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7.27d (Core) GOSU.AI GUIDES: Phantom Assassin
By MaTa

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Raec Mar 1, 2020 @ 7:14am 
I am from China, I think your guides are really helpful. good job :steamhappy:
I have added GOSU.AI to my steam
don't care some bad ideas
sorry,my english is a little weak
Ferioness Jan 26, 2020 @ 7:56am 
dude u sure u 7k ? getting shield before quelling blade ? Aghs on PA ? Situational item ? I can give 10 bucks to a man who can show me at least one replay where you could squeeze value from basic (not even strong) dispel for 4200 gold and where it actually DID affect the situation in game and changed it from a lost game to a won one. Aghs PA WOW
Ferioness Jan 26, 2020 @ 7:55am 
Battle fury "core" item. Look at this duuudee, oh no no no no. Look at the mid of his build. Battlefury PA, ahahahahahah

Yeah sure mate, 960 hp hero is cool. instead u have a "farming potential" Will win, maybe, if opponents won't react to you, going full retard, unreliable build that can only MAYBE win by farming.

Basically a creep with 1 "sniper skill" - dagger to help in teamfights.

Why u need Magic wand than (dont get me wrong - its a good idea), you have a farming build ? Hello ? wake up ? Wand is purchased when u fight often so you spend 500 gold, and use them many times. This guy tells you to spend 500 and than press them once or maybe twice before selling since u'll need to dodge fights with this retard build.
Ferioness Jan 26, 2020 @ 7:55am 
About Deso(lator) - most creeps dont have 7 armor and decreasing the value below 0 does not scale the damage that well. So if you want to farm creeps and turn all ur ATK dmg to raw, or close to raw - just blight stone will do the job. Moreover - maelstrom is now a much better option for PA since she have blink ATK speed which can help proc lighting while creep farming.

2nd point about mael over deso is that its cheaper and as we know - the cheaper an item is - the more strong it is in terms of what it gives for the relative amount of money spent. When u buy expensive item u always pay some money for saved slot and the ability to have/free another one for next item. (Retards wanted to write me that its wrong can think why ppl started to buy 2 3 or even 4 bracer/wraith band/null recently. Well, maybe cause its the strongest possible item for 500 gold ?)
Ferioness Jan 26, 2020 @ 7:55am 
3rd thing about deso is than you SHOULD ONLY buy it vs mainly STR or INT based heroes since again - the armor reduction vs most AGI does not even drop their armor value below EHP balance (most ppl may not know what is that - just google "dota EHP" and you'll get the idea) Imagine -7 armor for terorblade for example. "You kid can take even more, my ehp is still gucci" And of course there are exceptions - like Antimage for example. vs him deso is a must have but only early to mid game. after min 30 - ur deso wont do shit.

Few words about manta - 1/100 games you can really consider buying one. Basically a shit nerfed, overpriced, overrated almost 5k gold useless item. Guide says to remove slows - PA has blink, remove silence - BKB better cause u can and will get another disable after using one vs good players.
Ferioness Jan 26, 2020 @ 7:55am 
Main rule - u can ONLY buy one when u are "super good" in terms of advantage and go like 7/1 or 5/0 etc. Think of it that way - what would u choose? a basic dispell which comes together with useless +10 INT (from ultimate orb which is an item that does almost does not scale your farm or survivability at all) and a stupid recipe or for a most lower price of 4k you get an item (BKB) that comes from mitril hammer that boost your farm or dmg output and scales well with crits, +10 STR for only 1k gold (instead of 2k+ Ultimate Orb) which quite does matter on PA to again match up your HP value with Armor to get close to ideal EHP stats and a recipe which is I prefer to cost a little less but is still quite strong and gives a powerful addition to 10 STR axe and Mitril hammer.
Ferioness Jan 26, 2020 @ 7:54am 
You can also think - manta style recepie is 600 gold and it gives same shitty value. Remember your games when you actually DID value with that manta illusions ? they dont do dmg, they are not "strong illusions" and if you need a dispell that much especially on AGI hero - consider Aeon disk which is way better. Strong dispell and status resist, and HP which I would prefer over Armor that comes from manta (yasha and orb +10), while bkb recepie is more that twice expensive than manta one and you know what bkb is capable of.
Ferioness Jan 26, 2020 @ 7:54am 
Talents choice is VERY doubtful. Not even a word in this "guide" that sometimes level 10 and 20 ones (+HP and +20 evasion) can give way more value than the alternatives. It depens on a situation. +HP lvl 10 is quite shit yeah, since +dmg scale super good with crits but if you are way ahead or have killstreak - you can get it to decrease chances being killed.

+evasion is super strong when again you are ahead and for some reason get lvl 20 super quick and you know when enemy hero that is supposed to bring you down in teamfights got his previous item. I mean MKB is 4k gold. If you know they just got an item and its not MKB, they are probably 3-4k gold away from it, so you can get the talent and not be scared that it will be a waste. You can get both of alternatives when you sure that the game is super close to a state where you can dominate enemy and lock them up on base. Yeah its super rare to happen at lvl 10 but at lvl 20 - quite more real.
Ferioness Jan 26, 2020 @ 7:54am 
And I also cant deny that the given talents choices by the author of this guide are much more reliable for sure. I mean +20 evasion can become almost useless if you wont be able to end before enemy BKB but the point is - minus 4 armor will cost you 2 slots and 600 gold respectively (2 blight stones) and +20 evasion is much more risky but +15% talisman of evasion costs 1400. So its up to u to chose 600 value worth reliable talent or almost 2k value evasion.

Last point about evasion talent is that you may consider taking it vs cores that do not want to buy MKB or it will severely affect their "mainly prefered" build. Again Antimage is a glass cannon if goes BF, Manta, MKB for example. Or heroes like Spectre - MKB also ruins quite hard its most reasonable item choices. I wont name all but there are heroes who dont really want to buy MKB.
Ferioness Jan 26, 2020 @ 7:53am 
And just a quick rule about Linken - in a guide its called situational however you SHOULD ONLY buy it lategame. NO first item, NO rush it please. dont ruin others game by doing so. There is a somewhat u can say @rule@ - ideal time to buy an item is its value multiplied by 7 (or 6 if you are way ahead, 8 if you had a bad start). So - 5k linken price*7 = 35 - the minute it will be great to have one. This rule is not mantra or must do. Of course I am NOT forcing you to template thinking as the author of the guide does. You can think urself and buy whatever you want at any minute in the game if you suppose it will pay you of but this rule is just for you to have at least some pivot point.

In conclusion - I would not recommend taking serious this so called "guide". There are several possible options - the author is NOT 7k or as hes presented "7700 at his highest". Option 2 - he just decided to make a shitty guide cause didnt get paid enough or at all.