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Red Is Undead
Genre: Action, Strategy
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, French
Players: Single-player
Sep 16, 2013 @ 4:24am
Dec 29, 2014 @ 12:45pm
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Red Is Undead Devblog #3

But first, let's talk about towers. It's a tower-defence, after all ! If you've read the previous devblogs, you already know a few things :
  • There are 5 basic towers in the game, and they can be built during the Construction phase by spending Metal Scraps (the basic resource, earned by killing monsters).
  • These towers can be upgraded at any time by spending Brains and Artifacts (advanced resource types, collected by your workers during the Construction phase), in addition to Metal Scraps.
  • There are 30 towers in total. 4 of the 5 basic towers have 6 different upgrades each, and the last one only has 1 upgrade (yeah, she's different :(). We're going to ignore that 5th basic tower and its only upgrade for now.

Usually, in a tower-defence, you have plenty of different towers to build, each with its own effects and abilities, and you can upgrade them to improve their efficiency. The issue is that if you want a lot of diversity, then you must have a lot of different towers, and you have to make sure one doesn't actually overpower another one with similar effects, and it can get quite confusing for the player.

Instead of doing that, we classified all the towers we wanted to have in 4 distinct categories, and made them all stem from 4 basic towers. What we ended up with was 4 tower evolution trees, each bringing its own unique style to the table. Here's a quick rundown of the 4 basic towers and the main features of their evolution tree :

  • GREY MATTER GUN : Single-target high damage and good range. Its evolutions focus on dealing massive damage from long range to a reduced amount of targets, and rely on Critical Strikes to increase their efficiency.
  • INCUBATOR : Low-damage short range AOE. Its evolutions focus on handling larger groups of weak enemies by using AOE effects and Damage On Time. Resistance reduction abilities can greatly improve their damage.
  • SEXY-ZOMBOT : Short range AOE slow. Its evolutions focus on utility (slow, resistance & critical resistance reductions, silence, etc) and are best used in combination with other tower types.
  • INFECTED ROOT : High chain-damage. Its evolutions focus on special effects that will further increase the efficiency of the first 2 tower types (critical strikes, DoT effects), in addition to dealing very good damage.

So, 4 tower types, 4 different styles. You can't really play by using only one of them though. You'll have to combine various towers and make best use of each, and I hope the way we organized the towers will make it easier to use. There is also a distinct visual theme for each, so they're easy to identify in-game. The 4 evolution trees look exactly the same, and I figured I'd take one to show you what kind of stuff you should expect from tower upgrades.

This is the upgrade tree for the GM Gun. It can be evolved in two different ways : GM Sentinel or GM Machine-Gun. While the Sentinel is just an improved version of the basic Gun, the Machine-Gun goes a different path : it doesn't necessarily deal more damage, but adds a Piercing effect (the projectiles can go through units). If you go further up the tree, you can specialize your tower even more by upgrading to a GM Accelerator or a GM Laser, the ultimate versions of the basic GM Gun. One is the best sniper in the game, while the other will deal massive damage to straight lines of enemies. Finally, you can also acquire Special Towers, which are unique towers (you can only build one of each type during a level) bringing very special effects. Here, for example, the Neuro-Turbinator will freeze surrounding enemies, while the Cruncher will mark enemies so the next damage they take will automatically crit.

That's just an example of how it works for the 1st tower category. For the 3 others, it's the same (2 tier1 upgrades, and 4 tier2 (2 ultimate towers and 2 unique towers)), with different abilities.

When playing the game, you will automatically (and quite rapidly) unlock all the 1st tier upgrades as you progress through the campaign, but you'll have to wait for special occasions to be rewarded with Special Towers. As for the ultimate towers, you will have to unlock them via the skill tree ... See what I did there ? Skills ! That's exactly what we're going to talk in the next section ! =)


After this quite brilliant transition, I'll explain what our skills system is all about. If you've played at least a couple of RPG games in your life, you won't find that very hard to understand : you have a skill tree in which you can spend skill points to earn passive skills, and you gain 1 skill point every time you complete a tower-defence level.

The idea with skills is to give you many ways to specialize yourself in what you enjoy the most. The skill tree is wide (70 points total) so you can't just level up everything, and you have to make choices. It's split in three sub-trees, each offering very different kinds of improvements. Here's an overview picture of the skill tree.

Inside each sub-tree, there is also room for customization. For example, in the Military tree, you can either upgrade single-target damage and critical strikes (for the Grey Matter Gun and its evolutions) or the AOE and DoT effects (for the Incubator and its evolutions), and unlock ultimate towers. In the Civilian tree, you can improve your workers, increase your hitpoints, reduce the cost of your towers, etc. In the Magic tree, you can improve your Fluid (mana) generation, boost your spells and unlock their improved versions.

Why all this ?

It's simple, really. We wanted to give you multiple ways to play the game, so you can find the strategy that suits you best. You can focus on having super efficient towers and unlock all the ultimate towers, have crazy workers who can collect resources super fast and get cheaper tower upgrades, or be able to spam powerful spells non-stop to makeup for weaker towers. It's all up to you !

I hope you will find this system interesting and easy to use ! Please let us know what you think !

In the next devblog :
  • Spells : We'll talk about the spells in Red Is Undead, what they do and how you can combine them together.

Red Is Undead Devblog #2

In Red Is Undead, Instead of having a single resource type (usually gold) to manage, there are 4 different resources to collect and spend throughout the game. Each has a different use, and a different way to be acquired.

  • METAL SCRAPS : This is the most basic resource. It’s earned by killing monsters. Every time you kill a robot, you get some Metal Scraps (the tougher the robot, the more Scraps you get). Every tower and tower upgrade requires Metal Scraps to be purchased.
  • BRAINS : For zombies, it’s the most important resource ever. Unfortunately for them, robots don’t have brains, so the only way to get them is to send your workers to harvest them in the graveyards scattered across the terrain. Brains are used as an additional cost for all tower upgrades. You’ll be able to build basic towers with Metal Scraps only, but as soon as you want bigger guns, you’ll need Brains.
  • ARTIFACTS : Just like Brains, this is a resource that must be collected by workers from resource spots. It’s the rarest resource in the game, and is only used to build Special Towers, which are a specific kind of tower upgrades. More about that in the next devblog.
  • CEREBRAL FLUID : This one is a little bit different. It’s the equivalent of mana, and is used to cast your spells during the Combat phase. Unlike others, you have a passive Fluid generation, and a maximum pool size (both can be improved by skills). You can also send your workers to pray at Atlars to generate more Fluid, allowing for more spells to be cast.

A worker collecting Brains, and another one generating Fluid.

So, what’s the idea there ? You can’t just build your towers, wait for them to kill monsters and build more with the resources you earned from that. Killing monsters will only allow you to build the most basic towers, which will be enough for the early waves, but that’s it. You will quickly need to upgrade your towers to be able to survive mid to end-level wave, and for that you’re going to need your workers to gather enough resources during the Construction phases.

Generating Fluid is also a smart choice, because spells can really save your life during the Combat phase. But if you chose to do that, it means you have less workers gathering resources, and on the long run it means you’ll have less upgraded towers. Your time is precious and your workers can’t do everything at the same time. Make your decisions quickly and wisely !


Collecting resources isn’t the only thing your workers can do. In each level, there are also Obstacles which can be destroyed by your lovely little zombie guys. What’s the point ? Well, by default, in most levels, the monsters will take a pretty straighforward path to your base, and you won’t have many mazing options. In addition to that, some resources will be inaccessible unless you clear the obstacles blocking the way.

An Obstacle, along with other resource spots.

By destroying Obstacles, you will open up new mazing possibilities and access new resources. While it can be extremely useful in some situations, destroying Obstacles take time, meaning your workers won’t be gathering resources or generating Fluid in the meantime. Clearing Obstacles is better on the long term, but you’re gonna have to make sure you stay alive to see that time come !

So ...

This whole worker management thingy has a few strategic implications : the first and most obvious is you will have to choose what you want to focus on : gather more resources to build upgrades more quickly ? Generate more Fluid so you can cast more spells ? Clear up the terrain so you can build a better maze ? What you do with your workers has a great impact on the way you’re gonna play a level, and these choices have to be made quickly. We feel that these simple mechanics bring an interesting strategic and decision-making aspect to the tower-defence, while retaining the core gameplay of building towers and casting spells. Let us know what you think about it !

In the next devblog :
  • Towers, skills & upgrade system : We’ll go over the different kinds of towers available, how to build / upgrade them, and how to build your own strategy by using the skillpoints system !

Release date: Late 2013
Red Is Undead is a fun and dynamic tower-defence game, brought to life through beautiful and diversified full-3D graphics and a rich soundtrack. Immerse yourself in a bizarre world on a planet far, far away, and embark upon an epic journey as you lead your lovely zombies to the victory (or not ...) against the mean, mean robots who took over their world !

The game brings a mix of action and strategy through a campaign of over 20 unique levels set in many different environments. Over the course of your journey, the skills you decide to learn and the crucial choices you make will shape your overall strategy while you prepare for the final battle. With up to 30 different towers and 8 unique spells in your arsenal, coupled with a wide skill tree allowing for in-depths specializations, the possibilities are endless !

While the core gameplay revolves around the main features of a classical tower-defence, Red Is Undead adds a few elements that make it unique in its genre. You won’t just build a bunch of towers and sit back : in order to survive, you’ll have to dispatch your zombie workers across the battlefield to gather resources and energy or open up new paths so you can build a solid maze with badass towers and cast tons of spells in the face of your enemy ! And if you prefer some towers, spells or resources more than others, just rank up the appropriate skills to make them even more efficient !

Key Features :
  • Customizable arsenal : build the strategy that suits you best by choosing your own towers and spells and specialize them through a wide skill tree. Make good use of your tower abilities and combine your spells together to overcome the bad guys !
  • Interactive environment : gather resources scattered across the map and shape the terrain to build the best defence maze possible !
  • A rich and replayable campaign : enjoy the wide variety of environment through the 20+ tower-defence levels and replay each level or even the entire campaign to try out all the possible tactics ! Plus the storyline is absurd so you’ll have to do it a bunch of times before you get it.
  • Full 3D graphics : because shooting robots in all 3 dimensions is much more fun !
  • Zombies and robots : we’re only missing dinosaurs I guess ?

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know on our forums at ! You can also head over to our facebook page or our website ( for more detailed information about us !
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Нет Linux версии? Я буду голосовать назло нытиков как Shizz
No linux version? GOOD. I will up vote just to spite whiners like Shizz
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Any news about this game? I'm really excited to see it come true !!!
Hälge Älg Oct 24, 2013 @ 9:14am 
yep i said on the indiedb forums that I would vote for it and I did
GimmeSomeHugs Oct 19, 2013 @ 10:20am 
Wanna play it ! Frenches FTW !