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CODOL Total Conversion Mod 2.0 (THE BEST UPDATE!)
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Jul 10, 2019 @ 1:04am
May 22, 2020 @ 12:41pm
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CODOL Total Conversion Mod 2.0 (THE BEST UPDATE!)


Update 2.0:
  • Call Of Duty: Online HUD implemented into ALL maps (custom map support varies.)
  • Over 30 NEW Weapons added!
  • Fixed damage + ADS's on ALL Weapons.
  • Reworked ALL Weapons's materials (they actually look better now.)
  • Map crashes at loading should be fixed for everyone.
  • Slide and Crawl anims on some weapons (later on all of them will have them.) (thx biakintosh and motato)
  • Better weapon reticles thx to captroes.
  • Buffed a lot of weapons. (Shotguns and AR's)
  • Nerfed a lot of weapons. (all the M4a1 techs)
  • Maaaaany other things that I'm too lazy to list.
  • Player Models only working on some maps, later on will be implemented in all of them. (all maps should be able to load now.)

-CODOL Weapons (90% Done)
-CODOL Zombie Models (Only Working in The Giant so far, support for other maps is on the way)
-CODOL Shaders and Powerups
-CODOL Powerup Announcer
-CODOL Perk Machines
-CODOL Pack-A-Punch
-CODOL pretty much everything
-Pre-Game Menu - Gungame, Timed Gameplay, Zombie Counter (thx scabula)

More weapons will be added along the way.

ARs: AKBP AKBP - Supply AAC AAC - Tyrant AAC - Disguised AK47 AK47 - Blue Irradiation AK47 - Cardboard AK117 AK117 - Campaigner AK117 - Aurora AN94 AN94 - ?? AN94 - Hellwalker AN94 - HexGreen AN94 - Defender AN94 - Vulcan BPR2000 BPR2000 Tech Famas G37H G37H - Murder M4A1 Tech - ?? M4A1 Tech - Death M4A1 Tech - Geo M4A1 Tech - Z M4A1 Tech - Modern M4A1 Tech - Heavy M4A1 Tech - Smart M4A1 Tech - BTC M1 Garand - Modern MK14 MK14 - Campaigner MK17-CQC MR23 MR23 - Nemesis R5 RGP Remington ACR Remington ACR - Minotaur Special Purpose Battle Carbine Tavor-21 Tavor-21 Tech X51 X51 - DMZ X51 - Supply SMGs: Akimbo PP2000s Akimbo Tommyguns Akimbo SMG5s AKS74u Mini Uzi Mini Uzi - Smart Mini Uzi - Defender MP7 P90 P90 - Orbit P90 - Marberry PP2000 SMG5 SMG5SD SMG5SD - Tyrant Tommygun UMG45 - WW2 Vector - Heaven Vector - Death Shotguns: AA-12 AA-12 - Battlefield AA-12 - DMZ AA-12 - Z AA-12 - Alligator AA-12 - Modern CSG-12 CSG-12 - Tool Franchi-12 Franchi-12 - Irradiation GPAS-12 Benelli M1014 Benelli M1014 - Jellyfish Model 1887 Model 1887 - Smart Ranger Ranger - Death Striker Striker - Chrome Remington 870 MCS Remington 870 MCS - Tyrant Launchers: AT4 RPG RPG - Dragon M79 LMGs: AUG AUG-H - Prestige M240 - Ice M4LMG MAG43 MAG43 - DMZ MAG43 - Heaven MAG43 - Heavy MAG43 - Campaigner RPD RPD - Tool RPD - Supply Snipers: Arctic .50 BMG - Hellwalker Arctic .50 BMG - Mother Nature CheyTacM200 CheyTacM200 - Death CheyTacM200 - Heaven Type85 Evolution - Outlaw WA2000 Pistols: FA1911 FA1911 - Campaigner MK1911 Desert Eagle - Gods Suit G18 - Red Jade Equipment: Smoke Grenade Melee: Katana Special Weapons: AA-12 - Gods Suit Compound Bow EEL Gun (these have their special modes (Press 4)) Apocalypse (SMG+Sniper) Chaos (AR+LMG) Freedom (Shotgun+Sniper) Hallucination (AR+SMG) MAG43 - Gods Suit (LMG+Sentry) Mandate (AR+Shotgun)

Killer Motato
Raven Software

If you'd like to donate it would be really appreciated!! :)

If you'd also like to track progress of updates for the mod, feel free to join my discord :D

Only tested on "basic" custom maps, SoE, The Giant, ZC Maps.

thats it.
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Spookie 12 hours ago 
everytime i load in it doesnt load the mod, still normal hud and everything,
Hans'sChaos Aug 7 @ 10:32pm 
the custom map Europa it just freezes and then will crash you game app. but besides that lots of fun.:steamthumbsup:
calicoreaper Jul 12 @ 10:33pm 
nvm i fixed it
calicoreaper Jul 12 @ 10:21pm 
how do i use this mod i loaded it up and it did nothing
HerrLillemoen Jul 2 @ 3:05am 
man i love it, but i kinda wish the zombie models would be robots like in Online
Gonzalo Sanchez [Kaio] Jun 26 @ 6:48pm 
the mod don't work with any custom map zombie that i have
DRIFT_PRIMAT May 27 @ 4:03pm 
очень крутой ган гейм режим куча оружия прикольного которое можно осмотреть зажав f и улучшить в улучшайзере . Модели перков переделаны кроме рандомайзера как я понял . из минусов кривой прицел на снайпах .
GW STREAMS May 22 @ 11:09pm 
do you plan to port this to MP. I'd love to play around with all of the cool guns.
mrpsycho  [author] Apr 28 @ 1:01pm 
@Guy this is for zombies only. All you have to do is go in game and get the guns of the box/wall
Guy Apr 26 @ 11:50pm 
Could anyone please tell how to use this mod. I mean, how can I see those weapons? Can this mod be used in the custom game (off course in official maps). If there is are instructions for this mod?