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Map Edit Tools
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Jul 7 @ 6:56pm
Jul 10 @ 6:40pm
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Map Edit Tools

Formerly Roof Dev Tool

Adds new tools that make editing the map easier. To use, just open Architect -> MapTools
Add/remove any roof type
Change terrain to any type
Instantly smooth floor/walls

Other changes:
nondestroyables (such as steam geysers) can be destroyed

Should work with everything.

Can be added/removed to saves without issues.

Feel free to suggest new tools if there is something you want to be able to do (or something you want to be easier to do)

Github: https://github.com/Herigony/MapEditTools
Ludeon Forums: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=49120.0

Mod - Herigony
Japanese Translation - Proxyer
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[Red]Moon 17 hours ago 
"Terraform Rimworld" have water stones and even ores, if that's what you wanted @STUNSHINE
Not Thanatos [CWV] Jul 16 @ 12:00am 
You know you can go into Place Objects and just place marble manually right?
STUNSHINE 影響 Jul 15 @ 11:26pm 
Please add walls. like marble to make buildings look like underground bunker.
__ Jul 15 @ 8:39pm 
This is great! I've finally made the mountain fortress I've always wanted with this mod. Thanks!
Dracyan Jul 15 @ 6:15pm 
How do I remove the Geysers?
christian.jin.wyrick01 Jul 15 @ 5:59pm 
p.s @ TotalyPLAY111 there is currently no way to add overhead mountain to areas in dev mode./
christian.jin.wyrick01 Jul 15 @ 5:58pm 
OMFG a way to add overhead mountain///// someone get this man a f'n beer !! i cant thank you enough. like 12 different maps I've made then deleted because a pawn muffed up and uncovered a spot with no overhead MTN or outside area. now late game raiders or Orion Corp.O-P A-holes drop in and make a party of my ass. I play with fallout mods so this is a must for me. also newest addition is A.V.P mod and being able to make a temple off the hop is going to be epic. thank you so very much M8!!!
The Crust King Jul 15 @ 4:28am 
Editing things like toxic fallout?
OmegaConstruct Jul 15 @ 1:18am 
So basically a streamlined version of dev mode terrain tools via the in-game UI, rather than having to hop around the menus. Very cool
77Savage77 Jul 14 @ 3:16pm 
It would be fun to have a tempature set, and also the tempature you set should have an effect, like -20 turns your place into snowy, +40 turns it into a desert, stuff like that, and a rain fall setting, so you can make a wet, +40 degrees jungle or something, just suggestion.