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Non uno Pinata (don't drop items)
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Jun 23, 2019 @ 7:21am
Sep 28 @ 8:51pm
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Non uno Pinata (don't drop items)

Pawns don't drop items when downed or killed. More tools to deal with corpse inventory.

- when downed, pawns don't drop weapons and inventory;
- when killed, pawns don't drop weapons and inventory;
- inventory is extracted when stripped;
- when cremating, corpses designated to be stripped are actually getting stripped before cremation;
- you can mark, which items should be removed and stripped from the corpse, downed pawn or a prisoner. The rest of items will remain;
- you can setup auto-stripping on cremation in mod settings. By default it's equipment and inventory;
- options to change vanilla functionality: you can change if equipment or inventory should drop on death or down, for colonists or outsiders.

non-steam: github[github.com]
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Jalordon Nov 24 @ 4:10pm 
May be an incompatibility with combat extended or some other mod tweaking how inventory is, "Gear" tab for me to view inventory.

Corpses have the selective stripping option for me but nothing else. I tried double checking right now if selective stripping from inventory doesn't have the option to select items to strip.

I don't know if its combat extended or something else; would have to try minimal mod lists to find out the combination but busy for a bit
avil  [author] Nov 23 @ 12:31am 
@Jalordon you already should be able to do that. You can select, what to strip in their inventory, pawn will be marked to strip, but only selected items will be removed from the inventory.
Jalordon Nov 22 @ 7:30am 
May be out of scope of what you intend for the mod but would you consider adding the ability to selectively strip items from downed colonists?

A practical reason for this request is if a pawn gets downed with a good weapon early game. Normally they would drop the weapon and you could have someone else rush to use the weapon on the ground. If the setting for colonists don't drop their equipment on downed is active, they won't drop their weapon and you need to outright strip them to get access to the weapon, which can cause the downed pawn a lot of danger due to either losing environmental protection and their armor and the general inconvenience of dealing with all of their stripped equipment on the ground
Geronimo Nov 22 @ 5:45am 
Is there an option so this only works for colonists/prisoners/slaves?
Owlchemist Nov 20 @ 2:10am 
> I think you should look into what patches the method
Well that would be Animal Gear. Just given the info I had at the time, wasn't sure which of the two mods I oughta report it to. Thanks for looking into. Maybe Dylan from Animal Gear can check it out later then.
avil  [author] Nov 20 @ 2:02am 
Now I see.
That's an added basic notification on when equipment is changed. Mod makes so graphics get invalidated when equipment (weapon) changes and forces it to redraw next time it's possible (it doesn't happen in vanilla). It's needed to force redraw when weapon is removed from the corpse.
That said, error happens in patched version of ResolveApparelGraphics (_Patch1), and happens when NonUnoPinata calls SetApparelGraphicsDirty. This method doesn't have parameters and its sole purpose is to clear cached graphics and redraw them. NonUnoPinata doesn't patch method ResolveApparelGraphics and I assume error doesn't happen without the other mod? I think you should look into what patches the method.
Owlchemist Nov 19 @ 11:37pm 
Here's the log, either for you or Dylan if he comes poking through here later: https://gist.github.com/HugsLibRecordKeeper/85ac4bc9cdff61342c7825bcd4f1dc98 (ignore the stallion errors, that's unrelated and part of Giddy Up).

Sadly the error does not provide an IL of where the patch is failing exactly.
avil  [author] Nov 19 @ 11:25pm 
At least, should. Maybe I missed something when you said about *conflict*?
avil  [author] Nov 19 @ 11:23pm 
@Owlchemist only thing that interests this mod is pawn is dead? pawn has inventory? pawn has primaryweapon? Render weapon above his current graphic. It doesn't bother ever checking apparel for anything, and doesn't touch ResolveApparelGraphics, so that's probably Animal Gear.
Owlchemist Nov 19 @ 10:23pm 
I've run into a quirky conflict between this and Animal Gear.
Animal Gear runs a prefix patch on PawnGraphicSet.ResolveApparelGraphics, only taking in the instance of PawnGraphicSet. For some reason this is coming in as null when a centipede mech dies. I was able to test this just by spawning some centipedes and killing them with the devmode command.

I'm reporting this to Animal Gear as well but it's hard to say which side should make the fix. Animal Gear's method is possibly correct in thinking that that argument should never come in as null, but it could also do a null check, so idk. It works fine for regular pawns dying, it's just the mechs that throw it off, and I imagine this mod woulda been pretty much hands off with anything mech-related.