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Okis still has lots of bugs; you've been warned.
Okis is the result of almost 2 years of work. With few exceptions, I have worked on this project solo, please be gentle ;) Please also keep in mind that this project is still under heavy development.

Okis is an open world survival sandbox with persistence. This is the first version uploaded on workshop, there are bugs. Saves are per server, but any server running this will need a full wipe within a month (comes down to how steamid is currently handled, and how it will be handled, out of my control)

This only works with dedicated servers, I will not support local play/listen servers, do not try to run this from firing range. There is a server running in the custom tab, you must be on the public-testing branch of the normal squad game in steam. (visit discord to get the branch password, I can't distribute it here)

Here is a list of stuff that is working:
Save System, player locations and their inventory are saved. Player placed buildings are also saved.
Slot Based Inventory System - Mostly working, very few unresolved issues with inventory.
Weapons/Ammo - Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun ammo types are all their own item in the mod.
Resource Gathering - Rock boulders, trees, and woodpiles can be harvested for resources.
Player buildings - Players may build wooden or metal structures, as well as storage crates and other items.
Crafting - Should mostly work, requires more testing in a multiplayer environment.
Clothing - You won't see it, but everyone else will, ui is also messed up right now for clothes. Currently only affects cold and radiation effects.
Radiation zones - Radiation increase based on radiation resistance from clothes. When not in a rad zone, radiation slowly decreases
Your normal squad Keybinds should now automatically be restored for you as long as you don't alt-f4.

Here is a list of stuff that I know is NOT working:
Remote inventory actors (storage crates, ect)
Airdrops Currently disabled.
Doors Currently disabled.
Explosive Charge ghost actor has issues.
Clothing Armor values do not currently reduce incoming weapons damage from enemy players.
animations for most (all) melee weapons.
animals and AI are currently disabled.
low calories/food damage currently disabled.
some non-consumable hotbarrable items are infinite.

Okis Discord: https://discord.gg/gsczcdX
(I never @everyone or @here, and no one else can)

If you would like to run a server for Okis, you must join the discord and talk to me. If you try to run a server without talking to me first, it will not work.

[www.paypal.com] Donations are always appreciated and will help fund a server for Okis.
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Jul 6 @ 7:28pm
Concerning the building meshes in use by Okis mod.
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wasti  [author] Jul 14 @ 8:12pm 
as I said before:
I would prefer no user videos be made quite yet as there are still many bugs that are not representative of the project. In a week or so when most of the major bugs have been resolved I'll be totally fine with user made videos :)
chicken _Tendies Jul 14 @ 6:29pm 
awesome man, im going to make some videos playing it on my youtube channel
wasti  [author] Jul 14 @ 3:47pm 
Server updated and online
chicken _Tendies Jul 11 @ 8:32pm 
wasti  [author] Jul 11 @ 6:24pm 
I'll look into it chicken_tendies, the discord is the best place for bug reports though :) ;)
linguine Jul 10 @ 9:30pm 
i can model items for you in blender add me.
Perez Pantoja [29th ID] Jul 10 @ 9:07pm 
Awesome mod, awesomer guy!
chicken _Tendies Jul 10 @ 7:31pm 
and respawning dosent work
chicken _Tendies Jul 10 @ 7:30pm 
what spawn menu do i use