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Halloween 2013
A collection of items for Night of the Living 3/Halloween 2013.

Of course more will be added!
Items (403)
Hard-Headed Hardware MK.II
Created by Merczy
There were no screams. There was no time. There was only fire. And then...nothing...

Model By: Merczy
Texture by: Ertz
Unwrapped by: Constructor
Original Concept by: Merczy and Original Name

-3 LODs!
Moon Bar
Created by SMaestros
The Heavy's new favorite chocolatey treat that provides all the fuel he needs....
The Pocket Horsemann
Created by DeR‎osaJ
All-class portable Horseless Headless Horsemann

-Pouch is paint-compatible
-Face area self-illuminates
-No clipping conflicts with the Power Up Canteen...
Ethereal Hood
Created by nano393
We have come for your sentry!... and maybe your soul!

2 LODs and paintable...
The Incomplete One II
Created by nano393
I like your eyes. Can i take one?

Mann in Black
Created by Primrose
The Good Guys dress in black; rememeber that.

Made for Halloween 2013! A Dark Fedora for both medic and spy; each with a different base color!
Paintable band!
Comes with spooky ooky eye occluding shadows!

Model, unwrap, promotional images, and backpack...
Pocket Roommate
Created by Batandy
Have you ever wanted YOUR OWN WIZARD,but never had the chance to buy one because they are TOO EXPENSIVE?
Your life is going to change now with the POCKET ROOMMATE! For only 14.99$ you can experience the true enchantments of a REAL WIZARD, with a WIZARD tha...
Pyro's Hollowhead
Created by E-Arkham
"No one was sure which was more terrifying -- that the pyro's head had suddenly exploded, or that the pyro had failed to notice."

Simple little Halloween theme head replacement for the Pyro.

Be sure to join my [url=
The Feathertop
Created by boomsta
Some say there is a brain under that hat.

Model and Normal map - boomsta
Texture - JPRAS
Concept - Viktorie...
Pumpkin Bomber
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
Grenades that look like ordinary pumpkins...mostly.

(Dont have a witty description right now, maybe a better one later)...
The Serial Craftsman II
Created by nano393
Look kid, i cant finish your toy if you move so much...

The Stuffed Shirt
Created by boomsta
So stuffed that it is bursting from the sleeves.

Please note that this part of the item only includes the default torn sleeves, hay, and noose.

Model - boomsta
Texture - JPRAS
Initial concept - Viktorie
Coincidental Concept - Cobalt...
The Dark Orchestra
Created by Rain↯
"Send dark, terrifying chills down your enemies spines when you play them the tune of death - mainly Organ Toccata, but other pieces work too".

- Paintable

Model/texture: Rain*
Concept: Zwappa
Desc: Doctor Scrumpy...
Tutforten Curse4
Afterlife is in full swing....
Madman's Mix
Created by Cipher
Spooky syringes to complete your mad scientist look this Halloween.

What are they filled with? Some sort of pestilent alien disease? A deadly brain-deteriorating neurotoxin? Kool-Aid? Who knows!

Model/rigging by Ritz
Texture/Promos by Hideous...
catcher at full moon night...
The Attire from Hell
Created by nano393
This thing will suck the very life out of you, but hey, at least you are going to be the most handsome corpse out there.

3 LODs and paintable...
Zombie Chameleon
Created by Rain↯

- Jigglebone
- Paintable
- Eye-glow
- Undead...
The Coughin' Kit
Created by FiveEyes
A grim reminder that smoking kills, but that doesn't mean we can't be ironic about it.

Made for Halloween 2013, a cigarette case designed to look like a coffin.

- Total polys: 626 (So low the importer didn't let me use any LODs)
- Painta...
Carrion Companion
Created by Psyke
Who doesn't love bones?

Without bones you'd be nothing but a mass of skin and muscle!

Promote your love of bones by devoting yourself to this undead [ or perhaps fully dead ] avian friend!

Pyroland assister!
Comes with 3 lods!
Also jigglebo...
Quack's Cure-all
Created by donhonk
A medical device to "cure" many an ailment via pulses of electric charges to the noggin! Appropriate for Halloween and otherwise.

- Self Illuminated Lights
- 512x512 Diffuse + Spec

donhonk: model, uv unwrap, promos
void: materials...
Fright Lights
Created by Cipher
A resubmission of the spookiest chest-worn lanterns to ever hit the workshop. Note that they still won't protect you from the Dracula that's right behind you!

Paintable, multi-class, jiggleboned, 2 LODs, and a single 256x texture.

Model/Texture/Etc. by R...
Tutforten Curse
Afterlife is in full swing....
Kindlin' Candles
Created by Constructor
Legend says these lil' chest-waxers used to belong to a handsome ol' fella named Jack.

3 classes! Demo-soldier-pyro.
The Place Changer
Created by Merczy
SWITCH PLACES! *violently saws off your limbs and switches them around*

Has 3 LODs!
The Mad Maker II
Created by nano393
I'm not crazy. I only make toys. All the time. Those missing scouts?... No idea...

The Brainscoop
Created by CyanPlastic
Chilled Heavy brains!

- Paintable!
- 1 LOD!
- Normal Map!

Model by Uncle Grumpskin
Texture by H.Gaspar
SFM shots, Brain normal and AO by Donhonk...
Tutforten Curse2
Afterlife is in full swing....
Psyche Scrambler
Created by Kowalo
Capture the minds(and inteligence cases) of your enemies!...
The Door Smasher
Created by Batandy
"I'll huff, and i'll puff, and i'll BLOW your house in...Heeere's Johnny!" - A satisfied customer

Need a help breaking some cool looking doors? Don't worry, because the "Door Smasher" is here!
A haunted axe ready to do the job for you!...
The Creep's Cowl
Created by Corvalho
... and the legend has it that he still creeps around the shadows of Teufort, looking for members of the enemy team to incinerate.

-Self illuminated

(actually the current importer doesn't allow to be paintable and self illuminated, but the tex...
Tutforten Curse3
Afterlife is in full swing....
The Snaked Charmer
Created by Snood 🍕
Voodooliscious baby....
Created by Bapaul
All hail the pumpkin king! Also makes for a great pumpkin soup.

Model/Texture by Bapaul
Concept by Demon

-3 LODs
-512x512 Diffuse
-256x256 Normal
-Paintable eyes
-Supports all hats without clipping
-Extremely spooky...
Lieutenant Bites the Dust
Created by CoreVixen
Zombies AND raccoons? That's enough to make anyone see S.T.A.R.S
Glowing eyes!...
The Feint Blade
Created by Snood 🍕
How gruesome! How Terrifying! How Harmless!...
The Battle Rattle
Created by CyanPlastic
A rattle fit for a homicidal maniac!...
The Texan Hellraiser
Created by E-Arkham
"I've got such sights to show y'all."

A terrifying Halloween item for the Engineer. Bonus points for those who understand the reference!

TAGS: hellraiser nightmare nails...
The Baby's Bonnet
Created by CyanPlastic
Something so cute has never been so horrifying!

- Paintable...
The Baby's Bottle
Created by CyanPlastic
The baby wants his bottle!

- Paintable...
Pyrosaurus Spikes
Created by Gigazelle
A dinosaur's spine and tail, complete with a perfect touch of jigglebones. Now with 100% less ice!

Its counterpart, the Pyrosaurus Skull, can be found here:
Pyrosaurus Skull
Created by Gigazelle
A misc item compatible with all hats. Now with 100% less ice!

Its counterpart, the Pyrosaurus Spikes, can be found here:
The Glob
Created by donhonk
A Dark Past! Unrelenting Terror! An experiment gone wrong!! Face the Horror of....

The Glob!


Jigglebones [Seen in the video above.]
Hat Compatibility
Glasses Misc Compatibility
Viscous Slime in every pore guaranteed!...
The Baby's Binky
Created by CyanPlastic
This'll keep them quiet.

- Paintable...
Nasty Nose
Created by Wrench N Rockets
All class fake witch nose. Featuring enormous warts! Seriously big warts. The warts have warts.

All class.
The Beast From Below
Created by Sky
Pyro Head replacement. Loosely inspired by depictions of cthulhu and diving masks.
(Originally) designed to be halloween suitable but not too outlandish for regular tf2.

- Paintable facemask + tube ends.
- No clipping with most hats (does ...
*updated model and textures.
Pyrotechnic Tome
Created by Gigazelle
One shudders to imagine what inhuman text lies behind the cover of that old book......
Bare Snaggletooth
Created by EmAr
Halloween 2013 mod for the Ol' Snaggletooth!

The original author of Ol' Snaggletooth has been kind enough to allow us to post this. So, thank you nrek!...
Pint-Sized Peril
Created by Psyke
There's no need to worry

Our good friend Mr S.Thompson has reassured us that these bats are infact very friendly. and are in no-way at all the byproduct of substance abuse.

Comes with lods!
Pyroland assister!
Team colo...
The Hellbringer's Hatte(OLD)
Created by Merczy
Doctor? What doctor? Im just the guy that burns the plague ridden corpses of my enemies!

3 LODs!

It is to be used with this:
Grave Keeper
Created by otterwolfy
There's a man going 'round staking graves....
What do you mean it's controlling me?! I chose to marry this lady pumpkin of my own free will!


NOTE: If this item makes it in game, I'm actually going to have a limited few of the things made up. In real life. That you can ...
Steak Stake
Created by otterwolfy
It's medium rare to see stakes this hot....
The Maniac's Manacles
Created by æ
Halloween's (almost) almost here!
Finally time to submit my spoO0oky misc.

Notes: has 3 levels of detail, 5 jigglebones (4 jigglebones at low LoD)....
The Evil Announcer (style 2)
Created by Corvalho
Style 1:

Some think it's magic, some think it's technology, either way don't be surprised to find a camera attach...
The Evil Announcer (style 1)
Created by Corvalho
Style 2:

Some think it's magic, some think it's technology, either way don't be surprised to find a camera attach...
Boney Possesion
A spooky scary all class skeletal friend.

Everyone just loves restricted items, aye?...
Lil' Hellraiser
Created by Constructor
You rascal....
The Living Hat
Created by donhonk
Would you believe me if I told you every top hat was ALIVE? No? Here is proof, the kind of proof you can wear on the top of your head dummy!

All Class!
Jigglebones! [Shown in Video]
The Creepy Chiroptera v2
Created by boomsta
It doesn't look creepy, in fact it looks quite cute. When it follows you around all day is when it starts to get creepy.

Model/texture/animation - boomsta
texture/concept - Viktorie...
(OLD) Ignis Fatuus
Created by Phaser Rave
I've remodeled it, check it out and please vote:

An Ullapool Caber replacement.
The forsaken soul of Tavish forever wanders the Highlands in search of an enemy to liquefy.

The Hag Ride
Created by Gadget
The Hag Ride

o Pyro Melee
o 4 LODs
o Jiggles
o 2 Styles (Painful and Plain)

A witches' broom for Halloween with two styles and a jiggle bone.

Other name ideas:

- The Road Sweeper
- The Witch Hunter
- The Flaming Fagot
Ze Replacements
Created by nano393
Good news, Medic has picked up your precious body parts and put them in a bag.
Bad news, the bag is not sterilized.

3 LODs, teamcolored and paintable...
The Organ Dispenser
Created by Ertz™
2 lods
512x512 diffuse 256x256 normal
The Robotomy
Created by Sparkwire
squish squish HRK WHEEZE squish squish BZZZ

Pyro unmasked

Brain and goggles share paint colors, example:
The Licker Locker
Created by Vap
For Halloween.

''It's not that he's dangerous or anythin' he jus' never stops yackerin! It's always Soap Box Derby this, Ice Hocky that! Somebodeh find me bloody key so I can shut him up fer good!''

Took about 20 hours...I had so much fun. I was list...
Hellsinger V.2
Created by Zoey
The Hellsinger

"There are Spies in life and there are Snipers - and you are one of the Snipers. The Sniper of all Snipers."

The remake of the year old "Hellsinger" - which was part of the "Van Mundy" set of items from NOTLU.

A link to that can be fou...
The Cavedigger
Created by Zoey
Did you know; the leading cause of casualities within mining facilities is caused by bloodthirsty canaries? And did you also know that these very canaries are also in league with the Duck Mafia?

Protect your noggin from their murderous claws with this pr...
Handyman's Hand
Created by Svdl
A gentleman is always willing to lend a hand.

Another update of an old submission....
tree hat
Created by Rain↯
They say this tree is full of agonized spirits and was cursed a long time ago.
When destroyed the spirits would come out and haunt every soul in a range of miles.

Putting it on your head after breaking it down shouldn't be a big deal though....
Created by Rain↯
Once upon a midnight dreary, Spy was sneaking, weak and weary,
Watching the enemy leave their spawn,
While he uncloaked, nearly sapping, suddenly there came a flapping,
As of some one gently crapping, crapping on the suit he wore .
'Tis some filthy Raven' ...
Tomb Topper
Created by Rain↯
I know its heartless to dig your own uncle's grave, But if your find this fancy headwear with these beutiful things on it. Its hard to say- HELP! THEY MOVE, THEY ARE EATING MY BRAIN! GET THEM OFF ME!

- Paintable maggots!
- All class...
The Headgourd
Created by Gadget
The Headgourd

o Soldier Hat
o Paintable
o 3 LODs

Just a pumpkin helmet for Halloween.

Check out the other items from the collection...
The Mortal Danger
Created by Gadget
The Mortal Danger

o Mask for Scout/Soldier/Demoman/Heavy/Medic/Sniper/Spy
o Paintable
o 3 LODs

Greetings from Jason and Hannibal. Feel free to suggest a better name. I've made it primarily for the Spy but it works on most other classes, too.

The Kitchen Cutter
Created by Gadget
The Kitchen Cutter

o Spy Melee
o 3 LODs
o 2 Styles (Normal and Bloody)

It's a kitchen knife, a reference to the movie Psycho.


Mod Download: Link is currently down. I'll try to get a new one up soon....
The Slasher
Created by Gadget
The Slasher

o Sniper/Scout/Soldier/Demoman Melee
o 3 LODs
o 2 Styles (Normal and Bloody)

It's a reference to your most famous horror movie series. Feel free to suggest a better name.

Check out the other items from the collection... http://steamc...
Lil' Chompy
Created by Sky
Mk. I Pyrodrone "Chompy"
- Initial tests were a success. May need to improve pathfinding AI to stop it running directly at targets and blocking incoming projectiles with it's face.

- Glowing + Paintable Eyes! (default colours similar to team...
Cryptic Keepsake
Created by JPRAS
An all class mini-skull necklace.


-All class;
-LOD 0 (1154 Tris) and LOD 1 (Variable Tris)...
Preternatural Pilot (HWN2013)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Resubmission (again!) from last Halloween!

* Made the arms a bit bigger (25%)
* Paintable body
* 2 LODs
* Self-Illum details on the ship

* Arms + Control Sticks are jiggleboned !

(sorry about the quality of the jigglebones video, took...
The Enlightening Lantern
Created by Ertz™
all class halloween lantern

-glows in the dark
-2 lods
-256x256 diffuse and normal
Komainu Mask
Created by Psyke
Why not take the lead role at your local Nogaku Theatre?

Failing that, Why not enjoy scaring your friends with these awesome Oni Masks?

Misc/Hat compatable!
Comes with Lods/Team colours!

Model by Ronin
Concept/Texture by...
Last Lamp Light
Created by JPRAS
A lamp misc for Pyro.


-LOD 0 - 483 Tris;
-Glows in the dark!...
Running Octopus
Created by EmAr
Halloween 2013 item!

Scout shouldn't have eaten that octopus meal. Well, probably......
The Devil's Attorney
Created by JPRAS
An all class bowler hat with horns coming from inside and a monocle!


-All Class;
-LOD 0 (1000 Tris) and LOD 1 (684 Tris)....
Created by Hawf
I'm not sure if it helps your depth perception at all, infact it just might make it worse!...
A Taste for the Theatrical
Created by Hawf
Don't sleep, clowns will eat you. And bring you to their scary big top circus in space. They all float out there. And occasionally rob banks. And pick fights with rival japanese biker gangs....
The Very Very Little Buddy
Created by AibohphobiA
Mercs don't grow on trees, ya know!

- 2 Jigglewiggles
- Paintable (Darker colors make the fetus more visible, lighter colors are more vibrant)
- You literally get to carry your team with this on!...
The Chain of Command
Created by Merczy
This stylish piece of headwear gives you the authority to cause nuclear war. It also implies that you were killed by a cult that practices black magic.

-2 LODs!
The Rattling Respirator
Created by Merczy
When they all see your mask it becomes clear to them, that pyrotechnics are your business and business is good, but what they don't know is that there's a tormented psychopath's soul that lies beneath this lifless exterior.

-3 LODs!
Meat the Medic
Created by Constructor
To the Medic, this halloween costume was a great idea until he met a pack of dogs. Luckily, these dogs were vegetarians. Not so luckily, the dogs were radical vegetarians and beat him up.

Paintable sauce!
Noticable clipping in very few animations

Breath of death
Created by Gas 13
''Feel safe? Look over your shoulder.''

Tested with mouth animations and the hats....
La Calaca (HWN2013)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Another resubmission for Halloween 2013 !!

Mexican "Day of the Dead" - themed

* Improved geometry
* Paintable
* 2 LODs
* Jaw is jiggleboned...
Gut-Wrenching Gaze
Created by otterwolfy
Fool your friends with these gut-wrenchingly real fake eyes!...
Fallen Samurai
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Paintable & Jiggleboned!...
Rump o' Canteen
Created by Gigazelle
A halloween-themed canteen replacement! It follows suit to the battery canteens, i.e. a lit and unlit texture using the same model.

2 LODs, lit version glows in the dark!...
Corona Del Diablo
Created by Psyke
Every man is a suffering-machine and a happiness-machine combined.

and some are infact pyromaniacs.

Glows in the dark!
Misc compatable!
Team colours/Lods

Model by Mr.Tinder
Concept/Texture by Psyke...
Created by maniac™
2013 edition, improved model and texture, now only eyes style

Thanks for all comments and rates.
The Ragdoll's Rags
Created by Sparkwire
See? Good as new.

Thanks to Trey for the fabulously frightful facial flexes, and BANG! for the prodigiously pretty Source Filmmaker promos!

Vote for the other two items in the Stuffed Saboteur set!
The Crossed Stitch
PY-40 Automaton
Created by Mr. Tinder
Beep boop mhf mhrph, beep boop.

Pyro head replacement item for all your daily robot needs if you have a spare asbestos suit lying around.

Team colored, glow in the dark lenses, and LOD's

Some assembly required. Spy-checking capabilities not guara...
The Doombringer
Created by Zoey
The Skullbuster 2012
Created by Sparkwire
Remastered and resubmitted for halloween 2012.

This submission is approved by the original creators, all parties are credited appropriately....
Sutured Stare V3
Created by Psyke
You'll always be as cute as a button. in my eyes.

Comes with 2 Styles!
Compatable with head-replacements!...
[Archimedes the Undying]!
VLEK - idea, model, texture.
Danger21 - got "self made" because he is my friend. And he wanted any "self made" so much.
Trickster's TP
Created by zachL
Our favorite delinquent celebrates Halloween by performing an ancient ritual -- redecorating.

Part of Night of the Living Update 2

I'm generally against making up stats for my items (valve picks the stats anyway), but I realize a roll of toilet paper is ...
Fashionable Megalomaniac
Created by Napy Da Wise
Male, aging, crooked teeth, messy hair, lab coat, affection for world domination, spectacles/goggles, dramatic posing — one evil and fashionable scientist.

Thanks populous for the promo!

Added a second style :
The Rugged Respirator
Created by Ertz™
Two times the repirators for two times the psycho fun!

-2 lods
-almost fully hat compatible (no head warmer)
-512x512 diffuse, 256x256 normal

concept/comics/name/description: Mr. Gibbly
Special thanks to CDJO for the sfm video

Devious Devices
Created by Napy Da Wise
With a Doomsday Button that sits snug next door to your cold heart, a mysterious machine that can not be turned off and a cunning silver belt buckle designed to look like steel. These Devious Devices will ensure confusion to your enemies who will discuss i...
The Jupiter Jumpers
Created by Vap
This is now In-game! Thanks for the votes, comments and support. Enjoy!

''Sometimes I look at that 'Mann in the Moon' and I think ''Aw damn! That son of a bitch is mooning me!'' So... equip your lower limbs with these rocket powered leg devices and fly ...
Space Oddity
Created by Hawf
In space, no one can hear your screaming irradiated skeleton....
Tin Can
Created by Hawf
Comes with convenient storage for your expired protein pills!...
Cap'n Calamari
Created by Psyke
Legend says that a once powerful captain of the seas fell under a terrible curse when he angered a witch.

While others simply think it's a poor excuse to cover up a very serious deformity.

We'll let you be the judge

Comes with lods
Squid's Lid
Created by Psyke
Anyone hear about the recent break-in at the museum of nautical archaeology?.....on an unrelated note check out this pretty neat hat we found!

Comes with lods!
Misc compatable!
Bigger than most pirate hats!
Works with the Cap'n Calamari! ...
The Hallowed Headcase
Created by P®OOf on the ®OOf
Halloween is coming for us.
I decided to remake my old work.
Thanks for the name to [xG:B] Ezmar =)....
The Badlands Veil
Created by JPRAS
A veil and cigar for Soldier stiched to his face.


-LOD 0 - 696 Tris;
-Smoke Effect.

Update notes:
-Changed equip region from Beard to Face.
-Updated normals map to have a phong mask.
Coercive Persuasion
Created by Dunkle
Facial Flexes!
Self Illumination!
Goes on your Face!
Compatibale With Hats!
Statements with Excitement!

Anyone who thinks of a better title wins.

P.S. I removed the blood since it didn't look right in some situations, plus it clashed...
Foul Cowl
Created by Hideous
What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets. But enough talk... Have at you!

Now with Fangs(tm)!...
Created by Vap
This is now In-game! Thanks for the votes, comments and support. Enjoy!

If you are thinking of bringing the fight to the entire universe then this is the hat for you!

NOTE: it is strongly advised you do not look directly at the sun whilst wearing th...
Phantasmal Perception
Created by Mr. Tinder
Watch the embedded Youtube video for a visual demonstration of the animated effect.

The Will-o'-the-Wisp, he has no roof,
Yet he seeks not hut nor hall;
He will not wait for a friendly foot,
But starts if a shadow fall.

Ghostly eyes for...
Dead Metal
Created by Vap
There's nothing more spooky than a skeleton...But what about ROBOT SKELETONS !?

Looks nice with all dem Robo-hats.

Updated with a new spec-map....
Blood Banker (Pyrovision)
Created by Svdl
When I made the set, I made Pyrovision versions of the items.
Here they are again, properly imported.

This is the coat.

See the normal version here.
[Polly Putrid]!
for Hаlloween
Bites-Man of Aberdeen, Man-Bitter of Aberdeen or Zombie-Man of Aberdeen...
The Blunted Beak(OLD)
Created by Merczy
Make your highly flamable enemies avoid you like the Black Plague with this oldschool doctor's mask.

2 LODs!

It is to be used with this:
The Speling Mistake
Created by Ertz™
this handy kit will not make you see into the future... will not make you fly... but will possibly make you go dizzy, or turn undead

A halloween themed potion/spell set for medic.

-1 LOD
-Team Colours
The Last Bite
Created by ToxicWeasel

Design/Concept: Dim
Promo Pic: Ertz
Model/Texture: ToxicWeasel...
Grease Monkey
Created by Svdl
Touched up an old submission.

Altered shape to fit under hats better, now a misc item

Kinetic Enkindler
Created by Mr. Tinder
Nothing like unwinding to the non-simulated smell of smoke.

Idle Animation[]...
Gruesome Gaze
Created by Will T.TVR
Some things in life are better left a mystery. What's that ambiguous meat in elementary school cafeterias really made of? Where did Great-Uncle Jarvis really go when he ''disappeared'' in the ravine behind the house? What's really behind the Engineer's gog...
The Ghoulic Exstension
Created by Ducksink
Stay classy

Part of "Count Tavish" pack which includes:

-Demons Fro
-The Ghoulic Exstensions
-The Soft Blow
-The Brawny Homebrew...
Cadaver's Capper
Created by Psyke
This Little Satin cap and underworld charm are the perfect combo for a night out causing big trouble in little china!

-Team colours!
-Comes with lods!

[ Model By Treythepunkid. ] [ Textures/Concept by Psyke. ]...
The Ghastly Goop
Created by Rain↯
Don't confuse this goo-lish ghoul for no Boogeyman. Born and raised from a hellish incident from Medic's own drunken escapades on a cold Oktoberfest night, we assure you he means no harm...

- Paintable
- Jigglebones/floating
- Transparant
- Harmless...
La Calavera Loca V2
Created by Phaser Rave
Burn them to the bone.

This is a big enough edit of my old La Calavera Loca model that I felt it should be resubmitted. I've heavily edited the model and the textures, turning it from a full head helmet in to a full face mask....
The Disembodied Head of Laird DeGroot
Created by AibohphobiA

It's the remake of my Ghosts of DeGroots Passed item!

Jiggleboned, paintable, blah blah blah. It's a dead floating thing that follows the Demoman around.

FYI Laird is the Scottish ...
Created by LettuceHairedGuy

Cave Hale here:
The point is: If we can store music on a compact disc, why can't we store a man's intelligence and personality on one? So I have the Engineer figuring that out now.
If I die bef...
Created by FiveEyes
Old and outdated! Check out the newest here:
Kentucky Fried Blobkin of Slight Halloween Rain*carnation
Created by Rain↯
"What was noise?" At least not your stomach. Cause with al that delicious food in your backpack even the biggest tummy gets wat it deserved; a big fresh pumpkin!

- Paintable
- Jigglebone

Zwappa: Concept
Rain*: Model/Texture...
The Witch D0ct0r STYLE2
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba

* Edited the geometry to make the feathers bigger and made the mask fit better to the Medic's face silhouette

* Gem is paintable...
Captain Sandvich
Created by Ruskeydoo
The Captain's Cape -
The Futility Belt -

“He's the hero Sandvich deserves”

The Big Idea:
This set is essentially doing for th...
Doctor Alamo
Created by Hideous
I don't care if you have amnesia, Mary!

As seen in the Blood Brothers comic, page 43:
The Maximum Restraint
Created by Jack Muu
A leather mask that keeps the mad mind of a monster at bay. The one under the mask favors the taste of human liver and a side of fava beans....
Harmburg (Pyrovision)
Created by Svdl
When I made the set, I made Pyrovision versions of the items.
Here they are again, properly imported.

This is the hat.

See the normal version here.
Freaky Frames
Created by Tuna Melt
Misc slot ghoulish glasses for all classes. Spook your fellow mercs with these googly-eyed gawkers!

-Jigglebones (check video)
-Glow-in-the-dark eyes

Happy halloween!!!...
Dragon's Breath
Created by Big Boss
Pyro Face Mask made of Scrap metal

Model Details
499 Tris
Captain's Cape
Created by Ruskeydoo
Captain Sandvich -
The Futility Belt -

“Capes don't help with the superheroing business at all... but they do look cool.”

Created by Sparkwire
I forgot to cut holes in my mask again *rolls eyes under mask*...
Whispering Wisps (Old)
Created by Sky
------------------------------------OUTDATED, NEW VERSION HERE ----------------------------------------

These shy swamp spirits seem to like the little hat you left out ...
Rogue's Brogues (Pyrovision)
Created by Svdl
When I made the set, I made Pyrovision versions of the items.
Here they are again, properly imported.

These are the shoes.

See the normal version here.
The Gravedigger
Created by Will T.TVR
''With this very shovel I have exhumed the earthly remains of more important men of history than I can count! (That means more than 12.) Also I once used it to dig up a tree in the park. My reasons for doing so are classified.'' - Soldier


Ascendant's Ashes
Created by Psyke
Perfect for both Father's day and Halloween!

It's probably what he woulda' wanted.

Team colours!
Comes with lods!
Jigglebones too!
Pyroland assister

Concept/Texture by Psyke
Model by Ruskeydoo...
Geungsi Charm
Created by Psyke
Ever wanted to rid yourself of those ghastly explosive reserves strapped to your chest?

How about this fancy Necklace and pendant from the late qin dynasty.

Comes in quite good condition barring the restless spirits that haunt it's being.

We'd go on mor...
The Nails on the Head
Created by zachL
Please don't hit them.

tags: Halloween, Hellraiser, NOTLU2, Night Of The Living Update 2...
Spirited Skirt
Created by Roo
Your opponents will gaze at your crotch area, think "I can't hurt that, it's one of them females!" and BAM, you hit 'em with your purse. It's the perfect distractor.

-Normal-mapped heart!
-Only clips with some animations!
Spooky Spectacles
Created by Gerre
This year's Halloween will be so scary, it'll make your eyes pop out of their sockets. Lucky for you they were attached to springs.

All-class, jigglebones & paintable iris. Demoman has a blue eye because of reasons....
Conflagerous Canine (HWN2013)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Help control the enemy population, spay or nueter your opponents.

Resubmitted (again!) for Halloween...
The Cowl of Doody
Created by Ducksink

halloween item...
Frenchman's Headache
Spy's lunch fell into the teleporter just after he did, with ill consequences....
The Bibushka
Created by Ducksink
useful against blood, too.

halloween item...
Ol' Rotten-Top
Created by Will T.TVR
''Camouflage is of the utmost importance when the cops show up to ask why I'm digging up graves at three in the morning. This hat, which I took from an ACTUAL CORPSE, allows me to blend in PERFECTLY - I just press it over my face, and the noxious fumes fro...
The Mechanical Mask
Created by boomsta
A mask for halloween time.

The canister jiggles and the eyes are paintable!...
ship of the desert
Created by Ducksink
your true self

this submission is serious and should not be taken light headedly.

Download as a mod for the hazmat mask:
The Stiff Buddy
Created by 🌭 Tricky
You never thought they'd come back from the dead after their constant swabbing on the deck.

A halloween-version of The Little Buddy, now available as a spookified All-Class version with paintable paper!...
Bony Shoulders
Created by Rotzlöffel
Don't think about why the demo wear this bones on his shoulder, You should rather think about from which creature they are.

-Paintable textures
-3 LOD

Concept, Idea
Modeling, Texturing...
The Unidentified Flying Oxen
Created by Gadget
The Unidentified Flying Oxen

o All-class
o Paintable
o Jiggles
o 3 LODs

Feel free to suggest other names....
Tavish's Botton
Created by Rotzlöffel
'Every night we were looking for survivors. Without success, the only thing we found were bodies with buttons for eyes. We never found a survivor.' -Medic's Journal


Idea, Conceptart, Description
Modeling, Texturing, Import

The Saviour
Created by Chubb Chubb
Seek salvation from the undead sneaking up on you with The Saviour.


Blocks a single backstab attempt when wearing any haunted ihalloween tems.
+20 hp during halloween or full moon events.

Halloween event 2013...
The Tricky Chicken Cap
Created by Constructor
Now you can finally tell all your friends to go cluck themselves. The fabric used to create this cap seems to attract chicks for some unknown reason.
Also skeletons. Because it's scary. Boo.

The Die-per
Created by Ducksink
Rejoice the item you've all been waiting for.

halloween item...
Created by Chubb Chubb
Fly Above You Enemies With The Commodore.


2 LODs and is fully paintable.

Now updated with Gold Star verification.

Hat was multiclass but is currently Soldier only with Gold Star verification. Might make it gold star multiclass later on.
The Close Encounter
Created by Evil_Knevil
-All Class
-LOD0, LOD1 and LOD2

-Concept/Texture by Void
-Model by Evil_Knevil (Tumblr:
Nuclear Dis-Eye-Ster (name change)
Created by Voodoo
They always said hindsight was 20/20, in this case maybe foresight and sidesite are too.

Hat, team colors, paintable, 3 lods.

jiggle bones are included, but haven't been fine tuned, they don't show in the import previews so I need to check them later. ...
The Violent Man's Veil
Created by ToxicWeasel
Wear this funeral themed hat to fool everyone that you 'Actually' feel sorry for all of the dead enemies that you have killed (or undead of course)

Concept/Design : Dim
Model/Texture : ToxicWeasel

Update: Now Paintable...
The Gulag Graverobber
Created by E-Arkham
The weight of the world on your shoulders means nothing next to having a slab of stolen granite on your back.

Yes, the candle flames show up in game! They do not show up in HLMV screenshots however.

TAGS: tombstone cemetery backpack halloween 2013...
The Magical Mercenary
Truly terrifying (to say the least).


Special thanks to FudgieWudgie for helping with the items design! This works for all classes, and can be painted to become whatever kind of unicorn you wish!...
The Fake Blade
Created by Sick Airshot
Fool your friends with this fake knife! They will believe that you had a fatal accident, or that someone tried to finish you!

- 1 LOD!
- Color for Red and Blu!
- Updated version with fake, painted blood!...
The Crown of Captain Cthulhu
Created by Dr. Shenanigans

Bad news - no jigglebones for this model :(

Good News - Complete redesign!

holy crap! is this the same model submitted that looked like it was a bad edit of area 451? was this model truely on the way to becoming a ripoff of cap'n...
CEO's Cigar and 'Stache
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Don't just stare at it, light it

-Paintable mustache...
The Bigwig
Created by DeR‎osaJ
He has to return some videotapes.

-Paintable wig
-Quiff of wig jiggles around slightly...
The Foul Ball
Created by TidMiste
Sometimes it's not always a good idea to keep your eye on the ball...

Reuploaded from last year's submission, with a gold star and Halloween status!

Thanks to CDJO for the screenshots and renders!...
Grave Rubbers
Created by Will T.TVR
''The number-one threat when grave-robbing isn't the police or even Communists - it's zombies! Fortunately, zombies navigate by smell (I know this from experience), so I blend in by wearing a pair of boots I found which conveniently mimic the smell of a de...
The Fright Vision Goggles
Created by Problem

-3 LODs
-All Class
-Glows in the dark...
Visage of the Crow
Created by Jormungandrson
An ancient sect has risen from the ashes of destruction, bringing despair and fear into the hearts of everyone...!

Then the Pyro killed them all.

~The End~...
Spooky Boots
Socks are paintable.
For 8 classes...
Big Bones
Created by Arsonist
Your regular miniguns just not intimidating enough? Use the Big Bones.

LODs are in development, and lightwarps are being tweaked , but the rest of this works perfect.

Jigglebones included for extra jiggly goodness.

Note: I've had a lot of comments...
"Chirp, chirp-cherp, tweet! Chirp! Tweet tweeeeet! CHIRP! Chirpy-tweet chirp chirpity cherp-cherp... Sqwark!"


Art by: Lintu
Model/texture: The Heartsman

This model does come with **FACIAL FLEXES** so the beak moves when medic talks. VIDEO...
Citrouille à la mode
Created by Psyke
Now even YOU can enjoy the latest in Haute couture Halloween Headwear

All coutesy of the world-famous couturier, Jacques Squelette

Comes with lods!
Team coloured!

Model by Evil_Knevil
Texture by Psyke
Concept by Ret...
Burlap Bound Buddy
Created by donhonk
A little straw ghost that will haunt you forever! But mostly just follow you around. (Its just a little lonely is all...)

All Class!
Concepted by the lovely retrocitrus!...
The Apprentice's Apparel
Created by E-Arkham
Desperation will drive even good men towards foul magic. Others will turn to it because Merasmus has plenty of room at his place and rent split three ways is dirt cheap.

Goatee has facial flexes! Wee!

The Brain Bowler
Created by Rain↯
"The latest in Spytech Technology, this nifty Ne'er-do-well
innovation of headware enables you to look like the handsome rouge you are and show off that cerebral cortex to the ladies!"

- Paintable...
Cloak of the Flaming Crow
Created by Jormungandrson
Perfect for trick or treating, parties, summoning unholy beasts from hell, and just good ol' nights on the town!


Scarf is paintable
Cape is jiggleboned...
Created by DatGmann
2 LoDs

Sometimes the dead just don't stay dead

Part of the Halloween 2013 community "update"

Art by: Lintu
Model/texture: The Heartsman

This model does come with **FACIAL FLEXES** so the face moves when Heavy talks. VIDEO OF THIS COMING SOON.

Special thanks to Ronin and Psyke for allowing us to make this item!...
The Body Snatcher
Created by Merczy
With a face like this, you better hope to your extraterrestial god that the pissed-off drifter around the corner still has some bubblegum left before he kicks your ass.


-3 LODs!
-Glowing Eyes!
-Facial Flexes!...
All overcomes panic when they see a pirate flag in the telescope....
Horned Honcho
Created by Vonwilbur
Ground to perfection

Model by Vonwilbur
Textured by Primrose!~
Promo by Voltey

Paintable, 1 LOD...
The Suspended Sentence
Created by TauVee
Mime's striped shirt, white gloves, and suspenders for the Scout. Stripes and suspenders are paintable.

Part of the Bonk the Clown item set for Halloween 2013.
The Catacomb Cleanser
Created by DatGmann
2 LoDs
Self Illumination
Jiggleboned lamp

Due to popular demand i have made a special model which works for the soldier
Part of the Halloween 2013 community "update"
The Polter-Pack
Created by Problem
A little box of horrors.

-2 LODs
-Fully Paintable
-Compatible with Demoman, Soldier, Heavy, Pyro, and Engineer
-Ghosts and glass glow in the dark...
Mummer's Beret
Created by TauVee
A simple beret for the Scout. Paintable.

Part of the Bonk the Clown item set for Halloween 2013.
Possession From The Pumpkin Patch
Created by ToxicWeasel
Ever wondered what it would be like to have your mind invaded buy an evil pumpkin? Well put this on your head... If you dare!!!!


Concept/Promo Pic : Vap
Model/Texture : ToxicWeasel...
The Dave Costume
Created by Vyvyan Basterd
Children will cower and grown men will run crying to their mummies in sheer terror when they witness the true horror of your hilariously ironic refusal to make any effort to get into the Halloween Spirit whatsoever.

You utter berk!

Halloween Badge av...
The Former Pocket Medic (Heavy)
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
"When the doctor woke up, his skeleton was missing, and the patient was never heard from again!"

This item is for both Heavy and Soldier (Item importer wouldn't let me put both in one submission). Please vote for the Soldier's version here:

The Hell Runner
Created by ToxicWeasel
Grow some of these! and run as fast as a horse from hell!!!


Promo : Ertz
Concept/Model/Texture : ToxicWeasel

Set: The Dashing Devil

Daddy's Little Demon
Created by CyanPlastic
Don't adopt demons. It usually doesn't work out in the end in movies.

But I'm sure Pyro can handle it!

- Paintable eyes!
- Eyes glow in the dark!

Model by Uncle Grumpskin
Texture by JPRAS
Concept/Idea by Left_4_Pillz...
Return of the Voodoo Juju.... Part 3
Created by Rain↯
Voodoo dolls have been proven to work, causing extreme pain in 100% of the cases when someone foolishly pins them through a hat and into their own head.

- Paintable...
Created by Linc
From the depths of 7th dimension...

- 3 LoDs
- Jigglebones
- Selfilluminates...
The Silent Killer
Created by TauVee
Mime face makeup for the Scout. Works with facial animation. Not paintable, in case you were wondering.

Part of the Bonk the Clown item set for Halloween 2013.
Doktor Jekyll and Uber Hyde
Created by Gigazelle
''Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm.''

This cosmetic item only appears when the medic is ubercharged or on fire, revealing his darker and demonic ...
Mann Handler
Created by heinous
Turn every class into a marionette for your puppet collection. Hands lead ahead of the character model. Strings attach to body parts. Spooky arm trails are jiggle boned....
Deadly Decapod
Created by Omny87
With this fuzzy fellow by your side, your enemies will be as helpless as, um, some sort of flying creature adhered to a sticky trap of some kind. Perhaps a chicken in a puddle of maple syrup?

Eyes glow in the dark and are paintable!...
The Speed Demon
Created by ToxicWeasel
Not a fan of anything that is nice ?
Not as tall as the rest of your team mates, but kill stuff alot ?
Spikey evil things Growing from the sides of your head?

Well! This Item is for you!

*Paintable horns

UPDATE: Resized horns

Promo : Ertz
Hob-Goblin's Hood
Created by Psyke
Hop into the world of Dragons and/or Dungeons with this fetching cloth-Cap!

Enjoy spending the rest of your days of fueling fetch-quests and roaming the halls of obscure locations.

Comes with lods!
Team coloured!
Fetching Ear-ring!
For both En...
The Headgear of Fear
Created by DPV
Help found......
The Creature Closet (Old)
Created by Gadget
The Creature Closet

The updated submission can be found here.

o Pyro / Heavy / Demoman / Scout
o Paintable
o Jiggles
o 3 LODs

Feel free to suggest other names....
pet of the hell
alternative name - Infernal pet.
He's sweet and kind, but don't let him out of his cozy box....
The Eldritch Abomination
Created by Problem
A god of chaos and wrath greater than that who dwells in the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask, whose very visage is so incredibly horrifying that it manages to push into the third dimension.

An abomination indeed.

-1 LOD
-All Class
-Fully Paintable...
The Digger's Capper
Created by DatGmann
"The mercs managed to find something they liked while grave robbing one night, but there was far too much gold in the way of this hat"

Part of the Halloween 2013 community "update"
Hog of War
Created by QuestionablyInsane
Just thought it would be funny if the Soldier was a real "War Hog". I Would dig it if this became tangeant and that Merasmus cursed the Soldier so that he became a Were Pig every full moon!

This is a Misc Item that adds prostetic facial pieces that add ...
The Forthcoming
Created by Trevor The Jedi
Legends has it that there were suppose to be 18 coffins in the cave where someone left them.

The 18th victim was never found, nor ever discovered until Saxton Hale stumbled upon a dead corpse of the Demoman whom had his guts butchered out by the one they ...
The Former Pocket Medic (Soldier)
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
"When the doctor woke up, his skeleton was missing, and the patient was never heard from again!"

This item is for both Heavy and Soldier (Item importer wouldn't let me put both in one submission). Please vote for the Heavy's version here:

The Bunny Mann
Created by void~
Why are you wearing that stupid human suit?...
Dream Eater
Apparently the pyro has taken a liking to the little nightmare. That maniac also named it Lamarr.

*All class hat
*Paintable eyes
*Jiggleboned wings and tail

** ASCII Art will be terminated....
The Candy Apples
Created by Problem
Enough sweet sugar to stick to your chest.

-2 LODs
-Compatible with Demoman, Solider, and Pyro...
Hoodoo-U Voodoo
Created by E-Arkham
Tell everyone you earned this cursed mask by besting a witch doctor in singular combat when in reality you bought it at a flea market. Just make sure they never see the 'Made in Taiwan' tag on the back.

Simple paintable voodoo-style misc with jiggleboned...
The Potty Mouth
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
Do you kiss your m.. EUGH WHAT IS THAT?

Its jiggleboned folks!
1 LOD at 450 tris, 256x256 diffuse....
Created by otterwolfy
Light up the night you little devil....
The Mad Killer
Created by DPV
Freaky Flayed Face
Created by heinous
Inspired by the pyro's own concept art and "silence of the lambs," not going to spoil that movie here or anything though....
Unwelcome Tentacle
Created by hutty
NOTE!! THIS HAS BEEN REPLACED BY slightly welcome tentacle
located here -- >

Despite my name I am actually a very welcome tentacle. I can read the pyro's thoughts, he named me cuddles :3 ....
My worst disguise
"Hey, spy!", said scout, "Why are you wearing such a stupid costume? I mean, squirrels aren't scary. That must be your worst disguise!".

Calmly, the spy answered:
"That's precisely what makes it the best one! No one will expect harm to come from an innoce...
Brian Surgery
Created by Constructor
ergineer put thing in the head
this ,make me smarterest
- hevy

Phantom Pane
Created by otterwolfy
Here comes the pane....
Created by Samchan
Teamforttrey-a rependalo!

Drop a like and a comment <3 And suggest some stats!

Most popular so far is : "Turns into ballonicorn on backstab" Which is pretty funny xD

I will get to work on fixing the slight error with the Thumb being in the wand...
The Dragon Hood
Created by Bapaul
Ode to the days when Dragons scorched the lands... if they existed... which they didn't...
Heart Beater [without particles]
Created by NeoDement
Halloween themed bat n ball. Includes heart beat animation, jigglebones and custom fleshy sound effects.
All the sound effects are 100% original audio.

Modelling, Texturing, Animation, Killicons and promotional media by NeoDement
Initial Item Concept, Sou...
The Spooky Root
Created by MonkeyBug
With a quick slight of hand this spooky root will send fear down your spine. A stolen relic from Merasmus can only mean he intends on coming for it.

The Workshop Fan
Created by MonkeyBug
Dedicated to the workshop supporters and thumbs up commenter and to the contributors horrified by the ASCII thumbs up comments.

The user "Metal Engie" commented last before october 14th 05:00:00 PM (PDT) and for his last minute determination I made a cu...
Heart Beater [with particles]
Created by NeoDement
New version of the Heart Beater (previously known as Heart Breaker). Resubmission was necessary as a new author had been added, who made the particles.

Valentines Day themed bat n ball. Includes heart beat animation, jigglebones, custom fleshy sound effec...
Created by Bapaul
Yes you read that correctly, we shamelessly said butt on the internet. Just don't tell our moms....
Demons Fro
Created by Ducksink
whoo wowza wow wow wow

Part of "Count Tavish" pack which includes:

-Demons Fro
-The Ghoulic Exstensions
-The Soft Blow
-The Brawny Homebrew...
Created by Ruskeydoo
Originally completed in late 2011 (well before the Balloonicorn was released) at the request of Vanilla TF2. What it was going to be used for never happened, so it has been sat on my computer for well over a year. With the new import tool frenzy, I figured...
The Spooky Spotlight
Back with a newer look!

A remake of my 2012 Halloween item.

-Swinging handle and lantern
-Semi-nonrealistic fading wrist action
-Self-Illuminating flame thing
-3 LODs
-Two colors
-Can help you count to 15...
Gothic Mannicure
Created by Ruskeydoo
Show how different and unique you are by following a different set of rules about how you should dress! Goth up for All Hallows Eve.

Default colour is black....
The Spinal Extension (V2) Resubmission
Created by BLADE
Sorry for the resubmission....The previous item has a lot of views / favorites / ratings, which I don't want to remove. I completely forgot about tagging the previous item as a Halloween 2013 item. So, this is the same one, except it still has the Gold S...
The Haunted Hat
Created by Rain↯
Most would be terrified by the prospect of a pure evil ghost hat haunting their head until the day they die... You however wear it with pride, as this seasons hottest must have fashion accessory.

- Flexed (emotions shown on the character will also show o...
Storyteller's Touch
Created by Mother

Spook their guts off with this paintable flashlight. WOooOOOoo spOOOooOKY!

Comes with FEAR-INDUCING facial flexes....
Monster's Stompers
Created by Bapaul
Your enemies will run away (want to cuddle you) in fear (awe) when these claws (furry boots) scratch (poof?) over the floor....


Art by: Lintu
Model/texture: The Heartsman


Special thanks to Populus for allowing us to make this item!...
Created by Arsonist
Made from real dragon!

(Disclaimer: Not made from real dragon)

Note: I've had a lot of comments about getting this thing gold star certified. Weapons can not be certified, the import/certification tool only works on misc items and hats....
Created by Rain↯
Goes well with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

- Paintable
- All Class

Void: Concept/texture
Rain*: Model/promo's...
real eyes
'I can assure you I am not currently asleep.'

Anyone who wants a mod of this, I made this one that replaces the dues specks:

The Voodoo Child
Created by Psyke
What manner of shadow magic keeps this cursed mask afloat?

We're not too sure. but the general consensus is that it's "pretty neat"

Pyroland Assister!
Full of Voodoo Magic.

Texture By psyke
Model/Concept by Sky...
The Afterdark Armwear
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
+ Concept / Texture: Vap
+ Model: JZeeba

* Paintable gloves
* Fingernails NOT paintable
* Tattoo is slightly affected by paint but it remains a dark colour...
The Caestus of Captain Cthulhu
Created by Dr. Shenanigans
When a villain needs to backhand something, doing it with his bare hands tends to leave a case of something they don't want- pain.

with this set of spiked caest(i(uses(??))) you can be certain when you backhand either an annoying minion, a too arrogant f...
Shamans Symbols
Created by Sparkwire
*Suggest a description! The spookier the better!!*...
The Wizardly Cape
Created by Segab
More stars means I am a better wizard!
Take that, Merasmus!...
The Batter's Bat Hat
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
+ Concept / Texture: Vap
+ Model: JZeeba

* Paintable eyes
* Wings have jigglebones...
Mini Chompy
Created by Sky
Mk II Pirahnadrone "Minichompy"
- Initial prototype was a failure, drone prefered to follow targets at a safe distance, squeaking excitedly. Mercs appeared to view it as nothing more than a friendly pet.
Strapped miniature bombs to the Mk II's to increase ...
Colossal Cranium
Created by NeoDement
Nothing more horrifying than a huge bald head!

Resubmission of a previous item for halloween, with an improved head shape, smaller less bug-eyed goggles, and texture improvements.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
The Ankle Biters
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
+ Concept / Texture: Vap
+ Model: JZeeba

* Paintable socks / eyes...
Ghost Gobbler
This friendly pint-sized poltergeist pumpkin will protect you from ghoulish grusome ghosts during the creepiest of nights by devouring them.
Also don't be surprised if your stash of fruit goes missing.

*Floaty jiggly jigglebones
*May not ...
The Witching Ward
Created by Sparkwire
*to be described*...
Teddy Doombelt
Created by LettuceHairedGuy
Oh, no!
Teddy, what happened to you?!

What do you say?

Wait, why are you looking at me?!
Wait, no, no, noooooooooo!


Teddy has returned from the dead to give the living... love! And mortal-zombie infection too...

-3 lods
Amphibian Arsonist [v2]
Created by Piper
Cthulhu-inspired head/mask for the Pyro.
Its tendrils and head are jiggly and it's paintable.
It should also work properly with eye miscs, though I haven't tested that out yet....
Montezuma's Marshalls
Created by Sparkwire
*Suggest a description! Maybe it'll get used... who knows..........*...
Gristly Gumbo Pot
Created by Rain↯
By El Sato []


You are probably asking: "What would Pyro want with an
ancient cualdron?"

The Revisor of the Dead
Created by JPRAS
An undertaker themed vest for the Medic, for this year's Halloween event.

-LOD 0 + LOD 1;
-A fancy look!...
The Dead Mann's Stare
Created by Ertz™
I can seeeee into your SOUL!!!!... and it's dark!

all class


models/texture/renders: ToxicWeasel
models/promos: Ertz
Orcish Outburst
Created by Mr. Tinder
"I am Heavy Weapons WAAAGH... and this is my dakka."

While you may not have been born as a race from a fantasy setting of your choice, you can at least have the mandible and rotten smell of one with this authenticity questionable orc jaw.

the Potion hat
Goat's eye, vampire fang, chicken leg, tooth of the old witch and half of amanita - all the necessary ingredients for the magic potion.
You can keep prepared potions in a secret cache in the hat....
Plesio Pail Pal
Finding this bloody thing wasn't easy, getting away from its mama wasn't either.

*Jiggleboned neck/head

** ASCII Art will be terminated....
The Cape of Captain Cthulhu
Created by Dr. Shenanigans
UPDATE: refined textures, cape is now paintable!

it's finally here! the mightly massive and majestic cape of captain cthulhu!

holy damn look at the size of that cape! its like twice the size of other capes that certain kings wear! perfect for a heavy wea...
The Creature From The Heap
Created by InfectedPotato
[ Cheers for the votes guys! ]

Be careful not to feed it after midnight.

Modelling/UV unwrapping: InfectedPotato
Texturing: Ertz™
Concept art: ѼMr.Gibbly:The Duke Of SpookѼ
SFM short: CDJO

- Paintable
- 3 LODs
- Self-Illum'd eyes...
Horsemann's Hijacked Hightops
Created by Sky
Headless horsemann style boots for the demoman.
Left in a barrel of rotting meat and pumpkins for a week to get that authentic horsemann shine (and smell).

Initial Concept by Bloodfart
Model/texture by SMasters
Rigging + model/texture adjustments by...
Horsemann's Haunted Hoodie
Created by Sky
Cape for the demoman, loosely based on the headless horsemann's cape. Flaps majestically in the wind as you run away from the actual horsemann, who's less than impressed with your cosplay attempt...

Initial Concept by Bloodfart
Model/texture by SMaster...
The Grim Look
Created by JPRAS
An undertaker themed hat for the Medic for this year's Halloween event.

-LOD 0 + LOD 1
-New glasses!...
The Living Dead's Accessories
Created by JPRAS
A bird coffin, an old book and a nails pouch for Medic, for this year's Halloween event.

-LOD 0;
-Bird Coffin;
-Old Bible;
-Nail Pouch....
Horrifically Humongous Hat
Created by Roo
Pretend you're a spy (the comic book kind), a great-ish thief or a gigantic hat enthusiast with this three-in-one Halloween costume. It's so huge it practically doubles as an umbrella (suck it, Hard Counter) and is legally considered the world's smallest c...
The Birdsnest Sniper
Created by DrSlowking
Men have long dreamed of the day were they can make arrows from feathers growing off of themselfs. With some glue and some feathers you can almost make that a reality.

I made talons to go with it but it looked terrible so I may or may not fix that up and ...
The Yowie Hominid
Created by Rain↯
Deep in the Australian wilderness, the cryptid Yowie stalks its prey, constantly thinking it got the short end of the stick when choosing names amongst its Bigfoot and Yeti brethren.

- Void: Concept/Texture/Name/Description
- Rain*: Models/Pr...
The Alien Ascot
Created by Psyke
Once the parasitic creature has selected it's natural host

it attaches itself to the trachea and begins its life as a gaudy bowtie.

Comes with lods
Glowing eye!
Works with other shirt miscs!

Model by Evil_Knevil
Texture by Psyke
Concept b...
Toolshed Terror ( Slight Return )
Created by Psyke
Oh my god!

There's been a horrible explosion at the hardware store!

It's a good thing nobody got hurt.

Model by Evil_Knevil
Concept by RetroCitrus.
Tomb Punch
Created by Destijl
Personally introduce your enemies to death at the hands of their own gravestone! But just in case seeing it isn't scary enough to kill them, here's the thing: you can also punch them with it....
The Baphomet Trotters
Created by DeR‎osaJ
A pair of faun legs for the Scout and Demo

-Apart of Void's Halloween 2013 Community Update[]!...
The Faun Boy
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Faun-styled hair, ears, and horns for the Scout

*Paint-compatible horns
*Apart of Void's Halloween 2013 Community Update[]!
*Mod d[]...
Fishmen of Neptune
Created by E-Arkham
NEWS FLASH! The Fishmen of Neptune are here!

No one knows why they have come to Earth, but two things are certain: they are as HIDEOUS as they are UNSTOPPABLE!

-All class, full head fish mask for Halloween.

Created by NeoDement
According to Pyro's wishes after his death, her head was hollowed out and is now used as a ceremonial drinking cup at birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and keggers.

Paintable, and the main pool of liquid is illuminated.

Tagged as headgear and misc because ...
The Wilder Genius
Created by donhonk
"Put... Ze wayfinder... BACK."

2 Glorious LODs!
An Enormous Schwanzstucker!...
Phantom's Limbs
Created by Trevor The Jedi
1 lod

oh no he's fading to nothingness

credit for the name to: Mexican...
Mucus Membrane
Created by Napy Da Wise
You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but God help us all if you pick your friend's nose....
Snot Bucket
Created by Napy Da Wise
Digging for gold in all the wrong places....
The Second Opinion
Created by void~
If you're gonna be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty....
Ghostly Shackles
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
You can't get away!...
Das Blutliebhaber
Created by NeoDement
Spooky top hat and Dracula glasses for Medic, includes novelty vampire fangs!

The Post Mortem
Created by Batandy
It feels good to breath again, and it feels even better to know that your hat is still not out of fashion!

1 Lod, Paintable, Eyes glow in the dark...
The Televised Trauma
Created by Craigums
"Beam high-frequency electromagnetic waves directly into your brain and access the wealth of knowledge transmitted around the world! Warning: We think this is how video killed the radio star."

Updated for 2014! Thank you to everyone that upvoted ...
The Minotaur
ring is jingleboned
angry bull eyes bloodshot. beware.
The Mann's Labyrinth
The Bull Bear
The Mooin' Minoan
The Life by the Horns
The Bovine Behemoth
The Mannotaur
The Cretan Cretin
The Asterion's Antlers...
Unidentified Following Object
Created by Psyke
The chances of anything coming from mars, were severely under-calculated it seems.

Comes with lods
Team coloured too!
Jiggleboned eyes and Tentacles!
Pyroland assister!

Model by Evil_Knevil
Texture by Psyke
Concept by ...
Slightly Welcome Tentacle
Created by hutty
This is an update of my earlier submission Unwelcome Tentacle.

1379 tris

by hutty...
Pumpkin Decoration
Created by DANG21
re released: VLEK added to the authors
last year's version
Mr Maggot (+ Scary mod version)
Created by Peka
"Infuriated at Soldier's ability to outlive his absence of brain,
Merasmus reverted the curse and threw another spell at him.

This will give Merasmus some peace before Doe realise
he can't feed his latex maggot with sour cream."

Original mod (s...
Prized Possession - Style
Created by SgtR007
Backseat Driver style for the Prized Possession. For the original style, "Micro-manager," click here.

Floating pet! Still glows in the dark, jiggles, is paintable, and has facial...
The Eyeborg
Created by void~
Eye badly damaged in a car chase pursuing an unborn child? We can rebuild it, we have the technology, even if you never asked for that....
Created by jim´s
Hmmmpfff, hmmmh mmmh hmmf.

Naming/Description suggestions:

"Oath of Silence" - Computer guy

"The Silent Guardian" - |TV| Doctor Scrumpy
"I have no mouth, and I must scream."

"The Almost-Mute Brute" - mini_gun_ryno ...
Malicious Mime
Created by Ertz™

Special thanks to CDJO for the flexes video... profile:[/url...
Oppressive Omelette (Pet)
EDIT: Latest revision here - Oppressive Omelette (FIX)

Really hungry with the fridge buried and no cash, you snoop into your magic chucking former roommate's room to borrow ...
Hellish Hind-Sight
Created by otterwolfy
What a monstrous pack you have there! May I have my hand back? No? Okay, I didn't like that hand anyway....
Bloodthirst Cursed
Created by Nefnoj
Everybody knows that the only way a murderous French mercenary could get more attractive, is if he made contact with a horrible disease that'll last him for the rest of his unnatural life!
Roach Bro 2013
Created by heinous
This is disgusting why did I think a giant cockroach with jiggleboned head abdomin and wings would be a good idea oh jeez what have I done.

Part of the Flying Pets Set, Gold Star Certified with no extra files required....
Science Faction
Created by SgtR007
This extraterrestrial buddy proves that abdorability transcends galaxies.

Jiggleboned, paintable.

Model, texture and SFM posters by SgtR007....
The Dark Helm
Created by Sky
Be your very own Dark Lord this Halloween with this snazzy horned helmet!

- All class!
- Face shadowing!
- Various horn styles for different classes!...
Incorporeal Cape
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
Every full moon, the Demoman succumbs to a terrible curse. Ghostly armor projects onto him, telling him to take up their cursed blade and use it to kill humans in battle. Fortunately for Demoman, that's basically his job.

This flashy spirit cape will sh...
Gothic Guise
Created by SgtR007
Now you can frighten away evil opponents with both your personality AND your face.

Paintable, glowing eyes. Comes in red and blue teamcolors.
LOD0 = 976 tris, LOD1 = 679 tris

Model, texture and SFM poster by SgtR007....
Spectral Sword
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
Every full moon, the Demoman succumbs to a terrible curse. Ghostly armor projects onto him, telling him to take up their cursed blade and use it to kill humans in battle. Fortunately for Demoman, that's basically his job.

This ghostly blade has all the ...
Haunted Helm
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
Every full moon, the Demoman succumbs to a terrible curse. Ghostly armor projects onto him, telling him to take up their cursed blade and use it to kill humans in battle. Fortunately for Demoman, that's basically his job.

Normally, such a helmet would b...
Medic's Magic Medicine Bag
Created by CyanPlastic
What could be in Medic's bag? Voodoo? Magic? Actual medicine? Maybe it's best we don't know.

- Paintable
- 2 LODs

Model/Texture by Uncle Grumpskin
Concept by CoBalt
SFM render by Munchy...
The Swamp Snail Souvenir
Created by Gadget
The Swamp Snail Souvenir

o All-class
o Paintable
o Jiggling eyes and hair
o 3 LODs

Feel free to suggest a better name....
The Homeopathic Kit
Created by Gangstahwezel
Even with homeopathic medicine the medic is a little unorthodox...

Model by: Gangstahwezel
Texture by: Kittra
Lots of help from: RetroMike...
The Hallowiener
Created by void~
Now you too can be the star of Upton "100% Beef" Sinclair's hit horror novel "The Jungle!"...
Splatter Guard
Created by crazy-g
Scrub cap and visor with goop on it, you know from performing surgery on ghosts or something.

Paint affects splatter color....
Ecto Cooler
Created by crazy-g
An organ cooler overflowing with ectoplasm.

Paint affects goop color....
Slimed Scrubs
Created by crazy-g
Good idea playing it safe protecting your lab coat with scrubs, and not a drop on them!

Paint affects slime color....
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
Old, go vote on the new one....
The Leather Face
Created by JPRAS
Is it a hat? Is it a monster? Only you can say.

-Glow in the dark eyes;
-Paintable eyes;
-LOD 0 (824 Tris) and LOD 1 (644 Tris)....
The Sharp Shock
Created by Sky
Because there's no point having a pair of ten-inch long blades surgically implanted into your hand if you can't also electrify them.


- Uses the sharp dresser animations.
- Team colours.
- 3 LODs...
Dead Phones
Created by Moby The Duck
Drops beats of all kinds, from fresh to very dead, all the way from the carpals to the intermediate phalanges!

Now with 666% more paint!...
The Skullmet
Created by ToxicWeasel
A spooky skull themed soldier helmet that glows in the dark.


Promo: Ertz
Model/Texture: ToxicWeasel...
The Moon Boots
Created by Sparkwire
Additional promotional images coming tomorrow.

Suggest a description!...
Alien Noggin
Created by Sparkwire
Aliens! In your game!...
Spaceman's Suit
Created by Sparkwire
Additional promotional images coming tomorrow.

Suggest a description!...
Created by SgtR007
Watch that first step...

All-class noose with blood-spattered fun!

LOD0 = 836tris, LOD1 = 650 tris....
Corrupted Collarwear
Created by Psyke
Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he's well dressed. There ain't much credit in that.

Nor is there in stitching on a lump of flesh riddled with bone-like protusions to your shirt.

Comes with lods!
Team coloured!
Espion Ruine
Created by JerkySlap
We are all ruined

Not Paintable...
Monstruous Mascot Mittens
Created by Sparkwire
"Look on the bright side, at least you'll get to feel the silky softness of thees gloves against your neck before i strangle you to death"

Terrifying Terrier Trousers
Created by Sparkwire
"Dont let thees plushy paws fool you, i can still run miles in thees. Dont believe me? You should've seen the guy i stole it from."

Horrifying Hound Hood
Created by Sparkwire
"The last guy who said my outfit looked silly is lying stone cold in the cemetery. He actually looked a lot like you now that i think about it, except he wasn't all rotten and zombie-like."

Pin Pals
Created by NeoDement
Voodoo dolls! For Pyro and Soldier!

Paint affects the pins, button eyes, pipe bombs and headset....
Hexagonal Headcage
Created by cain
This heavy, painful helmet hides a dark, dangerous secret.

(It's not actually a hexagon.)...
Trick-or-Treater's Basket Helmet
Created by Problem
For when you're too embarassed to show everyone how many rocks you got while Trick-or-Treating....
The Bloody Huge Knife
Created by cain
Sure, a gigantic blade roughly the same height as yourself might be a bit on the heavy side to use. But it sure does sound ominous when you scrape it along the floor! And that's what counts....
Fleshy Flak-Jacket
Created by cain
They didn't believe you when you said you blasted twelve people to bits with one sticky bomb. Well, now you can prove it! By wearing what's left of those sorry sods!...
The Cornfield Creeper's Cowl
Created by Pan.Da
He had no brain all along!

Sorry I don't have any fancy shmancy showoff sfm pictures. The picture is what you get.

-3 Lods
-Normal mapping
-self illumination (Eyes glow in the dark )
-No potatoes...
Your Humble Serpent
Created by Constructor
Are you tough enough to wake the snake?

Created by dak1ne
"HOUSP (codename for: "Hat Of Undead-Solving purpose" )

What was planned as a H.O.U.W.A.R contestant hat got ridiculed at the right time;
Thoses zombies will not unmask you through your disguise,
and everyone who mocked you that night
will discover t...
Commander's Cape of Victory
Created by * ReznorsRage *
Destroy your frienemies in comfort. Victory has never felt as good as a cape made of the finest velour, so why not just do both....
Boney Bifocals
Created by Psyke
The latest in eyewear fashions!

Head down to your local crypt/mausoleum to get kitted out!

Comes with lods!
Hat compatable!

Concept/Model by DeRosaJ
Texture by Psyke...
Scorched Skirt
Created by Populus
The Scorched Skirt

Part of the Malice In Pyroland set....
Golden Crisp Locks
Created by Populus
The Golden Crisp Locks

Part of the Malice In Pyroland set.

TueShire Cat
Created by Populus
The TueShire Cat

Part of the Malice In Pyroland set.

Jiggleboned and Paintable!

The eyes and mouth are self-illuminated - They glow in the dark!...
Ramses' Regalia
Created by Sky
Pharaoh themed attire for the medic. Gold bands, Collar, Belt Buckle along with cloth extensions to the medic's usual lab coat.

- 3 LODs
- Shiny Gold Highlights!
- Normal, spec, diffuse and phongexponent textures....
Created by Sky
Ancient Egyptian Nemes-style headdress for the medic.
Goes along with the Ramses' Regalia (link in the collection below).

- Paintable
- Facial flexed beard.
- 2 LODs
- Shiny Gold Highlights!
- Normal, spec, diffuse and phongexponent textures.

The Radigan Ribs
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
"I will eat your ribs, I will eat them up!"

2 LODS @ 770 tris and 450 tris.
Team coloured, 512x512 diffuse texture....
Medical Monster
Created by Dunkle
Wear this white demon ninja hood and something something paintable.

Model includes facial flexes, self illumination, paintable texture, and 3 lods....
The Spooky Saturnia
Created by FissionMetroid101
Ever need an extra pair of eyes to watch your back? Well then hows about 4! (Unless you're the Demoman, then you get 3)

This Spooky Saturnia will happily watch your back to scare away any enemies while also waiting for the chance to tear your head c...
Ivan The Inedible
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Ohhhhh NO!!! Is sandvich ghost!!! It chases me!!! Help NOW!!!'

The Filter Feeder 2013
Created by thevitalsloth
Spooky tongue and teeth for pyro. It JIGGLES! It is PAINTABLE! It turns you into a hideous deformed freak! Plus, it is now GOLD STARRED! The base colors have been updated to be... better... which is only shown in the first picture....
(Executioner's Set) Soul catcher
If you're still alive, you're next in my list....
Quantum Placebo D-Vice {Animated}
Created by mr. 3nygma
***** Do watch the video to understand how this works *****

Quantum Placebo D-Vice is the helmet that Engineer stole from Gray Manns' laboratory during his escape from there.

Read for backsto...
Hero's Helmet
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Inspired by Japanese super hero.


Part of Electric Hero Pack...
The Shaolin Sash
Created by void~
Need an authentic sash for your costume? You can always stop by your local temple and enlist in your favorite discipline! And if they don't let you in due to your severe lack of knowledge about anything, fight them! That'll teach 'em!...
Wandering Soul
Created by donhonk
A lost soul from a lost time, doomed to wander the earth forever! That is, until it found you! Now it's content to follow you around. Hooray.

Jigglebones: Chattering Jaw and Floating Trails!

RetroCitrus - Concept Art...
The Spectral Syndicate
Created by Psyke
We found these idiotic ghosts doing terrible edward g. robinson impersonations outside one of our respawn facilities.

They're mostly harmless.

In order. [ Fat one ] Muscles. [ Tall one ] Joey the Chin. [ small one ] Chester.

The Hallow Requiem
"A never-ending lament for the dead..."

A 14th Century Portative Organ in the spirit of All-Hallows' Eve.

LODs, Self-illumination...
1) The Handhunter
Don't underrate this little guillotine. It can't cut off your head, of course, but watch your hands!
By the way engineer lost his hand in this way. Though he tells everyone what he cut off his own hand in accordance to his Grandfather's s...
Full Metal Agent
Created by Constructor

The Faux Manchu
Created by void~
Running late for the Halloween party and you just can't grow your own facial hair for your costume? Stop at the local barbershop with some super glue and steal the clippings in the corner! What're they gonna do with that hair? Eat it? Not on your watch!...
The Hidden Dragon
Created by void~
It's common knowledge that if you can't see your enemy, they can't see you....
Shrunken Souvenirs
Created by Jukebox
A trophy necklace of your favorite subjects. Now travel sized to fit in your pocket!

Mod release -


View the other item, the Shaman's Skull!
Shaman's Skull
Created by Jukebox
The average human brain is 144mm wide, unfortunately a little too small to make the skull that holds it into a hat. This deer skull will have to work.

Includes Paint-ability.

Mod release:


See th...
Lil Reaper
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
The reaper is back and ready to try to reap your soul once more! Don't look over your shoulder, you just might have death stalking you.

Unfortunately it isn't as detailed as it was last year, I had to shave off 700 tris so it could be imported. But it s...
Rise From The Head
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
-Old, go look at the new one.-...
The Spine Crusher
For all clases
Vampire's Vest
Created by Ertz™
-2 lods
-512x256 diffuse and normal map...
Vaguely Ant-Like Menace
Created by E-Arkham
The only thing worse than ants at a picnic are ants that can double jump while constantly shouting that they need a dispenser here.

Paintable, jiggleboned antenna.

Part of the B-movie C...
The Heartless Dunce
Created by Ducksink
love hurts, but pyro hurts more...
The Tin Can
Created by Ducksink
Violets are red, planet earth is blue.

Rigging by neodement the greatest person on earth and the universe...
The Metalhead
Created by Ducksink
you head one all along..get it?...
Created by QuestionablyInsane
To him everything in Texas is big...

I hope this isn't too late... I've had a string of unfortunate events that really placed a strain on my productivity...

Anyways this guys got Jigglebone hatches, Paintable shirt and cab, and 3 Levels of detail......
The Crazed Conflagration
Created by FissionMetroid101
Ever wonder what's behind the Pyro's mask? No, it isn't another mask or a pocket of air, it is a sentient fire!

Remove the mask and flaunt your true glowing glory by spreading it all over your line of sight to make little fiery Pyrolings engulf your en...
Man-Bird of Aberdeen
And they said that kilt made you look like a bird!


Art by: Lintu and VLEK
Model/texture: The Heartsman

Be sure to check out the video of the talking bird-man!

Special thanks to VLEK for letting us make this item!...
Triboniophorus Gentlemannus
Created by GetGrenade
Approved by Steaky(creator of Triboniophorus Tyrannus).

- All-class
- Paintable

I've uploaded another hidden version with Steaky added as co-creator here -
The Ghoulish Goodie Bag
Created by Ertz™
Unbeknownst to Little Riding hood, Grandma was an avid Potion addict aswell as a diabetic Goodie-eater

-2 lods
-team colors
-256x256 diffuse and normal...
The Rascal's Riding Hood
Created by Ertz™
with this stylish hood made from the Hide of totally untrademarked, basket stealing wolves, You'll set a fashion statement that'll be sure too keep goodie-stealing woodland creatures away!
-not paintable ...
The Hitch Heel Hightops
Created by Ertz™
what better way too show off these beautiful loafers than treading through the woods while being persued by a Sugar-Addcicted Wolf?
-2 lods
-256x256 diffuse...
Vicious Visage
Created by NeoDement
Paintable lake monster themed Pyro head with glowing eyes....
Abhorrent Appendages
Created by NeoDement
Paintable lake monster themed Pyro claws bursting from its regular gloves and boots....
First Allogeneic Bank of Stuttgart
Created by Problem
I hear the loans have a high interest rate.

-3 LODs
-Liquid glows in the dark
-Hangs on the Medic's backpack...
Ninja Belt
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
A belt with shurikens for Scout...
Dead Associate
Created by Populus
Liberty and brains...
Button Eyes
Created by Deinol
"Baby Button Eyes, what are you doing possessed at this hour?" - Lenny Leonard

Part of the idea by my brother Poseti:
Sir Shootsalot

Art by: Lintu
Model/texture: The Heartsman

Special thanks to Ronin and Psyke for letting us make this item!...
The Monstrous Maw
Created by Jukebox

Concept - Metabolic
Model and Textures - Jukebox


Mod release -
Count von Pumpkin
Created by Mugnum
All-class pin, paintable (only hat), 3 lods.
It's a pumpkin! No, it's a bat! Disprove these foolishly statements by answering that it's your uncle from States who made wealth by selling non-alcoholic vine and frequently sending you postcards and cash for ...