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Wasteland Expansion - Beta
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Wasteland Expansion - Beta

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The Wasteland Expansion
This expansion will feature the return of the Nomads as its own race in the world of Athla. Nomads as a race have been finally included in the project in what began as a campaign project only where I finally took the decision to expand the content further with a new race. Most of the planned nomadic content around race has been included and integrated into the campaign so they are playable and fully set up.

So far players will encounter bugs and traces of what could be remains of the Human race. There could be abilities and requisites that can be leftovers from other races. The Nomad race strives to be balanced in comparison to the other 9 vanilla races available in the game. So any inconsistencies that may seem inappropriate should be reported.

The Wasteland Campaign
This is the campaign following the after story of what happened to the outlaw faction Nomads. You will progress the campaign with two different leaders and move on Athla’s world map together at the same time with the characters. The Wasteland Chapters storyline follows Sundrens and Edwards campaigns in the background explaining a story point from a different view. You will encounter familiar characters and new faces as you progress with either hero. The Wasteland alliance is the main faction in the story and, on the world map, your colour will be orange.

I’m developing a series of scenarios that are taking the original campaigns of Elven Court and Commonwealth a bit further. This by adding a third story branch that is following the same timeline as Edward and Sundren stories. Reynald and Tanner will be the main leader of the story and you will intervene with both characters on almost all scenarios.

Main content:
Released scenarios:
Mission 00 – Jungle holdout
Mission 1a – Pirate coast
Mission 1b – Monster hunt
Mission 2a – Storming the fronts
Mission 2b – Green infiltration
Mission 3a – Perilous alliances
Mission 3b – Glory for the brave
Mission 4a – Desert warfare
Mission 4b – The smuggler’s route

Mission 4d – Tale of the firstborns
Mission 5a – Sundren’s revenge

Released scenarios of Horn of Kesh:
Final Mission – Horn of Kesh 6a (Reynald)
Final Mission – Horn of Kesh 6b (Reynald)
Final Mission – Horn of Kesh 6d (Tanner)

Unreleased scenarios:
Mission 4c – Placeholder
Mission 5b – Placeholder
Final Mission – Horn of Kesh 6c, 6e and (f) potentially.

Regarding campaign and mods
Each scenario utilizes new things and progresses differently with scripts. The player can only use one leader at time and progress with fewer heroes on each main story branch.

The campaign only uses base content available from the original game and DLC. This is to ensure compatibility and not force players to use other mods only to play this campaign or depend on other mods to receive updates.

New custom content
To further establish the content of this campaign I also intend to add custom things. I will make this out time, but priority is to finish the campaign with its story while the new content will be secondary and included as a bonus.

Released content so far:
Nomad Race
Lizard Men Dwelling
Royal Tent Dwelling
Smuggler Nomadic Dwelling Unit
Slaver Nomadic Dwelling Unit
Watchman Nomadic Dwelling Unit
Storm Wyvern Egg
Storm Wyvern Mount
Storm Wyvern Dwelling Unit
Storm Dragon Dwelling Unit

Things needed to be done for later:
Balancing the Nomad racial lineup
Tuning some icons and models
Altering, balancing and improving the racial governance tree
Updating the campaign content with Nomads
Finishing the Horn of Kesh mission
Adding more and new abilities
Revising text and grammers

Bugs & feedback
The English language is not quite the best currently and there should be plenty of mistakes grammatically. If you find a mistake, I would be happy to apply changes if you discover something quirky during your playthrough that is either by the quests, story or dialogues.

If you get stuck on a scenario where you cannot press a button or cannot continue at any given moment, please report this and I will do whatever I can to fix it quickly.

Regarding balance for the campaign difficulty, it is set to be around intermediate for Reynald’s story and hard for Tanner’s story.

Did you enjoy this campaign? Consider trying my other campaign of the Shadow Realm Community Expansion!

Follow Wasteland project thread over at Paradox forum.

Also available in a wiki.

Legal stuff
This mod reuse story content from the original campaigns of Triumph Studios such as screens, maps, characters and background content. World maps were made using the psd* template provided by Triumph Studios for custom campaign creation.

Custom characters are all part of this campaign and in scenarios provided for a fun experience towards the AOW III universe and community.

Cheers and enjoy
Sincerely Gladen “Refineus”
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Gladen  [author] Feb 5 @ 12:54pm 
Good news everyone who plays the campaign in a evil and destructive way with Reynald. An alternative ending has been opened for the final mission showing the consequences of Nomads who acted in a selfish manner in Ralikesh by destroying everything.

Not everyone will experience this ending and not everyone may either be able to open this path unless they played the naval encounter before Drakar Oasis.

In general the Nomads has also been updated. Mostly regarding balance and updates of icons.
Gladen  [author] Jan 24 @ 11:34am 
@all Small update on all Lizardmen models and icons. Nomads have updated the last Warlord icons and their models completing the race finally.
Gladen  [author] Jan 4 @ 2:54am 
@That Human A new small hotfix was just released for Lizardmen. Apart from Icons, all there unit models are now completed and correctly set up. If you find anymore inconsistencies that looks wierd feel free to comment :)
Gladen  [author] Dec 31, 2020 @ 10:37am 
@That Human unfortunately a beta product at moment after alterating of the head models.

I'm in the process of updating it after holidays around 5 Jan. Then whole Lizardmen faction will see updates on their respective models.
That Human Dec 31, 2020 @ 8:26am 
Hey, I have noticed that the salamander has the lizard head floating a bit in front of the body's draconian head, and the lizard head is slightly too large.
Gladen  [author] Nov 27, 2020 @ 11:33am 

I thank you. So far the progression to complete the Wasteland Expansion depends on time and real life issues. If I could just work over and over with it, I would. Still some things to be done. Its like 90% done the Nomads apart from missing icons, background texts and then some balance. The campaign is lacking lots of stories at the moment as I lack some ideas at the moment.

The Shadow Realm content is another story. A team, lots of authors while some are working on the PBEM balance mod and others playing Planetfall or other games. I will experiment with mod this weekend and see if I can push an update myself. I'm not the owner of that steam workshop content so I may not be able to update it. When it happens the mod update is huge actually. Several fixes, especially on content side with many new icons and mostly for the campaign a big update.

A reason why an compatibility mod was able to be done was due to that I have access to both mods at the same time
好想养只宠物啊 Nov 27, 2020 @ 8:08am 
That's great.Then I wonder if you want to finish the last part of Shadow Elves.It has been version 0.9 for almost two years.Perhaps it's very hard to reunite all the authors but at least you are one of them and there's only a little details to complete,some bugs and...OK even me can understand that will be a lot of work.But,you are the most industrious one in this AOW3 Workshop I have seen.Most frequent updates.And you have made a compatibility mod for Shadow Elves.Maybe you have the same thought and just not show it?Nomad have been nearly steady.
However,I prefer a More perfect Nomad first.There are some reasons.I have followed your mod for more than two months,I see its improvements,from a version which I am not very keen on,to today a professional one.But Shadow Elves was still sleeping,also, the Texturing and Shading are not good enough I must say,JUST LIKE BLUE LED(^_^).Even though,these are both the great works for AOW3. Best compliments to you all.
Gladen  [author] Nov 26, 2020 @ 10:51am 

Morale Strike depends on morale. If morale is higher on the units hit, Nomads with the ability will inflict higher damage. If units with lower morale get hit "Ke-nan Will" will trigger making Nomads with the Morale Strike inflict less damage. If you go to a Creation node you can trigger another effect rejecting the mass bless effect with morale Strike. Not all forms of morale Strike are visible because I lack icons so they are hidden in the unit panel until I figure out the rest of them.

Regarding the Tomb Guardian he should be male according to my vision. I might check the result of my balance as the incorpreal should be there.

Rond should have his second name unless it has gone unlinked "Z'Chara".

No problem I can understand your English

好想养只宠物啊 Nov 26, 2020 @ 9:14am 
Forgive my broken English,please,guys.
好想养只宠物啊 Nov 26, 2020 @ 9:12am 
By the way I want to know if Tomb Guardian is a man or a woman.