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Eversion Achievements Guide [SPOILER WARNING]
By Slime Drips
A full guide on how to acquire all the Achievements for Eversion.
1) Foreword
Due to the nature of the Achievements and the game itself, parts of this guide may contain light to significant spoilers. For the sake of your enjoyment please attempt to finish as much of the game and its Achievements as possible before you resort to using this guide.

About the game

Originally posted by Wikipedia:
Eversion is a short platform game for Microsoft Windows by Zaratustra Productions. It features a small asterisk-like protagonist named Zee Tee, who is on a quest to rescue a princess named Nehema, collecting gems along the way, much in the plot-style of early Mario games. Each level consists of a set of parallel realities, each of which features different hazards, a unique artistic style, and a distinctive soundtrack. By using Zee Tee's ability to "evert" from one reality to another, the player can navigate him through obstacles to reach his goal.


Eversion is free to download, but a high-definition version can also be purchased for $4.99 on Steam. Later versions of the free game feature an updated soundtrack and a completely overhauled final level, while the high-definition version features additional options and more detailed artwork.

Eversion is an Indie Platformer/Puzzle/Horror game originally created by Zaratustra in 2008 for a competition thread held by TIGSourcewith the entries having to be inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Commonplace Book.

In 2010 the HD version was released on Steam for $4.99 (the original having always been free) and added the following changes (as copied from the Author's site):
  • Higher resolution (640×480) and more detailed graphics
  • Small changes to make the game easier for newcomers
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards for time attack mode
  • Support for custom levels on time attack mode
  • A third easter egg ending!
Additional changes not listed by the Author include controller support, a secret set of collectibles, and the ability to locate Eversion spots by pressing the Evert Button.

As for the "More detailed graphics" here's a comparison between the old art (left) and new art (right) which effectively bumps the game from pseudo 8-bit to pseudo 16-bit (click to enlarge):

The game is very short, and if you're decent it can be completed (or even 100%'d as I did) in a single playthrough, but it's fun, unique, and interesting enough to be worth purchasing.

Tips to keep in mind while playing
Lots of things change depending on what layer you're currently on, specifically there is overall a large difference between layers 1 to 4 and layers 5 to 8. Be mindful of the effects.

On the first four layers, pressing the Evert button will make a circle appear around any Eversion spots that might be on screen, you are also able to hit blocks that have faces to make Gems appear. On the latter four layers pressing the Evert button will not make a circle appear to mark Eversion spots (which make finding them harder), Gems wont come from face blocks, and hands appear out of most pits.

There are many other small differences between layers that you should take the time to learn and remember, but the most significant effect unique to a single layer is on Layer 4 where enemies become completely stationary. This means that for the most part they become no threat (except if you run into one) and you can even use this effect to position them in a way that makes it easy for you to bounce off their heads to a higher area than you could normally jump, but it does include one negative side effect where a stationary enemy might block your path.
2) Layer Achievements
Achievements that require you to evert to a different "layer" make up the bulk of this game's work, but you shouldn't have to specifically seek out any of these as you'll be getting them on your way to unlocking the rest of the game's less straightforward Achievements.

For the sake of completion I will include the earliest spots to unlock each of these, but feel free to skip this section entirely.

Enter the first eversion layer.

The first Eversion spot in the game is located in World 1 under the stack of floating blocks.

Enter the second eversion layer.

Mandatory to progress in World 2.

Enter the third eversion layer.

Mandatory to progress in World 3.

Enter the fourth eversion layer.

Mandatory to progress in World 4.

Enter the fifth eversion layer.

Mandatory to progress in World 5.

Enter the sixth eversion layer.

Activates automatically at the start of World 6.

Enter the final eversion layer.

After acquiring all 240 gems in the game, a new Eversion spot becomes available at the start of World 7.
3) "All That Glitters"
All That Glitters
Gather 240 gems.

Self Explanatory.

I might record some videos of Gem routes later, but they aren't too difficult to find so hopefully no one will be hung up waiting for those.
4) Ending Achievements
The Princess Is In Another Castle
Find the regular ending.

Simply get to the goal flag in World 7. This level can be difficult to collect all the Gems in, but for the purposes of getting this Achievement it's possible to just very quickly play through the level by everting down to layer 5 and taking the bottom path through the final section, as shown to the right.

Happily Ever After
Find the special ending.

Collect all 240 Gems, then go to World 7 and a new Eversion spot will appear where the Gem counter is. Everting here will take you to layer 8, and beating the level on layer 8 will unlock World 8. Complete World 8 to get the special ending.

Beige Alert
Find the secret ending.

Finish World 7 on layer 4. You're not able to use the lower path described in The Princess Is In Another Castle, but you can easily just hop onto a platform above the top of the screen near the layer 3 Eversion spot, one tile right of where I'm standing in the included picture. From there just jump to the right to continue on the upper path and towards the Goal Flag.
5) "Friendly Reminders"
Friendly Reminders
See all alternate stage start messages.

For this Achievement you need to see all the "supportive" messages which occasionally replace the "Ready!" message that appears when you start a level or respawn after a death.

The alternative messages start appearing on layer 6, and while I'm not certain if later layers increase the rate of which they appear, or if they change the selection that can be chosen from, it probably doesn't really matter as the fastest way I know of to grind for this Achievement is on the last layer anyway (which presumably has the largest chance and highest selection for these messages).

Assuming you haven't already earned this while trying to get the other Achievements, head over to World 8, then progress to the area shown in the image to the right (which is just before the first spike pit) and a black fog will appear behind you. Simply hold left to continuously run into the black fog, die, and repeat, eventually earning you this Achievement.

If you don't want to stare at the screen until this Achievement unlocks you could try putting something small on your left key to hold it down, like a stack of pennies or a pebble, nothing too heavy though or you might damage the key. If you have a controller you could also try the "Rubberband Trick" that is common to see recommended for achievements like this.

Here's a list of which messages can spawn (let me know if I forgot any!):
READY! [pause] TO DIE
[a blank screen]

As a side note, when playing levels in Time Attack mode, a unique set of messages appears, though these aren't required for the Achievement.

Time Attack messages include:
GEMS ADD TIME [I don't think this is actually true, but I may be wrong]
READY! [pause] TO RACE
6) "Metaphor For The Atomic Bomb"
Metaphor For The Atomic Bomb
Find the hidden item on each stage. No, there's not an ending for this one.

In each World there is one letter, all of which together spell EVERSION. The letter locations are as follows:

WORLD 1: Evert to layer 2 and jump on top of the cloud above the start

WORLD 2: Use the Eversion spot above the midway point to get to layer 2, then get on top of the clouds to the left by bouncing off the enemy standing on the 3 tile wide platform (if you killed this enemy jump into a pit to restart from the midway point).

WORLD 3: When you Evert to layer 4, position one of the enemies on the platform above you so that you could bounce off it and reach the pitchfork-shaped platform above, then head back left to break the brick and do just that.

WORLD 4: Use the Eversion spot located above the 3 block wide platform just before the Goal Flag to get to layer 4, then head back left to the lake that had 4 hands and try to wedge yourself between the two blocks floating in the top middle.

WORLD 5: Stand on the first crumbling tile on layer 6 and fall straight down to a safe area among the thorns, then jump left to the crevice with a single thorn.

WORLD 6: When you get to the maze-like area with crumbling blocks, before where you would normally jump up inside of the maze just before the end, head left to find an Eversion spot to go to layer 6 and remove the advancing red fog. After this you can safely grab the letter from left of where you fall out of the maze.

WORLD 7: Located on the bottom path of the final section before the Goal Flag. Fastest way to get it is on layer 5.

WORLD 8: On layer 1 in the area with shrubs and flowers, jump to the upper path where the flowers are.
7) "What Have You Done"
What Have You Done
You tried to edit the main game files. You won't be able to get other achievements or high scores until you undo your edits. (custom time attack maps are ok!)

The Achievement itself does a pretty good job at explaining what this one is. With that said, the easiest way to get it is to go to [...]\Steam\SteamApps\common\Eversion\maps and rename "area1.map" to something else, for instance, "area1a.map".

Then try to launch the game from Steam, it should crash instantly, and when you go to your Achievements page it should be unlocked!

Remember to rename the map file you changed back to its original name after you're done.
8) Closing and Credits
...Aand that's it! Hopefully now you have all the Achievements and won't have to worry about such things any more.

If you're still craving some time with Eversion there's still a few things you could do, like set some records in Time Attack mode, play (or create[fastcall22.blogspot.ca]) some custom levels, check out the Author's other work[zarat.us], or even persuade a friend to play Eversion (either the free original version[zarat.us], or the modified HD version on Steam) and laugh at their responses to it.


This was the first game guide I've ever written, so hopefully it was alright! Leave a comment if there's any mistakes or improvements that could be made, or if you know of any other methods to do anything mentioned in the guide.

Letter locations - Protoss (Original Posts: (A) (B))
"What have you done" Solution - General M-13 (Original Post)
"Beige Alert" Solution - GreyYar (Original Post)
Drew for making me interested in playing this again
tyl3r for just so happening to have a coupon he was offering on the trading forums
9) Guide Changelog
[Sept. 12, 2013]
  • Started and finished writing guide.

[Sept. 13, 2013]
  • Cleaned up descriptions for all ending-based Achievements.
  • Numbered each section of the guide.
  • Added more screenshots to the letter locations guide; Now Worlds 1-6 have both a screenshot of where you need to evert and where the letter is. Also swapped out screenshots for Worlds 7 and 8 to better demonstrate things.
  • Recorded Gem guide videos; Will edit and add later.
  • Added the changelog!
  • Modified the Foreword with additional changed and altered the wording to a few sentences. Also, realized I originally spelled "Foreword" wrong in the title.

[Nov. 6, 2013]
  • Removed a joke link from the credits because Steam doesn't like bitly links apparently.

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axel256 Nov 13 @ 6:31am 
"What have you done" - not working anymore. So, what have I done (without any result):
- rename map-file;
- edit map-file;
- rename exe-file;
- edit exe-file with notepad (game just not starting);
- edit exe-file with resourse editor; (game works fine, but no achivement)
aaaand... what else I need to be done for that fcuking achivement???
Furudo Aug 31 @ 4:59am 
"Metaphor For The Atomic Bomb" - That's funny. They're poking fun at the game Braid, which is what that game is supposed to be.
memes72 Jun 23 @ 2:52pm 
Suprisingly, I didn't need this guide for the All That Glitters acheievement
Slime Drips  [author] Sep 3, 2017 @ 12:46pm 
Glass of water™ Aug 27, 2017 @ 6:33am 
It's been 3 years, so I'm guessing you're still getting around to creating those videos?
LightSparda Jun 23, 2017 @ 4:15am 
Awersome guide, thank you!
elfolampo Dec 25, 2016 @ 5:03pm 
Beige ending can also be triggered in World 8, all you have to do is to go back once you get to the area immediately after turning to beige, there will be a flag there to end the level early and trigger the ending.
TroLL Oct 17, 2016 @ 6:44am 
Hello. Can't get the Metaphor For The Atomi Bomb achievement. Could you accept my friend invite, please?
Nyappi57 [KéKéCoRe]{Français} Jun 25, 2016 @ 12:08pm 
Very good guide. I like very well. And very explain.
Threeo Jan 29, 2016 @ 8:24pm 
too bad the "What have you done" achievement doesn't unlock upon changing a different file like music :P (The eye title screen appears but not the achievement)