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ThrallSideKick 0.4.9
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ThrallSideKick 0.4.9

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Optimise Conan Exiles
A Must for Server owners and clients!!!
Dedicated local server setup for testing mods or just playing single player

ModID: 1802389425

Direct Downloads
Thrall SideKick 0.4.9[]
Thrall SideKicks 0.3.16[]

Bind up to 6 thralls as "SideKicks" to your bracelet.

!!!Now includes Pets!!!

Summon Side Kicks from anywhere at anytime.
Send Side Kicks home from anywhere at anytime from emotes menu.

Have you ever left a thrall somewhere and forgot?
Watched a thrall get dangerously low in health during combat?
Waited for them to show up after an adventure?
Die teleporting in Volcano?
Ever had a thrall fall through terrain, get stuck in foundations or float away?
Simply click "All go home" icon near where you think they might be.
Then check their home location.

Set Home location separate from the "Guarding spot" for Thralls. This way you can place thralls while you're on the go.
Send Thralls Home by selecting them. Or send multiple thralls home through emotes menu. (Must be within following range)

** !! Now you can send them home fast and safe by selecting them !! **

Name save feature, server side, has been implemented.
No longer do you have to remember the names of your thralls and rename on login.

To safely summon your "Side Kicks" please allow a safe distance around your character as seen below:

Larger animals require up to a 5x3 foundation size area for safe summoning.

Ever get trapped by your SideKicks? In your base, during combat or they just appear and bump you off the edge of a cliff?
Well now you can Ignore SideKick Collision. This only affects you and your SideKicks. Only you can ignore their collision.

Settings are using ModControlPanel. As a User or Admin press SHIFT END

Admin Settings
You can set the number of SideKicks in the Admin as well as set globally allowing ignore collision of SideKicks

User Settings
As a user you can toggle Ignore collision on and off, depending on server settings. Server settings override user settings. You can also toggle on and off the All Go Home and Summon Followers

Note: to edit thrall names you must have Better Thralls mod and feature turned on by admin

Works well with Better Thralls!
*Note* Must have Better Thralls mod installed to have more than one follower and to name your thralls. Must have the feature turned on.

Future Road Map
- Resurrection of Dead Side Kicks via Mitra Altar
- Detection for unsafe teleports and recover (eg: over lava)
- Ability for SideKicks to use healing items with a cool down timer in between (including pets/familiars)
- SideKicks can attack YOUR target instead of random ones off in the distance or closest to YOUR target
- If you are getting attacked multiple times, your SideKicks will notice and come to your aid
- Saving of thrall job titles
- Stand alone GUI for naming and job titles
- Thrall SideKick Sets, via Book Of Thralls (TBD)

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Popular Discussions View All (4)
Aug 22 @ 6:38am
PINNED: Mod compatibility
< >
nerd Nov 1 @ 6:57pm 
The Summon Followers button not showing on R radial menu even though it enabled in settings. Any ideas how I managed to break this?
timmercado1975 Nov 1 @ 9:57am 
I assume ModControlPanel is a requirement to be able to use this mod? Or can we use console commands (tilde key etc) to activate stuff?
turbo  [author] Oct 27 @ 9:27am 
@BlankFX thanks for your bug report. I just reproduced it and you are correct. We'll figure it out.
BlankFX Oct 27 @ 3:12am 
No Bug Report section?

Our Dedicated Game Server crashs when sending Thralls, while not following, home. Happened to us 4 times by now (and each time with 4 Rhinos).

Steps to reproduce the bug:
- Get in combat
- Summon up to 4 Thralls (Rhinos?)
- wait for them to engage
- Send Thralls home while they're engaged in combat.
-> ConanSandboxServer-Win64-Test.exe stopped working.
turbo  [author] Oct 22 @ 2:50pm 
remember there are two ways to access the radial menu. E and R
sidewalksurferXX Oct 21 @ 4:06pm 
@DeadStoke did you set home for the thrall that you want to summon and did you make them a sidekick?
DeadStroke Oct 21 @ 3:15pm 
Hi, awesome mod! just one question do i need to add the mod control panel for me to get access to the summon thrall option? cause right now i only see set home and send home
Gravecall Oct 20 @ 1:55am 
any way to set animal pets to also play nice with strangers instead of eating their faces right away?
sidewalksurferXX Oct 19 @ 11:20am 
@korgfoehammer There is a detailed description of what this mod does. The main things are: summon sidekicks from anywhere using the emote wheel, disable collision of sidekicks, keep the names you gave thralls via BetterThralls, teleport thralls home either all following or individually.
korgfoehammer Oct 18 @ 11:26pm 
This may probably be deleted given the baity nature of the presentation, but all the features in here are already in BetterThralls mod. There is nothing new. If you need the mod to use this, this seems to add nothing but distinct ways to do the same things you can do with BetterThralls.