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The Fancy and Casual Merc Pack
I didn't take anytime on that poster
A whole Pack full of Team Fortress 2 Models that are fancy, stylish, and cool.
Christmas clothing
Casual Clothing
and Clothes from different time periods.
*Only Clothing
*No Facial Hair
*Might have one to seven unique piece of clothing different from the list

I didn't make these
Items (84)
Assassin's Accoutrements
Created by Ghoulmaster
A man's gotta look good when killin' people

This item includes paintability.
Authorized Person
Created by *JaCuS* cyberTłuK
Just in case you forgot who you're working for. Once in a while somebody might also wonder are you really authorized to walk around their base and carry around their intelligence.
This piece of plastic will get you anywhere!

Special Thanks to S'wir f...
Blood Banker ST2
Created by Svdl
The current item importer does not support styles, so here's the alternate style to this previously submitted item as a new submission.
Paintable tie.

Other style is an old submission here.
Blood Banker
Created by Svdl
Pretend to be your favourite accountant, banker or treasurer, then laugh all the way to the bank as you plan on killing everyone in it.

One style due to importer limit, paintable dress shirt.
Other style is a new submission here.
[url={LINK REMOVED}...
Arsonist's Akimbo (Version 2)
Created by Tooth
Ahhh, Version Two, where to start.

Overhauled the previous textures, using the orange shades used on the Pyro's chest-equipped grenades. Also added ambient occlusion layer to make the texture pop, and still look like it fits right into the game.

The ...
Borealis Brawl v.2
Created by Eoks
For some reason I couldn't fix the vertex groups for sleeves, so I won't post any in-game shots. My only hope is: if Valve will show any interest in this small project of mine, they'll help me out with it. A man can have dreams, right?

Edit#1: DANGeR21 ...
Boston Maverick
Created by MonkeyBug
Captain Degroot's Coat
Created by Toad
Used by an old sea captain in the degroot family line, just wearing this coat feels right

No longer paintable...
Captain's coat
Created by Bapaul
Blast away with class in this fancy tailcoat. It even gracefully rides on the wind while sticky jumping

Model by Bapaul
Texture by Blaholtzen
Normals by Sparkwire

Paint not only applies to the back of the tailcoat, but also the inside of the coat a...
Chauffeur's Coat
Created by SNIPA
Paintable! Beautiful! Amazing! Stylish! Classy!

If you have a better suggestion for a name, tell us in the comments!

Modeling by SNIPA
Rigging by [BMS] Rozzy
Textures by void~
Idea by Cat- Party...
Chirurgeons Cassock
Created by Doctor EyeballEEK!
No one expects the German Inquisition!

Fun Fact: I made this with a cape originally, but since the medic has so much crap going on in the back I ended up removing it. Either it went over the medi-pack and obscuring what kind of medigun he might have on ...
Comrade Questions
Created by Doctor EyeballEEK!
Version 5!

-Comes in two styles!
-Retains the Heavy's color flow and silohette
-Works great with other Cosmetics!

Mod available here:
Cool Breeze Improved
Created by Svdl
This is the kilt item I've made that is currently in game, with many improvements.

Less clipping, more detail on the model, pleats make it look more like an actual kilt and help with stretching.
New normal map.

Includes a new subtle paintability.

The m...
Count Blaskó's Royal Coat V2
Created by Primrose
Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!

Paintable and team colored! Ran through the new importer with a fully updated texture

Models by Ronin
Concept and Textures by Primrose...
A Cut of Class
Created by The Ronin
Idea by FruitInMyLoop and Ragequit

Name by Ned_Ballad...
Courier's Casual Coat
Created by Max
A fancy team-colored jacket with a tie that is not knotted properly. Scout is too much of a rebel for properly-done ties. However, Scout likes paintable ties, so it is paintable. Woo.

LOD0: 2106 tris ; LOD1: 1656 tris; LOD2: 1092 tris.

512x512 diffus...
Courier's Clip-on
Created by multitrip
No time to put on a real tie! Clip this on and START RUNNING!

2 model styles and 3 texture styles, making up a whopping 6 styles!...
Courier's Coat V2
Created by Midnight™
Reuploaded to give credit to DANGeR21 and Kunoichi | UNRATED.

Model: Midnight Wolves
Texture: DANGeR21
Screenshots: Kunoichi | UNRATED

I understand that the track terrorizer made it in game, t...
Created by Ahri
Achtung! No need to fear the wurst when Doktoberfest is around. With these Bavarian bad boys, even the sauerest of kraut will be at ease. Order today! U-boat be disappointed.

Download the mod to replace a variety of medic shirts:
Duffer's Duds
Created by Psyke
Aye' lad stop right there.

I'll have ye know these slick lookin' fourstar pants are the height of fashion all the way from holes one ta' nine!

Team coloured!
Traditional pattern!
Misc compatable!

Model/SFM renders by SVDL
Texture by Psyke...
The Cover Up
Created by Zoey
The Cover Up

A buttoned up jacket with cuffs, epaulettes and a tall neck for spy. Paintable parts are the rims of the epaulettes, and the insulation on the wrists and neck.

"Essential winter wear for the established and dashing rogue. Keep warm and keep ...
The Cozy Winter Sweater
Created by kf.hammond
Pyro's favorite winter sweater, knitted by grandma pyro herself....
The Cursed Cravat
Created by Mister Royzo
Last Thursday a banker made a deal with the devil to get a 75% discount on a nice new suit and a cravat. The devil played a trick on him and it turned out to be a size too small so he had to return it, and they didn't really have a refund policy so he had ...
The Cunning Cravate
Created by LeeDA
"...Nothing up my cuffs"

Ribbon-tie shirt comes with pullover sleeves
The Dorky Dungarees
Created by Jal
The Dusty Breeze (Updated)
Created by JPRAS

The Dusty Breeze - Misc item for Pyro

By JPRAS & Texman

Comes with an LOD, paintability and 2 different styles (Triangle Pattern & Plain)!

Be sure to check the othe...
The Dusty Breeze (Version 2)
Created by JPRAS
The Dusty Breeze - Mexican Styled Pyro Scarf

Completly re-made!

LOD0 - 596 Tris;
Possible Style 2!

Changes from V1:

New Mesh;
New Texture;
Improved Rigging;
Fixed Clipping issues;
Fixed Smoothing Groups;
Fixed UV ...
The Fancy Felt Top
Created by Sky
Tall hat with a dark sash, badge and ribbon.

Paintable - main hat is paintable. Sash, ribbon and badge (minus the metal parts) are paintable but darker and less colorful.
2 LODs
256x256 Diffuse and normal (spec) textures

Concept/Model/Texture by S...
The Fashionable Foreman
Created by Rozzy
Put on your favorite cement covered shirt for those days off-site.

Builders plaid shirt for engineer.

Q: Is this item paintable?
A: Nope. Item covers important teamed coloured areas.

Update: Now has 2 additional shirt pattern styles.

Style 1: 'Builder'...
The Fat Cat
Created by Napy Da Wise
Heavy waistcoat and shirt and tie and pocket of dosh and watch misc.

3 lods...
The Epic Discovery!
That's right, a SWEATER?! Who'd have known you could WEAR them. Actualy, it's more like a tank top. Or maybe it's a vest? 'Looks good on you whatever it is, champ!...
The Flap Jacket
Created by Bapaul
Every war veteran needs a good coat to keep his cold heart warm.

Model by Bapaul
Texture by Blaholtzen
Vertex normals and other thingies by Sexy Robot

Comes with full paintability and all that pretty stuff...
The Front Runner
Created by Zoey
Includes -

- 2 Separate Styles
- Paintability
- Team Colours
- LOD levels

Through the magical power of glue scout can keep his headset on!

Update -

- Updated promo images to have less ugly looking seams. ( uhg, silly mipmaps.)

Engineer's duster
Created by Cyxopyk
Inspired by famous post apocaliptic game. Best worn with pipboy. Pistol is other my submission, so check it in my profile....
Fast-Paced Pajamas
Created by Radical VEWI
A nifty pair of socks and team colored pajamas for the scout. The flames on the legs as well as the stripes on the socks can even be painted, which I've given an example of in the screenshots. Also includes an untucked shirt.

Also, the random brown splo...
The Full Monty
Created by Doctor EyeballEEK!
Disclaimer: Please do not operate unless you are a cyborg. We cannot be held responsible for missing slow-mo effects or a lack of swooning women. Thank you very much.

The other piece of the Heavy on the Run pack: Slav Threads
The Hard Worker
Created by infinitewrath
There comes a time when a man needs to roll up his sleeves and get the hard work done, and men always get their work done with less clothes on, which means fewer diseases, like rabies.

This is the first model I have made, so everything I made was fo...
The Hipster Hunter
"I was wearing this hat before it was even in the schema."

Part of 'The Hipster Hunter' Item set.


Another older item being updated and ran through the new importer. A re-re-re-release of the first hat I ever submitted to contribute back in...
The King's Collar
Created by DMY
A festive fur collar to keep you warm on the coldfront.

The Plain Plaid Shirt
Created by boomsta
Just an old torn shirt.

Model Texture and Normal Map - Boomsta
Initial Concept - Viktorie
Coincidental Concept - Cobalt...
The Scourge of Spain
Created by Doctor EyeballEEK!
Madrid had no idea what hit her....
The Silent Knight
Created by Constructor
Ssshh, I'm hunting scouts.

The headphones are paintable!...
The Sournois Southerner
Created by roamzero
He does bad cowbow impressions

Now he can look the part.

Uploaded using the beta importer.

Added Lod_1 (~725tri -> ~360tri)
Improved geometry (see added screenshot)
Improved rigging


Enough positive feedback and Ill try my han...
The Stocking Huffer
I hope you washed that thing.

As seen in this TF2 sissmass comic!

Special thanks go to Ponzy for the original idea
The Varsity Vest
Created by Dingleberry
As requested, now available in two styles: letter on chest or no letter!

Don't forget to show allegiance to your RED or BLU Alma Mater on the battlefield!...
The Warbreaker
Created by JPRAS
The Warbreaker: Misc for the Soldier....
The Winter Warmer
Created by Vonwilbur
For those chilly Siberian nights....
The Winter Wrap Up v2
Created by Sparkwire
"Dear Mom,
Stop sending me sweaters, the other mercs are laughing at me.


P.S - I have sent portions of the sweater back along with this letter"

Includes viewmodel sleeves.

*For the Holidays*...
Trophy Treads
Created by Wrench N Rockets
For those times you want to be mean on the green.

Paintable. Replaces the Demoman's socks and shoes....
Totally Radigan
Created by Zoey
Aprons, rags, mallets and spanners. All the most useful tools imaginable when cleaning the kitchen with this stylish apron. Well ok maybe not the most useful, but hey - I'm sure that mallet might come in useful for thwarting some spies, eh?


Ursa Major
Created by Sparkwire
A very warm bear lost fight once. She is vest now.

*For The Holidays!*...
Wetworker V2[OLD]
Created by Astute
[This item has been remade.]

New Version:

"You catch yourself surveying the battlefield again. If it wasn't enough that those buffoons from the Builder's League attack near c...
Wicked Warmers
Created by Vorpal Blue
You're gonna need more than short-sleeve shirt to withstand a wicked cold New England winter.

Winter Warmed Pyro
Created by UnintelGen
A neatly knitted sweater for those cold days where 'just' a heavy flame suit won't cut it. Nor will a flamethrower.
Cozy, ain't it?

Skin Download:
Woolly Mask Warmer
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
Knitted with warm tender lovin'

But maybe a little bit of asbestos...
General's Attire
Created by Zoey

512x256 diffuse DXT5
512x256 normal DXT5
Paintability ( gold trim, not the buttons or belt )
LODs 0-1-2
Team colours
blah blah blah...

So yeah, a nice little opened jacket misc item for Soldier, inspired by military uniforms of the past and a few...
Hardware Stuffing
Created by Hunter
#UPD 1: added rimlight...
Honest Worker's Attire
Created by UnintelGen
Tech information-
LOD 0: 1313 triangles
LOD 1: 898 triangles (31% decrease of LOD 0)
LOD 1: 620 triangles (30% decrease of LOD 1)
Materials: 1
Class: Scout
Equip Region: Shirt
Number of Bones: 11
Special Function: Team Colored,...
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
Show your enemies you mean "business" while out on the battlefield.

-Now with 2 styles!

(also 50% more buttons and all buttons are 100% less square!)

Mod download:

SFM poster/wallpaper: http://dl.dro...
Insulated innovator: V wow this keeps happening
Created by A_Guardian
Model fixes, texture fixes, better paint mask, little to no clipping, better in general.

Also contains most of my blood as it was needed as tribute.

Added new images showing off the stock paint and junk better.

Kaymon helped make the name

Oh my god I ...
Kingdom Combatant
Created by Big Bob
Sunnyvale's finest.

512x512 diffuse
Normal map

Mod version, replaces the Ornament Armament or the Gaelic Garb. (do NOT use them together)

Paint chart is from a slig...
Looks to Kill V2
Created by Constructor
Completely redone mesh/texture, completely FABULOUS...
Created by The Ronin
Medic Misc.

Download the mod version now!

Replaces the Bowtie or Professor's Speks...
Momma's Little Mercenary v. 2
Created by Doctor EyeballEEK!
Smile for the Sniper, dear!...
Melody of Misery 2
Created by Evil_Knevil
'Burst me bagpipes and me eardrums!'

New and improved model and texture. Jiggleboned pipes and tassels.

Thanks for voting!

mr Snuggles (v2)
Created by Bapaul
A long trip to the Russian mountains breaks a man, his heart turns cold. Luckily you are wearing a snuggly (although dead) wolf to keep you warm.

Model/Normals by Bapaul
Texture by Rain*
Overall design stuff by Frying Dutchman...
Muffled Mugger
Created by Constructor
keep classy...
Neo Tokyo Runner
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
Biker gangs, drugs, alcohol, and driving safely under the speed limit, what's not to love?...
Professors Particulars
It has been scientifically proven that fancy sweaters and smart bowties increase intelligence, efficiency, and most importantly-- sex appeal!...
Rogue's Brogues
Created by Svdl
Wingtips, Spectator shoes, Full Brogues. Whatever you want to call them, here's a shiny pair for the Spy.

Safety Patch
Created by Jafem
With this Eyepatch on you no longer have to be afraid of losing your other eye.
Like they used to say, safety comes first!...
Salty Sweater
Created by multitrip
Saltier than the sea itself....
Created by chelovek(MAPAT)
Wrapped in a scarf.
488 polygons....
Captain's Scarf
Created by multitrip
Adventures such as stealing this scarf....
Scottish Tulips
Created by Dynamite
Did you know that I made these tulip booties out of real tulips, while drunk one night...

- Team Colored by Default
- Jiggleboned Laces
- Paintable
- LODs...
Snappy Sniping Suit
Created by Doctor EyeballEEK!
You know where you are? You're in the jungle, wankas! You're gonna die!

Version 2!

It's paintable, the Tie is jiggleboned, and it can be worn with the Outback Intellectual with no clipping! Wowzers!

I'm back to making 3D projects! Yay!...
Support Sweater(Spy)
Created by multitrip
3 styles...
Teufort Turtleneck
Created by multitrip
No better way to beat the summer heat than donning a double-thick knitted sweater....
Texas Gentleman
Created by DANG21
Description: I challenge you to a duel! Dumbass

Описание: Я вызываю вас на дуэль! Недоумок

wallpapers by Kunoichi
The Bolo Tie-Up
Created by Constructor
The Boot Warmers
Created by Sky
Paintable leggings and combat boots for six classes. Loosely inspired by US canvas leggings used in WW2.


- Paintable!
- For Scout, Soldier, Demo, Heavy, Medic, Pyro (they don't fit convicingly over the legs of the sniper, spy or engineer...
The Boston Biker
Created by Segab
You can't just walk out of a drive-in....
The Civil Suit
Created by Midnight™
You got a problem? I'm your man.

Includes 1 LOD and a paintable tie.

Model: Midnight Wolves
Texture: DANGeR21
Wallpapers by by Kunoichi:
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