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Halloween 2013 Submitions
Items (102)
Carrion Companion
Created by Psyke
Who doesn't love bones?

Without bones you'd be nothing but a mass of skin and muscle!

Promote your love of bones by devoting yourself to this undead [ or perhaps fully dead ] avian friend!

Pyroland assister!
Comes with 3 lods!
Also jigglebo...
catcher at full moon night...
Ethereal Hood
Created by nano393
We have come for your sentry!... and maybe your soul!

2 LODs and paintable...
Created by Bapaul
All hail the pumpkin king! Also makes for a great pumpkin soup.

Model/Texture by Bapaul
Concept by Demon

-3 LODs
-512x512 Diffuse
-256x256 Normal
-Paintable eyes
-Supports all hats without clipping
-Extremely spooky...
Kindlin' Candles
Created by Constructor
Legend says these lil' chest-waxers used to belong to a handsome ol' fella named Jack.

3 classes! Demo-soldier-pyro.
Lieutenant Bites the Dust
Created by CoreVixen
Zombies AND raccoons? That's enough to make anyone see S.T.A.R.S
Glowing eyes!...
Mann in Black
Created by Primrose
The Good Guys dress in black; rememeber that.

Made for Halloween 2013! A Dark Fedora for both medic and spy; each with a different base color!
Paintable band!
Comes with spooky ooky eye occluding shadows!

Model, unwrap, promotional images, and backpack...
Moon Bar
Created by SMaestros
The Heavy's new favorite chocolatey treat that provides all the fuel he needs....
Tutforten Curse4
Afterlife is in full swing....
Pocket Roommate
Created by Batandy
Have you ever wanted YOUR OWN WIZARD,but never had the chance to buy one because they are TOO EXPENSIVE?
Your life is going to change now with the POCKET ROOMMATE! For only 14.99$ you can experience the true enchantments of a REAL WIZARD, with a WIZARD tha...
Pumpkin Bomber
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
Grenades that look like ordinary pumpkins...mostly.

(Dont have a witty description right now, maybe a better one later)...
Psyche Scrambler
Created by Kowalo
Capture the minds(and inteligence cases) of your enemies!...
Pyro's Hollowhead
Created by E-Arkham
"No one was sure which was more terrifying -- that the pyro's head had suddenly exploded, or that the pyro had failed to notice."

Simple little Halloween theme head replacement for the Pyro.

Be sure to join my [url=
The Attire from Hell
Created by nano393
This thing will suck the very life out of you, but hey, at least you are going to be the most handsome corpse out there.

3 LODs and paintable...
The Baby's Binky
Created by CyanPlastic
This'll keep them quiet.

- Paintable...
The Baby's Bonnet
Created by CyanPlastic
Something so cute has never been so horrifying!

- Paintable...
The Baby's Bottle
Created by CyanPlastic
The baby wants his bottle!

- Paintable...
The Battle Rattle
Created by CyanPlastic
A rattle fit for a homicidal maniac!...
The Brainscoop
Created by CyanPlastic
Chilled Heavy brains!

- Paintable!
- 1 LOD!
- Normal Map!

Model by Uncle Grumpskin
Texture by H.Gaspar
SFM shots, Brain normal and AO by Donhonk...
The Coughin' Kit
Created by FiveEyes
A grim reminder that smoking kills, but that doesn't mean we can't be ironic about it.

Made for Halloween 2013, a cigarette case designed to look like a coffin.

- Total polys: 626 (So low the importer didn't let me use any LODs)
- Painta...
The Door Smasher
Created by Batandy
"I'll huff, and i'll puff, and i'll BLOW your house in...Heeere's Johnny!" - A satisfied customer

Need a help breaking some cool looking doors? Don't worry, because the "Door Smasher" is here!
A haunted axe ready to do the job for you!...
The Feathertop
Created by boomsta
Some say there is a brain under that hat.

Model and Normal map - boomsta
Texture - JPRAS
Concept - Viktorie...
The Feint Blade
Created by Snood 🍕
How gruesome! How Terrifying! How Harmless!...
The Glob
Created by donhonk
A Dark Past! Unrelenting Terror! An experiment gone wrong!! Face the Horror of....

The Glob!


Jigglebones [Seen in the video above.]
Hat Compatibility
Glasses Misc Compatibility
Viscous Slime in every pore guaranteed!...
The Incomplete One II
Created by nano393
I like your eyes. Can i take one?

The Mad Maker II
Created by nano393
I'm not crazy. I only make toys. All the time. Those missing scouts?... No idea...

The Place Changer
Created by Merczy
SWITCH PLACES! *violently saws off your limbs and switches them around*

Has 3 LODs!
The Pocket Horsemann
Created by DeR‎osaJ
All-class portable Horseless Headless Horsemann

-Pouch is paint-compatible
-Face area self-illuminates
-No clipping conflicts with the Power Up Canteen...
The Serial Craftsman II
Created by nano393
Look kid, i cant finish your toy if you move so much...

The Snaked Charmer
Created by Snood 🍕
Voodooliscious baby....
The Stuffed Shirt
Created by boomsta
So stuffed that it is bursting from the sleeves.

Please note that this part of the item only includes the default torn sleeves, hay, and noose.

Model - boomsta
Texture - JPRAS
Initial concept - Viktorie
Coincidental Concept - Cobalt...
Boney Possesion
A spooky scary all class skeletal friend.

Everyone just loves restricted items, aye?...
Bare Snaggletooth
Created by EmAr
Halloween 2013 mod for the Ol' Snaggletooth!

The original author of Ol' Snaggletooth has been kind enough to allow us to post this. So, thank you nrek!...
Grave Keeper
Created by otterwolfy
There's a man going 'round staking graves....
Lil' Hellraiser
Created by Constructor
You rascal....
Nasty Nose
Created by Wrench N Rockets
All class fake witch nose. Featuring enormous warts! Seriously big warts. The warts have warts.

All class.
Pint-Sized Peril
Created by Psyke
There's no need to worry

Our good friend Mr S.Thompson has reassured us that these bats are infact very friendly. and are in no-way at all the byproduct of substance abuse.

Comes with lods!
Pyroland assister!
Team colo...
Pyrotechnic Tome
Created by Gigazelle
One shudders to imagine what inhuman text lies behind the cover of that old book......
Pyrosaurus Spikes
Created by Gigazelle
A dinosaur's spine and tail, complete with a perfect touch of jigglebones. Now with 100% less ice!

Its counterpart, the Pyrosaurus Skull, can be found here:
Quack's Cure-all
Created by donhonk
A medical device to "cure" many an ailment via pulses of electric charges to the noggin! Appropriate for Halloween and otherwise.

- Self Illuminated Lights
- 512x512 Diffuse + Spec

donhonk: model, uv unwrap, promos
void: materials...
Pyrosaurus Skull
Created by Gigazelle
A misc item compatible with all hats. Now with 100% less ice!

Its counterpart, the Pyrosaurus Spikes, can be found here:
Steak Stake
Created by otterwolfy
It's medium rare to see stakes this hot....
The Creep's Cowl
Created by Corvalho
... and the legend has it that he still creeps around the shadows of Teufort, looking for members of the enemy team to incinerate.

-Self illuminated

(actually the current importer doesn't allow to be paintable and self illuminated, but the tex...
The Creepy Chiroptera v2
Created by boomsta
It doesn't look creepy, in fact it looks quite cute. When it follows you around all day is when it starts to get creepy.

Model/texture/animation - boomsta
texture/concept - Viktorie...
The Evil Announcer (style 1)
Created by Corvalho
Style 2:

Some think it's magic, some think it's technology, either way don't be surprised to find a camera attach...
The Evil Announcer (style 2)
Created by Corvalho
Style 1:

Some think it's magic, some think it's technology, either way don't be surprised to find a camera attach...
The Living Hat
Created by donhonk
Would you believe me if I told you every top hat was ALIVE? No? Here is proof, the kind of proof you can wear on the top of your head dummy!

All Class!
Jigglebones! [Shown in Video]
The Dark Orchestra
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥
"Send dark, terrifying chills down your enemies spines when you play them the tune of death - mainly Organ Toccata, but other pieces work too".

- Paintable

Model/texture: Rain*
Concept: Zwappa
Desc: Doctor Scrumpy...
*updated model and textures.
Fright Lights
Created by Cipher
A resubmission of the spookiest chest-worn lanterns to ever hit the workshop. Note that they still won't protect you from the Dracula that's right behind you!

Paintable, multi-class, jiggleboned, 2 LODs, and a single 256x texture.

Model/Texture/Etc. by R...
What do you mean it's controlling me?! I chose to marry this lady pumpkin of my own free will!


NOTE: If this item makes it in game, I'm actually going to have a limited few of the things made up. In real life. That you can ...
Lil' Chompy
Created by Sky
Mk. I Pyrodrone "Chompy"
- Initial tests were a success. May need to improve pathfinding AI to stop it running directly at targets and blocking incoming projectiles with it's face.

- Glowing + Paintable Eyes! (default colours similar to team...
Hard-Headed Hardware MK.II
Created by Merczy
There were no screams. There was no time. There was only fire. And then...nothing...

Model By: Merczy
Texture by: Ertz
Unwrapped by: Constructor
Original Concept by: Merczy and Original Name

-3 LODs!
Merasmus's Private Stash
Created by JPRAS
A halloween-styled Buff Banner item.


-Exclusive Particle Effect;
-(Backpack/Cabinet) Door Jiggles;
-(Backpack/Cabinet) LOD 0, 1 2;
-(Horn/Potion) Liquid Jiggles;
-(Horn/Potion) LOD 0 - 1460 Tris;
-Packed exactly like Gold Star items.
Preternatural Pilot (HWN2013)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Resubmission (again!) from last Halloween!

* Made the arms a bit bigger (25%)
* Paintable body
* 2 LODs
* Self-Illum details on the ship

* Arms + Control Sticks are jiggleboned !

(sorry about the quality of the jigglebones video, took...
The Aztec Warrior v2
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
A wooden Aztec warrior mask. Imbued with ancient blood and souls from many sacrifices.

* All-class !
* Paintable...
The Blunted Beak(OLD)
Created by Merczy
Make your highly flamable enemies avoid you like the Black Plague with this oldschool doctor's mask.

2 LODs!

It is to be used with this:
The Hellbringer's Hatte(OLD)
Created by Merczy
Doctor? What doctor? Im just the guy that burns the plague ridden corpses of my enemies!

3 LODs!

It is to be used with this:
The Maniac's Manacles
Created by æ
Halloween's (almost) almost here!
Finally time to submit my spoO0oky misc.

Notes: has 3 levels of detail, 5 jigglebones (4 jigglebones at low LoD)....
Ze Replacements
Created by nano393
Good news, Medic has picked up your precious body parts and put them in a bag.
Bad news, the bag is not sterilized.

3 LODs, teamcolored and paintable...
Fallen Samurai
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Paintable & Jiggleboned!...
Komainu Mask
Created by Psyke
Why not take the lead role at your local Nogaku Theatre?

Failing that, Why not enjoy scaring your friends with these awesome Oni Masks?

Misc/Hat compatable!
Comes with Lods/Team colours!

Model by Ronin
Concept/Texture by...
Meat the Medic
Created by Constructor
To the Medic, this halloween costume was a great idea until he met a pack of dogs. Luckily, these dogs were vegetarians. Not so luckily, the dogs were radical vegetarians and beat him up.

Paintable sauce!
Noticable clipping in very few animations

Created by SMaestros
Once he stepped off that ship he was never the same......
Running Octopus
Created by EmAr
Halloween 2013 item!

Scout shouldn't have eaten that octopus meal. Well, probably......
The Bibushka
Created by Ducksink
useful against blood, too.

halloween item...
The Chain of Command
Created by Merczy
This stylish piece of headwear gives you the authority to cause nuclear war. It also implies that you were killed by a cult that practices black magic.

-2 LODs!
The Cowl of Doody
Created by Ducksink

halloween item...
The Enlightening Lantern
Created by Ertz™
all class halloween lantern

-glows in the dark
-2 lods
-256x256 diffuse and normal
The Die-per
Created by Ducksink
Rejoice the item you've all been waiting for.

halloween item...
The Phantom of the Fortress
Created by Typo Hui
I was wanting a Phantom of the Opera reference for spy and it has been a 2 year process, but finally it is complete! I started this item before the second Halloween update (March 2010), but it can work into that theme or be used generically.

Oh and a B...
The Scariest Mask EVER
Created by Will T.TVR
- All-class
- 224 to 288 tris depending on the class
- 512x512 textures
- Team colors
- Took more effort to model than it would have taken to actually make a real one. How many other models can say that?


Here's the problem: ...
Zombie Chameleon
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥

- Jigglebone
- Paintable
- Eye-glow
- Undead...
A Taste for the Theatrical
Created by Hawf 
Don't sleep, clowns will eat you. And bring you to their scary big top circus in space. They all float out there. And occasionally rob banks. And pick fights with rival japanese biker gangs....
Breath of death
Created by Gas 13
''Feel safe? Look over your shoulder.''

Tested with mouth animations and the hats....
Corona Del Diablo
Created by Psyke
Every man is a suffering-machine and a happiness-machine combined.

and some are infact pyromaniacs.

Glows in the dark!
Misc compatable!
Team colours/Lods

Model by Mr.Tinder
Concept/Texture by Psyke...
Created by Bapaul
Yes you read that correctly, we shamelessly said butt on the internet. Just don't tell our moms....
Freaky Frames
Created by Tuna Melt
Misc slot ghoulish glasses for all classes. Spook your fellow mercs with these googly-eyed gawkers!

-Jigglebones (check video)
-Glow-in-the-dark eyes

Happy halloween!!!...
Gut-Wrenching Gaze
Created by otterwolfy
Fool your friends with these gut-wrenchingly real fake eyes!...
La Calaca (HWN2013)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Another resubmission for Halloween 2013 !!

Mexican "Day of the Dead" - themed

* Improved geometry
* Paintable
* 2 LODs
* Jaw is jiggleboned...
Monster's Stompers
Created by Bapaul
Your enemies will run away (want to cuddle you) in fear (awe) when these claws (furry boots) scratch (poof?) over the floor....
Created by Hawf 
I'm not sure if it helps your depth perception at all, infact it just might make it worse!...
Rump o' Canteen
Created by Gigazelle
A halloween-themed canteen replacement! It follows suit to the battery canteens, i.e. a lit and unlit texture using the same model.

2 LODs, lit version glows in the dark!...
Spirited Skirt
Created by Roo
Your opponents will gaze at your crotch area, think "I can't hurt that, it's one of them females!" and BAM, you hit 'em with your purse. It's the perfect distractor.

-Normal-mapped heart!
-Only clips with some animations!
The Dragon Hood
Created by Bapaul
Ode to the days when Dragons scorched the lands... if they existed... which they didn't...
The Very Very Little Buddy
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Mercs don't grow on trees, ya know!

- 2 Jigglewiggles
- Paintable (Darker colors make the fetus more visible, lighter colors are more vibrant)
- You literally get to carry your team with this on!...
Frenchman's Headache
Spy's lunch fell into the teleporter just after he did, with ill consequences....
Gothic Mannicure
Created by Ruskeydoo
Show how different and unique you are by following a different set of rules about how you should dress! Goth up for All Hallows Eve.

Default colour is black....
Kentucky Fried Blobkin of Slight Halloween Rain*carnation
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥
"What was noise?" At least not your stomach. Cause with al that delicious food in your backpack even the biggest tummy gets wat it deserved; a big fresh pumpkin!

- Paintable
- Jigglebone

Zwappa: Concept
Rain*: Model/Texture...
Created by FiveEyes
Legend has it that one rocket eyeball became sentient. Others say that the Demo's remaining eye is just glass.

Just incase you don't get the pun in the name "Mini" + "Monoculus" = "Minoculus!"

- Paintable
- Jiggle Boned
- All-Class
- Super Spook...
Ray La Morte's Hat
Created by RagtagChris
Mesmerize your friends with this "Ray's the Dead" inspired hat! The "Device" is a mysterious lightbulb that allows its wielder to resurrect and control the dead.

Once you've gotten this hat all you have to do is make some corpses to build a zombie army....
Space Oddity
Created by Hawf 
In space, no one can hear your screaming irradiated skeleton....
Spooky Spectacles
Created by Gerre
This year's Halloween will be so scary, it'll make your eyes pop out of their sockets. Lucky for you they were attached to springs.

All-class, jigglebones & paintable iris. Demoman has a blue eye because of reasons....
The Ghastly Goop
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥
Don't confuse this goo-lish ghoul for no Boogeyman. Born and raised from a hellish incident from Medic's own drunken escapades on a cold Oktoberfest night, we assure you he means no harm...

- Paintable
- Jigglebones/floating
- Transparant
- Harmless...
The Last Bite
Created by ToxicWeasel

Design/Concept: Dim
Promo Pic: Ertz
Model/Texture: ToxicWeasel...
The Maximum Restraint
Created by Jack Muu
A leather mask that keeps the mad mind of a monster at bay. The one under the mask favors the taste of human liver and a side of fava beans....
The Rattling Respirator
Created by Merczy
When they all see your mask it becomes clear to them, that pyrotechnics are your business and business is good, but what they don't know is that there's a tormented psychopath's soul that lies beneath this lifless exterior.

-3 LODs!
The Violent Man's Veil
Created by ToxicWeasel
Wear this funeral themed hat to fool everyone that you 'Actually' feel sorry for all of the dead enemies that you have killed (or undead of course)

Concept/Design : Dim
Model/Texture : ToxicWeasel

Update: Now Paintable...
Tin Can
Created by Hawf 
Comes with convenient storage for your expired protein pills!...