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Bake one of a baker's dozen types of bread!

Throneco's Addon 💯!

STBakery is an original, fun, and simple idea for something to do on your Garry's Mod server.

To bake any type of bread, buy a clay oven and some flour. Use the oven and select which type of bread you could like to bake. After selecting a bread, insert your choice of flour. There are three different kinds, each with their own quality, which effect the healing effects of the end product. Bread has the ability to overheal the player who eats it by up to 44 HP. If you have any other addons that raise the player's HP above the maximum, this overhealing will reduce the health.

Ceresole Flour is the lowest quality, Golden West is medium, and Cream of the Valley is the best.

Configurable settings include:
Time to bake bread, defaults to four to six minutes.
Cost for ingredients, defaults to $270.
Chance for burnt toast to result (failed bake), defaults to 10%.
In order to modify these config values, you must decompile the addon.

I made this because I found all these bread models and wanted to do something with them.

Features and Contents
Functionality in sandbox.
Functionality in DarkRP (setup required).
Simple to configure, simple to use.
Twelve different types of bread to bake, with an extra as a chance.
A config file for parts of the addon.
Bread that heals you based on the quality of the flour.

For server owners: Make sure you resource.AddWorkshop() this addon! There are models contained in this addon that most of your players will probably not be able to see!

Note that this addon may not work perfectly, as it has been a bit since I've done GLua coding. If anything goes wrong, that means script errors, incorrect calculations, or anything else, leave it in a comment below.


This addon contains several models and materials from Valve games. I do not claim ownership to this content. I am not making any revenue from this addon. All rights reserved to their original owners.

Me - Code
Valve - Models and materials
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Ghake Nov 10 @ 12:35am 
I would love to see a sequel mod to this, where you can make basic food items like sandwiches with the cheese mod. These are some of the best RP addons I've ever seen, and they're super simple and blend right in to the vanilla art style.

Keep it up man.
SweptThrone  [author] Sep 27 @ 11:44pm 
counter strike source
CyanChrome Sep 27 @ 10:19pm 
all of the ST-entities addons don't have textures for me, is there a link to the material pack?
Bonzi Buddy Aug 2 @ 6:38am 
you should add a toaster
Rofnik Jul 17 @ 9:52pm 
well played
SweptThrone  [author] Jul 17 @ 9:51pm 
The 13th is a 10% chance to fail and make toast
Rofnik Jul 17 @ 9:33pm 
FINALLY one of the few things the garbage american education actually managed to drill into my head is gonna be used
A bakers dozen is 13
This addon had 12 varieties of bread to make
SweptThrone  [author] Jul 13 @ 9:40am 
you tell me
Bonzi Buddy Jul 13 @ 8:57am 
btw why doesn't this work for me
Siydge Jul 3 @ 8:44pm 
yep fixed