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100% Achievement Guide - PC Building Simulator
By Farias and 1 collaborators
This guide will help who may want to get all the achievements of the game. I will be updating it if they give us more achievements.

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Jobs/Office Related
1. From humble beginnings...
Get to level 6.

Just keep doing jobs until you reach level 6.

2. Things are under control
Get to level 12.

Just keep doing jobs until you reach level 12.

3. Building momentum
Get to level 18.

Just keep doing jobs until you reach level 18.

4. Mr big business
Get to level 24.

Just keep doing jobs until you reach level 24.

5. Mister Big
Get to level 30.

Just keep doing jobs until you reach level 30.

Workbench and Storage
6. Double trouble
Buy the second workbench.

You just need to buy the second workbench on the left side of the office.

7. Triple threat
Buy the third workbench.

Buy the other workbench that you unlock at level 8.

8. Keeping things neat
Buy the storage cupboard.

Just buy the storage cupboard that is one the right of the last workbench that you've bought.

Completings jobs
9. That's what I'm talking about
Complete 10 jobs in a single playthrough.

Just need to finish 10 jobs in the save file.

10. Smashing it
Complete 30 jobs in a single playthrough.

Just need to finish 30 jobs in the save file.

11. Taking care of business
Complete 100 jobs in a single playthrough.

Just need to finish 100 jobs in the save file.

12. Work ethic 101
Complete 200 jobs in a single playthrough.

Just need to finish 200 jobs in the save file.

13. Wow, you really like PCs
Complete 500 jobs in a single playthrough.

Just need to finish 500 jobs in the save file.

14. Calling in Sick
Skip work 7 days in a row.

Just need to keep skiping days for like 7-8 days and you'll get the achievement.

15. Customer satisfaction
Get a 4 star rating.

At the end of every job you'll receive a rating, you'll need to always do your best and put every piece into the computer as the costumer wants.This one is pretty easy.

16. Bending over backwards
Get a 4.5 star rating.

Keep doing what I've said above until you get 4.5 star rating.

17. Customer's ALWAYS right.
Get a 5 star rating.

Ok, this one is not that easy. Here you need to be very careful in order to do exactly what the costumer wants. For example, if he says that he want "sleeves" cable is different from the other type of cables. I believe that I needed to do like 20-25 jobs in a row with 5 star rating to get this achievement. Just need to be patient and be aware of the costumer request.
Getting money
18. Back in the black
$1,000 in the bank.

Just receive your payment and store $1,000 in your bank account.

19. Seems you're pretty good at this
$10,000 in the bank.

Same, but now you need to store $10,000 in your bank account.

20. You rock at this!
$100,000 in the bank.

Same, but now you need to store $100,000 in your bank account.

21. Maybe you should try something else?
$1,000,000 in the bank.

Same, but now you need to store $1,000,000 in your bank account.

"Losing" money
Building isn't cheap!
Get out of a $2500 debt.

So, for this one you need to be -$2,500 in your bank account. With this amount negative, you still can buy something on the store, but be aware that above 3,000 you cant!

23. I'm broke, Uncle!
Get into $3000 of debt.

So, for this one you need to be -$3,000 in your bank account, but be aware that once you are there, your account will be blocked. So, I recommend that you buy everything that you'll need to finish a job that will take you out of the -$3,000. Then, finish the job and you'll receive the money, because if you don't do this I don't now exactly how you'll recover.

24. Majority Shareholder
Buy 51% of the company stock from Uncle Tim.

From time to time as you'll progress on the game you'll receive emails from your Uncle that owns the company. You'll need to keep buying the stocks until you get 51% of the company.

25. Owner
Buy all of the company stock from Uncle Tim.

Do what I've said above until you buy all the company stocks from your Uncle.
Office PC
26. Treat yourself - GPU
Install a GTX 1080Ti in your office machine.

The description says it all.

27. Treat yourself - CPU
Install a Threadripper CPU in your office machine.

The description says it all.

28. Treat yourself - RAM
Install 128GB of RAM in your office machine.

The description says it all.

29. Show off
Get a score of 5000 on your office PC.

For this one you'll need to run the software shown on the screenshot below and reach a score of 5000, keep buying better hardware for your PC to raise the score

30. Lead by example
Get a score of 10000 on your office PC.

Use the same software shown above, you'll need to get like two 1070 GPUs to get this score.
On my PC as shown on the image below, I'm using a 1800x and two 1070.

31. Blow 'em away
Get a score of 20000 on your office PC.

Using the same software again, I believe you'll need like, 1080ti SLI to do this? I really don't know because I haven't got there yet hehe.

32. Getting your feet wet
Custom water cool your office PC.

Just put a custom water cooler on your PC.

33. Stars in your eyes (maybe try squinting)
Add loads of lighting to your office PC.

For this one, try to buy everything that is RGB and have color, water coolers, RAM, MOBO, GPU, fans, everything... On the image below, my case, MOBO, RAM, GPU, Case and CPU Coolers are RGB...and I got the achievement this way.

34. The Stuart Morton Award for Purpleness
Make your office PC as purple as possible.

Try to buy GPU purple, there is a water cooler that the logo is purple, purple cabes, purple case, etc. Doing what I've said on the achievement above, now you'll have to go to your PC and use the "Lighting" app, select the colour "255 | 0 | 255" for purple (the way I got it, maybe there is another colour that works too)

If you want to see a list of the exact things that you'll need to buy in order to get this achievement, PUC_Snakeman has posted on the comments section a list containing the items that you'll need!

35. Overvolted
Break your CPU.

Ok, for this achievement I thought that I only needed to raise the voltage of the CPU, and I did this, restart the PC, it didn't recognized the CPU because it was broken, but the achievement never popped up...If someone knows if it is bugged or something, please write below on the comments.

So, I was reading about this achievement on the community section and more people have the same issue as I'm having, so apparently for now (version 1.3.1) the achievement is not working.
Building PCs
36. But can it run Crysis?
Build a PC with the most expensive parts and have it boot to desktop.

You'll need to build a PC the cost over $10k.

37. Stop it
Make a PC with full tower case, AIO cooler, at least 1 RGB fan, Maximum RAM supported for the motherboard, any 1080 Ti (or even SLI), but use a Celeron.

So, the description says it all...

38. If you fail the first time...
BSOD a computer 10 times from overclocking.

Keep trying the 3DMark test with blue screen as a result for 10 times.

39. 1920x1080
Install a Threadripper 1920x and a GTX 1080 or GTX 1080ti.

So, the description says it all...again.

40. The Best of Both Worlds
Pair an AMD CPU with a NVIDIA GPU.

Just use a AM4 MOBO with a AMD CPU and a NVIDIA GPU, pretty simple.

41. Going loopy
Create a water cooling loop with 5 or more radiators.

You'll need to be at a high level for this one, I believe around 24-30. But the description pretty mutch says everything you need to know.

42. Easy to forget
Forget to apply thermal paste to the CPU.

Turn on the PC with the fan but without the thermal paste on the CPU xD
43. Perfection
Get exactly the requested 3DMark score.

Ok, on this one it can be tricky or you can get lucky. I recommend to build around your score with different hardware and you get close to the requested score, try switch RAMs, putting more GBs or even putting 3200MHz RAMs versus slower ones...

44. Hoarder
Have every possible part in your inventory.

You need to buy every possible part of hardware available on the store, but be aware that you can only have ONE of this item in your inventory, otherwise the achievement won't pop up! You also need every colour variant of each case fan, as pointed out by Biervampir [AUT]

45. Get your wings
Complete How To Build A PC mode

You just need to do the "How to Buld a PC" mode on the main menu, as shown on the image below.

46. Your music sucks
Play some of your own music in the music player.

Go to the music player app on your PC and change the music to one that you have on your real life PC. Below you can see the image of where you can find this option.

47. My favourite feature...
Play some internet radio in the music player.

Using the same music player app again, now select the radio option on the right menu, as shown on the image below.

48. So you're the reason why the prices are so high?
Have 100 GPUs in your inventory.

Just need to have 100 GPUs in your inventory. So Akahata said that he bought the same GPU in order to get this achievement, so apparently it works this way!

Be aware that you can also unlock the Amazonian achievement with this one! If you buy 100 of the same GPU, you'll obviously buy more than 50 parts at once, so, get them both.
Secret Achievements
49. You need to plug it in...
Try using the monitor without connecting it to the PC.

Pretty simple, don't connect the video cable on the PC, turn on the PC and click on the monitor to use the PC and you'll get the achievement.

50. Wow to build a PC!
Complete the How to Build a PC mode in less than 150 seconds.

This one is very simple, but you'll need to be a little fast. At the moment that you click on the option on the menu, start a timer on your phone or something like that, and try to be fast. I did it around 140s.

51. Hasta La Vista, Baby.
Reach the date 1/1/2029 in Career Mode.

So, apparently you just need to reach the year 2029, keep simulating days until you reach it.

52. Amazonian
Receive more than 50 items in a single delivery.

Just have 50 or more parts arrive at the same time.

53. Sitting on a fortune

You need to have a inventory worth about $200,000.

PUC_Snakeman says: "And I am positive that it includes the "Resale Value of Cases" in its calculation (as I had ~220 cases, and their value was definitely needed for the unlock)."
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SkylerDane May 6 @ 8:33am 
my game not showing up
Usagi Miyamoto May 5 @ 11:37pm 
There's actually a way to get at least 20,000 points in 3DMark for your PC.

Easiest method is i9-10900K + 2x EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 ULTRA
PUC_Snakeman  [author] Mar 28 @ 3:43am 
Thanks for reminding us [the authors]. It's not that we don't care. It's actually on my list to update. Sorry it is taking so long.
Coaltar Mar 27 @ 8:26am 
Already reported that achievement working just fine now, back on Jan 6th (scroll to page 2 of the comments). The author doesn't seem to care.
ivanmanu51 Mar 27 @ 6:01am 
If you want to update this guide, I can confirm that the achievement " Overvolted - Break your CPU. " works fine now. I unlocked it yesterday.

What I did:
Free build, default workshop, built a PC and placed it under my Office desk, raised the voltage to 2.0 in Bios and as soon as I turned on my PC, the achievement popped.
Maddog69GR ( TAW ) Mar 14 @ 4:07pm 
Thanks a lot
PUC_Snakeman  [author] Mar 11 @ 10:27am 
@Maddog69GR ( TAW ):

Yes. PC Building Simulator > Guides > Search for "ESports" > Find "eSports DLC Shopping List"
Maddog69GR ( TAW ) Mar 10 @ 7:38am 
A Guide For Esports DLC, Can find Anywhere ???
Maddog69GR ( TAW ) Mar 10 @ 7:02am 
"17. Customer's ALWAYS right. => Get a 5 star rating." 28-29 Straight at row 5 stars jobs with all Secondery tasks and not to over the budget to get this achievement. I had the hope to be 25 reviews because of the Bongle App has only the last 25 reviews ,but no no no ......
DaMusicman88 Feb 19 @ 9:24am 
@Farias, no problem. Work and school go first. This has already been a lot of help so far. So thanks again to all who have contributed.