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Turok Community Map Jam
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Jun 24 @ 9:08pm
Jul 17 @ 8:49am
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Turok Community Map Jam

The first official Turok community Map Jam! Playthrough a new 5 level action packed campaign by the Turok community. We all hope you enjoy this community project, more to come! And don't forget to playthrough it again with Turok+

Ravaged Labyrinth
Arcane Temple
operative lm
Atsilv Gulf
Jungle Sanctuary
Primordial Vale

How To Start
  1. Subscribe.
  2. Wait for Steam to download the mod
  3. Run Turok through Steam and select "Launch Game Editor" to launch the editor
  4. Click on the "Workshop Items" tab. Select the mod from the list and press the play icon button in the top left to start.

GOG Dinosaur Hunters
  1. Download the mod .kpf file at https://turoksanctum.com/download/turok-map-jam-2019/
  2. Create a folder in your Turok - Dinosaur Hunter game directory and name it mods
  3. Put the .kpf file in the mods folder you just created
  4. Start the game!

Community Links
Turok Forum: https://www.turokforums.com
Turok Sanctum Mods: https://turoksanctum.com
Discord Turok Group: https://discordapp.com/invite/C4JPu4B
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DoomMarine23  [author] Jul 15 @ 10:54pm 
Thank you, Curry, Riccardo, and Scotty! I am glad you all enjoyed them.
[TBR]ScottyB Jul 15 @ 6:28pm 
this is fantastic!!! so good! every map was great!!
riccardomarchetti88 Jul 9 @ 1:10am 
I hope to see a lot of this levels... turok need some news !
curry Jul 7 @ 6:16pm 
Great Maps, Really had to think outside the box at some parts.
DoomMarine23  [author] Jul 5 @ 5:25pm 
Thank you Alvaro! We hope to be releasing an update in due time to fix some bugs and add in a spirit realm or two.
REDGB | Alvaro Jul 4 @ 5:15pm 
Probably the best map mod I've played so far! Primordial Vale was hard as hell to finish! I'l try again with turok + mod! Excellent job guys!
vodkins Jul 4 @ 4:12am 
P.S. Forgot to mention (if somebody interested) that i voted "Thumbs Up" and added pack to Favorites because in whole this is a very quality work. Thank you again for it, will wait for more.
vodkins Jul 4 @ 4:07am 
Thank you for the adequate perception of criticism! About that secret with secret jump mechanics - i suspected something like that, but i am too lazy to learn them (i suspect that player moves faster and jumps longer with knife in the hands, like is Serious Sam, but i am not sure). Also my criticism about that short map was not about "unreacheable" secret, but about the size and whole point of map with such (deathmatch) size.
Badger  [author] Jul 3 @ 1:20pm 
@vodkins Learn to jump :tgrin:
Naw just kidding, thank you for the review, because without critical reviews like these we cannot make better maps the players like.
Smoke39  [author] Jul 3 @ 11:53am 
You can reach the upper floor, it just requires in-depth knowledge of Turok's movement. That's what makes it a secret .