X4: Foundations

X4: Foundations

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Jul 12 @ 1:09am
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PotatoFactory (**PTF**) modules act like the vanilla station modules,
but without the pretty animations, lights, and mass traffic.

+ All modules build in 60 seconds (if you have enough build drones)

+ All factions sell all PTF modules
+ No Advanced / Military licenses needed
+ Prices are the same as vanilla

+ PTF versions of all 45 Production modules
+ all use the ARG Cross 01 model with no FX
+ build requirements, inputs and outputs unchanged from vanilla
+ Medical Supplies variants and Refined Metals / Teladanium users

+ Docks with no glow, no shimmer, no announcments, no little civillian
ships puttering about
+ 3M6S LowTech dock
+ 8M ARG Trade Station dock
+ ARG Single, 3 T, and 3 E Piers

+ ARG / PAR / TEL Habitats
+ Size S models, maximum 1,000 population.

+ Connectors without animated ads, elevators, or mass traffic
+ ARG base 01, 02, and 03, Vertical 01 and 02
+ PAR Cross 02 (ring) and Cross 03 (the Y)

+ TEL size L Container, Solid, and Liquid Storage

+ ARG Defense Disc

NOTE: PTF modules show up in the Construction Planner with the
**unknown** **"?"** icon; you'll have to read the labels to tell them

Saves containing stations built with this mod will not work without

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zorczet Jul 17 @ 6:22am 
the fps problem is no graphics problem, for those who said "my 1070 struggles"

in the x4 endgame u need a powerful cpu that can handle the mass traffic and can calculate the fx around the station

my 2070 is nearly in idle while gaming, and i have some massive structures... but the cpu creaches around 80% main core and 40% other cores
Anthony AyeDog Jul 16 @ 1:02pm 
I thought it was just my 1070 that was struggling.

Glad to hear those richer jerks are suffering too.
Sicario Jul 14 @ 9:48am 
Sadface. I really need a mod that strip the vanilla modules of their unreasonable amount of FX around stations. The 8M is also simply amazing!

My massive complex has become a no-go zone because of them adding so much crap to them. It came as no chock to me to hear people with 1080 cards would struggle with fps around stations.

Would be really cool of you if you could upload a version without the 60s build time and no requirement for the military lincenses. Not that it actually matter in my game since I already have them. :)
Dread Naught Jul 12 @ 12:41pm 
pfft lol just realised what this is thought you had modded potatoes into the game :)
dragon231  [author] Jul 12 @ 7:54am 
Just the PTF docks (and other modules) are stripped of FX. This mod doesn't change any vanilla factories.
Lvcian Jul 12 @ 7:39am 
Question: Does this remove all the "Docks with no glow, no shimmer, no announcements, no little civilian ships puttering about" from all stations or just from all PTF Docks?

Beyond that one curiosity I am honestly over thankful to you for this mod, it 100% deserves to be subbed and thumbs up for the ARG 8M Trade Station Dock piece as I have yet to see any other mod introduce it her on the workshop. THANK YOU!