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EEWA - Ultradimensional Feat
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Jul 7, 2019 @ 5:04am
Jan 1 @ 10:46pm
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EEWA - Ultradimensional Feat

This addon mod just adds the Lightsabers and other not very lore friendly weapons feat into the EEWA mod.

Ultradimensional Feat
Weapons (Level 295 - Crafted in the Frost Smithy)

Requires Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal Base Mod - Click here

Place this mod after EEWA on the modlist.

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Jun 24 @ 7:32am
Servers runnign this Mod
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sim-M May 24 @ 9:04am 
maybe look on the descrpiton of the scourgepowder ;)
you need a furnace
Gobbledygook May 9 @ 1:32pm 
Does anyone know how to craft ScourgeSteel Bar
I have lv 4 alchemist - i have the oil, hardened steel bar and scourge powder - but the bar does not show in the cauldron recepies. i have the scourgesteel feat learned. PLZ HELP!!!!
Umbrella Corp May 6 @ 11:18am 
And for your mod the server falls I can in diskord, show an error
Umbrella Corp May 6 @ 11:17am 
FunCombat_PlayerController_C_21 (server) sent 1542.0 bytes per second > 1024 (sample window size: 2.00 seconds)
[2020.05.06-17.11.11:970][518]GameEventTelemetryDebug:Display: -144642.5 -362202.4 -26748.3 1 NPCDeath "PersistentHumanoidNPC_C_159"
Script stack log unavailable (DO_BLUEPRINT_GUARD_BASE==0)!

[2020.05.06-17.11.13:524][518]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: ===
[2020.05.06-17.11.13:525][518]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error!
[2020.05.06-17.11.13:525][518]LogWindows:Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW
[2020.05.06-17.11.13:525][518]LogWindows:Error: !0x0000000000000000
[2020.05.06-17.11.13:532][518]LogExit: Executing StaticShutdownAfterError
[2020.05.06-17.11.14:343][518]LogWindows: FPlatformMisc::RequestExit(1)
- Apr 7 @ 2:41pm 
@Hosav, hi there! Posting this here so there's less clutter in the main mod page. Tried out a weapon just for kicks (Yamato and Rebellion). Was wondering if Yamato is supposed to take up all of one's stamina (max grit) in 3 heavy attacks or if it's a bug? Comparing it to the base game katanas of course.

Great work on rebellion btw, love the stinger at the end of the heavy string! (Wish Yamato had some effect during it's dashes tho, but i'm guessing it'd be hard to implement). EDIT: Oh, its a Yamatai lore weapon haha, i thought it was Vergil's Yamato. Should've read the info first.
Umbrella Corp Mar 12 @ 1:38am 
Server [RU] PARADISE PVE-K x3 (300 LVL) AoC NO WIPE is Ready: steam://connect/
Добро пожаловать Welcome
Left Bird Jan 31 @ 8:48am 
Hey I love your Mod so much, I have a great idea for one of the Weapons or maybe u added the same as Dual Wield :D i love halo and i love the plasma blade in Halo, maybe u can set the Halo Plasma Blade in both hands and use the Aminations from the Jhebbal Sagg / Bestial Claws i would love this so much :D
Gunter Jan 29 @ 7:09pm 
Love the mod, the only problem i found was that you can't use other tings like chains on a thrall with the light saber on the other hand
Nerube Jan 21 @ 12:41am 
@9azzz Sweet video, what armor were you using?
JonathonSciuto Jan 2 @ 6:16pm 
what is pipi and where do i download it?