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[O21] Pokemon Rim
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[O21] Pokemon Rim

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KinKade wanted a Cubone, so we made a whole mod. This was a weekend project, version 1.0 was done in 3 days. There may be problems, so please drop a HugLib log link (Ctrl + F12) in the discussions if you have any issues and describe the problem as best you can. I'll try to fix it ASAP.

Future updates shouldn't cause issues with existing saves, that said, it's always a good idea to back up your saves often and just use willpower to avoid save-scumming instead of commitment mode.

This mod adds a small portion of Pokemon to Rimworld with a levelling system and evolution mechanic attached to the levelling system. They're found in the wild and you can add them to a scenario like any other animal. They're pretty powerful creatures, especially when levelled.

  • Levelling and Evolution System - Pokemon gain levels in combat, their health and damage will increase as they level, if they have an evolution you can manually trigger this evolution when they reach an appropriate level for it, it won't happen automatically. All info for this can be found a selected Pokemons Health tab!
  • Type Affecting Combat - Currently Pokemon do have a little type badge on their data, and type actually matters and will do more or less damage based on that. There may be some anomalies with dual-types where they end up doing more or less damage than expected, this will be fixed in time when Moves are added.
  • Pokemon Eggs - Currently available so you can breed Pokemon, and the lowest evolution form will come from the egg regardless of which Pokemon laid it (So Charizard will drop a Charmander Egg, Golem will drop a Geodude one, etc).
  • Evolution Stones - Bought from traders that sell exotic goods, these are used in some special evolutions.
  • Pacifist Uses - Some Pokemon have uses outside of combat, such as producing electricity in nearby batteries, dropping stone chunks occasionally or being able to be sheared for wood logs.
  • Settings - Some think that these absolute monsters of mythical power level should be as weak as a bunny, so there's an option for changing their health and damage levels in the menu. There's also other options added as new features for Pokemon are added so check there before asking for something to be changed as it's likely you can do it yourself.
  • Pokemon! - This is all currently included Pokemon, more will come but it'll be limited in number, there's just way too many to do them all.

    Charmander || Charmeleon || Charizard || Squirtle || Wartortle || Blastoise || Bulbasaur || Ivysaur || Venusaur || Pichu || Pikachu || Raichu || Cubone || Voltorb || Electrode || Snorlax || Geodude || Graveler || Golem || Eevee || Espeon || Jolteon || Vaporeon || Leafeon || Glaceon || Flareon || Sylveon || Umbreon

Future Updates
  • More Pokemon!
  • Trainer Apparel - Apparel for making your pawns look like true Pokemon Trainers is being worked on too!
  • Pokemon Moves - The levelling system is going to be expanded to allow Pokemon to also grow in strength, giving them moves that are gradually stronger as they level, with the option to choose moves as they're unlocked.
  • Pokeballs - Pokeballs will be available as a belt that allows you to store Pokemon on their trainer, held in a suspended state much like Cryo Pods.

Currently since it's only just been released, we simply don't know of many. Some cross compatibility is planned though, such as integrating useful components from the Advanced Animal Framework by Walking Problem if it happens to be installed, so Pokemon are much more capable companions!
    Cross-Compatibility Mods:
  • Advanced Animal Frameworks - If this is installed your Pokemon will be significantly more useful around the colony, hauling, cleaning, construction/repair/deconstruction are all doable by Pokemon that should be able to!
    Incompatible Mods:
  • Probably CE, usually is.

Recommended Mods
There's a few very specific mods I'd recommend to use with this, Kill for Me by aRandomKiwi being a perfect addition for this mod since it allows more direct guidance over Pokemon. But here's a Collection of generally recommended mods that go well with any Outpost 21 mods.

  • Q: Can I skin/butcher/otherwise mutilate these adorable creatures?
    A: They're just animals with extra steps, if you can do it to a Rimworld animal then yes, of course you can.
  • Q: Where is [Insert Pokemon]?
    A: There are currently 824 Pokemon known, there is no way in hell we can do them all, even just the original 151 would take over 300 hours to do. If your favourite isn't in-game then leaving a manipulative comment won't change whether or not it's included.
  • Q: Are Pokemon compatible with "A Dog Said"?
    Nope and that mod has been unnecessary since October 2018, because Cyber Fauna exists and automatically supports modded animals without needing to be patched for each and every one.

- KinKade - The Pokemon, and the reason it exists in the first place!
- Neronix17 - The code, so blame me if something breaks.
- Erdelf & Telefonmast - Helped figure out parts of the code.

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Jul 14 @ 3:17am
PINNED: Bug Reports
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Mamol Aug 22 @ 1:28pm 
thank you very much :)
Neronix17  [author] Aug 22 @ 9:19am 
A Dog Said is trash, use Cyber Fauna and you should already have the option.
Mamol Aug 22 @ 8:08am 
is there mod to heal pokemons like "A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics"
Neronix17  [author] Aug 15 @ 7:30pm 
Since nobody has confirmed it or reported any more "bug reports" I'm guessing those who were suffering the bug with level not going up after a kill have stopped experiencing it after the potential fix went out?
Neronix17  [author] Aug 14 @ 11:13am 
What's the point in asking for a log, the few who can provide one don't bother to come back with one. That's why I'm so adamant about not helping people who can't follow a basic instruction in the first very short paragraph of the description.
KrysisMode Aug 14 @ 6:58am 
Seems to be known in the bug report thread. Firzen can you try reloading the save and taking note of if exp rises after the reload? Because right now there's a bit of a GUI hiccup where numbers rounding makes it look frozen if the gain is too small but it's still actually gaining exp until you reload the save.

If it's not showing gains on reload then you gotta get a hugslib log link otherwise there's no way of actually figuring out whats wrong.
Firzen Aug 14 @ 4:05am 
No matter what mods I use or the order my pokemons xp always resets after killing raiders or animals
Wesadecahedron Aug 11 @ 4:45pm 
Appreciate the work Neronix17, a masterpiece you have blessed us with.
Neronix17  [author] Aug 11 @ 8:43am 
You took it how you wanted to take it, I wasn't being aggressive I was just telling you that you can do it yourself. The options screen is also the third screenshot so it is listed in a way, but can't win either way with you people, some can read some don't look past the screenshots, some look at neither, no matter what there's always someone willing to fling an insult for being told something.
MrFluffles Aug 11 @ 8:11am 
Okay I was trying to give some reasonable feedback but still no need to sound like an aggressive jackass... I mean I wasn't even aware that an options feature was added since many mods don't and you haven't listed it on the page.