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Ark Transcendence
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Jun 29, 2019 @ 3:12pm
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Ark Transcendence

Mod In Development-Subject To Updates

Welcome to Ark Transcendence
Ark Transcendence is an immersive based QoL mod that seeks to add new life into the world of Ark through many new and exciting features.

This mod's main goal is to provide a new layer of depth for creature behavior in order to create a more dynamic Player/Creature experience. Players will have to deal with the new concepts of Moods, Personality, and new unique behaviors that will be displayed by their tames and possibly even wild creatures

Many new animations have been custom created from scratch to enhance vanilla creatures and provide new and meaningful content to Ark. Currently we have 5 creatures that benefit from the new animations and plenty more to come!

Mod ID: 1785800853

Current Notable Content
  • Working Creature Mood System which can affect creature behavior
  • New custom sleeping animations for several creatures with more to come in the very near future
  • New custom behaviors that can occur in the wild
  • New custom behaviors that occur on some tamed creatures
  • Personality system which will have creatures potentially behave differently from others, viewable in the creature wheel menu*
  • Wild Babies for many creatures
  • 20 creatures have new animations!
  • Wild Carnivore Hunger System that affects aggro

Basic New Behavior Information
  • Many creatures can now sleep and rest
  • If an angry dino becomes too angry it will attack anything nearby for a short period, *will RARELY ever occur with wild dinos*
  • Our wild trikes will sometimes taunt carnivores that it spots and potentially scare them away for a brief period, this Is more reliable IN groups
  • Our wild parasaur can put out a scare/distress signal when it spots a carnivore which will allow nearby herbivores to flee, potentially even panic and simulate a stampede
  • Our wild therizino can potentially play a custom threaten/taunt animation to discourage carnivores it spots from attacking
  • Some wild babies are actually able to fight back or are aggressive. Babies also stay near wild parents

* Please refer to the following documentation for more in-depth mod info regarding mood

Future potential content plans may also be located here.
This documentation will be updated as development of ark transcendence persists


This mod is very early in development and will continue being worked on for quite some time at a moderate pace. We apologize for any inconveniences that may occur during this process such as unexpected bugs and glitches.

Do let us know if any bugs occur or if you have ideas/feedback regarding Ark Transcendence at the following Discord Server:

  • Mod is remap based thus is not very compatible with other remap dino mos unless this one is loaded first to take priority

If you wish to support the mod feel free to donate via link:

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Immersive Taming
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Justice Sep 20 @ 6:41am 
Hi team, is this compatible with The Hunted ? 2112724006 (ID)

I know this doesn't change carnivore behavior in that they still don't attach each other (they only attack herbivores). However The Hunted does allow for that. It also has things like packs for Herbivores and aggressive behavior for babies.
Hoping we can mix the two.
most of those new animations worked really fine, except the weird-looking eyelids when they sleep.
c雨雪天 Aug 31 @ 6:27am 
Your mod is very good, hope the official can add it
The official taming method is the best, the only thing about your mod is that the taming method is not good
Tree Giant Aug 22 @ 1:32pm 
The rex can't breed.
beckslough13 Aug 21 @ 10:33am 
can you claim the wild babes???
Guild Gremlin Aug 20 @ 8:55pm 
Hey, is there a limit to how many babies a dino can have? We have 30 gigas in one spot in the Crystal Isles now and that's KIND OF a hard thing to do pest control on.
♤ACE♤Freeflier Aug 13 @ 5:10pm 
How bad is the "If an angry dino becomes too angry it will attack anything nearby" mechanic?
Logickane Aug 13 @ 2:38pm 
Glad to see someone working on a mod like this. My complaint about Ark has been the lack of immersion, and the wasted potential of a great survival game.

I imagine playing and being scared walking through the jungle and BAM! A Raptor has pounced, hiding in wait for an ambush.

Dinos with personality. Herd mentality, territorial predators, appropriate spawning climates, nests, food chain, a realistic amount of taming.

This part is a rant about taming lol:
I would like be limited on what can be tamed. No T-Rex, or any other ridiculously large animals. I don't think it would or should be possible. Besides they're the apex's! They should scary and
a constant threat. Requiring planning to take them down, and if successful feeling triumphant and rewarding. Not cheap because you're riding one too, and just eating everything in sight.

Realistic behaviors + Realistic taming = most scary beautiful co-op pve survival game on the market. How did they miss that when making this game?
120 BPM Aug 9 @ 3:03am 
To make sure that everything works on my end, I isolated the mod, cleared the save and started a new map, then upon not seeing too many changes that this mod promises I would do dino wipes and wait some time to check if anything changes. Repeated several times = no change. Just some death animations and passively tameable glowing trikes.

Frustrated with the results, I also tried another mod that adds baby dinos, nests and behavioral changes - The hunted ( indentical tests to this one ). This time, everything would work. Babies are there with parents, animal herds are present and stick together, nests spawn aswell. My conclusion is - Transcendence is broken, right now does next to nothing and is a waste of time. Author doesn't seem to be very responsive either. Save yourself some annoyance and try something different.
120 BPM Aug 9 @ 3:03am 
I tried my best to test this mod and see how and if it works. Did numerous flythroughs through the island with dinowipes and checking all different areas. Despite changing the ini settings to a 95% sleep chance, not a single dino would sleep. Not a single dino baby would spawn either. Same with the nests = found a total amount of 0. Some dinos having strong orange auras and trikes being passively tameable proves that the mod is active, it just doesnt work the way its supposed to. Herd behavior is non existent for any herbivore unlike description claims. Never saw more than 2 gali or parasaur in one place and they wouldn't stick close anyway. I could only find packs of ichytronis at some beaches. Some death animations were present which is another indicator of mod being active.