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Ice Wyvern Mating
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Jun 28, 2019 @ 1:10am
Jun 28, 2019 @ 11:58pm
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Ice Wyvern Mating

This mod simply enables breeding for ice wyverns.

-Safe to remove without loosing your wyverns. (You will still loose any un-hatched eggs however)
-Does not require hatching new wyverns and will work with any you had before adding the mod.

To spawn a breeding ice wyvern you can use the following command (the 150 at the end is the level it will spawn at and can be changed to whatever you'd like):

admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/IceWyvernMating/Ragnarok_Wyvern_Override_Ice.Ragnarok_Wyvern_Override_Ice'" 500 0 0 150

If you would like to breed fire, lightning, or poison wyverns, see my other mod:

Mod ID: 1783616332
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Dec 19, 2019 @ 7:19am
Can't mate ice wyverns
Oct 4 @ 8:57am
Destroy Wyvern Nest/Alle wyvern nester zerstören
Locky Balboa
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KingOfFriedChicken Oct 4 @ 3:04pm 
Locky Balboa - Last i knew there is no command for this, im gonna guess he did not add 1 for the mod either. The best way to do this is turn yourself Invisible "Admincheat enemyinvisible true" then fly around and collect any existing eggs already on the server, or as other players collect them the new 1s will spawn in proper. If someone hatches an egg that has a unmodded wyvern it will convert on a server reset so its not a huge problem.
Locky Balboa Oct 4 @ 8:57am 
i need to know the command for Destroy all Wyvern NESTS. not the eggs, the nest!
Xandermud  [author] Jul 7 @ 2:38pm 
Load order would have zero effect on either mod. The only thing I can think is that maybe something changed with the dev kit behind the scenes. The original wyvern breeding mod was made with a version of the dev kit before the aberration content was added to it. I'll spend some more time with the dev kit and see if I can figure anything out.
PapaJimee Jul 7 @ 12:41pm 
So don't we Xander. I had a 180 Ice wyvern ready for mating and basically just said "screw it" you're the only one with a working mod that doesn't require me to wipe everything. If you ever find a fix we'd appreciate it. Thanks for trying.

The regular wyvern mating mod works fine btw. Just this one messing up. Could you have to load the ice before the regular or vice versa? Could that cause an issue?
Xandermud  [author] Jul 7 @ 6:11am 
For some reason, weather it works or not changes on a per-server basis. I put my drake breeding mod on a temp server to test and it worked fine. I just really wish I knew *why* it doesn't always work.
Faylena Jul 7 @ 6:07am 
So, since my original post we never did have another ice wyvern spawn, so I didn't mess with the mod or restarting the server etc as we could not breed and my friends were not downloading dinos from other servers. We recently updated to crystal isles and removed the mating mods, if we bring our original wyverns over we'll put the mods back on.
now, in my 1p mode I have the mod and I downloaded/pulled in both my Ice Wyverns from previous servers and they ported in just fine (The Island, working on ascending, slowly). They're visible and they bred up a handsome little baby boy. I'm a proud wyvern mother. I have your other wyvern mating mod also installed on my 1p Island map, and already made a milk which baby ice wyvern has already eaten. That shows it does work. The mod was already installed when I downloaded the wyverns this time though. Whereas on the Rag map I had the wyvern first, then installed the mod.
Xandermud  [author] Jul 6 @ 6:09am 
This mod remaps the spawns for both the old valguero wyverns as well as the ragnarok wyverns. The update to valguero that makes it use the ragnarok version just means that this mod has an extra remap that is not needed. Also, while this mod has never had this issue for me personally, I have attempted to make a rock drake breeding mod recently, and am having this exact problem with them. I'm at a loss as to the cause, as this mod and my rock drake mod are made in the exact same way as the original wyvern breeding mod, but they have problems where the original doesn't.
PapaJimee Jul 5 @ 2:14pm 
I'm having the same issue with ice wyverns disappearing on Ragnarok.

@Xandermud noted down below by Valkeriesblade: After recent update my ice wyvern's disappeared with this mod on. looks like in the patch notes they changed the valguero ice wayvern class to ragnarok.
Faylena Jun 5 @ 6:05am 
I'll give it a go after work, thanks Xandermud! We're looking forward to breeding the lightening wyverns this weekend with your other mod. Appreciate your hard work!!
Xandermud  [author] Jun 3 @ 11:37pm 
@Faylena- Hmm. On the off chance that some update or another in Ark broke the mod over the last several months I haven't been playing, I just loaded the game up with no mods. Spawned an ice wyvern, then added this mod. Seemed to work perfect for me. It's possible the mod got corrupted during download. If the server owner could possibly delete this mod's files and re-download it could rule out a possible corrupted file.