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Han Character Hoarding Nerf
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Jul 4 @ 8:06am
Aug 10 @ 1:49pm
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Han Character Hoarding Nerf

As of patch 1.2.0 the han empire's ability to hoard has been reduced, use this mod if you are still having trouble with the han empire hoarding unqiue characters

This mod nerfs the Han Empire's ability to mass recruit characters from the pool and keep them all in stasis as they never leave.

This issue is caused by the hidden bonuses the faction gets, in particular the -100% character salary and no satisfaction penalties. I have removed these bonuses and added additional penalties so now the Han will dismiss unused characters (not on the map) and refrain from recruiting new characters, and will otherwise leave of their own volition if not dismissed.

The han empire still has reductions to satisfaction and salaries but not to the level they were before the patch. This mod removes these buffs and adds notable penalties that result in high ranking characters immediately leaving the han empire and reduce han empire's desire to recruit and keep idle characters.

Compatible with pre-existing saves; expect to see a lot of characters suddenly show up in your recruit pool.

If you want everyone to leave the han all at once (regardless if they are in an army or not) then use this extreme version:

Just drop the file in Three Kingdoms data folder and turn it on in the mod manager.
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The author finds that this mod will only cause Tai Shici to defect and Xu Zhu will remain in the Han Empire.
Lecter Sep 13 @ 11:09am 
wonderful work, I just wondering why XuHuang still stay in HAN in round 2 and then i saw the
ULTIMATE SOLUTION, thx u saved a collection freak(DOGGYFACE)
Yuchi' Aug 25 @ 8:50pm 
XiaoNuoEide Aug 21 @ 7:26pm 
I think you can use a translator to translate.
Let more people enjoy your work
It's like every update on the official website.
Carry Jerry Aug 11 @ 9:00am 
@Scicotheron You legend, thank you for the extreme version! I've gotten so used to having my two Boys recruitable at turn 2 it felt wrong playing a campaign without them in my court. Thank you so much!
Scicotheron  [author] Aug 10 @ 1:46pm 
Actually I'm gonna revert the change and post a separate download with extreme values for removing characters from the han, this mod might still be needed as I don't think the changed values within the patch is enough to displace unique characterd especially the starting ones.
Scicotheron  [author] Aug 10 @ 7:37am 
Okay updated mod, increased satisfaction penalty for han so now expect to see Xu Huang and Taishi Ci get ejected immediately for those interested.
Scicotheron  [author] Aug 10 @ 7:27am 
@Carry Jerry Honestly I might change this mod to EXTREME values from it's original purpose. As CA has changed han to hoard less this mod can serve as an emergency ejection button.
Carry Jerry Aug 10 @ 5:58am 
For some reason the Han Empire doesn't dismiss its heroes on turn 2 anymore since the latest patch and the easy access of Xu and Taichi Ci is gone, any way to bring back the radical nerf of this mod and make them fire their generals and not hire new ones again?