Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

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Silva - Automated Factories
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Silva - Automated Factories

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Silva's Mods for Surviving Mars
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Add 3 new automated factories to produce Polymers, Machine Parts and Electronics. Don't require workers or dome nearby but its production is reduced.

Automated Polymer Factory
Tech required : Automated Systems (SILVATECH)
Workers : None
Upgrades : Amply
Production (per day) : 4 Polymers
Consumption : 6 Electricity, 0.5 Water, 1 Fuel

Automated Machine Parts Factory
Tech required : Automated Systems (SILVATECH)
Workers : none
Upgrades : Amply
Production (per day) : 5 Machine Parts
Consumption : 28 Electricity, 1 Metal

Automated Electronics Factory
Tech required : Automated Systems (SILVATECH)
Workers : none
Upgrades : Amply
Production (per day) : 4 Electronics
Consumption : 6 Electricity, 0.3 Rare Metal

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Nov 22 @ 10:24pm 
Same issue, but also the only fix I've found is to ctrl+click or shift+click the power cycle to get all of that category to reset just in case, they all seem to stop working at once, but that's only a temp fix afaik; couldn't find anything that was specifically causing or preventing it. Also my game crashes if I ever bring colonists to the planet but I don't think that's related.
Cash Nov 22 @ 5:31pm 
@Ghost fox
oh godddd It's been a long time since I've played this and I forgot you have to ENABLE mods IN the game for them to be on
I am the village idiot please ignore me
Ghost Fox Nov 22 @ 3:43pm 
You're sure the mod is active, you've done the required research, and you're checking the Additional Buildings submenu?
Cash Nov 22 @ 3:29pm 
Same problem as some others, buildings don't show up anywhere in the build menu after researching. All I have are the automated extractors, concrete plant, and waste rock extractor.
Silven_wolf Nov 16 @ 9:41pm 
anyone one else having a problem where the stop producing? "the power button is yellow" even though its got raw resources in it and its out put is empty. i run out of adv resources and see i have none producing. i can get it started again but turning it off and on again but but doesn't stop it from happening again. is there a fix to this?
Oct 13 @ 3:38pm 
I'm having the same issue as @Rashkavar in that they aren't showing in the construction menu, even the additional buildings part, all I see are waste rock and concrete production, could there be a conflict I'm unaware of?
Rustico Oct 1 @ 3:11pm 
Nice, but @Silva the craft cost is missing, and without it those building seems to me pretty strong, shouldn't they produce at lest half of that production per day? A facility with workers produce that ammount per shift more or less. In my opinion the automated facilityes are a good thing, but they should be much less productive, or the worked factories beacome useless.
Rashkavar Sep 22 @ 12:04pm 
Aha, thank you! It's there, and works fine.
Ghost Fox Sep 22 @ 1:00am 
Silva's buildings are in submenus of the appropriate construction menu, click the icon with a + symbol at the start of the row.
Rashkavar Sep 21 @ 6:37pm 
This may be me being a noob, but I can't find where in the construction menu these are? I have the research for the automated extractors and factories, but I'm not seeing it in the list. Not sure if I'm missing any other mod structures. Anyone have a suggestion?