to your other cities, which is only useful to determine what civs are in the game you're currently playing, because the names are derived from current players. So in short, build Battering Rams asap and try to take everyone down while you can, after Battering rams become obsolete you have lost all your edge.

RAM Usage
Research Satellites while playing as Attila on a huge map.
Self-explanatory. To get this easily, start a game in Information era, and research it quickly. Remember to set the map size to huge before starting.
1.26 Maya
Baktun the Future
Beat the game on any difficulty as Pacal.
Maya have nice science advantage they can use to get a Science victory. First of all they have the ability to choose a free Great Person (you can only pick one particular person once) every 394 in-game years after researching Theology, which you should research asap, to make full use of this ability. Pyramid is a unique building replacing Shrines, which yields +2 Faith and +2 Science, which gives Maya a massive advantage in the early game, and these buildings should be built whenever you can to get more science. Atlatlist is a Archer replacement, which can be built without researching anything, so you can basically build Archers right off the bat for early defence.

Apocalypse Now
As the Maya, nuke a city in the year 2012.
You should have no problems on getting nukes by year 2012. Remember that you need to build Manhattan Project first before you can build nukes, and also remember to vote No whenever someone tries to pass Nuclear non-profileration resolution, or just build nukes anyone tries to pass it. When year 2012 is up, just blast some nearby city with a nuke to get this, you might want to save your game before launching the nuke in case you don't actually want to anger anyone.
1.27 Netherlands
Silent No More
Beat the game on any difficulty as William of Orange.
I don't see any special ways to win with Dutch, so you just might want to play anyway you want, but based on the other Dutch achievement, you may want to Dominate everyone. They get to retain half of a luxury resource, if it's the last copy they're trading away. This can be used to get something out of trades, but it isn't that great of a boon. The Sea Beggar is a great replacement for Privateer. Sea Beggar has promotions for dealing extra damage to cities, the ability to capture enemy ships and also they can heal outside of friendly territories. But Polder is their best feature. It's the only improvement, that can only be inserted on Marsh or Flood Plains. It gives +3 Food, and +1 Production and +2 Gold after Economics have been researched. After researching Economics, your existing Polders also change colors.

Capture of Brielle
Capture a Spanish Coastal City with a Dutch Sea Beggar.
You can hotseat this or get it legitimately. Set up a game where you're playing against Spain, and for the best results, pick a Duel sized Archipelago map and start on Renaissance or Industrial era. Start by building Sea Beggars when you can and once you've spotted Spain, declare war or build your navy, and then attack whenever you feel ready. With a large navy and some land units, you should not have any problems capturing a coastal city, as Sea Beggars do extra damage against cities.
1.28 Sweden
Defender of the Faith
Beat the game on any difficulty as Gustavus Adolphus.
Let's get this out of the way first: 6-1 and 3-2. Now Sweden is a pretty interesting case. Their unique ability focuses on great persons. They gain 90 friendship if you gift a great person to a city-state, and in addition to this, whenever declaring friendship with another civ, you both get +10% boost to great person production. This gives Sweden an easy way for a diplomatic victory, as long as city-states exist on the map, because you can hoard up on great persons, and once world leader election starts, you can drop them to every city-state in the game to most likely get all city-state votes in one turn. If city-states don't exist, you can use the +10% bonus to advance your tourism or science anyways. Swedes can also be used for a easy Domination victory due to their unique units. Hakkapeliitta (Finland ftw!) can be stacked with a Great General, to give a movement bonus to your General, and also Hakkapeliittas get additional bonus for having a General near them. Then you have Caroleans, which have a free March promotion giving them HP every turn even when attacking. With these units you can create marching army that can easily destroy anything and doesn't have to waste turns healing, as long as you remember to move your units in a group. Sweden should be used for a Diplomatic or a Domination victory, which they can attain easily if you utilized their strengths fully.

Lion of the North
As Sweden, start a turn with your great general stacked with a Hakkapeliitta.
Easy one to get if going for a Domination victory. Just build Hakkapeliitta starting from Renaissance era, and move a Great General to a same tile, and this achievement unlocks when you start your next turn. If you don't want to war for this, you can use any bonuses such as Honor tree policy, Liberty tree finisher, Leaning tower of Pisa or Brandenburg gate, to generate a free Great General for this achievement.
1.29 Assyria
Tablet Tech Pioneer
Beat the game on any difficulty as Ashurbanipal.
Assyria has three nice things going for it, which all help with different victory types. For Domination victory, they have their own Siege Towers which are +50% stronger than Catapults which they replace. Also any unit close to Siege Tower gain a combat bonus against cities. This can be used to easily capture cities, which also leads to Assyria's unique ability, which grants them a free technology for every city they capture. Although this technology must be one that the player hasn't discovered, but this ability can be used to easily progress sciences trees if you have been left behind. Assyria also has access to Library replacing Royal Library, which has a slot for Great Work of Writing, and by fulfilling it, you get free exp for any units built in the city. These bonuses are nice for Domination victory, but you can also chase Science victory by using your stealing ability to always be at least equal to your enemies. Roayl Library slots can also be used to generate tourism, but the lack of any bonuses doesn't make Assyria great for winning Culture victories.

Knowledge is Power
As Assyria, use a Royal Library filled with a Great Work to train a unit that begins with a promotion.
This should be done whenever you're playing as Assyria, because that extra tourism is always nice, but free exp. points are great. Royal Library can be built early, and then you need to build Writers' Guild and produce a Great Writer, who then must create a Great Work to be slotted in the Royal Library through Tourism menu. After having a slotted Writing in Royal Library, you need to build any unit in the city with these two buildings to get this.
1.30 Brazil
Pedro's Party People
Beat the game on any difficulty as Pedro II.
Brazil is a civ focusing on Culture victory. Golden ages are really golden for Brazil, because Tourism output is increased +100%, and Great Artists, Musicians and Writers are generated 50% faster during it. Brazil has a unique improvement called Brazilwood camp, which gives bonus +2 Gold and +2 Culture (after Acoustics) to Jungle tiles, which already might be making Science and Food, this in addition to starting bias which usually locates Pedro to Jungles, makes you nice amount of bonus gold and culture, and also makes you a bit harder to attack against. Finally Pracinha is a unique Infantry replacement, which gives you Golden age points whenever you kill an enemy, so you should really rack up those kills to gain more Golden Ages. Consider building Wonders that strengthen Golden ages or launch them immediately or pick that Liberty policy, but this policy should only be picked once you have nice amount of Tourism already.

Vote for Pedro
As Brazil, win a Diplomatic Victory.
Well this sucks. Brazil is nicely suited towards Culture victory, and then you have to win a Diplomatic victory to get this. Luckily Brazilwood camp gives you gold bonuses, though Trade outposts could have been built in the Jungles anyways. So you should just focus saving gold while playing, consider using Pracinhas against barbarians to get Golden Age points to score more gold.
1.31 Indonesia
The Java Script
Beat the game on any difficulty as Gajah Mada.
Indonesia is another versatile civ. They gain unique luxuries for the first three cities settled on another continent than your capital, and also those cities cannot be razed, because the game actually adds these luxuries beneath the city when you build it replacing whatever resources there might be. You will receive an extra copy of each of these, which can then be traded for free goods. Kris Swordsman is a high risk high reward kind of unit replacing Swordsman. After their first attack, they will receive a unique promotion, which can be amazing like Heroism, which makes the unit like Great General, which can also attack, or horrible, like Enemy Blade, which makes you lose 20HP every turn spent in enemy territory. Garden replacing Candi is a great building, because it doesn't only increase great person production by +25%, but it can be built anywhere and it also gives you faith. Candi should be used extensively to spawn any great persons you might need for the victory type your after.

Enemy Blade No More

As Indonesia, capture an enemy capital with a Kris Swordsman with the Enemy Blade promotion.
You might need a bit luck with this one. First of all you need to build Kris Swordsmen and have them battle enemies until one gains Enemy Blade. After that you need to be at war with someone and be ready to capture their capital, and then have the aforementioned Kris Swordsman swoop in and capture the city, because otherwise it might get destroyed quickly.
1.32 Morocco
This Desert Life
Beat the game on any difficulty as Ahmad Al'Mansur
Morocco is another defensive civ in the game. Their Berber Cavalry gets a combat bonus whenever fighting in desert and on Moroccan territory. Outside of that, Morocco should be used for a Diplomatic victory due to their ability granding them +3 Gold and +1 Culture for one trade route per civ or city-state, having multiple ones going for same territory won't give you another bonus. In addition to this they also have a weakness, which grants +2 gold for other civs for every trade route they have to your cities. Morocco also has a unique improvement called Kasbah, which can only be built on Deserts. It gives you +1 Food, +1 Production and +1 Gold and it also gets the same bonuses as Forts do.

Here's Looking at You, Kid
As Morocco, airlift a civilian unit from Casablanca to Portugal's original capital.
Should be able to be completed on a hotseat game, but it isn't hard to do on a regular game. Just remember to pick Portugal as one of your opponents, and then capture Lisbon. If you want an easy way out, create a duel skirmish game starting from Atomic/Information era so you have access to Airports. After capturing Lisbon, you need to have an Airport in Casablanca and also in Lisbon, so you can send any unit, that is close to Casablanca by using the Airlift action. Casablanca is the fourth city Morocco can build.

Rock the Kasbah
Perform a Concert Tour with a Great Musician on a Moroccan Kasbah improvement.
Morocco has a desert bias, so this shouldn't be a problem at all. You can customize your map to have more desert and so it's duel sized if you want. To get a Great Musician, you need to have built Musicians' Guild and slotted people there to create Great Musicians faster. You can also use any "pick a Great Person" bonuses or built the Broadway to get a free Great Musician. After that you need to have Open Borders with Morocco, so you can actually send your Great Musician there, and they also need to have a Kasbah. So scout out their territory first, preferably while having Open Borders, so you can spot whether they have Kasbahs or not. If they have, send your Great Musician to that spot and then use the Consert Tour action to get this achievement.
1.33 Poland
King of the Wisent
Beat the game on any difficulty as Casimir
Poland has a great cavalry, which can be used to destroy anything without any trouble, but as you can see, Poland also has an achievement for winning a Space victory, so Domination victory should be out of the question. Poland has Winged Hussars, which are heavily upgraded versions of Lancers. Even better is that Poland has Ducal Stable replacement for Stables, which gives bonus experience to any Mounted unit you built and also gives +1 gold per pasture. Poland's unique ability gives them a huge versatility, because they receive a free social policy whenever you reach a new era, and it isn't counted against your current social policy costs. You should use these on Rationalism tree whenever you can, because you're going for a science victory.

Poland Can into Space
As Poland, win a Space Victory.
Easy, but a bit disappointing achievement. The only edge towards science you can get with Poland is your unique ability, so you should utilize it whenever you can.
1.34 Portugal
In Hoc Signo Vinces
Beat the game on any difficulty as Maria I.
Portugal is a civ focused on getting gold, so the best way to win with Portugal is to get a Diplomatic victory. Maria's unique ability grants double the gold from trading, which means you should build caravans and cargo ships whenever you can. Also you should try to build the Colossus and the Petra immediately, though getting Petra might be tricky due to starting bias. Portugal's Nau can conduct trade missions to other cities, which grants you gold and experience. You can exploit this by selecting Commerce policy, which lowers the cost of instabuild and also build Big Ben. Then you can buy Naus for less than you get when selling your goods to a nearby city, you can go further to get more money. Finally Feitoria is an improvement, which is build on the lands of city states, to get a copy of their luxury resources, which you don't have. These should be built whenever you get the chance.

What's Yours is Mine
As Portugal, construct a Feitoria in a City-State that is allied to another civilization.
Pretty straightforward. You just need to construct a Feitoria to a city state, which is allied to another player. You don't even need to get anything from it, just build it. You can check which city states are allied to which players and try to get your Worker to closest allied city state. Feitoria is unlocked with Navigation technology, which is in Renaissance era.
1.35 Shoshone
The Great Spirit
Beat the game on any difficulty as Pocatello.
The Shoshone are great at exploring and grabbing land, but overall they can go whatever way they want. Their unique ability gives them extra starting land for any new settled city, though border growth remains the same, and they also get combat strength bonus whenever your unit is in your territory. Pathfinders are a great unit replacing Scouts. Whenever a Pathfinder finds an ancient ruins, you can choose the bonus you receive from there, so you don't have to hope that the game gives you the edge you need, and also they're just as strong as Warriors are.. Comanche Riders are another unit which should be used for exploration. They're just regular Cavalry, but are cheaper and faster. You should customize your early Ancient ruins bonuses with your preferred victory type, because the Shoshone aren't really suited towards one particular playstyle.

Sacagawea's Legacy
As the Shoshone, discover 5 ancient ruins with the same Shoshone Pathfinder.
You start out with a Pathfinder, which you should use for this. You just need to be lucky to find 5 ancient ruins, which shouldn't be hard at all.
1.36 Venice
Queen of the Adriatic
Beat the game on any difficulty as Enrico Dandolo.
Venice is one gimmick of a civ. They are special as they cannot build settlers, so they cannot found new cities. Instead you can gain more cities by buying city-states, with their special unit called Merchant of Venice, which replaces Great Merchants, also you cannot annex cities you conquer, but instead you have to either puppet them or raze them. They also gain double the normal trade routes, so Diplomatic victory is obviously the best way to win with Venice, as Culture victory is nearly impossible because of their limited Great Work slots, and your Science output is a bit too low, but because you can only puppet cities, your social policy costs remain low. Merchants of Venice are only obtainable like Great Merchants are, so you need to remember that you can't just capture every city-state in the game right off the bat. Great Galleass is a stronger Galleass replacement, so it isn't anything worth writing home about. Diplomacy is the best way to play with Venice, just remember to utilize your trade routes to maximum.

The Great Betrayal
As Venice, capture the Holy City of the religion that the city of Venice follows.
This shouldn't be that hard. First of all, remember to not create your own religion or otherwise you need to have enemy Great Prophet converting Venice first. Wait out until your neighbor has gotten your city under its religion and then launch an offensive and capture their capital. Remember that while puppeted city-states cannot be controlled, you can build units there with money, which you should use to amass a proper army for this achievement.
1.37 Zulus
Wanna Be the King of the Zulus
Beat the game on any difficulty as Shaka.
Shaka is easily one of the most Domination centric civ in this game, so that is the best way to win with Shaka. Shaka's unique ability Iklwa gives him 50% less maintenance cost for units and 25% faster promotions for units. Shaka has access to Impi, which is a unit that can attack two times per turn, but both attacks are conducted in melee range. The first attack is a range attack, which will weaken your enemies and then you will attack again with a melee attack. This is a great thing, because you get free damage and receive less damage from the counter attack, and you also get experience twice, which in combination with faster promotions, will give you promotions insanely fast. Ikanda is a unique building, which works as regular Barracks, but it also gives bonuses to Warriors, Spearmen, Swordsmen, Impi and Longswordsmen. Shaka is a great leader to wreak havoc with, too bad Impi can be used only beginning from Medieval era.

Run 50 Miles and Fight a Battle
As Zulu, have an Impi earn all of the special promotions.
This is a simple one. You need to have built an Ikanda in some city, and then build an Impi there. You can also use an upgraded Spearmen, which have the bonuses of Ikanda I believe. But to get this, you need to have an Impi with Buffalo Horns promotion, which is gotten through Ikanda, and then you need to fight against other people to get two promotions with that Impi. When you get a promotion, you should pick Buffalo Chest and Buffalo Loins. Once you have Buffalo Horn, Buffalo Chest and Buffalo Loins promotions on one Impi, you will unlock this achievement.
2.0 Victory related achievements
This section of the guide covers victory achievements. Most of these are incredibly simple so that you shouldn't have any problems with most of these outside of the difficulty ones. Dark Horse is included in this section in section 2.1, instead of section 3.8 where most misc. BNW achievements are.
2.1 Victory types
To Stand the Test of Time
Beat the game with all victory conditions.
This is simply achieved when you beat the game once with each of the following victories: Space Victory, Cultural Victory, Diplomatic Victory and Domination Victory.

Go Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before
Win a Space Victory.
To achieve Space Victory, you need to build a rocket that can reach another planet before. To do this you must be the first to build the following parts: 3x SS Boosters, 1x SS Engine, 1x SS Cockpit, 1x SS Stasis Chamber, and then you need to have them transported to your capital. These parts act like units. To build these parts you need most of the end game technologies, and you need a lot of science to do that. Science gain is based on your population, and having larger population naturally boosts your science output. Some buildings like Libraries and Universities give science bonuses per citizen. You should try to build wonders that give science bonuses or give boosts to population growth, such as Great Library, Hanging Gardens and Hubble Space Telescope. Rationalism is the best policy tree to pick while going after Space Victory.

The Best State of a Republic
Win a Cultural Victory.
After Brave New World was released, achieving Cultural Victory was altered a lot. To achieve Cultural Victory, you need to be more influental against your opponents than their own culture influences them. This is done through Tourism, and to win, you must have generated more Tourism to your opponents than they have generated culture. To get Tourism going you need to build buildings or wonders that have Great Work of Art/Writing/Music slots. These slots must be filled with appropriate Great persons. Getting Culture wonders is a must for this type victory, and so is having good relations with other civs. Open borders, shared religion, shared ideology and a trade route between civs give huge bonuses to tourism to other civs, which is essential for victory. Aesthetics policy tree is a must pick for this victory.

The Pen is Mightier
Win a Diplomatic Victory.
To win a Diplomatic Victory, you need to have the most votes in United Nations and vote for yourself to be a world leader. Basically every country has a set amount of votes per era, which can be then increased in some ways. Having city states allied with you give one or two additional votes per city state, building Forbidden Palace gives you two votes, having your own religion and/or ideology be a World Religion/Ideology grants two votes so having a World Religion and Ideology grants you four votes. Basically this victory types boils down to fighting over having the most allied city states before elections. Completing quests or giving them money is the best way to get them on your side. Patronage policy tree should be picked to make this easier. Papal Primacy belief combined with Patronage tree makes every city state that have your religion have 35 as their default influence.

Exterminate! Exterminate!
Win a Domination Victory.
To win a Domination victory, you need to control every original capital in the game. This should be self-explanatory, but general point is to have strongest units possible circle the cities you want to capture and have some ranged units like Catapults pelting them. Cities can only be captured by melee units.

Dark Horse
Win a Diplomatic Victory without ever being the host of the World Congress.
[Available with Brave New World expansion] This might be a bit tricky one. For this you have to get a Diplomatic victory while never having been the host of the World Congress. The first host of World Congress is the player, who has researched Printing Press technology and who is the first to meet all the other civilizations in the game. Later on to become the host you need to have most votes, and getting votes is explained earlier in this section. So to have this achievement you must make sure you're not the first one to meet all the others while having Printing Press technology and then you need to be able to suddenly gain huge amount of votes right before the United Nations' World leader election are held. World Congress turns into United Nations when someone has reached Information era or half of the players have reached Atomic era, which marks the point where Diplomatic victory is available, so you need to make sure not to gain too many city state allies before this. You need to have huge amount of money for this achievement and to make it easier you should have fully unlocked Patronage tree, so you gain influence with city states much easier. When it's a few turn before World Leader elections and you feel ready to win, you should save the game and try to buy out every city state you can and hope for the best. With any luck, you'll have enough votes to be the World Leader and unlock this achievement, if you fail you can reload your save and try to win again in the next vote, so you don't lose any money.

2.1.5 Brave New World Ideology victories
One Small Step
Win a Space Victory using the Freedom Ideology.
These achievements are really simple, you just need to have a right combination of ideology and a victory type. Victory types are explained in the previous section, and ideologies are gained once you have researched Industrialization technology in Industrial era and then built three Factories, which require you to have an improved Coal resource, which are revealed with the aforementioned technology. Ideologies are also unlocked if you reach Modern Era before having three factories. Once you have unlocked the ideologies, you need to pick the one you want, there is only three ideologies to pick from. To unlock this achievement you need to have a Space victory while choosing Freedom ideology.

Win a Space Victory using the Order Ideology.
To get this achievement you need to get a Space victory while choosing Order ideology like described in the One Small Step achievement.

Rocking in the Free World
Win a Cultural Victory using the Freedom Ideology.
To get this achievement you need to get a Cultural victory while choosing Freedom ideology like described in the One Small Step achievement.

Workers of the World - Unite!
Win a Cultural Victory using the Order Ideology.
To get this achievement you need to get a Cultural victory while choosing Order ideology like described in the One Small Step achievement.

Strength Through Joy
Win a Cultural Victory using the Autocracy Ideology.
To get this achievement you need to get a Cultural victory while choosing Autocracy ideology like described in the One Small Step achievement.

Games Without Frontiers
Win a Diplomatic Victory using the Freedom Ideology.
To get this achievement you need to get a Diplomatic victory while choosing Freedom ideology like described in the One Small Step achievement.

Axis Powered
Win a Diplomatic Victory using the Autocracy Ideology.
To get this achievement you need to get a Diplomatic victory while choosing Autocracy ideology like described in the One Small Step achievement.

Better Red Than Dead
Win a Conquest Victory using the Order Ideology.
To get this achievement you need to get a Domination victory while choosing Order ideology like described in the One Small Step achievement.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Win a Conquest Victory using the Autocracy Ideology.
To get this achievement you need to get a Domination victory while choosing Autocracy ideology like described in the One Small Step achievement.

2.2 Difficulty achievements
Baby Steps
Beat the game on the Settler difficulty level.
To get these achievements you must play on the difficulty level specified, though I'm not sure if playing on higher difficulty unlocks lower difficulty achievements. Every increase in difficulty gives the A.I. more advantages over you. Settler level difficulty, is so pathetically easy, that you won't be able to lose unless you really try to screw up everything. In this difficulty you start out with 15 Happiness, you gain unhappiness slower and everything costs less. Also barbarians cannot enter your lands. In addition to this, A.I. can't declare war against you.

Taking off the Training Wheels
Beat the game on the Chieftain difficulty level.
Chieftain is also really easy difficulty, but a bit harder than Settler. Here you have 12 base happiness, while other stuff from Settler difficulty still applies, but in lesser amounts. From here on barbarians are able to enter your lands. Also A.I. can now declare war against you.

The Alexman
Beat the game on the Warlord difficulty level.
Warlord is just a bit souped up version of Chieftain difficulty, still a really easy difficulty, so you shouldn't have any trouble beating this difficulty.

Charming. Really.
Beat the game on the Prince difficulty level.
Prince difficulty is mechanically the most balanced difficulty in this game, though the stupidness of A.I. makes it still somewhat easy.

The Once and Future King
Beat the game on the King difficulty level.
Now on this difficulty, the computer will start to get advantages over you. For starters, they will start with Pottery technology already researched. In addition to this they will get bonuses towards everything.

The Golden Path
Beat the game on the Emperor difficulty level.
Computer will start out with Pottery and Animal Husbandry already researched. Otherwise they will receive even more bonuses to destroy you.

The World Is a Mess, and I Just Need to Rule It
Beat the game on the Immortal difficulty level.
Computer will start out with Pottery, Animal Husbandry and Mining already researched. Otherwise they will receive even greater bonuses towards everything, while mechanically the player stays almost the same from Prince difficulty.

Flawless Strategy
Beat the game on the Deity difficulty level.
The hardest difficulty, in which the computer will start out with Pottery, Animal Husbandry, Mining and The Wheel already researched, and in addition to this, they will start out with two settlers, instead of one! Almost all of their bonuses have doubled compared to their rates at Prince difficulty. Winning on harder difficulties is hard, almost impossible at least on Deity, if you're not going for a Domination victory. The computer is capable of building everything faster and researching faster than the player, so the only really viable way to win on Deity is to Dominate everyone, which might still provide to be tough. There used to be tricks to easily win on Deity, but these strategies seem to have been nerfed with the Fall patch.

I'll mention the trick anyways. There used to be a trick where you started a Duel game on Information era, while playing on Deity and while having 0 city states. Then you needed to research Globalization technology. This way when United Nations voting started you had 2 votes while your enemy had 1, ensuring you could vote yourself as the world leader and win. Your enemy would try to build an army to stop you before this could happen, but they would pretty much fail. I'm not sure if this trick works anymore, because many have said that this was nerfed. It might still work on Deity or at least on lesser difficulties.

2.3 Map related victories
Gotta Catch 'Em All
Beat the game on all standard map types and sizes.
To get this achievement, you need to complete all other achievements listed on this section. Even though there are more map types available, you only need to beat the ones listed here. Map size and map type can be selected when setting game, but some map types might only appear in advanced options.

It's Just You and Me, Kid
Beat the game on a Duel Map.
Choose Duel sized map and win. It's one on one, so you might want to Dominate your enemy as quickly as possible.

I Need More Elbow Room
Beat the game on a Tiny Map.
Choose Tiny map and win. Here you'll be playing with three other players.

Living in Smallville
Beat the game on a Small Map.
Choose Small map and win. Five computer players this time.

It's Standard Issue
Beat the game on a Standard Map.
Choose Standard map and win. Standard size has eight players in the same map.

Do You Want to Super Size That?
Beat the game on a Large Map.
Choose Large map and win. Ten players this time.

Ruler of the Twelve Colonies
Beat the game on a Huge Map.
My personal favourite size for maps. Here it's twelve civilization versus each other.

Plate Tectonics
Beat the game on a Continents-type Map.
Choose a Continents-type map and win. Continents maps are a bit like Earth, so there is usually two large randomized landmasses, with smaller islands here and there.

Going It Old School
Beat the game on a Pangaea-type Map.
Choose a Pangea-type map and win. Pangea maps are maps with only one larger landmass, and with possibly some smaller islands.

Island Hopping
Beat the game on an Archipelago-type Map.
Choose a Archipelago-type map and win. Archipelage maps are just ocean filled with islands, which makes these maps nasty in my opinion. To have easier time with these you should probably pick Elizabeth or possibly Kamehameha.

Battlefield Earth
Beat the game on an Earth-type Map.
Choose an Earth-type map and win. This map is a small scale version of Earth. Only the resources are randomized in each game, but you can tweak some options to make the map a bit different.

3.0 Misc. Achievements
This section of the guide covers all other achievements, that aren't civilization based, victory based or scenario based.

Section 3.1 contains all the easy stuff from Vanilla, like Nuking a city, finding a ancient ruins, upgrading a unit etc. which everyone should get by just playing the game.

Section 3.2 contains all the grinding achievements. These are the achievements mostly included in the Vanilla, where you have to do some achievement repeatedly like constructing a mine 1000 or a Temple 1000 times. These mostly come on their own over time, but cutting forests could take forever for natural play. Achievements Panzer "Shafernator" General from Vanilla, Rest in Gold Pieces from Wonders of Ancient World DLC and Gimme Your Lunch Money! from Gods & Kings expansion are included in this section.

Section 3.3 contains all the Religion based achievements that can be done with anyone. These achievements are added in Gods & Kings expansion.

Section 3.4 contains all the Espionage based achievements. These achievements are added in Gods & Kings expansion.

Section 3.5 contains all social policy tree fulfillment achievements. Most of these are in Vanilla and two of them are added in Brave New World expansion.
NOTE: Achievements Diplomacy by Other Means, With an Iron Fist and Freedom Isn't Free cannot be completed if you have Brave New World enabled, because this expansion reworks social policy trees a bit. To get these achievements you need to make sure BNW is disabled from Main Menu -> DLC.

Section 3.6 contains all the other Vanilla and DLC achievements you can find in the game. These are mostly "Get all x, complete all x" etc. achievements. There is also multiplayer, one city challenge, mod, etc. achievements here.

Section 3.7 contains all trade achievements included in Brave New World expansion.

Section 3.8 contains all the other achievements included in the expansions. Which are not fit to any previous category or scenarios.

Section 3.9 and 3.10 are checklists
3.1 Basics [Vanilla]
Say Hello to My Little Friend
Reach Ally Status with a City-State.
To reach Ally status with a City-state you need to complete quests for them and maybe give money. Ally status is reached when positive influence is at 60 with one city-state.

Neighborhood Bully
Annex a previously puppetted City-State.
To get this, you need to capture a city-state first, and choose to puppet it. Then after choosing to puppet it, you must select Annex city from city management screen of the city state.

Build a Wonder.
Wonders can be built in any city, when particular technologies are researched. World wonders can only be built by one civ per game, but national wonders are available to everyone.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Upgrade a Unit.
To upgrade a unit you need to have a better version of a particular unit available, and then move that one unit to tile owned by any of your cities and pay x amount of money to upgrade your unit. For example you can upgrade an Archer to a Composite Bowman when you've researched Construction technology.

Moving on Up
Earn a Unit Promotion.
Promotions are earned when your combat unit has earned enough experience. Combat units receive experience by attacking enemy combat units/cities or when they're under attack. You can also receive a free promotion by having buildings such as Barracks built in your city where trained units will start out with promotion.

Two Men Enter, One Man Leave
Completely defeat another Civ and remove them from the game.
To get this achievement you must conquer every city of civilization. If complete kills is enabled, then you need to kill their every last unit to get this.

Second City
Found a second city.
You can found cities by using settlers. To get this achievement you need to train a settler yourself or unlock one through Liberty policy tree policy and use it to start a new city.

Treasure Hunter
Discover an ancient ruin.
Ancient Ruins are found on random locations. The game notifies you every time you see one and you should have at least one of them near your starting location. Just enter it and you receive a free bonus.

Peace and Prosperity
Begin a Golden Age.
Golden age begins when the Golden age count is filled. You cain Golden age points based on your happiness, every point of happiness provides one Golden age point per turn. There are also some wonders, policies and Great persons that can launch a golden age.

It's Super Effective
Destroy an enemy unit in just one hit.
You need to get a unit from 100 health to 0 with one hit. This is easy if you have stupidly strong units against your enemies. Can also be attained by playing on settler difficulty and adopting Honor tree and attacking barbarians with slightly stronger units.

I'm on a Boat!
Embark a Unit.
Units can be embarked when you've researched Optics technology. Then you just need to move a unit toward water and they will embark. You might need to move your unit through your own lands first, so it gains the Embarkation promotion.

Have another Civ beat you to completing a Wonder 10 times.
This is unlocked once computer has managed to build a wonder ten times in all games. You don't need to be building it to make it count.

I Can Has Nukes?
Drop a Nuke on another Civ.
You can use Atomic Bombs or Nuclear Missiles for this. Atomic Bombs are unlocked with Nuclear Fission technology and they require Uranium to be built. To build one you also need to have built Manhattan Project first, which is unlocked with Atomic Theory technology. Once you have built one nuke just aim one towards an enemy city and launch it. If you don't want to start a war you can save before launching one and then reload the game.

Prove that the world is round by uncovering a connected loop of tiles around the circumference of the world.
You will most likely need Astronomy technology to get this. This enables you to travel over oceans, and then you just need to travel around the map from east to west or vice-versa until you return to where you started.
3.2 Grinds

Here Ends the Noble Savage
Raze 100 Barbarian camps, across any number of playthroughs.
Barbarian camps are the spot where barbarians spawn. To clear one of these camps, you must eliminate any barbarians on top of them and then step on them. This should come naturally at some point, if playing with barbarians on.

The Explorer
Discover 100 Natural Wonders.
Natural wonders are unique tiles, such as Mt. Fuji, which are informed when you see one. You just need to find any combination of Natural wonders 100 times, which should happen on its own.

Land Baron
Purchase 1000 tiles, across any number of playthroughs.
You can purchase tiles with gold to quickly enlarge your cities. The cost of buying these tiles go up every time you buy one. If you want to grind for this you should use Washington and construct Angkor Wat to reduce buying costs. Still 1000 tiles take a lot of time, because you can only buy tiles up to 3 tiles away from the city.

The Appian Way
Build 1000 roads, across any number of playthroughs.
Roads can be build to have City connections and to speed up your movement a lot. This can only be grinded by spamming roads everywhere. Getting Citizenship policy in the Liberty tree makes building roads faster, as does contructing Pyramids wonder, and with these two you can build a road in a turn! You could always build a road and then remove it, and repeat this process all the time to grind for this a bit faster. This achievement should come naturally if you play this game a lot.

Build 1000 mines, across any number of playthroughs.
Mines can be built on hills and on some resources. The only way to grind this is to construct mines everywhere you can. You can even destroy them and rebuild them if you really want. You can also try to change map type to hilly one and change the age of the planet to 3 billion years to have more hills.

Paul Bunyan
Chop down 1000 forest tiles, across any number of playthroughs.
Chopping down forests is something most of people don't do unless trying to improve a resource, so this will take a lot of time to get naturally. You can chop down forests with Workers to have them bring in some production to nearest city. If you want to grind for this, you should choose a boreal map, which is filled with forests and have workers cut down forests everywhere.

God Is Great
Construct 1000 Temples, across any number of playthroughs.
Temples can be built in any cities after researching Philosophy technology. This will probably come naturally if you play this game a lot, but you can speed up the process by building/buying Temples and then selling them and repeating the process.

Merchant King
Trade 100 resources, across any number of playthroughs.
You can trade resources to another civilizations through diplomacy screen. Usually the best way is to trade an extra copy of a resource for another civ's extra copy of something you don't have. 100 trades is a small number, so you probably don't even need to grind for this at all.

Marco Polo
Be the first to explore and uncover 1000 tiles, across any number of playthroughs.
Fog of War tiles are unexplored tiles you need to uncover for this achievement. This achievement will come naturally, but you can fasten the process by buying for example Caravels and have them on automated exploration mode.

Panzer "Shafernator" General
Spawn over 100 Great Generals, build an army of over 100 standing units, and beat the game 100 times.
This is a bit nasty one, and I recommend getting this through naturally completing everything else. 100 Great Generals are easy to spawn, because you will spawn multiple of them every time you go for a Domination victory, and playing with China makes you spawn them a lot. Beating the game 100 times takes a lot of time, but there are some setups you can do to beat the game in few minutes. Finally having an army of 100 standing units is a tricky one, because it will destroy your economy. To go for this you need to have a lot of money first, then start building a lot of fast building units and try to keep count of them. At some point your bank will start going negative, but you probably need to build more units. I'm not sure, but I think Guided Missiles count for this, so you could also build a lot of those.

Rest in Gold Pieces
Gain 1000 gold from expended Great People with the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus across any number of playthroughs
[Added in Wonders of the Ancient World DLC] Mausoleum of Halicarnassus is a wonder which you can built after researching Masonry. By having this wonder you will receive 100 gold everytime you expend a Great Person. Expend a total of ten Great Persons while owning Mausoleum of Halicarnassus to receive this achievement.

Gimme Your Lunch Money!
Bully 3000 gold from City-States across any number of playthroughs.
[Added in Gods and Kings expansion] Bullying city-states means that you demand gold from them. To succesfully receive gold from them you need to make them afraid of you and this can be done by having a large army and lots of soldiers near city-state you want to bully. Every successful demand gives you some gold. Repeat this enough times to receive this achievement.

3.3 Religion [Gods and Kings only]
Gad Zeus!
Found a Pantheon.
To found a Pantheon, you need gather enough Faith. This amount is very low, but it will increase with game speed and by the number of Pantheons already found. To gather Faith early on you have to either build a Shrine or another early Faith building, which usually provide +1/+2 Faith per turn. If you find a religious City-state, you will get some Faith from them once, and you can also receive Faith from Ancient ruins.

Found a Religion.
Religion can be founded once you have founded a Pantheon and then you need to have a Great Prophet. Great Prophets can be earned by having enough Faith, but Religion must be founded before Industrial era, or else you will be locked out of your own religion. Also there can only be 7 religions per game. Once you have earned a Great Prophet, you need to choose "Found religion" option and choose some beliefs to gain this achievement.

Missionary Man
Spread your Religion to an opponent with a Missionary.
Missionaries can be bought with Faith, and Faith only. Other options are to build for example a Borobudur, which will give you three Missionaries. Missionary must be moved next to a city of an enemy civ, city-states don't count, and then you must choose "spread religion", just a note that this will damage relations between your countries, if the opposing civ has his/her own religion. Also do note that Missionaries will lose 250 strength every turn they spend in other civs lands, so they can die pretty quick.

Holier Than Thou
Become the dominant Religion in an opponent’s Holy City.
To become a dominant religion, there must be more than half of the population under the same religion. To this achievement, your opponent must have his/her own religion, and then you need to spread your own religion there. Hard way to do is to naturally force your own religion there, though this takes a long time and might not work at all. Easiest way to do this is to send a Great Prophet to your opponent's Holy City and then spread your religion there. Great Prophets erode existing religions and spreads your own on top of that, Missionaries can only convert people that are not under any religion, so don't even bother sending them.

Lose dominant status in your Holy City to an opponent’s Religion.
To get this achievement you must have your own religion and then have your Holy City get converted. If you're playing against computers, this is down to luck, some more religion centered civs might start to spread their religion in your capital with Great Prophets. I think hotseat games might work for this, but I can't confirm anything yet.

Holy Father
Select the Papal Primacy Belief and Ally with 12 City-States.
Pretty simple one, just found your religion with Papal Primacy belief and start allying with City-States. You should have Patronage tree filled a bit to make this easier. Those 12 City-States don't need to follow your religion, you just need to have 12 city-state allies, which you will get if you're trying to get a Diplomatic Victory.

We are Family
Become the dominant Religion in every Capital city on a standard-size or larger map.
This is a pretty tricky one. I tried to get this by having a standard size map, but with only two players, and I didn't get this when I converted the other player's Holy city. Then I tried to get this "properly" by having a full standard sized game, and I still didn't get it when I got all capitals under my religion. To get this you need to produce a lot of Faith, so you can get Great Prophets to make this easier. You can always try to get this by spreading your religion naturally, but it's pretty much impossible to spread it fast enough. Natural spreading happens, when another city is at most 10 (or 13 with certain belief) tiles away from a city that has a majority religion, which then starts to extert +6 religious pressure, every other city within the 10/13 tile range adds +6 pressure. The religion with most pressure will convert the entire city at some point. This should be used to have easier time converting all those 8 capitals with Great Prophets. To make this somewhat easier, you should try to get this while going for a Domination victory, so you can eliminate any resistance from most of your opponents and convert those capitals in peace. To gain a lot of Faith, and then to gain a lot of Great prophets, you should: pick some Faith generating Beliefs, build every Faith generating building and Wonder like Stonehenge, Build the Hagia Sophia to get a free Prophet, Build Leaning tower of Pisa to get a free Prophet, completely fill Liberty social policy tree to get a free Prophet, completely fill Piety social policy tree to get a free Prophet and get some Faith bonuses, choose Underground Sect Reformation belief to have extra help with naturally spreading your religion, also if playing with Maya you can get another free Great Prophet with the use of B'ak'tun, and if playing with Shoshone you can choose to get Great Prophets from Ancient Ruins if you have founded a Religion already. Supposedly easy way: Start a Standard Sized Skirmish map with Ethiopia on Settler. Build Stele first, rush Calender and build Stonehenge and Shrine. Found a religion when you can, and also enhance when you can. Then start rushing for Theology. Use any Great Prophets and Missionaries you can to spread your religion. When you've reached Theology, try to build all Religious wonders it provides so you get extra faith, Great Prophet and Missionaries. Skirmish map is so small, that natural converting process can reach multiple cities, so you should pick the belief which increases your religion's spread. With this you should be able to fill what this achievement requires, but for some reason it didn't unlock for me.
Note: I've heard this achievement is notoriously buggy, and it might be hard to achieve this even if you do it correctly.
3.4 Espionage [Gods and Kings only]
Sticky Fingers
Use a Spy to steal Technology from a competitor.
Spies are unlocked when someone has reached Reneissance era. To get this achievement you must choose to send your spy through Espionage screen to another civ's city, and choose whether he should be diplomat or a spy. Choose the spy option and your spy tries to steal a technology, you. You can only steal technologies that you don't have, so if you're too far ahead of everyone then you can't steal anything. Your spy might also fail to steal anything and instead he might get killed, but he will be replaced be another level 1 recruit.

Junta for Red October
Use a Spy to successfully stage a City-State coup.
To stage a coup you need to send your spy into a city state, that has allied with another player. When you send your spy there, you have the option (in Espionage overview) to stage a coup, but this is only highlighted when the city-state has an ally. The coup may fail, so to gain this achievement you just need to succeed in a coup.

Smooth Talking
Use a Spy to gain influence with a City-State.
To gain influence with a city-state you just need to station your spy to any city-state. Then it will take X amount of turns so that your spy can rig the elections of the city-state in question. After this automatic procedure is completed you will gain this achievement.

Whack a Mole
Find and kill an enemy Spy.
To kill an enemy spy you need to have your own spy stationed at a city, which any of your opponents has sent a spy to steal your technology. The best way to complete this achievement is to have your stationed to your capital immediately and just wait till you succeed in killing an enemy spy. To make this easier you can level up your spy by stealing enemy technology (or kill enemy spy, but that is what you're trying to do) or build a National Intelligence Agency, which will level up your spies.

Access Denied
Construct the Great Firewall Wonder.
Research Computers technology in Atomic era and be the first one to build this wonder.

Intelligence Network
Share intrigue with a player who previously shared intrigue with you.
Intrigue is when someone informs another player about some plotting against him/her. To gain possible intrigue you need to have your spies in other player's cities, they can be spies or diplomats. Now to get this, someone has to tell you about a plot against him, and then you need to return the favor. This somewhat down to luck, because you can never know who are spying other players, who then need to be plotting against you.

3.5 Policy tracks [Vanilla + BNW]
With Liberty and Justice for All
Fully Explore the Liberty Policy Track.
To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Liberty policy track, which gives you bonuses to city based stuff such as Settlers, Workers, City connections, production etc. Social policies can be purchased by attaining culture. These achievements can easily be gotten setting up a new game starting on Information era and playing one turn, which gives you enough culture to fill out a tree completely. Repeat the process for all other trees by starting a new game after getting the achievement for one Social Policy track.

Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis
Fully Explore the Piety Policy Track.
To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Piety policy track, which focuses on Faith. To get this quickly you can use the trick mentioned in With Liberty and Justice for All achievement.

Diplomacy by Other Means
Fully Explore the Autocracy Policy Track.
To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Autocracy policy track. To get this quickly you can use the trick mentioned in With Liberty and Justice for All achievement.
NOTE: This achievement cannot be obtained if you have Brave New World expansion enabled, because it removes Autocracy, Order and Freedom social policy tracks, to make way for two new tracks and a completely individual Ideology menu. To get this achievement while owning BNW, you need to disable Brave New World Expansion from Main Menu -> DLC.

With an Iron Fist
Fully Explore the Order Policy Track.
To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Order policy track. To get this quickly you can use the trick mentioned in With Liberty and Justice for All achievement.
NOTE: This achievement cannot be obtained if you have Brave New World expansion enabled, because it removes Autocracy, Order and Freedom social policy tracks, to make way for two new tracks and a completely individual Ideology menu. To get this achievement while owning BNW, you need to disable Brave New World Expansion from Main Menu -> DLC.

Master of the House
Fully Explore the Tradition Policy Track.
To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Tradition policy track. To get this quickly you can use the trick mentioned in With Liberty and Justice for All achievement.

Death Before Shame
Fully Explore the Honor Policy Track.
To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Honor policy track. This tree focuses on Combat, so you should fill out this tree when going for Domination victory. To get this quickly you can use the trick mentioned in With Liberty and Justice for All achievement.

Team Player
Fully Explore the Patronage Policy Track.
To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Patronage policy track. This tree is useful when going for Diplomation victory. To get this quickly you can use the trick mentioned in With Liberty and Justice for All achievement.

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees
Fully Explore the Commerce Policy Track.
To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Commerce policy track. To get this quickly you can use the trick mentioned in With Liberty and Justice for All achievement.

Eighty-Eight Miles per Hour
Fully Explore the Rationalism Policy Track.
To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Rationalism policy track, which is unlocked in Renaissance era. You pretty much should fill out this tree when going towards Science victory. To get this quickly you can use the trick mentioned in With Liberty and Justice for All achievement.

Freedom Isn't Free
Fully Explore the Freedom Policy Track.
To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Freedom policy track. To get this quickly you can use the trick mentioned in With Liberty and Justice for All achievement.
NOTE: This achievement cannot be obtained if you have Brave New World expansion enabled, because it removes Autocracy, Order and Freedom social policy tracks, to make way for two new tracks and a completely individual Ideology menu. To get this achievement while owning BNW, you need to disable Brave New World Expansion from Main Menu -> DLC.

Artistic License
Fully explore the Aesthetics Policy track.
[Added in Brave New World expansion] To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Aesthetics policy track, which focuses on tourism. You should fill this when going for Culture victory. To get this quickly you can use the trick mentioned in With Liberty and Justice for All achievement.

Legends of the Hidden Temple
Fully explore the Exploration Policy track.
[Added in Brave New World expansion] To get this achievement you simply need to fill out the Exploration policy track. To get this quickly you can use the trick mentioned in With Liberty and Justice for All achievement.
3.6 Misc. achievements [Vanilla + DLC]
Master of the Universe
Beat the game on any difficulty setting with each leader.
Simply beat the game with every Vanilla civilization, that is the 18 first civs described in this guide. DLC and Expansion civs are not needed for this achievement.

Last Man Standing
Win any Multiplayer Match.
Simply complete a multiplayer match. If you are really struggling with this, you can play a hotseat game with yourself to unlock this.

We Have the Technology
Fully explore the Tech Tree.
To get this achievement you need to research Future tech once. This is the last available technology and it can be researched again. This is best to be done while going for a science victory.

The Wonder Years
Build all the Wonders, across any number of playthroughs.
Simply build all the wonders in the game, you should use the civilopedia to help you locate which wonders you are missing. Any Wonders added by Expansions and DLC are not required for this achievement. NOTE: If you have installed Brave New World, you can't get this without disabling the expansion in Main Menu -> DLC, this is because BNW replaces National Treasury and United Nations wonders, which are required for this achievement.
List of required wonders can be found on section 3.9.

Enlightened Ruler
Unlock all Social Policies, across any number of playthroughs.
Simply unlock every social policy once at some point. NOTE: This cannot be unlocked if you have BNW enabled, because BNW replaces Freedom, Order and Autocracy trees with two new trees and Ideology. New trees aren't counted toward this, and completing those Ideology trees won't count towards the same policy tree!

Model of a Modern Major-General
Train all Units, across any number of playthroughs.
Simply train all units in the game once, that is produce them in some manner. This is a bit time consuming, because you have also train civ specific units. This achievement doesn't count DLC/expansion added units. You need to rely on civilopedia to possibly check which you have built and go from there. Something that can help is that you can set up a new game, from one era later than the era you want to train every unit from. This way all those units are already available and you can spend some time to train them at least once, and then move on the next era etc. List of units needed are in section 3.8.

City of Lights
Develop a city to produce more than 100 culture per turn.
This shouldn't be a problem, at least if you're going for a Cultural victory. To get this you should focus on building every culture producing wonder/building in your capital and also create Great Works whenever you can. Slotted culture specialists help you even further. Remember one city has to produce more than 100 culture per turn. Not sure about Golden Age, but this achievement might count the increase towards this achievement.

City of Science
Develop a city to produce more than 100 science per turn.
This should come naturally at least when going for a science victory. This should be done in capital city, because of the innate palace bonus. Every citizen yields one science per turn, which can be then amplified with multiple buildings, some wonders also help, and not to forget scientists. Also setting production towards research might help with this.

City of Gold
Develop a city to produce more than 100 gold per turn.
This shouldn't be a problem either. Every money producing building and wonder should be built to have easier time with this and trade routes should be abused as much as possible. Not sure about Golden ages, but this achievement might count the increase towards this achievement.

One to Rule Them All
Beat the game on any difficulty setting with only one city.
This might be a bit tricky if playing in a normal game. Science victory is pretty much out of the question and as is Cultural victory since Brave New World, and so is Diplomatic victory, so the best way to win is to dominate. If you want the easy way out with this, you can choose to play a Duel sized skirmish game and go ballistics right off the bat.

Play a game with a Mod.
To download a mod, you need to search the Steam Workshop for a mod you might like and then hit the subscribe button. After this you just need to boot up the game and the achievement will unlock once you get to main menu.

Download a Mod.
After downloading a mod and booting up the game, you need to choose Mods option from main menu and choose a mod you want to use. Then just proceed to single player and this achievement should have unlocked already. You don't actually need to start a game to get this.

Rate a Mod.
This achievement is apparently glitched and cannot be unlocked anymore.

He Threw a Car at My Head!
Have any city ransomed by Barbarians.
This is another tricky one to get. You need to have barbarians beat you city to a pulp to unlock this. They try to capture your city just like normally, but instead of losing it you will get ransomed and you get this achievement. You should set difficulty to Deity or at least higher than Prince and set Raging barbarians on. Delete your units and don't try to kill barbarians, You should eventually get enough barbarians attacking your capital that you get this.

Pillage, Then Burn
Pillage 9 Farms on the same turn
[Added in Vikings DLC]This achievement is yet again a bit tricky one, but there is a glitch that you can use to save you. To get this achievement easily, you can save the game and then pillage an enemy farm, reload the game and pillage it again, and keep repeating this until you unlock the achievement. Just use two or three units to pillage farms on the same turn, and then reload to get this in no time. To get this legitimately, you need to have multiple units capable of moving more than twice per turn, preferably some mounted units, even better is to use anything that doesn't have a pillaging cost, like Ottomans' unique unit and then pillage 9 farms in total with multiple units.
3.7 Trade achievements [BNW]
Highway Robbery
Plunder a Caravan Trade Route.
To plunder a Caravan Trade route, you need to be at war with the owner of the route. Then you just need to send a military unit over the path of the Trade route, and then select the Plunder Trade route option. You can check which cities have trade routes with you by checking the trade route screen.

Silk Road
Connect to the Arabs, China, India, the Mongols, and Persia at the same time using Caravans.
Oh boy this needs some setting up to do. First you have to create a game with those five civs in it, and then progress enough to be able to send a trade caravan (no cargo ships) to one of their cities. Any neighboring civ is easy, but some civs might be on other landmasses, which could be a problem if that landmass is settled almost to the brim. Just be ready to send settlers a long distances away to build a city just so you can have a trade route with another civ. Mongolia can be a problem here, because they love to attack cities, so you might actually need to liberate another player if they happen to conquer their capital.

Greed is Good
Have a city with the Colossus, Petra, a Caravansary, and a Harbor.
To get this achievement, you need to have a city next to a desert and an ocean at the same time. Then you need to be the first to snag Colossus and Petra, which is the hardest part of this. After getting those you should get Caravansary and Harbor. You should try any Desert biased civ like Morocco to have a much better chance to start in a desert next to ocean.

Built in (Almost) a Day
Complete a Wonder in a city with three Trade Routes supplying production to it.
Easy. Build a Workshop in three cities, and station a caravan in those cities. Then start building a Wonder in a city that is not one of the aforementioned cities, and then send those three caravans you stationed to increase production in the wonder building city, which is probably you capital.

Merchant Prince
Generate 200 gold per turn via Trade Routes
To get this you simply need to have enough trade routes making enough money. I recommend using Cargo Ships for this, since they seem to make a lot more money than Caravans. Just send Cargo ships from a city next to ocean to another cities and hope for the best. You can advance technologically to get more Trade routes and build Colossus or Petra two get extra. Portugal and Venice are the best civs to get this achievement since Portugal's 2x Trade route Gold bonus, you can easily net over 40 gold per trade route, while Venice has double the Trade routes, which makes this a piece of cake.
3.8 Misc. achievements [G&K + Brave New World]
The Last Crusade
Capture the city that built Petra using a Landship.
Tricky, but easily manageable. First you have to get a Landship, which is unlocked with Combustion technology in Modern era. Then you need to check who has Petra using the Diplomacy screen and just capture cities of the player in question by using a Landship as the capturing unit. You can see where Petra is located by watching the cities, if you don't recognize the wonder in question, you can just capture the cities which are in a desert or next to it.

Losing My Marbles
Extract 5 Artifacts from the territory of another major civilization.
This is a tough one, and I think they don't let you get this one with Hot seat games. You need to send your Archaeologist to other civs and steal their artifacts. Problem with this? You can only send them there while having Open Borders and you need to get 5 artifacts from one territory. Also they will hate you if you steal their arfifacts, and probably try to deny you from any further Open Borders treaty. My best advice is to get Archaelogy as early as possible and then spam Archaeologists and have multiple ones start their digging on the same turn, in a territory where you have Open Borders and also have made sure that there is 5 Antique sites there, which is another problem on its own.

It Belongs in a Museum
Have Artifacts from 10 different City-States in the Museums and Wonders in your civilization.
This is actually a really hard one. There is two factors making this harder than this needs to be. 1) You need to be lucky enough to have 10 different artifacts from city states altogether in the game 2) you need to be lucky enough to get them first or be lucky enough to get them traded from other players. There is nothing to say about this except that you should research Archaeology as early as possible, and then have the world explored as much as you can, so you can spot all dig sites in the game. Also consider getting all Exploration policies, to spawn some extra hidden dig sites. These artifacts seem to spawn in random places, for example on Earth maps, I have gotten random City state artifacts from real world Polynesian islands, where there usually is none of the city states near.

Radio Free Europe
Adopt the Freedom Ideology and fill 10 Broadcast Towers with Great Works.
First of all, you need 10 cities for this. Then you also need to have adopted the Freedom ideology. After this part try to get as much as Great Musicians as you can by having Musicians' Guild slotted, having completed Aesthetics tree, and gotten any bonuses to Great Persons such as Garden, Arts Funding, Leaning Tower of Pisa and create Great works of Music enough to have 10 of them slotted to Broadcast Towers. You can use free choice of Great Persons to get Great Musicians, and also build Broadway to get a free Great Musician.

Tear Down this Wall!
Force an AI player with the Order Ideology to switch to Freedom.
This should be gotten whenever you're going for a Culture victory. People's public opinion depends on Tourism the civ gets from other countries. If total amount Tourism from other civs influences them more than their own ideology, they will at first get Dissidents status, then Civil Resistance, and then Revolutionary wave status. At this point they may change their Ideology to preferred one. To get this you should have high culture/tourism while having Freedom ideology, and hope that multiple opponents will pick it, and then wait for some hipster civ to pick up Order, and watch as his/her cities fall into chaos. You can make this even easier by using World Congress to force Freedom to be a World Ideology, which almost immediately should make all other ideologies switch their ideology to Freedom.

[Any day now... Though Poland had already converted to Freedom in this case]

3.8.5 Misc. Achievements [BNW pt2]
Lingua Franca
Found the World Congress and remain its host for the entire game.
To found a World Congress and to be the first host of it, you need to be the first to discover all other civs in the game, while possessing Printing Machine technology. While you're the host, you have one additional vote at first, which makes it so that you will always remain the host, until having city state allies giving votes for you. At this point, you need to make sure you have as many allies as you can, so you will remain as the person with most votes. You should also build Forbidden Palace, which gives you two additional votes, do note that Forbidden Palace requires Patronage policy tree opener.

Propose to repeal an active Resolution which you had originally proposed to enact.
This is easy. If you have founded the World Congress, you can pretty easily get a ban on a luxury, that no one objects against, like Pearls, which no one seems to have almost ever or just try to pass some other things like Arts funding. Then after this ban is in place, you just need to try to repeal the ban on the next voting. If getting something banned or in effect seems hard, you can just gather more vote to force something to pass.

Herculean Effort
Complete all International Projects in a single game as the highest contributor.
The Internation Projects in question are World's Fair, International Games and Internation Space Station. World's Fair can be picked as a resolution from World Congress immediately once it's founded, International Games become available once someone discovers Radio and International Space Station becomes available once someone discovers Satellites. To contribute towards these, you need to make your cities contribute their production towards these projects in similar manner as using production to produce wealth or research. To win these easily, just make all your cities work towards these projects, AI doesn't seem particularly willing to actually to do anything about these projects.

Soma Tablets for Everyone
Reach a Happiness level of over 100 for your civ.
This may seem a bit tough on harder difficulties, but it's actually quite manageable because of the new Ideology system, which has couple of tenents to rack up a lot of happiness. But to get the most happiness as possible you should gather as much luxuries as you can, build every happiness building you can, and maybe some wonders like Notre Dame, pick happiness effecting policies, find all Natural wonders, ally some mercantile city states and then pick all happiness effecting tenents from your Ideology. This should easily boost you over 100, provided that you don't have dozens of huge cities.

That's XCOM baby!
Have your XCOM Squad go from 100 health to 0 in a single AI turn.
Luck based one. Just to make sure your XCOM Squad is totally overwhelmed against your enemies and hope you get plastered. Best way to get this would be to send a single XCOM Squad against a heavily armed civ and try to bait majority of their units near each other and then just send XCOM Squad near them. Additionally you probably could use XCOM Squad's parachuting abilities to send it against a massive horde of enemies you were otherwise trying to bait to one spot. Playing on Deity is probably the most ideal way to get this because then the AI actually might create a massive amount of units. Also there is the option to get this in war against city-states, because their units tend to be gathered in one place, but then again they don't like to create massive armies but you can always help with that by gifting them a few Rocket Artilleries and such.
3.9 Units needed for Model of a Modern Major-General
Model of a Modern Major-General
Train all Units, across any number of playthroughs.
As earlier mentioned, this achievement requires you to build all units in the game at least once. Only vanilla units count for this, I believe. You can use the "start a new game from one era later" trick to build all necessary units faster without having to play full games. Here is the list of units required.

Ancient Era units:
  • Settler
  • Work Boat
  • Worker
  • Great Artist (?)
  • Great Engineer (?)
  • Great General (?)
  • Great Merchant (?)
  • Great Scientist (?)

  • Archer
  • Warrior
  • Scout
  • Spearman
  • Chariot Archer
  • Trireme

  • Brute [Barbarians only, capture with Germany]
  • Jaguar [Aztecs only]
  • Hoplite [Greece only]
  • Immortal [Persia only]
  • War Chariot [Egypt only]
  • War Elephant [India only]
  • Galley [Barbarians only, capture with Ottomans]

Classical Era units:
  • Catapult
  • Swordsman
  • Horseman

  • Ballista [Rome only]
  • Legion [Rome only]
  • Mohawk Warrior [Iroquois only]
  • Companion Cavalry [Greece only]

Medieval Era units:
  • Crossbowman
  • Trebuchet
  • Longswordsman
  • Pikemen
  • Knight

  • Chu-ko-nu [China only]
  • Longbowman [England only]
  • Samurai [Japan only]
  • Landsknecht [Germany only, though Brave New World up messed up a bit with this]
  • Camel Archer [Arabia only]
  • Mandekalu Cavalry [Songai only]
  • Naresuan's Elephant [Siam only]

Renaissance Era units:
  • Cannon
  • Musketman
  • Lancer
  • Caravel
  • Frigate

  • Janissary [Ottomans only]
  • Minuteman [America only]
  • Musketeer [France only]
  • Sipahi [Ottomans only]
  • Ship of the Line [England only]

Industrial Era units:
  • Artillery
  • Rifleman
  • Cavalry
  • Ironclad

  • Cossack [Russia only]

Modern Era units:
  • Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • Infantry
  • Destroyer
  • Battleship
  • Carrier
  • Submarine

  • Foreign Legion [France only, though BNW messed this up a bit]

Atomic era units:
  • Rocket Artillery
  • Anti-Tank Gun
  • Mobile SAM
  • Paratrooper
  • Tank
  • Bomber
  • Fighter
  • Helicopter Gunship
  • Atomic Bomb

  • Panzer [Germany only]
  • B-17 [America only]
  • Zero [Japan only]

Information Era units:
  • Mechanized Infantry
  • Missile Cruiser
  • Nuclear Submarine
  • Modern Armor
  • Giant Death Robot
  • Stealth Bomber
  • Jet Fighter
  • Guided Missile
  • Nuclear Missile

  • Spaceship parts
3.10 List of Wonders required for The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years
Build all the Wonders, across any number of playthroughs.
As mentioned earlier, this achievement requires you to build all available wonders in the game. Some of them a not attainable without disabling Brave New World from Main Menu -> DLC. Also not all of the Wonders a required, only the ones introduced in Vanilla version of the game.
List of wonders:

Ancient Era wonders:
  • Great Library
  • Pyramids [Requires Liberty policy track opener to build in BNW]
  • Stonehenge

Classical Era wonders:
  • Colossus [City has to be built on coast]
  • Great Lighthouse [City has to be built on coast]
  • Great Wall
  • Hanging Gardens [Requires Tradition policy track opener to build in BNW]
  • Oracle

  • Circus Maximus [Requires every city to have a Colosseum to build] [Not sure about this because it was added in a patch]
  • Heroic Epic [Requires every city to have Barracks or equivalent replacement to build]
  • National College [Requires every city to have a Library or equivalent replacement to build]
  • National Epic [Requires every city to have a Monument or equivalent replacement to build]
  • National Treasury [NOT AVAILABLE IN BNW] [Requires every city to have a Market or equivalent replacement to build] [Not sure about this, because it was added in a patch]

Medieval Era wonders:
  • Angkor Wat
  • Chichen Itza
  • Hagia Sophia
  • Machu Pichu [Must have a mountain at most two tiles away from the city to build]
  • Notre Dame

  • Ironworks [Requires every city to have a Workshop or equivalent replacement to build]
  • Oxford University [Requires every city to have a University or equivalent replacement to build]

Renaissance Era wonders:
  • Forbidden Palace [Requires Patronage policy track opener to build in BNW]
  • Himeji Castle
  • Porcelain Tower
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Taj Mahal

  • Hermitage [Requires Opera House or equivalent replacement in every city to build in BNW]

Industrial Era wonders:
  • Big Ben [Requires Commerce policy track opener to build in BNW]
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Louvre [Requires Exploration policy track opener to build in BNW]

Modern Era wonders:
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Kremlin [Requires Order in BNW]
  • Statue of Liberty [Requires Freedom in BNW]

Atomic Era wonders:
  • Cristo Redentor
  • Pentagon
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Apollo Program
  • Manhattan Project

Information Era wonders:
  • United Nations [NOT AVAILABLE IN BNW]
  • Utopia Project [NOT AVAILABLE IN BNW] [Can be built earlier, but you need to have 5 full social policy tracks to build this and win the game pre-BNW]
4.0 Scenarios (WIP)
In short
This section covers scenarios. There are multiple scenarios in this game, but all of them require a DLC or an expansion to play them. Scenarios differ a a lot from normal games, in scenarios there are specific rules in the game, different rulers, unique technologies, buildings and units. Scenarios usually try to simulate history so you might even learn something.

Mongol DLC
Adds 7 new achievements, which six of them are included in this section. The Golden Horde achievement is located in the first section of this guide, which details civilization specific achievements. This scenario requires at least 2 playthroughs, assuming that difficulty achievement stack with each other, but I'm pretty sure they don't based on what I've heard.

Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca DLC
Adds 12 achievements, of which 8 are included in this section. Two of them, King of the Mountain and Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition, are included in the first part of the guide detailing civ specific achievements. Two achievements based on finding the Natural wonders of the scenario can be completed out of the scenario, but are included here due to space constraints. Six of the scenario achievements require you to beat the scenario with a particular civilization, and two of them require you to do a specific action, so you need to beat the scenario at least 6 times to collect all the achievements.

Civilization and Scenario Pack: Polynesia DLC
Adds 10 achievements, of which 9 are included in this section. Four of them are based on beating the scenario with a particular civ, one of them is based on progressing enough, and four of them are based on finding particular locations during the scenario. Law of the Splintered Paddle achievement is included in section 1.19. You need to beat this scenario at least four times to collect all achievements. You should at first play on either Random map or South Pacific map, and then on second playthrough play on the other map type to collect all the map achievements.

Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark - The Vikings DLC
Adds 11 achievements, of which 8 are included in this section. Four of these are based on beating the scenario with a particular civ, while three of them are based on difficulties. One of the achievements requires you to build a unique improvement. Achievements Hands Free to Victory! and Where's the Biathlon? are included in the section 1.19, while Pillage, Then Burn is included in section 3.6. You need to beat the scenario at least four times to get all achievements, but difficulty ones might be too tough to deal with on your first tries.
4.1 Rise of the Mongols scenario (WIP)
Rise of the Mongols
In this scenario, you will be playing as Genghis Khan. Your main objective is to conquer 4 other civilizations or more depending on difficulty, before time runs out (100 turns). Capturing city-states and capitals gives you different bonuses for your conquest. The opposing civs in this scenario are Jin-Dynasty [Repurposed Siam], China, Japan, India, Persia, Russia, Arabia and Byzantium. For your first playthrough you might want to explore the map without attacking anyone, so you can familiarize yourself with this map and the locations of civs. You will also earn Khaaan! achievement while running out of time doing this.

Beat the Mongol scenario on any difficulty.

Great Khan
Beat the Mongol scenario on the King or harder difficulty level.

Supreme Khan
Beat the Mongol scenario on the Emperor or harder difficulty level.

Kublai Khan
Beat the Mongol scenario on the Immortal or harder difficulty level.

Genghis Khan
Beat the Mongol scenario on the Deity difficulty level.

Run out of time to beat the Mongol scenario.
To get this you just need to waste 100 turns without winning. You should do this first while exploring the map before attempting to win this scenario .
4.2 New World scenario [Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca]
New World
There are 6 different civs you can play with: Spain, England, France, Incas, Aztecs and Iroquois. The main idea of this scenario is colonialisation. The winner of this scenario is the first player to get 1000 Score, you gain score with Cities, Population, Land, Technology, and also by finding a route to China, which you can do three times. In addition to this you will gain score by bringing Treasure to your capital, and you can gain Treasure by either founding a city next to El Dorado or Cerro de Potosi, and/or by waging wars. Razing cities will net you one treasure per city, but you will gain three treasure if you manage to capture a capital city. These Treasures have to be sent to your capital, so that you gain 50 score per Treasure. European powers need to settle in Americas first, while natives have more of a defending position in this scenario. You need to beat this scenario at least six times to get all of the associated achievements. If you want to take the easy way out, you should play on Settler difficulty, this scenario will be over before you even notice it.

Siglo de Oro
Win the New World Scenario as Spain.

Tout le Monde Francophone?
Win the New World Scenario as France.

Tea and Crumpets for Everyone
Win the New World Scenario as England.

To gain these achievements you just need to be the first to gain 1000 score with correct civs. European powers need to settle Americas and start wreaking havoc there. Your main objectives are to find Cerro de Potosi and/or El Dorado, while also looking for a route to China. Then if you want to quickly win, you need to wage a war against natives, they are mostly weak and will fall quickly to your superior firepower. Your best bet is to conquer cities as soon as possible and then raze them, because every turn a city is razed it will reward you with a Treasure, and after the city is razed you can settle the location to gain more score.

Macho Picchu
Win the New World Scenario as the Incas.

Huitzilopochtli's Arrow
Win the New World Scenario as the Aztecs.

League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs
Win the New World Scenario as the Iroquois.

These three civs are mostly in defending positions in this scenario. They have the same rules considering Treasures, so they can too gain points for finding a route to China and they will also gain Treasure from Natural Wonders. The only that is different is that they can't get Treasures by razing Native population's cities, but they still get 3 Treasures from capturing a capital. Defending might be bit harder because your enemies have a technological upper hand almost all the time, but on the other hand defending can be successful even with a weaker defending force. One way to prevent European forces from settling at least near you is to start a war with one of them every time you see their settlers and then capture the settler in question. European forces will usually try to negotiate peace with gold so you can repeat this every time you see settler from Europe.

All Aboard the Orient Express
Discover a route to the Orient.
To gain this achievement you need to discover a route to China. China is located on the west side of the map, and in some cases the map randomization might create a map where you can sail through Americas to China, which makes this achievement a piece of cake. In case this doesn't happen you need to found a city on the west coast of Americas and send naval ships towards west. This can be achieved with Native civs, I believe as I have succesfully traveled to China with them, but it is much harder to do so, because Native civs are technologically much behind European civs.

Au in the EU
Return a Treasure to Europe.
You need to be playing with Spain, France or England to get this achievement. There a few options on how to get a Treasure. First is to settle a city next to Cerro de Potosi and/or El Dorado, which will then grant you a Treasure on regular intervals. Second way is to conquer cities and raze them, which will grant you one Treasure. The last way is to conquer a capital, which will grant you a whopping three Treasures. In any case, once you have a Treasure, you need to send it overseas to your capital city to gain this achievement.

Dr. Heidegger's Experiment
Find the Fountain of Youth
Fountain of Youth is a Natural wonder that is found randomly. You can get this in the New World scenario or in a random game, but that random game can't be set on regular Earth map, which has predefined Natural wonders.

Raleigh's Road to Riches
Discover El Dorado
El Dorado is a Natural wonder that is found randomly. You can get this in the New World scenario or in a random game, but that random game can't be set on regular Earth map, which has predefined Natural wonders.
4.3 Paradise Found scenario [Civilization and Scenario Pack: Polynesia]
Paradise Found

This scenario is set on Polynesian islands, and it has nice music to boot, at least for Kamehameha. In this scenario you can play as Hiva, Tahiti, Samoa or Tonga, and you receive an achievement for every civ you beat this scenario, so you need to beat this scenario at least four times to get all achievements. To win this scenario, you must become the dominant culture in Polynesia by adopting all social policies available. This scenario has a special technology tree and social policy trees. Social policy costs aren't affected by the number of cities, so you should spam cities all the time to gain more culture, though mind your happiness. There is no difficulty based achievements, so you can play on Settler to have an easy time with these achievements.

Surviving the Marquesas
Win as Hiva

Bora! Bora! Bora!
Win as Tahiti

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest
Win as Samoa

Ngata Chance
Win as Tonga

These achievements are based on the civ you beat this scenario with. To win, you need to be the first to gain all social policies. You should build all culture buildings when you can and also build Moai on the coast to boost your culture output, do remember the adjacency bonus they have. Other ways to gain more culture is to attack your enemies with correct social policies, or ally with city-states. You should build Settlers whenever you can and found new cities all the time, because social policy costs aren't affected by the number of cities. Once you reach certain part of technology tree, you will stagnate for a while. After a while at around 1500AD Captain Cook will appear and you will receive the Do you have a little Captain in you? achievement, and you can continue to develop technologically. Just keep churning out culture the best way you can to win eventually.

Do you have a little Captain in you?
Encounter Captain Cook
You will most likely get this automatically while playing the scenario. Captain Cook appears at some point once you've reached 16th century.

You'll know it once it happens. As you can see in this picture, you can actually win this scenario before Captain Cook appears

Book 'em Danno!
Find Hawaii in a random map game

Heads Up!
Find Easter Island in a random map game

Searching for the Precious
Find New Zealand in a random map game

To get these three, you need to be playing on a random map. The location of these islands are random, so you need to explore the area completely. You can use land units on exploration mode, but they have a tendency to disembark and get into trouble with barbarians, so you should build naval units for exploration to get these without trouble. See maps below to see what Hawaii and Easter Island looks like. You might need to actually land on the islands, or at least be adjacent to their coasts, before the achievement counts, as the game has a popup whenever you first step on the islands.

Hawaii in the scenario

Easter Island in the scenario

This isn't Kansas
Find Australia in a South Pacific map game
Pick South Pacific as the map when booting up the scenario. Australia is found in the southwestern area of the map, so you should send someone there to find the place. You can see the location on the map below.
Australia is found on the circled area, where I have built a city, which is hard to spot on the minimap. This map is damn large and it only has small islands everywhere to boot.
4.4 1066: Year of Viking Destiny scenario [Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark - The Vikings]
1066: Year of Viking Destiny scenario

This almost purely war scenario. You have the option to play as Normandy, Denmark, Norway or Anglo-Saxon England, with everyone against each other. To win this scenario you need to build the Domesday Book wonder by building 6 Doomsday Court Shires in cities of England, and then you need to control London and build the Domesday Book wonder in London. If playing as Norway, Denmark or Normandy, you need to capture these cities first, while Anglo-Saxon England has to defend their cities long enough against three assaulting civs, so they can built these buildings. Science, Happiness and Culture are disabled in this scenario, so only money and time matters as you only have 70 turns to capture the cities you need and build the Shires, you might want to use settlers to improve anything related to production and have your cities focus on production. There is a special rule in this scenario, that let's you have any military units a city-state has, if you ally with them. You need at least four playthroughs to get every achievement from this scenario.

Time to Stitch a Tapestry
Win as Normandy (any difficulty)
Normandy is attacking England, and they start from South of England. Their units are stationed on the land and you need to lead them overseas against England. Start by conquering every south city while you can, and then prepare to defend your cities against England and Denmark, who is attacking England from the east. English cities are mostly easy to capture, and you should start building Doomsday Courts the moment you capture a city. After advancing a while you will run probably run into Denmark attacking the eastern cities of England. You can use them to your advantage when they're trying to capture London, as their units will be weakened and you can swoop into capture weakened London or captured London, which has weakened defences.

Odin's Chosen Warrior
Win as Denmark (any difficulty)
Denmark is attacking England, and they start from East. Start by capturing the three closest cities to you and then try to capture London or other cities. Denmark has the worst spot of the three attacking civs, because you will be battling against Norway and Normandy early on.

Purple People Eaters
Win as Norway (any difficulty)
Norway is attacking England, and they start from Northeast, while having cities north and northwest of England. Most of their units are stationed next to York, which you should have no problem to take over. After this you should attack south, until there are cities to the west and south, and at that point you should divide your units. Watch out for Denmark at around this point. You should start building Doomsday Courts whenever you capture a city, you don't need to control London to build them.

This was their Finest Hour
Win as Anglo-Saxon England (any difficulty)
You'll be defending against three civs at once. York is a lost cause pretty much, and so are some of your eastern cities. First of all you should set 6 cities to build the Courts, use the most producing cities for this. You should try to ally with any city-state you can as, they will give their units to you, which you will be needing as you will be taking on three armies at once.

Fetchez la Vache!
Build a motte and bailey improvement
Motte and bailey improvement is a unique improvent for Normandy. They can built it with Workers and it acts just like a fort. Just build one anywhere while playing as Normandy to get this.

You The Conqueror
Win scenario on Emperor (any civ)

Surviving Domesday
Win scenario on Immortal (any civ)

Surviving Ragnarok
Win scenario on Deity (any civ)

I'm not much of a player on higher difficulties, so I can't give you any tips here. Just a note though that apparently winning the scenario on Deity won't unolock the achievements for Emperor and Immortal so you need to complete them separately, though at that point you shouldn't have any problems with that.
4.5 Wonders of the Ancient World scenario [Wonders of the Ancient World Scenario Pack] (WIP)
Party in hattUSA
Win as Muwatallis in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.

Grecian Formula
Win as Alexander in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.

Epic Gilgamesh
Win as Gilgamesh in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.

Ra's Mighty Truth
Win as Ramesses II in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.

It satrap!
Win as Darius I in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.

These are quite basic ones. You just need to win the scenario with specified civs. The game ends when ALL wonders have been built. To unlock these wonders you need enough to have gained enough gold, science, culture, experience from combat etc. to unlock these wonders. The winner is the player with most score and you gain a lot of score by holding wonders.

Thoughtful Telemachus
Win on Prince in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.

Odysseus the Great Tactician
Win on King in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.

Far-Shooting Apollo
Win on Emperor in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.

Bright-Eyed Athena
Win on Immortal in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.

All-Achieving Zeus
Win on Deity in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.

Like I previously said, I'm not much of a player on higher difficulties, but on Prince the scenario is relatively simple to win. Some suggest that you should play as Egypt when attempting to win on higher difficulties, because of their remoteness, which means that other civs are less likely to attack you and also have harder time to send a huge army against you due to mountain and hill range separating you from most of the civs, and then there's also an ocean separating you from Greece.

Build 3 Wonders in the same city in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.
This shouldn't be hard, at least on easier difficulties. To be able to build wonders you need to achieve particular milestones scientifically, economically, militarily or culturally to be able to build them. After reaching a particular milestone you should try to build the wonder you just unlocked immediately. Just build three of these wonders in your capital or another high producing city to get this achievement.

Reverse Engineer
Gain possession of 3 Wonders by conquering cities in a single game in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.
This is a bit trickier one. On lower difficulties enemies spend long time before building any wonders, so this should be attempted at higher difficulties. Don't build any wonders and instead wait and build your army until someone builds a wonder and then start warring against them and take their cities. Repeat this until you get the achievement.

Know Thy Enemy
Consult the Oracle 2 times in a single game in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.
To consult the Oracle, you need to build the Oracle wonder first. Oracle is available right from the start so you should build it early on so others won't build it first. Then to consult the Oracle, you need to bring a Great person near the Oracle and then consult them. The type of Great person you used for this cannot be used again for consulting and you have to use a different type of a Great person to get this achievement.

Bolt and Arrow
Build Statue of Zeus and Temple of Artemis in the same city
Really simply one. Just build Statue of Zeus and Temple of Artemis in the same city. Do note that building Statue of Zeus requires Honor policy track opener in BNW random game. In the scenario it doesn't and you should get this naturally if you're somewhat competent in the scenario.
4.6 Samurai Invasion of Korea scenario [Civilization and Scenario Pack: Korea] (WIP)
Samurai Invasion of Korea

This is a purely military scenario. Science and such have been turned off so you can focus on killing. Every civ has a different win goal here, but in short it's domination for Japan and Manchu, defence for Korea and China, who are allied.

Samurai Delicatessen
Win as Japan
Japan is in offensive position here. To win with Japan, first you need to conquer all of Korea's cities (or pretty much all of them), and then you need to capture Beijing from China. You should start by conquering cities from South Korea and work your way up and then carve your way to China.

Fear the Turtle
Win the Korean Scenario as Korea
Korea has to defend here. To win as Korea you need to have all your original cities under your control by 1917 or later. Japn most likely will take initially some cities from you, but you can always win them back because Japan can't send reinforcements in as fast as you can. Korea also has the unique ability to get some reinforcements even while you don't have any cities under your control.

Yow Ming!
Win as China

Emperor Fu Manchu
Win as Manchu

Lose as Korea
Pretty easy. Just play as Korea until turn 100 and not have your original cities under your control to lose the scenario and get this achievement.

Dragon Emperor
Win on Emperor

A Righteous Victory
Win on Immortal

Honoring the Ancestors
Win on Deity

As I have said earlier, I'm not much of a player on higher difficulties and I can't even give any tips on which civ to pick for this one so good luck and any tips are greatly appreciated.

Seoul Power
Win before 100 turns as any power
You will get this achievement pretty much while you win as any civ.
4.7 Fall of Rome scenario [Gods and Kings] (WIP)
Et tu, Brute
Win the Fall of Rome scenario.

Turks Shmurks!
Capture Constantinople as any enemy power in the Fall of Rome scenario.

Double KO
Capture both Rome and Constantinople in the same game in the Fall of Rome scenario.

Pax Romana Aeternum
Win the game as Eastern or Western Rome on Deity and have all your original cities under your control in the Fall of Rome scenario.

I Missed That Day in History Class
Capture any Sassanid city as the Celts in the Fall of Rome scenario.

I Sunk Your Imperial Capital!
Capture Rome as the Vandals using a boat in the Fall of Rome scenario.
4.8 Into the Renaissance scenario [Gods and Kings]
Into the Renaissance
One of the most boring scenarios in this game in my opinion. With any luck, you don't have to do pretty much anything and just micromanage your way to victory. The point of this scenario is to have the most score at the end of the game. You get score like you normally would, but this scenario also gives you score for winning Papal selection vote, and being allied with Jerusalem and a holy city of your current religion. You have the option of playing with many European and Arabian civs in this scenario, but if you want to get every achievement with minimal effort, you should only play with the Celts, Russia, the Almohads, England and as the Turks. You need 3 full playthroughs and 2 partial playthroughs to get all achievements from this scenario.

Renaissance Man
Win the Into the Renaissance scenario.
To get this you just need to win the scenario with any civ available. Like I said earlier, you win by having most score at the end of 200 turns. You get extra score for being allied with the holy city of the religion your civ follows, for example, early on France follow Catholicism and to gain extra score at regular intervals you need to be allied with Vatican City. You also get extra score for allying with Jerusalem. In addition to this you gain score for getting most votes at Papal elections, and you gain votes by allying with city states. You also gain extra points for sending Caravels (and only Caravels) to west. Lastly, you get bonus score for conquering a city which follows a different religion, and the bonus is determined by the population of the conquered city. Just play normally and keep those thing in mind and you shouldn't have any problem. Also lastly at some point of the game, Protestantism pops up and sweeps over almost all of Europe in a really short timespan.

Richard the Lionheart
As England, conquer Jerusalem on Emperor or above in the Into the Renaissance scenario.
Jerusalem is located at the East/Southeast end of the Mediterranean sea. To get this you need to conquer Jerusalem as England while playing on Emperor, which is easier said than done. First of all you need to have decent army to send overseas. City-states have somewhat good defences, but what is worse is that they will constantly be bombarded by other civs, so you have to hope they can survive enough, though you can also use this for your advantage, as you can wait for other civs to weaken them enough and then capture the city when it's weak.

Mehmet the Conqueror
As the Turks, conquer Istanbul on Deity in the Into the Renaissance scenario.
Istanbul is one of the cities for Byzantium in this scenario and it should pop up somewhat near you when you're playing as the Turks. Playing on Deity is a bit tricky, but if you manage to play long enough to build a decent army, then you should have no problems of capturing this city.

Never take our freedom!
Win as the Celts on Emperor or above in the Into the Renaissance scenario.

The Yokes on the Mongols
Win as Russia on Emperor or above in the Into the Renaissance scenario.

Reconquista Who?
Win as the Almohads on Emperor or above in the Into the Renaissance scenario.

For these three achievements you should play the game like you would play normally while trying to get most bonus score as you can. You should war a lot against other competing religions and send Caravels while playing as the Celts or the Almohads and still focus on allying with every city state you can. Emperor difficulty isn't that much harder from Prince than Deity, but you should still play carefully as every point counts.
4.9 Empires of the Smoky Skies scenario [Gods and Kings] (WIP)
Modern Major-General
Win the Empires of the Smoky Skies scenario.

Quite Accomplished
Retain control of the same honourable title for the entire length of the game it is available in the Empires of the Smoky Skies scenario.
You gain a honourable title for being the number one on some feat, like having the highest number of particular units. To get this you should focus on keeping the titles under your thumb which shouldn't be hard at all.

Gentlemen's Agreement
Share intrigue with another player in the Empires of the Smoky Skies scenario.
You can share intrigue by sending one your spies to an enemy city and wait until that particular civ is plotting against another player. After you learn that an enemy is plotting against someone, you need to inform the player who is being plotted against about this plot. Simple enough.

Sky Admiral
Destroy an enemy unit with a Flyer based at a Sky Fortress in the Empires of the Smoky Skies scenario.
Flyers are weak units, but this achievement can still be gained pretty easily. First build a Sky Fortress and a Flyer, and then base your Flyer at the Sky Fortress and start moving the Sky Fortress against your nearest enemy and try to soften their units by your other units and then finish them with a Flyer. To get this achievement easily you can kill a Worker unit with your Flyer.
4.10 American Civil War scenario [Brave New World] (WIP)
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Win the Civil War scenario playing as the Union.

Standing like a Stone Wall
Win the Civil War scenario playing as the Confederates.

Red Badge of Courage
Win the Civil War scenario on Deity.

Pickett's Recharge
Capture Gettysburg with a Confederate Infantry unit possessing the George Pickett promotion.

Sheridan's Valley Campaign
As Union, control Winchester, Front Royal, Harrisonburg, Staunton, and Lynchburg.
4.11 Scramble for Africa scenario [Brave New World] (WIP)
The "Scramble for Africa", also known as the "Race for Africa" or the Partition of Africa, was the invasion, occupation, colonization, and annexation of African territory by European powers during the period of New Imperialism between 1881 and 1914. In 1870, 10% of Africa was under European control; by 1914 it was 90%, with only Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and Liberia still independent.

I Prefer my Africa Scrambled
Win the Scramble for Africa scenario as any civ on any difficulty.

To win this scenario, you need to have the most points by the end of the scenario at turn 100. As previously mentioned, nations score points differently. European nations (Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal) gain extra score by building Explorers and using them to recover artifacts like Archaelogists do, though Explorers don't disappear after use and they can be used repeatedly. Europeans also gain points by being the first Europeans to discover Natural Wonders, you gain 200 score for each Wonder you find before any other European nation does.
North Africans (Ottomans, Morocco, Egypt) gain extra score by earning Gold, while Sub-Saharans (Ethiopia, Boers, Zulus) gains extra score by earning Culture points.
Every nation gains extra score by controlling Suez, which is initially under control of Egypt. You also gain extra score by having the longest Railroad between two cities in the scenario. Otherwise normal score rules apply, except you can't earn science and land is worth double the normal amount of score.

Praise the Victories
Win the Scramble for Africa playing as the Boers on Deity.

Ottoman Carpentry
Win the Scramble for Africa playing as the Ottomans on Deity.

I ran out of space, but can't help with these two anyways.

Dr Livingstone I presume?
Playing as Belgium, move your Stanley Explorer to within a tile of England’s Livingstone Explorer.
Belgium starts about where modern day Democratic Republic of Congo would be, and England has cities on West Africa coast and where modern day country of South Africa is. England has Livingstone Explorer already built and it is located around Cape Town. You need to have an Explorer named Stanley be adjacent to Livingstone, so you need to search for him. Luckily Explorers can move pretty fast even in jungles and they won't disappear after use, so with any luck you should be able to spot him at some point in the game while playing as Belgium. Livingstone should be around Southern Africa's jungles early on in the game.

The Rhodes Colossus
Playing as England in Scramble for Africa, complete a railroad from Cairo to Capetown.
This will be pretty hard one, because you need to have Open Borders with some civs to be able to build this, another problems is that you only have 100 turns to accomplish this, so getting this on easier difficulties is recommended. Cape Town is the southernmost town in this scenario, and you need to have a Railroad, not a Road, built from there all the way to Cairo, which is almost the city with most distance from Cape Town while still being in Africa. You should build lots of workers and send them ahead to build Railroads so you definitely have enough time to build the Longest Railroad, also remember to send some troops to protect these poor workers from Barbarians. Try to secure Friendship and Open Border with at least Egypt, Zulus, and Boers early on, because they will most likely be the only problems you will have with this. Boers blocks direct road to Cairo, Zulus will most likely settle near you and block your access, while Egypt can prevent you from getting this achievement if you can't get your Railroads in their lands, unless you want to start a war with them solely to build Railroads. By sending workers early on to Egypt and having Open Borders with him, you can build enough Railroads really early and not care about them later on even if your Open Borders treaty runs out, because the Railroads are already made.

Nigerian Bank Account
In Scramble for Africa, marry Sokoto or Bornu.

Sokoto and Bornu are city-states in this scenario and to marry them, you have to use Diplomatic Marriage ability, which is usually Austria's unique ability, but in this scenario all European nations can use it. So start with any European nation, Germany is closest to Bornu, while Belgium and Portugal are close to Sokoto, and try to ally them. Once you have allied either of the city-states, you need to maintain that status for 5 turns, after which you have a Diplomatic Marriage with them by spending some money, after which they join you like any city after being captured. Locations of the cities below.

Bornu is located east of Germany's Douala and west of Ethiopia's Addis Ababa, though it's under my control already. Sokoto is located east of Boma and Luanda, cities of Belgium and Portugal respectively

Diplomatic Marriage

Playing as Italy in Scramble for Africa, earn the VP for finding two Natural Wonders.

I'm pretty sure there are four Natural Wonders in this scenario, but as Italy, you can only discover three of them first of the European nations. Like I said earlier, only European nations can score by being the first to discover Natural Wonders. I actually noticed that it isn't enough to actually "know" the location, but you need to move any unit of yours to visibility range of these wonders to make them actually count. Just a funny thing I noticed. The wonders are King Solomon's Mines, which France will discover first always. The rest of them are Source of the Nile, Lake Victoria, and Mount Kilimanjaro, which you can discover first of European nations with Italy easily (screenshots below). So play as Italy, have Open Borders with Ottomans, because otherwise they will block your access to Africa, and start searching really early with Explorers.

King Solomon's mines, which you can't discover first as Italy for obvious reasons.

Source of Nile near Bornu

Lake Victoria north of Zanzibar

Mt. Kilimanjaro east of Addis Ababa
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jb_aero Aug 3 @ 3:13am 
Thank you for this. I can report that higher difficulties do not give you the lower ones' achievements. I had Prince a year ago but just got Settler this week. Also the pre-BNW Wonders do not seem to be needed for The Wonder Years, as I got it without disabling BNW.
^3[{Katrine Apr 24 @ 4:55am 
Вот и как получить это достижение One Small Step. Win a Space Victory using the Freedom Ideology. Если я открываю и строю все что нужно для этого...???
HandOfKane Mar 26 @ 8:13pm 
You can get We Are Family to unlock in a normal game by having a PANTHEON be the majority in your capital (that is, before your own religion takes over there) and spreading your religon to another civ's capital so it becomes the majority there. Obviously you would need to found your religon somewhere other than your capital.

More details here. []
Skald Mar 15 @ 3:12pm 
Google translator
How to get "Intelligence Network"? For 500 hours I was able to catch this event for the first time from bots. Then he told them. But the achievements did not work. Or is it just with live players you can do?
Sh33p Jan 23 @ 9:20pm 
Greetings! I found useful information about bugged achievement. "We are Family" normally is unobtainable, but yo ucan actually get it playing on Hotseat. Just do what achievement tells you to, but on hotseat. It worked for me.
Danny Devito Jan 5 @ 9:06am 
i know this is soo old, but in the victory types under space victory you say that to win you must "build a rocket to another planet before". You never say before what. Great guide, thx for all the help!
SirLumberfoot Dec 23, 2017 @ 7:14pm 
Hi, I'm Matt
Charles Schalwin Nov 25, 2017 @ 5:45am 
Great guide!
Maybe, an easy way to get the 'Longest.Name.Ever:" achievement is playing as Celts against 10 other Celts starting in the late game and found your third city when the other civs all used their settlers (didn't try it).
Do mines, tiles etc. in multiplayer matches count for the grinds?
Stan Oct 13, 2017 @ 6:30am 
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It can be make easier if you save game after 1 naval unit spawn, then if it join you, just reload save and do it 9 times more. :)
xXToXiiC_DOGZz Oct 10, 2017 @ 7:15am 
Hello, I added your guide here:
I hope you enjoy it ^^