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Ark Transcendence
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Ark Transcendence

{Mod In Early Development- Use At Your Own Risk}

Welcome to Ark Transcendence

Ark Transcendence is an immersive based QoL mod that seeks to add new life into the world of Ark through many new and exciting features.

This mod's main goal is to provide a new layer of depth for creature behavior in order to create a more dynamic Player/Creature experience. Players will have to deal with the new concepts of Moods, Personality, and new unique behaviors that will be displayed by their tames and possibly even wild creatures

Many new animations have been custom created from scratch to enhance vanilla creatures and provide new and meaningful content to Ark. Currently we have 5 creatures that benefit from the new animations and plenty more to come!

Mod ID: 1785800853

Current Notable Content:

Working Creature Mood System Which Can Affect Creature Behavior

New Custom Sleeping Animations For Several Creatures with more to come in the very near future

New Custom Behaviors That Can Occur in The Wild

New Custom Behaviors That Occur On Some Tamed Creatures

Partially Completed Personality System Which Will Have Creatures Potentially Behave Differently From Others

* Currently A Creature's Personality Is Unknown To Players But That Will Be Changed In The Future Once The Personality System Is In A More Completed State

Basic New Behavior Information:

Many Creatures Can Now Sleep And Rest

If An Angry Dino Becomes Too Angry It Will Attack Anything Nearby For A Short Period, *Will RARELY ever occur with Wild Dinos*

Our Wild Trikes Will Sometimes Taunt Carnivores That It Spots And Potentially Scare Them Away For A Brief Period, This Is More Reliable IN Groups

Our Wild Parasaur can Put Out A Scare/Distress Signal When It Spots A Carnivore Which Will Allow Nearby Herbivores To Flee, potentially even panic and simulate a stampede

Our Wild Therizino can potentially play a custom Threaten/Taunt Animation To Discourage Carnivores It Spots From Attacking

*Please Refer To The Following Documentation For More In-Depth Mod Info Regarding Mood

Future potential content plans may also be located here.

This Documentation Will Be Updated As Development Of Ark Transcendence Persists


This Mod Is Very Early In Development And Will Continue Being Worked On For Quite Some Time At A Moderate Pace. We Apologize For Any Inconveniences That May Occur During This Process Such As Unexpected Bugs And Glitches. Do Let Us Know If Any Bugs Occur Or If You Have Ideas/Feedback Regarding Ark Transcendence At The Following Discord Server:


- Mod is remap based thus is not very compatible with other remap dino mos unless this one is loaded first to take priority

If you wish to support the mod feel free to donate via link:


Another way to support our mod is by becoming a patreon =)
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D.Sebastião o Desejado
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PuffyDragonair 22 hours ago 
This mod is intense for what it's worth right now; I love it. My friend accidentally punched our griffin and it killed him XD
Malorn Sep 19 @ 3:09pm 
This is a wonderful modding project concept. Congratulations on becoming a sponsored mod!

Out of curiosity, do you plan to make some changes to wild dinosaur attack logic, as well? In vanilla carnivores will attack in all situations so long as something is in range. I know that other mods that have been discontinued (such as zoology) found ways to change that. Given your focus on dinosaur behavior, is Transcendence planning something similar?
Strat Cat Sep 19 @ 2:36am 
Awesome mod thank you for your hard work!
Andy Sep 18 @ 11:46pm 
Hey, nice mod!

One small thing: Format your description. I am not a native english speaker but it kinda hurt the eyes trying to read sentences where every word starts with a capital letter.:happymeat:
UGZ  [author] Sep 18 @ 11:32pm 
Mod updated, please read change notes
Maverick Sep 18 @ 2:53pm 
very cool! hope this goes into official
Der Baum Sep 18 @ 10:55am 
Is this compatible with the Kraken's Better Dinos Mod?
Col Sep 17 @ 2:01pm 
Ah, no worries, they're both really nice mods, but i'd rather this one. Thanks for the clarification and the fix.

Badass Gyarados Sep 17 @ 12:55pm 
does it needs to be first in mod load order?
UGZ  [author] Sep 17 @ 10:59am 
I looked into the bug, it is now fix for next patch, it was due to a small overlook on my part which doesnt affect the devkit version of testing so I didnt notice i forgot to change a setting for the animation